Showoff Little Sister Pt. 01

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Growing up in a three bedroom house with a younger sister and younger brother you learn all about each other over the years. What annoys whom, favorite types of blankets, senses of humor, everything. My little sister thankfully is a sweet and charming girl with a petite build, dark hair she switches up all the time currently rocking bangs. She’s helpful, independent and never needy. I know her as well as anyone could. Or so I thought. Two nights ago I learned she loves cock. I mean, most people like sex, but I’ve never heard anyone beg for dick like I heard her do to her boyfriend. I guess she can be needy. And by the way the door slammed as he left her room and the house, she can be feisty too.

I was just at my parents house to grab my golf clubs and a drink which she clearly didn’t expect, walking out to the kitchen frustrated in just a tank top muttering “fucking pathetic,” until she looked up and saw me leaning against the counter taking it in.

“Oh my god!”

She tried to cover herself but it was too late. I already knew by now she had a bald pussy with puffy pink lips, a dirty mouth, and was a horny 18 year old girl. My cock stretched my joggers as she turned away and ran to her room. I followed close behind and stopped the door from closing as she collapsed on her bed spread eagle, pulling her discarded pink panties over her gash as she heard me come in.

“I’m not a slut if that’s what you think.”

She continued as I stood in awe.

“Is it too much to ask for a fucking orgasm? Jeff comes and gets soft before I’ve even gotten close. Sorry you had to hear that.”

“Doesn’t he eat you out before he sticks his little prick in?” I jokingly asked and stepped towards her.

“Oh he tries but he suuuucks!”

Her panties did little to cover her at this point and I saw how wet she was.

“What a shame. I would make you scream before you even felt my cock.” I can’t believe I said that.

Her hand pulled away from her sex and she said exasperatedly, “Then let’s see.”

“Are you serious?” I was almost lost for words.

I looked down at the dark pink folds protruding from between her labia, glistening with wetness. Her clit was clearly engorged on top of her little slit. My mouth was watering.

“Fine, I’ll just use my trusty vibrator then…”

“No stop. I’ll take care of you, sis. You want your big brother to show you how it’s done?”

She slid her middle finger inside her wet hole, and I didn’t wait for any more confirmation.

I got on my knees between her legs and sucked her engorged clit and started fingering her without a second thought. She bucked against my face as my tongue circled her nub and licked down her samsun escort slit and across her pussy. I was shoving two fingers inside her and nibbling her clit when I felt the gush of her long awaited climax on my face and kept going, lifting her ass up to tongue her pussy underneath as she panted. I went back and forth nibbling her clit and licking her slit as my fingers slid inside her pussy then down to her ass.

“Uhh” I heard her exclaim in surprise as I lubricated my finger inside her soaking cunt and pressed it against her tight bum.

There was a slight pause before my first knuckle pushed in her ass hole, then she was all mine. “Fuck me please, Jack”

I kept fingering her ass and slid my other hand inside her tank top to grab her little breasts, pinching her rock hard nipples before sliding her shirt up to give me full view of her naked front side. What a sight. My naked little sis was sprawled in front of me lost in lust, begging for my cock.

My pants were already halfway down and my cock rock hard as I lined myself up easily pushed it inside her. She bucked against me and we pounded full blast until she came again and relaxed back into her bed. Her shirt was up above her little boobs by now and her nipples were dark and rock hard, as was my cock still. I slowly teased and pleased her for another five minutes or so until i eventually unloaded, trying to pull out, but not fast enough. I came inside her and all over her midriff and on her tits.

Just then we heard the front door open. I rushed out of her room and into the bathroom to get dressed and left to the golf course, barely believing I just had sex with my baby sister. I played horribly as she sent several videos fingering her pussy and ass. “You could have had this too,” she told me, driving her middle finger in her ass from behind.

I drove off the course and back to the house. Everyone was home and i quietly went up to her room and walked in, picked her up and took her clothes off, bent her over her bed and ate her out from behind, tonguing her tight butt hole then lining my cock up to take her anally.

“Do it.”

All I needed to hear. I drove inside her and within three pumps was buried and fucking my sister’s ass.

“Oh my god that feels good!” She was playing with her clit as I penetrated her ass.

“You dirty little slut! You like my dick inside you?” I reached my hand around her neck and applied some pressure.

“Choke me!” She whispered.

I pumped a couple more times from behind then flipped her onto her back and entered her pussy with some force as I grabbed her throat.

“Harder” she said hoarsely as I choked her.

I escort samsun bucked as hard as I could and applied more force to her throat and as she gagged I felt her buckle again and my cock exploded inside as she came, soaking the bed sheets. I kept stroking as I bent over her and bit her neck gently and sucked on it. There was no doubt I was giving her a hickey but I didn’t care. I took in the whole sight in front of me after retreating from my attack on her neck.

“Can I take a video?” I asked her bravely.

“As long as you make me come again you can do whatever you want, bro!”

I grabbed my phone and got a view of my face then changed to the front camera, showing her face and tits and gaping pussy being stretched by my cock.

“Oh Dane!” She kept repeating.

“You’re so sexy, Lyss” I wanted to make sure her name was mentioned as I zoomed in on her face then back down to her bald cunt.

“Come for your big brother,” I said as I choked her again and impaled her as deep as possible. She came again and I pulled out and stroked my cock a couple times, shooting semen all over her tits and face.

She looked up at me, dripping in cum. We were both breathing heavy and covered in sweat. I pulled my dick out of her, filming the whole thing as I did so. Her pussy was destroyed. As I stood up I zoomed in on her cunt and breasts before panning to her face.

“Do you like getting fucked by your brother?”

She moaned in pleasure. “You’re not gonna show that to anyone, right? She asked, still feeling the pleasure of the last climax.

“Lyss, that was so hot it would almost be a shame to keep it to myself. What if I made an onlyfans? Charge people to see taboo sex? I’ll blur your face out.”

“You naughty man, what if our friends see it?”

“I’ll make sure it is anonymous so they can’t find it.”

She rolled over without saying anything, and on her side with her legs curled her puckered pussy and ass hole poked out between her legs.

“That’s how you take care of your little sister!” I said for the camera as I spanked her ass and stopped the video.

I snuck out of the house without being noticed and went back to my apartment. I uploaded the video to my computer and did some slight editing, blurring her face out and partially obscuring my own, but showing enough that I could possibly be identified. I kept the parts where we said each other’s names and all the explicit footage of me burying myself in her holes. I created an account called “Taking care of little sis” and uploaded the video, available to anyone wanting to subscribe for $20/month. The description read: Giving my sister what her boyfriend samsun escort bayan can’t. Custom videos upon request. Tell me your fantasy about making your sister cum, and I’ll tell you how much it will cost to see me and my sister act it out.

I sent a $200 tip to one of my favorite creators on the site and asked for her to link it to her profile, and within a half hour the subscriptions started to come in. There were dm’s asking if it was real and requesting private video chats with people wanting my sister and me to do all sorts of kinky acts privately for people, record ourselves having sex in places we could get caught, and people telling me how much they want to do that with their own sister or brother.

One account offered $1000 for a video with both our faces revealed as we have sex. I said for $2000 I could make it happen, and received the payment within minutes. It was 6 in the morning by now, and I called up Lyss. I told her to come over to my apartment to grab some money, and she agreed, confused since I didn’t tell her all the details.

After showing her the money coming in and reassuring her no one we know would ever see the page she became open to the idea. I set up the web cam on my computer and pulled her on my lap on the lounge chair and began stripping her. She was naked within a couple minutes and I slid my pants down and lowered her onto my cock as we both faced the screen. We fucked passionately, completely exposed as her cunt enveloped my dick, bouncing up and down as she screamed my name until I came inside of her tight snatch.

“My brother’s cock feels so good inside of me,” she said for the camera.

“I recommend all you kinky people out there get the chance to fuck your baby sister instead of jacking off to her body every night,” I added.

“Thanks, Dane!”

“Thank you more, Lyss!”

We both winked at the camera before ending the video. As she sat on me, my dick still firmly inside her pussy, I sent the video to the subscriber. I was so horny and excited about the taboo full exposure and the forbidden nature of it. The possibility of being discovered terrified me and turned me on at the same time.

We passed out in my bed naked and didn’t wake up until noon. When I checked the computer, we had 200 subscribers and endless requests. Apparently a lot of people fantasize about brother/sister sex!

Scrolling the messages in the inbox, one stood out.

“I know who you are.”

We stared at the message in horror. I couldn’t help but be turned on as well as terrified and I grabbed my sister’s neck from behind and bucked her as she grinder back until we came again.


“It’s probably just someone messing with us.”

We tried to push the thought out of our minds as we checked our earnings. $6500 in one night. We smiled as we got dressed, but the creepy message was definitely in the back of both our minds as Lyss left my house and went back to our parents’ home.

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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