She’s Got Legs

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Some had said he’d been mad to take the job at the public prep school. Sure, he had a PhD, but he didn’t need to see his name in print, and he didn’t need the pressure of getting it there. The money was decent, the rhythm suited his lifestyle, and the students were highly intelligent and largely disciplined in this selective all-girls’ school.

Others, all male friends not surprisingly, thought it was a great idea. They thought of him surrounded by nubile females every day and their imaginations ran wild. He had to admit that some days it could be trying. He was one of only a handful of male teachers – all married, all over 40 – but he was the youngest at 44. The hormones floating around and the looks some of the girls gave him were overpowering sometimes. But you’d have to be nuts to act on it – you’d lose your job and never get another one. In his five years in his post, he had successfully avoided even a whiff of trouble. That was about to change.

She was a senior, and her skirt was exceptionally short, even by the standards of the uniform. She had amazing legs, he had noted to himself in a detached way. It helped if you imagined the legs unattached to the rest of the body. That way you could safely fantasize about them without getting a hard-on every time you saw the girl in question.

The problem with this one was that she did not look at him adoringly like the others. She looked at him in a whole other way. A way that said she knew the effect she had on men; a way that was not comparable to the other girls who had simply found a handy focus for their overactive hormones. When she was in class, he didn’t walk around the room as he usually did, but took care to stay well behind the high table. Just in case.

Tonight, he’d gone with some of his buddies to a bar in a small town some thirty miles away. He had been surprised, and somewhat alarmed, to see her there when they walked through the door. Apparently she worked there, judging from the tray she was carrying around. And – Christ! – she was wearing denim shorts that were cut so high you could appreciate every inch of those fine, fine legs, and some of her ass too. He swallowed and suggested to his friends that they take a seat in the part of the room that another girl seemed to be working.

All went well for a couple of hours. He and his friends talked baseball and politics and women – the usual guy talk – and he had almost forgotten that she was there. Almost. Occasionally, he would look surreptitiously at those luscious legs as they weaved between the tables, and the thought would flit, all but unconsciously, through his mind of how good they’d look ataşehir escort around his neck. She didn’t seem to have seen him though. He’d picked the seat right in the corner on purpose, away from the overhead light. The trouble started when, after a few beers, he inevitably had to go pee.

As he came back out of the restroom, he almost walked into her.

“Oh! Sir!”, she said surprised, “what are you doing here?”

He felt a little embarrassed. “Well, you know, teachers have lives too,” he shrugged. “I didn’t know you worked,” he said, trying to sound casual.

She explained that it was just a part-time job on a Saturday night to give her some money for clothes, make-up and movies.

There was a brief but very pregnant pause, and then they both spoke at the same time. He apologized and insisted she go first.

“Well,” she said, looking coyly at him through her lashes and twiddling a finger through a strand of her hair, creating a reaction inside his jeans, “I was only going to ask who you were here with.”

He felt uncomfortably warm and wondered why she was so curious. He told her he was with friends, and then she asked him if he’d driven here by himself or with his buddies, because she needed a ride home.

He had to exert an enormous amount of self-control to avoid letting his eyes pop out of his head, or anything else pop out for that matter.

“It’s just that, you know,” she continued, “I need someone I can trust, and well, you are my teacher.”

Fuck! Her mouth was saying one thing, but her eyes, in fact her whole body language, were saying something completely different! He wasn’t sure what to do or say. His head was telling him to say he was sorry but he had to get home very soon, but his prick was telling him to go for it. Fuck!

He dropped his eyes. Big mistake. One look at those legs and his dick made up his mind for him.

“Sure, I’d be glad to,” he heard himself say, while the conscious part of his brain marvelled at his own stupidity.

Back in his seat, he tried to concentrate on what the guys were talking about, but images of her legs kept marching through his head. By the end of the night, his cock was so stiff it hurt, and he was grateful he had brought a longish jacket.

Outside the bar, he said goodbye to his friends, strolled to his car that was thankfully well away from the entrance, and pretended to fiddle in the glove box until he was sure all the guys had driven off. Then he went back to the bar and waved to her that he was waiting.

He was still telling himself he was stupid when she pushed open the door.

“Ready then?” kadıköy escort bayan he asked.

“Very ready, ” she replied staring him in the eye.

He led her to the car, asking where she lived. It was only about five miles away and on his way home. A few miles down the road, she told him to take a turn down a side road. He assumed she lived in an isolated house, and was surprised when it dead-ended at a gate. He put the car in park and turned his head to ask whether this was where she lived, and found her face inches from his own.

“Sir,” she whispered, “I think you’re incredibly sexy.” – he gulped – “I can’t stop thinking about you. And I want you to fuck me.”

Fuck! Her right hand was on his thigh and her left hand was stroking the back of his neck. His cock was straining painfully against his jeans, and he could feel a moistness on the front of his shorts. Before he could say anything, she kissed him. Her lips were so soft and her tongue was insistent, and he couldn’t help kissing her back.

Suddenly he heard the engine die, felt one of her gorgeous long legs reach across his, and his seatbelt loosen. Next, the back of the seat dropped and his lips were pulled away from hers. She gave him an almost predatory look and reached behind her, down between his legs to pull on the lever that pushed the seat right back. She shifted her weight a little on his thighs and started to unbutton his jeans.

Fuck! This was surely not a good idea. But those luscious legs were under his hands now, so soft, so smooth and so firm, and he knew there was no going back. Wriggling to get past the steering wheel, she got on the floor between his legs and freed his throbbing cock from his clothes. She licked her lips as she looked at it, and he thought he would cum straight away. And then she had him in her mouth and he groaned out loud. The feel of her tongue as it moved around the head, licking up the pre-cum, made him reach back and grab the headrest with both hands.

Her mouth moved up and down his shaft, sucking him when the head reached her throat. Fuck! He didn’t know if he’d hold out very long, but she was no novice and her fingers gripped him firmly at the base. He couldn’t quite believe what was happening, but it was happening, and now it was, he needed to see those legs around his neck.

His hands went down to the sides of her head and he gently pulled her up. He leaned over to the passenger side to drop the seat and push it back, just as she had done. He didn’t need to talk. She knew what he wanted. Pushing him back with her hands, she lay over him to extricate her long, luscious limbs escort maltepe from under the steering wheel and sat down next to him. She pulled off her top, baring her pert little breasts, unbuttoned her shorts and slid them and her thong over her hips and over her feet, tossing everything in the back of the car.

He watched her. She was gorgeous – lithe, as only the adolescent can be – and he hastily undressed before executing a less than graceful extrication himself to climb over to her side.

He lowered himself on top of her to kiss her, his concrete erection pressing into her belly. Her soft hands stroked down his back to his ass and she dug her nails in. He raised his head slightly to look at her, and she lifted her own head to breathe in his ear, “Fuck me, sir. I am so hot for you.”

He didn’t need telling twice by this point. His hand caressed the length of her young, nubile body, and he sucked on her nipple as a gesture, at least, of foreplay. His fingers slipped easily between the lips of her pussy, which was soft, swollen and very wet. He sank to his knees and lifted the legs he had fantasized about onto his broad shoulders, then pushed up from the seat, rolling her ass up in the air, exposing her beckoning cunt.

As he entered her, they both moaned loudly. She was no virgin, but she was tight. He eased in slowly so as not to hurt her, savouring the awesome sensations. Fuck! He was past caring how stupid he was being now. He stroked in and out slowly, revelling in the sensation of her warm wet walls around his cock. He opened his eyes and saw she had hers closed and was playing with her nipples. He began to stroke faster. He watched her hand glide down her body and her forefinger find her clitoris and begin to rub actively. Her stomach muscles were clenching and her calves were pressing down on his shoulders as she tried to thrust up to meet him.

He could feel his own calves start to cramp and he wasn’t sure if it was just the position or he was soon going to cum. The feeling began to build and he knew then that he wouldn’t last much longer. His arm muscles were straining now as his cock plunged in and out of her with a mind of its own. She was moaning hard now and he could feel her vaginal muscles pulling him in deeper. His balls, soaked with her juices, began to tighten; her pussy clamped around him; his prick was like a girder as the cum rose through it, and then he grunted as he burst into her, her pussy clasping him, pulling a second and a third spurt out of him. She was mewling, actually mewling.

Her legs spread and fell from his shoulders and he collapsed on top of her, feeling their intermingled cum seeping into the fabric of the carseat, and wondering if he had anything he could clean that up with before he got home.

“Oh, sir!” she breathed again. “You were amazing, just like I imagined. I promise this will just be our little secret.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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