Road Trip Ch. 08

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We find a place of our own and go skiing with a client.


Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. For those who haven’t yet read the previous chapters, I suggest you read them to provide context before continuing with this chapter. I am open to suggestions about where you would like this story to go, if you wish to comment. Thanks.


The past few months really sped by and things happened very quickly. The great news is we have a very up-market place of our own – really far better than we’d ever dreamed of (with a far higher price tag we’d ever dreamed we could afford). It’s a new building facing south, so we get the winter sun, with great views and two almost identical, self-contained bedrooms; each has its own bathroom, with spa bath, and small kitchen. There’s also a shared lounge which is mainly used when we’re at home without clients, an increasingly rare event, or when we have joint clients.

As we’d planned, we still work for the escort agency doing out-calls, but we have also started our own webpage and have clients visit for in-calls. We can both work separately at the same time if necessary, the rooms being very private, with effective sound insulation and the lounge room separating them.

Our apartment was ‘christened’ by Hank inviting Margarite around for an evening, which turned into a night as we’d hoped. They had met again on several occasions, always at Margarite’s place, but we decided that as a repeat client, and Hank’s first, it would be a lovely gesture to invite her here. Harold dropped her off at around 6pm and we served drinks and nibbles in the lounge, where Hank introduced me to her. While he poured the drinks, we began our ‘girl talk’ and continued for a while, Hank listening in a bored but tolerant manner until Margarite mentioned that she enjoyed Hank strapping her ass. I began telling her of our experiences with Ted and Lex, which caught her attention and quickly had her showing signs of arousal as she crossed and uncrossed her legs, as women do when they become aroused but don’t want others to know.

“So, did you enjoy it?” she asked me.

“Oh, yes, very much, although it was painful for a few days afterwards, but I’d do it again, definitely.”

Margarite turned to Hank. “And did you enjoy it as well?”

“Well, you know I enjoy giving it to you, and yes, I did enjoy receiving it also. Like Celeste said, it was a bit sore for a few days afterwards, but what we did was far more extreme that what you suffered, or enjoyed, at my hands.”

“Maybe I could bring some instruments and we could have a bdsm threesome some time,” suggested Margarite.

I grinned at Hank, seeing him grinning back at me. “That’d be a great idea,” I replied.

The evening turned very sexual after that. We ate supper naked, then Hank brought out a leather belt and gave both Margarite and me 20 strokes on our asses. We then gave him ten strokes each on his. Then things became a little more daring (and painful), with a game of poker in which, after each hand, the winner of the hand gave the loser of the hand one stroke on either pussy or cock and balls.

Poor Hank; he seemed to lose about twice as often as we girls did and after an hour or so of playing his balls were red and swollen, which is not to say that our pussies weren’t; they were, just not to the same extent. Hank suggested that as we’d had so much fun beating his balls black and blue, it was time our breasts suffered. We agreed that if he won the next hand he could beat both of our breasts with five strokes per breast. As luck would have it, he won, so we ended up with red and sore breasts and nipples, by which time we decided it was time for some more intense and personal play.

We all went to my bedroom, where we lay Hank on the bed on his back. I then straddled his face while Margarite straddled his hard cock, sliding her dripping pussy down until she was seated firmly on her saddle. Hank’s nose was against my clit as he tongued my pussy deeply, so I moved back and forth, stimulating my clit on his nose, which quickly had me really horny and him suffering from lack of air. He pushed me upwards after a short time, gasping in great lungfuls of air before I resumed my seat. I was feeling really horny so I continued fucking his mouth and very quickly I had my first orgasm of the evening, nearly suffocating poor Hank in the process.

I moved off him and straddled his legs behind Margarite, reaching around her and massaging her breasts before squeezing and pulling sincan escort her nipples, already very sensitive from the beating. Margarite’s hips increased their rhythm as she arched back against me and began moaning with lust. Hank held her hips and assisted her to move back and forth harder and faster until with a scream she came. Her writhing, shuddering body in orgasm was exactly as I’d envisioned it from Hank’s descriptions as he held her tightly in place, her clit pressed hard against the root of his cock. Slowly the waves of ecstasy slowed and stopped and she rested propped on her arms with her hands each side of his head.

After a few minutes she and I rolled off Hank and lay together on the bed, cuddling, kissing and caressing each other’s body. Hank lay on his side, his head propped up by his elbow, and watched as we aroused each other. Despite having experienced a small orgasm, it had only made me hornier; I needed a massive orgasm very soon and Margarite was apparently quite willing to oblige. We began playing the mirroring game, each doing to the other what was being done to them. I found it very interesting to watch the effects of my stimulation on Margarite while also feeling the same sensations as she was probably feeling. Each change that I made was reflected in a change to what she was doing; squeezing harder meant that she would also squeeze harder. I quickly learnt how to gain the stimulation I needed by touching her in the way I wanted to be touched. I wondered if it was possible to stimulate each other to simultaneous orgasms.

I was so horny that it didn’t take me long to cum, letting out a small scream as Margarite rubbed my clit with her fingers while twisting a nipple. I felt my body shuddering as wave after wave of intense orgasm washed through me. Then she eased back and I recovered, repeating the actions that she had been doing on her, bringing her to a similar orgasm after a short time. We both relaxed, then turned our attention to Hank, who was slowly stroking his cock to spread the precum that was oozing out so copiously. Margarite and I grinned at each other, then she began stroking his cock while I tenderly cupped his balls, pulling them away from his body gently, due to the pain they would probably be feeling from the earlier beating. Hank rolled onto his back to give us more space in which to work, grinning up at us as he enjoyed the attention.

It only took a few minutes before he was humping our hands, moaning softly as he approached his orgasm. Margarite and I looked at each other and she shook her head, indicating that we should stop before he came. We gave him a few more strokes then lifted our hands off him. He looked from one to the other in despair.

“I’m so close. Please continue, darlings.”

“No, your cum is for us, not to spray wherever you like.”

“Then sit on me and let me cum in your pussy.”

“No, you’ll keep for later. No touching; hands off,” commanded Margarite as she and I turned to each other and resumed our game.

I flipped head to feet and we began a 69, each eating the other’s pussy. It felt strange; if I wanted my clit licked I simply had to lick Margarite’s clit and mine would be licked in turn. If she made a change then I made the same change a second or so later. Gradually we became more aroused and our stimulation of each other became more intense. Then Margarite took her mouth off me and I felt her insert three fingers deep within my cunt. I made the same change to her, adding another finger a few seconds later then I added my thumb as well, holding still with all five fingers just inside her opening, feeling her also adding her thumb, feeling the stretching as her hand spread me apart.

One of us had to do it first and I wanted to know she really wanted what I wanted to do; I hung back and sure enough I felt her pushing into me. I pushed back, my hand sliding into her gaping hole as hers did into mine. I felt so full; she felt so tight. We both moved our hands in and out in unison, then she opened her hand a little, so did I, then I opened a bit wider, feeling my cunt stretching around her opening hand. I thought I heard her moaning as though preparing to cum, then realized it was me. I quietened for a second, and sure enough she was also moaning in pleasure. I began fucking her with my fist, feeling the effects of this as I was stretched further, almost there. She began bucking against my hand as I felt my hips responding to her increased stimulation, then we let out simultaneous screams as we both came hard, our bodies writhing and moving as waves of orgasm passed through us.

It took several minutes before we relaxed and became aware of our surroundings once again. We looked towards Hank, whose cock was waving in the air while his hands were behind his head, lifting it to improve his vision of two women who had just experienced amazing simultaneous orgasms.

“You seemed to enjoy that,” he commented unnecessarily.

“Absolutely,” ankara escort replied Margarite as I grinned and nodded, “Yes, honey, it was wonderful.”

“So, what now?” I asked, “Two pussies, one cock.”

Hank took charge, needing to cum and not being prepared to wait while his two women discussed who should do the deed.

“Celeste, lie on your back, legs apart, ass at the edge of the bed.” I lay in the center of the bed, wriggled down until my ass was at the edge, then spread my legs as wide apart as possible so they were on the edge of the bed for their full length. “Now, Margarite, lie on Celeste facing her and spread your legs also.”

Margarite lay on me, nipple to nipple, spread her legs on top of mine and immediately began kissing me. Of course, I kissed her back, feeling what Hank was doing at the end of the bed. Then Margarite gave a grunt as she was pushed upwards by Hank pushing his cock fully inside. He began thrusting and withdrawing, quite rapidly, then stopped and withdrew completely. I felt him pushing into me, straight inside, then fucking back and forth. I felt myself responding, clenching my muscles to stimulate both of us. After only a few strokes, he withdrew and I felt Margarite moan as she was filled with his cock again. As we kissed, she moved gently back and forth, moaning against my lips as she moved towards her climax. Then she stopped moving and I felt myself being penetrated again and fucked by Hank’s hard cock.

This procedure continued for quite a few minutes, Hank’s arousal increasing as he progressively pushed his two lovers towards their orgasms. One part of me wondered how this would end; who would he fill with his seed? I didn’t have long to wait. Hank’s movements were becoming more intense, faster, harder, deeper. Each time he fucked into me I almost came, only to be disappointed as he withdrew and shared himself with Margarite. It would only take a little extra to push me over the brink. Then I felt him press hard into Margarite and hold still. A second later she moaned and began thrusting her hips up and down while grinding her pussy against mine as she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. Then Hank moved and I felt him push his cock into me and squirt cum in the end of my spasming cunt. Feeling his hot juice injection was all it took to push me over the edge and waves of ecstasy poured through me as I gripped Margarite hard against me. Hank withdrew and, from Margarite’s response, must have thrust into her and given her a squirt, then he was back in me and remained there, filling me with his sperm.

I had never had three-way sex before. It took a few minutes before we relaxed and untangled ourselves, having a three-way kiss then separating. We moved onto the bed, with Hank in the center, Margarite and I on each side of him. He reached up and turned off the light; we kissed, then Hank and Margarite dropped off to sleep. I didn’t; I lay there with my mind racing. What had I just experienced? Hank was willing to be my fiancé, he’d asked me to marry him. But you haven’t answered him, my mind said; you have no claim to him. But he’s mine, my mind said, Margarite’s only a client, part of my mind protested. Was only a client, my other mind part responded.

I suddenly realized that this was what jealousy felt like. I was jealous of Margarite because Hank was treating her like a girlfriend, not a client. My mind jumped forward in time; what if he dumped me and went off with Margarite? What if he wanted us both? How would I feel about polyamory? No, I wanted a man of my own; I wouldn’t share, I didn’t need to share. Could I not attract and hold a man of my own, my ego demanded? How would I need to change to hold my man? I drifted off to sleep without any answers.

I awoke the next morning to the bed moving rhythmically. I looked towards Hank and Margarite; Hank lying on his back as Margarite rode his cock while he twisted and pulled her nipples. While I watched for a few minutes, I saw Margarite approach her orgasm, her eyes closed, leaning back, pulling her nipples even longer as Hank held his hands still. I enjoyed watching her slowly approaching her orgasm, watching her face, her body responding to Hank’s movements. Then she screamed and began moving her hips back and forth, leaning forward so she would receive the full effect of his cock pressing against her clit. Hank slowed down and stopped, then Margarite lay forward onto his body.

My mind rebelled as I observed Margarite’s possessiveness of ‘my’ man. I felt I couldn’t do this anymore. One part of me looked on, telling me to calm down, be realistic, that Margarite was only a client; Hank was only acting; he loved me, not her. Then I relaxed as Margarite rolled off him, his cock still hard as he pulled out of her. They kissed again, then Margarite climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom while Hank turned towards me.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” he said, smiling at me then gently holding me and kissing me. My man was etimegut escort back; he was mine, part of my mind reassured me. The green-eyed monster reared up in my mind; that’s what you think, it said, she’ll be back, and there’ll be others.

“Good morning, honey,” I managed to reply.

He kissed me again and rolled me onto my back, kneeing my legs apart as his cock sought my entrance. I spread my legs, wrapping them around his hips as he pushed into me. We moved together, gently, lovingly. See, the reassuring part of my mind said, he loves you, not her. Yes, replied the green monster, he’s still acting; he loves Margarite, not you, and just doesn’t know how to tell you. The argument ceased as it was overwhelmed by the feelings pouring through me as his gorgeous cock pumped my cunt, squeezing my clit as he knew I liked. I heard my breathing rate increase, felt my hips pressing upwards as my legs pulled his ass tighter into me. My clit, ooohhhh, yes, my clit, so squeezed, so sensitive, sending beautiful stimulation through me; ooohhhh to be able to just feel this for the rest of my life.

I was nearly there, moving towards a massive orgasm, far better than the previous night’s anti-climax. Yes, nearly there, give me more, my mind screamed, more, give me more.

“Yes, yes, YES, YESSSS, AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!” I screamed as I entered orgasm-land once again, my world dissolving and crashing about me as my body writhed and shuddered beneath Hank’s rigid body. Deep inside me, I felt his juices squirting against the end of my cunt, pulse after pulse after pulse, until he relaxed on me, for a few moments causing me to be short of breath before he supported himself and smiled down at me, then kissed me; ooohhhh, that kiss.

“That looked beautiful,” said Margarite, sitting by the door.

We both looked towards her, seeing her sitting naked watching the show.

“It felt good too,” replied Hank.

The green-eyed monster started up again; she couldn’t even let you share Hank without keeping an eye on her man. Rubbish, I found the other part answering, he’s mine and anyway, we enjoy being watched.

We climbed out of bed and Hank and I showered together while Margarite dressed in preparation for leaving. Then we ate breakfast, hugged and kissed Margarite and she left, leaving the customary envelop on the table by the door. We opened it and found $6000 in notes; she must have really enjoyed last night, we thought.

After Margarite had left, I turned towards Hank and clutched him to me hard, resting my head on his shoulder, then simply burst into tears. I felt all my doubts, all my uncertainty, rising to the surface and overflowing as I sobbed on his shoulder.

He moved his head back, trying to get a better view of my face. “What’s wrong, honey? Is it something I’ve done? Please tell me, darling.”

“Just hold me, honey, just hold me.”

He did, and I felt his strength, his confidence permeating into me, the comparison between that and my own lack of these characteristics creating a contrast that made my feelings even worse. Instead of improving, my feelings tumbled to the floor and I sobbed even more, my whole body shaking against him. He just held me and gradually the feelings disappeared as I released them, simply by allowing them to come out. After maybe ten minutes, I was far more settled, feeling him holding me tightly as I absent-mindedly stroked his back, grateful for his support. I moved away from him slightly and reached for a tissue, wiping my eyes, then blowing my nose.

“Are you better now, sweetheart?”

“I’m sorry, honey, but there’s just been all sorts of questions running around inside since Margarite arrived yesterday.”

He unwrapped his arms from around me and led me to the sofa, where we sat, facing each other from each end.

“Tell me, darling, please let me help you.”

“Do you love me honey?”

“Of course I do. I’ve asked you to marry you, after all. Why would I not love you?”

“No, I need to know that you really love me, not just a throw-away comment like ‘I love you’, but I need to know that you really love me, far more than you love Margarite.”

“Oh, darling, is that what this is about? You’re jealous of Margarite; you think that she might take your place in my life.” Hank leant forward and he reached out to me, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to him. I exploded once again in tears; tears of relief this time. I sobbed and shook for a few minutes, then wiped and blew once again and we resumed.

“Darling, I want you to know that Margarite is a very special person; she began as a client only, but has now become a friend as well as a very well-paying client. I guess you could say that she’s now one of your clients also, after last night. But she could never replace you in my life.”

“So, like, you’d never marry her? Never have children with her like I hope you have with me?”

“Of course not, sweetie, you are special, very, very special, and no woman I’ve ever met, or even wished to meet, could possibly take your place in my life. It’s you I wish to marry, nobody else, and it’s you who has been so frustrating to me by so far refusing to answer my proposal.”

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