Somali Queen In Ottawa Ch. 11

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You know you’ve got a good woman in your life when she sticks up for you even when you tell her not to. For real. My name is Steve Salomon and I’m a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I’m in my final year in the business management program at Carleton University, and life just couldn’t be better. It’s largely due to my lady love, Yasmin Hussein. The Somali Canadian Muslim chick never ceases to amaze me. What do I mean by that? Man, I’ve got one hell of a story for you today.

The Capital of Canada is a mid-sized town that’s grown too big for its britches if you ask me. When my family arrived in Ottawa from Cap-Haitien, Northern Haiti, a long time ago, there were very few immigrants out here. Save for the Chinese and other assorted Asians, almost everyone in town was White, with a few Blacks here and there. Fast forward almost two decades later and the City of Ottawa is teeming with Africans, Arabs, Chinese, Hindus and other ethnic groups I can only guess at. Not everyone is thrilled with Ottawa’s growing diversity.

Lots of White Canadians no doubt long for the good old days when everyone in Canada was either White or Aboriginal, with the Aboriginals being trodden under foot by the ruthless policies of the Canadian government. Well, tough luck, White Canadians, the old days are over. Doubtless these politely bigoted shmucks aren’t happy about the fact that we so-called visible minorities are reproducing much faster than European Canadians and we’re changing Canada’s demographics.

What do I mean by that? Please look at a map of this country and see for yourselves. In every major City of Canada, from Toronto to Vancouver, from Ottawa to Montreal, from Edmonton to Calgary, people of color are either the new majority or they’re well on their way there. White Canadians aren’t breeding anymore. I guess too much hockey and beer must be affecting White Canadian men’s sperm count or something.

Small-town Canada and metropolitan Canada are becoming two separate universes, it would seem. Take my soon-to-be former supervisor Randall Wilson for example. He’s a stocky, fifty-something White dude hailing from Red Deer, Alberta. Another small town in the middle of nowhere. The bozo is new to Ottawa and since he’s a retired cop, the security company I work for promoted him to the rank of supervisor right after he got his Ontario security guard licence. Big mistake if you ask me but whatever.

Anyways, this goon is a racist, that much was obvious from the way he looked at me first time we met. Mr. Red Deer looked at me like he’d never seen a Black Zonguldak Escort man before. I smiled politely at him while seething inside. We were NOT going to get along. Still, I made an effort to get along with Wilson since I wanted to keep my job. A while ago, I lost another security job because I got caught getting busy on someone’s office desk with Yasmin, who worked as a cleaner in that building at the time. Yeah, I got a lot of red ink in my file at work because of that and didn’t need any more trouble. That’s why I put up with Wilson’s bullshit.

The old White dude is always harsh on minorities on the security team, whether myself or this chubby Indian dude named Majumdar, or that Chinese chick, Amy Chang. I noticed these things and took note of them, but felt powerless to do anything. In Canada, one thing you’ve got to realize is that racism is systemic. If you stand up to your racist boss or a racist colleague at work, they’re not what you have to worry about. Oh no, you’ll soon find yourself taking on the entire organization. Canadians are the most polite racists in the world but they’re still racists.

It doesn’t help that a lot of different minorities don’t stand up for themselves or criticize those who do stand up to White racism. I used to be friends with this Dominican chick named Samantha whom I met at Carleton University. This broad is originally from Brampton and for some reason came to Ottawa for school. Anyhow, I stood up to a bald-headed, heavily tattooed White guy who thought he could intimidate me and Samantha got pissed at me, calling me confrontational and quick to jump to conclusions and what not. Next thing I know this little bitch removed me from her Facebook friends list. Good. The last thing I need in my life is some brown chick who’s an enabler of White racism.

Putting up with Randall Wilson’s bullshit was starting to take its toll on me, man. And I thought I had no choice but to put up with it since the security company I work for doesn’t take it seriously when a minority worker complains about the unruly behavior of a racist White guy. Last year, I worked at a warehouse in the Industrial Avenue area for a different security company and there was this other security guard there named Richard, and the old dude would tell racist jokes every ten seconds.

I told Richard to quit this shit many times but dude never listened. Fed up with him, I complained to the security company’s branch manager. Not a smart thing to do when you happen to be a Black male employee. I don’t know why I was surprised that the middle-aged White male branch manager Zonguldak Escort Bayan sided with the racist old White male security guard against the whistle-blowing Black male employee. Next thing I know, I got transferred out of that site, which is a nice way of saying that the company removed me and put me elsewhere. As far as I know, Richard is still working there, telling his racist jokes to all who would listen. I hate the bastard with a fiery passion. I hope he rots in hell. Seriously.

Given these past experiences, you can understand my despair, ladies and gentlemen. The only person I confided in was my lady love, Yasmin Hussein. I told myself that I’d stick with this lame job until I graduated from Carleton University, then I’d get a better job with a bank or a big company. Let outdated and bigoted assholes like Richard and Wilson work lame jobs like security. As a university-educated young Black man with ambition, I had bigger fish to fry. Yup, I resigned myself to my fate and counted the days….

One Monday morning, I came to work and got one hell of a surprise. I saw Randall Wilson and the dude’s face was red with anger and his eyes were filled with despair. He was being escorted out of the building by my co-worker, this security guard named Majumdar. I went down to the security office and the site manager, an old White dude named Danny Melvin, asked me to sit down. I had no idea what was going on, but the dude soon informed me. Apparently, there was an incident at work over the weekend.

A traditionally attired young Black Muslim woman walked into the building, inquiring about work opportunities. Afterwards, she stopped at the Starbucks located inside the food court for coffee. While she was there, the young Muslim woman apparently ran into Randall Wilson, my former supervisor, and the dude flew off the handle when the young woman accidentally dropped her coffee on him after bumping into him. Randall got mad and started berating her, while wearing his security uniform, right in front of the Starbucks patrons. This did not go over too well.

The Starbucks manager offered the young Muslim lady a free cup of coffee, which the young woman firmly declined. Angry and sad, the young Muslim lady asked to speak to security about the incident. Long story short? The young Muslim woman filed an official complaint against Randall Wilson. The building management saw the whole incident on camera, and called the site manager, who decided to fire Randall Wilson.

Looking me in the eye, the site manager Danny Melvin asked me if I wanted the supervisor job. Escort Zonguldak The one Randall Wilson just vacated. I smiled and pretended to hesitate. The old White man informed me that the security supervisor job came with a bump in pay. I’d be making seventeen dollars per hour instead of the twelve bucks I’m making now. Grinning, I shook Danny Melvin’s hand and accepted the job.

That night, when I returned home, I shared the good news with Yasmin Hussein. My tall, curvaceous and sinfully sexy Somali girlfriend looked at me and flashed a demure grin. I saw a spark of mischief in her golden brown eyes. You’re welcome, Yasmin said with a wry grin. A shudder passed through me as realization dawned on me. The security staff described the chick who got Randall Wilson fired as tall, curvy and brown-skinned, possible mixed-race or Somali. Who do I know fits that description?

I looked at Yasmin and took her hand in mine. Gently I squeezed my lady’s hand, then brought it to my lips. I love you babe, I said, and an amused Yasmin kissed me full and deep. With that, we went to the bedroom and began making love. I sat Yasmin down on the bed and knelt before my Somali goddess. Gently I spread her shapely thighs and began licking her sweet pussy after inhaling her womanly fragrance. Worship me, Yasmin said in an imperious tone and I did just that.

Much later, after polishing her pussy with my mouth and tongue, Yasmin Hussein allowed me inside of her. I rubbed my hard dick against her cunt and pushed it inside. Sighing happily, Yasmin Hussein wrapped her arms around my torso and urged me to fuck her. I did just that, thrusting my dick deep into Yasmin’s warm, wet snatch. We went at it until I came, and after that, I lay in Yasmin’s arms, gently sucking on her breasts as she playfully raked her fingers through my hair.

Looking into Yasmin Hussein’s eyes, I told her I loved her. Giggling, Yasmin whispered that she loved me too. I love this woman something fierce, ladies and gentlemen. Yeah, my Yasmin is an amazing gal. Tall and curvy, sinfully sexy, with a big round ass, big lovely breasts and the face of an angel. Whether she’s rocking a Hijab and traditional long Islamic feminine robe or a tank top, baseball cap and jeans, my lady always looks hot.

Yasmin Hussein is real special to me, folks. I absolutely mean that. I love her but truth be told, Yasmin scares me a little bit at times. I’m going to marry this woman someday. And you KNOW I won’t dare cheat on her. Why? Man, look at the shit she did to Randall Wilson, my former boss, whom she didn’t even know! Piss off a Somali female and you’re a dead man. Since I don’t want to suffer an even worse fate than that bozo did, I’ll be on my best behavior. Yup, this Haitian brother will keep calm and worship his Somali Canadian Muslim goddess. This chick saved my job AND gave me pussy on the same day. I’m so going to put a ring on it!

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