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Lizzie knew she wanted him the first moment she saw him that morning. He walked into the building with a confidence built into his stride; yet he didn’t strut, he wasn’t showing off. He just walked like he knew who he was and why he was where he was. She liked that. He walked right into the elevator she had just entered and gave her a smile.

Some smiles say just, “Hello.” Others say, “I don’t even care who you are.” Some smiles even say, “You’re pretty great.” His smile wasn’t any of these generic ones; she could feel deep in her loins what he was thinking as he smiled at her: “I know you want to give me a blow job.” She smiled back at him, “Yes, I do.” And then the elevator began to ascend and within a few seconds, he was off; she was wet between her legs staring at the numbers rise until she reached her floor.

She went about her normal work day, sorting this and doing some research on that. After a while, she began to think that all of this had just been in her head. She had been uncommonly randy recently, usually masturbating in the bathroom at work at the start of her lunch breaks—something she generally wouldn’t consider doing. Her sex life with her partner was pretty active—and she really couldn’t imagine what had gotten her in this mood, or hormonal state.

When lunchtime came around this day, she made straight for the bathroom and within a few minutes with her pocket vibrator, she had cum thinking about going down on the guy from the elevator. She had imagined grabbing his cock in the elevator through his pants, and going down on him while the elevator ascended the next morning. She cleaned up quickly and made her way to the elevator to go to lunch.

When she got on the elevator she half expected to see him there, but was disappointed. Of course he worked quite a few floors below her, so she shouldn’t have gotten her hopes up. But when the elevator passed his floor on the way down, he still didn’t appear, and she began to relax. She hadn’t realized how tense she had been anticipating being in his presence again.

She went to her favorite restaurant just a few buildings away and sat down at her usual table. And suddenly she was surprised to see seated directly in front of her at a different table and alone, the guy from the elevator. She gasped, audibly at the surprise, and he smiled like he understood why. He gave her the same smile as before and got up from his table to talk to her.

“Hi, I’m Jeremy. I think we work in the same building.”

“I’m Lizzie,” she said, trying to maintain her composure. Her pussy had begun to moisten again and at the sound of his voice she could swear she felt his tongue stroking her lower lips; she felt an electric thrill run up her spine.

He asked her if she minded some company while she ate; and of course, she accepted and they spent a long lunch talking about everything that was on her mind except her blowing him right there. Actually, the conversation seemed oddly non-sexual, and she wasn’t sure whether to be put off or flattered, but before she could decide, she realized that she was late in getting back from her break. He quickly paid for both of their meals and they walked back to their building at a rather non-romantically brisk pace.

They entered the elevator alone and she briefly considered making some sort of move on him; she felt she could taste her pheromones in the enclosed air. But his stop was too quick and she went back to work for the day; she didn’t see him on the elevator on the way home and was disappointed. She masturbated as soon as she got home thinking of his tongue lapping at her pussy; she came several times to this fantasy.

The next day, Lizzie saw Jeremy on the elevator in the morning and they exchanged hellos and his sexy smile. Again, they both ate lunch together as if by accident. The conversation went so smoothly again they had both silently decided that this would be how they spent their lunches from now on.

And so they did, meeting for lunch at the same place each weekday, coming expecting to see each other but never making plans. Several weeks passed by. But Lizzie was disappointed that Jeremy wasn’t trying to take this any farther—she had dropped hints several times, exerted her subtle feminine pressures to push him to ask her out, but he hadn’t. She wondered if he was dating; or worse yet, married or gay. At the same time, she was also relieved that he hadn’t tried to make a move on her—she was in a relationship, and she was happy with it. But she lusted after Jeremy and had now begun to masturbate two or three times a day thinking of him. She had never lusted after a man before like this.

Finally, almost a month erotik film izle after they had first met on the elevator, she decided to ask him straight out why he hadn’t asked her out. She was consumed with curiosity as to what his explanation might be and she wanted him as badly as she had ever wanted anything.

“Why haven’t you asked me out?” she blurted. Jeremy was speechless for a moment—a scant few seconds ago, they had been talking about a book they had both read.

“Ah, well,” his voice trailed off. “I actually didn’t think you wanted me to; and I had just broken up with this girl and I wanted a bit of time in between to rebound a little, and I didn’t want you to be a rebound. So, I decided not to push anything until I could figure out why you didn’t want me to ask you out.” He finished with a shrug, and waited for her response.

She had been staring hard at him as he spoke every word and was almost surprised that she had believed his explanation—she had convinced herself he was married. “I want you to ask me out,” she said and felt for a fleeting moment a stab of guilt. She loved her partner, and truly didn’t want to hurt her or leave her. Yet here she was, practically forcing this guy to ask her out. But in the same moment, she felt a thrill run through her pussy and had to bite her lower lip to keep from smiling too broadly.

They made plans to go out the very next night, on Saturday, and Lizzie was wet with anticipation and dizzy with excitement. She barely noticed any of the work she did for the rest of the day, and spent all of Saturday trying to decide what to wear. She went shopping for a new outfit and bought new lingerie. She was actually afraid she might be building the date up so much that she was going to be disappointed. She tried to lessen her tension by masturbating whenever she could sneak it in—in the restaurant bathroom at lunch; in the dressing room in between outfits. Instead, she was just becoming more hot and bothered.

In the late afternoon as she was headed back to her apartment to change for the date, she got a short text message: “Really sorry, can’t make it tonight. Can’t explain now, see you Monday lunch.” Her heart dropped and she knew she had been right after all—he was married; he had to be. She went back to her apartment and spent the night alone with watching movies waiting for her partner to get back home. Her lover finally got back late and Lizzie feigned sleep rather than talking. She sulked all of Sunday, which her partner noticed but did not comment on, and went into work ready for Jeremy to confess his marriage at lunch.

When she got to their restaurant, he wasn’t there; she waited for him all her lunch break. He still didn’t show, and she knew their relationship was over—before it had even begun. She felt her stomach tighten unpleasantly and thought disappointedly that she had never had a chance to suck his cock, or feel his tongue on her, or feel him inside her. All those fantasies for nothing! She had never wanted someone so badly, and she would never have him now. She went back to her work, and spent the afternoon, resorting files she had already sorted. At the last minute, another project came up and she was asked to stay late, which wasn’t unusual, and she agreed—it was something to keep her mind off her ache.

She was alone in her office putting her now finished work aside when her cell phone suddenly rang. She jumped, but calmed herself down before she answered.

“Hi,” said Jeremy. Lizzie remained silent. What a coward he is! she thought. He’s going to do this over the phone! “Look,” he continued after a long pause, apparently understanding her silence for what it was. “I’m really sorry I missed lunch—and I should have called, but I couldn’t. I do like you, and I don’t want to hurt you. I just got back now, and it’s been a crazy weekend for me; it’s been pretty awful. But I really don’t want to talk about it tonight.” He paused and asked, “Are you in your office?”

She was startled by the question enough to answer in the affirmative. She was still convinced that he was married and hiding it from her. “I’m just downstairs,” he said, “and I have food if you’re hungry. We could make up our first date, maybe?” As he said finished, his voice sent a shiver through her cunt.

She knew it probably wasn’t her finest decision, but she bit her lip and agreed to come down, explaining though that she probably wouldn’t be able to stay long. She could barely understand her decision—she was cheating on her lover with a man who she was sure was married who not a few moments before she had hated. But she wanted him; she had never stopped wanting him; and she knew film izle that if it were humanly possible, she would fuck him this night.


When she reached his floor, she saw the lights were dimmed and a flickering in the distance. He walked towards her and smiled, holding out his hand. It was almost like a dream—they walked to past a few cubicles to where she saw a tablecloth laid one the ground with two candles on it, and several on the desks nearby. There was a bottle of white wine, two glasses, and some delicious smelling seafood in a plate in the center.

“I know this isn’t quite as nice as the restaurant we…” he began, but before he could finish, she kissed him and pressed him back to the nearest cubicle wall. His mouth was delicious and she ran her hands down his chest and to the front of his pants where she felt his erection quickly growing. She unzipped him and pulled his cock out she felt his tongue in her mouth. Breaking the kiss, she got down on her knees and began to blow him. He moaned loudly as she enveloped the head and played her tongue around it, sucking him firmly. She let go of his cock and pulled down his pants quickly before engulfing it again. She could taste his delicious pre-cum on her tongue and began to bob her head on his dick, stopping to lick and suck the head once and again. Her hands massaged his balls, and he began to fuck her face as she had intended. He spread his legs slightly to thrust into her willing mouth, and she gripped his butt cheeks. She could feel in his movements and in his cock that he would be reaching climax in a few moments, and she pushed her moist finger slightly into his ass just before he came and he gasped with pleasure. He came almost violently into her mouth, and let his dick fall, swallowing his sperm.

He moaned in satisfaction and moved to pull his pants back up, but she stopped him. “Now that that is out of the way, we can drink and eat this meal you have here—but you have to keep those off,” she explained smiling.

They drank and ate on the tablecloth—talking as easily as they had the first time they had met. He had on only a buttoned-down white shirt and socks while she was fully dressed; but she didn’t seem to notice when his erection rose halfway through the meal, and halfway through the bottle of wine.

When the last of the shrimp was eaten, she moved over to him as he leaned back with his erection protruding. She pressed her clothed groin against his cock and began to kiss him as she had against the cubicle. It was a fierce and passionate kiss, full of lust and even a bit of anger. She ground herself against his now painfully hard erection and took off her top and her bra. Breaking the kiss again, she guided his mouth to her erect nipples and she moaned. He sucked and licked her, one hand holding her waist and the other squeezing her butt under her skirt. He began to feel her moistness and pressed his hand to her groin from between her legs. She moaned as he touched her there and bit her lip again. She pressed his shoulders down slightly and he lifted her up and placed her on her back on the floor of the office; he quickly removed her skirt and panties and began kissing her belly while stroking his cock. He moved down to her vaginal lips and licked them, teasing them open with his tongue, darting it in and out slightly. Lizzie was moaning freely now and hoped that no security guards came to check these offices at night. Jeremy’s tongue worked the same magic on her that it had in her fantasies and she came much quicker than usual as he licked her clit. She shuddered and almost yelled with joy as orgasm racked her body.

She was barely sated though and pushed him off her onto his back. She glanced at his cock and knew what he expected her to do, but she told him, “Not yet,” and moved her pussy over his face, a knee on either side of his head. She felt the need to ask him if he was okay with this, and he nodded and began to suck her clitoris again. She bit her lip again and began to fuck his face, making shuddering moans. His tongue probed her vagina as she pressed down on him, and as she was reaching her second climax, he began to suck her clit. She came all over his face, and stopped to gain her breath. She removed her knees, kissing his pussy-soaked face, and lay next to him breathing heavily.

As he looked at her naked body beside him, he began to stroke his cock and she again began to tingle with anticipation. “I’ve never had my face ridden before,” he said.

“Thank you,” she smiled and looked at his rock hard prick in his hands.

“I’d like to try one more thing tonight I’ve never done before if you’re game.”

“Anything,” Lizzie seks filmi izle said.

“Good,” he said. “Get up and lean over this desk here.”

“Do you mean you want to…” she began.

“You said anything,” he said. And in that moment, she knew that she loved him. She bit her lip as she leaned over the desk and presented her ass to him. He stroked his cock as he admired the view, and after a moment, she realized he was looking for some way to lubricate it.

“Fuck my cunt first,” she suggested. “Then if you need some more lube, I’ll blow you again. I’ve never had anything more than a finger in my ass before, so I know its tight.”

She moved from the desk and lay on the ground with her legs open waiting for him. For a moment, he admired her pussy and licked it for a second before positing his cock before her willing cunt. She grunted as he pushed into her—he was only about average size, but she had been anticipating this for so long. He was able to work his way in within a few strokes and began pumping inside her; she was almost ready to cum again when he withdrew and asked her if she thought his cock had enough of her pussy’s lube. One lick was enough to tell her yes, and she moved again into position at the desk.

He moved behind her and held her hips as he positioned his cock at her tight rosebud. She was as tense and nervous as she had been when she had lost her virginity. She almost cried as he pushed his cock head slowly into her ass. And he stopped, asking her if she was okay.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” she said, “but please be gentle at first.”

He pushed a finger inside her wet pussy for a moment (she shuddered with pleasure as he did so), and now lubed, into her ass, and began to loosen her hole. After a few moments, she began to feel the pleasure of his anal invasion. He slipped another finger in and she began to feel truly relaxed. She could feel him beginning to work another finger in when she told him to stop. “I want my ass to be tight for you,” she said. “As tight as it can. Put your cock in now.”

He placed his cock once again at her hole and gently pushed inside. She moaned with pleasure as he invaded. It still hurt, but she had learned to relax and push out to facilitate the process. “I feel so full,” she said, moaning in pleasure in pain.

“Just the head is in,” he responded. And she wondered how much more she could take. He began to push in little by little, withdrawing just a bit, then pushing in. Every time he began to pull his cock back, her ass felt empty, and she welcomed the pain as it pushed back inside further. She wanted all of him inside her she knew. She wanted to be his bitch just as he had been hers when she had rode his face. Inch by inch, he worked his way in, thrusting gently then a little harder. He finally was all the way inside, and she felt his balls slap her butt on his final thrust. The pain had subsided and now there was nothing but the pleasant sensation of being filled. He began to fuck her in earnest now, and she moaned at the feeling of his cock filling her. As she rocked back and forth with his thrusts, her pussy began to tingle and she knew she was going to cum for the third time this night with his cock in her ass.

His pace increased and he held her hips as he thrust inside her. She thought as her pussy throbbed that this was the sluttiest thing she had ever done, and she would gladly give him her ass every night if he wanted. She could feel him beginning to cum again and felt his hands reach around to her breasts and squeeze them as with a final thrust he released his sperm into her ass. Feeling his jizz shooting inside her, she herself came. He kissed her back and kneaded her breasts with his dick still inside her as she still leaned over the desk, both of them breathless. He removed his dick from inside her, and they embraced and kissed again as they went to lie down next to the candles on the tablecloth. She lay naked in the crook of his arm as he poured another glass of wine for each of them. They drank, and silently but comfortably lay together.

The wine went quickly and it loosed their tongues as they drifted off towards a satiated sleep they knew couldn’t last. “My father died on Saturday,” Jeremy confessed. “We were never close, but the last few years, I had been angry with him. We hadn’t talked.”

Lizzie held his chest and kissed his side. “I have a girlfriend,” she said. Jeremy looked puzzled. “We’re in a serious relationship—for four years now, since my senior year of college.” Jeremy still hadn’t caught on—the wine was clouding both of their brains, and Lizzie blurted out, “I’m a lesbian. Or well, not exactly. But she is a lesbian—like entirely. And I love her, Jacqueline, and I want to stay with her. But I think I might love you too,” she finished.

He seemed to finally have caught on, and he stared at her dumbfounded…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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