Stretching Credulity

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“Can I, like, stick it in your ass?”

I was like, “Oh my God!” His cock felt real good in my pussy, but…

“I – I guess so. Will it, like – hurt?”

“No, Donna baby, it’ll be cool. You’ll love it.”

See, Trent is, like, this amazing hunk. He is so a total jock. He’s captain of the football team, and he, like, plays soccer and stuff. And he’s sooo cute! Like, he’s got all the muscles and the tight little butt and shit, but he’s got the cheekbones and the big blue eyes and the super-perfect smile and the long blonde hair. He’s the total package.

So when he asked me out, I was like “Wow!” I mean, he only dates prom queens and totally awesome girls. I know I’m not in their league, but I so dreamed of dating Trent. See, the guys I normally date are geeks, I guess. No-one really thinks I’m, like, cool. But I thought dating Trent would be super special.

And I guess it was. We went to the movies, to see ‘Breaking Dawn’. It was so romantic, and we held hands and kissed. He’s such an awesome kisser. Then he put his hand on my thigh, and I was kinda creaming. About halfway through the picture he got his fingers inside my panties, and I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop everyone hearing me coming. It was amazing. Like, boys have made me come before, but this was totally unreal. Then he took my hand and got me to stroke his dick. It was so cool, jerking off Trent in the movie theatre. Just as he was about to come, he put his hand behind my head and pulled me down, so that he could stick his dick between my lips and come in my mouth. I guess that was kinda gross in a way, but it felt so sexy and cool that I didn’t mind. Some of my boyfriends have come in my mouth before, and they were kinda nerdy and their jizz didn’t taste that good, so I don’t usually like it, but Trent’s tasted kinda OK – or maybe it was because it was Trent.

Then he leaned over and said “Hey, Donna, that was super-special. I’d so like to take you home and fuck you. Is that, like, cool with you?”

Well, like, I’ve let some of my boyfriends fuck me before, so it’s not like I’m a virgin. So I said “Sure, Trent, that would be cool.” But like, inside I was thinking “Yay! I have so wanted to fuck Trent, for, like, ever, and now he wants to fuck me! How cool is that?”

Back at his folks’ place, in his room, he got me to undress for him. It felt sooo sexy. I’d bought, like, this way-sexy underwear – a bra and little string panties that were all like, lace and – and nothing. And I’d, like, shaved my pussy. So when I slipped my cute little dress off, I could tell that Trent was like, totally turned on. Then I just unzipped his pants and took out his dick and like, sucked him so hard his eyes nearly popped. God, that felt sooo naughty! I was creaming so hard I wanted to frig my pussy, but then I guess I so wanted to wait for Trent to do that for me instead.

Anyway, when his dick was good and hard, I stood up and pulled my panties down my thighs, and I said “OK, Trent, now it’s like, your turn to show me how awesome your mouth is.”

And ohmygod, his mouth really was totally awesome. He just grabbed my hips and used his lips and tongue on my pussy and it was so unreal! He like, licked and sucked my pussy lips and my clit until I was sooo ready to cum, and then he kinda stopped and then started again. When he finally let me cum I was, like, screaming and clawing at his head and everything kinda turned inside out and upside down. It was unbelievable.

After that, when I was still fizzing from the most awesome cum of my life, he, like, took off the rest of his clothes and I totally died. Like, he is so beautiful! And I just looked at him, with his dick sticking out and up, and all those awesome muscles and I thought “I sooo have to have him! I so need his dick in my pussy!”

Well, like, he didn’t give me any choice anyway. He kinda pushed me back onto the bed, pulled my panties right off and just stuck his dick straight into me. I guess I shoulda been like, “Whoa there, Trent. I so need you to like, wear a condom!”, but I was so totally tripped out on sex that I didn’t mind. All I wanted was his hothothot body between my legs and his big blue eyes looking into mine and his nice fat dick inside my pussy. And I got all of that, and it was truly amazing!

And, like, he made me cum with his dick. No guy had ever done that for me before. Like, maybe, it was because I was sooo turned on, but he felt way good inside me. He kinda pushed my legs up and back, so I was totally spread and my knees were like, on either side of my titties, and then when he slid his dick in and out, it felt so hot on all my, like, sensitive areas. Then when I was right on the edge, he put his thumb on my clit and I, like, exploded. It was so super-hot I was kinda screaming and laughing and crying, all at the same time!

Well, I’d kinda guessed that Trent would keep fucking me until he came in me, so’s I’d have to go get a morning-after pill, or maybe he’d want to shoot in my mouth or on my face or titties – some erotik film izle guys really like that. But then he was like, “Can I, like, stick it in your ass?”

Well, I was like “Ohmygod!” If it had been anyone but Trent, I woulda said ‘No Way!”, but he’d just given me this totally awesome come, and he was so cute and hot and stuff. So I was like “”I – I guess so. Will it, like – hurt?” I guessed it would, but I kinda hoped that, if I said yes, he would be real gentle and maybe it wouldn’t hurt too much and would just feel super naughty.

“No, Donna baby, it’ll be cool. You’ll love it.”

I so wanted to believe him.

“So – so what do we – have to do?” I was still, like, fizzing from the two huge cums he’d given me, and his dick still felt nice in my pussy, so I guess I wasn’t really thinking straight.

He kissed me, and then he pulled out of me, rolled over and opened a drawer beside the bed. “Turn over, baby,” he said. “Yeah. Just hold your butt-cheeks apart for me.”

It felt kinda weird and a little gross to be lying face down on the bed, showing my butthole off to a cute guy. Then he rubbed his finger around my asshole, and I felt this cold shock from the lube. So then he slipped the finger inside, and that felt kinda weird but also kinda interesting. He slipped it in and out, and then he pulled it right out and dribbled some more cold lube onto my asshole that made me jump. After that, he pushed his finger in deeper, and then he kinda worked a second finger in, and more lube. I was like “ooh, I’m not sure I like this,” but he slid his other hand underneath me and pushed a finger into my slit. When he started stroking my clit it felt a whole lot better, even when he was working three fingers into my ass.

And then he kinda scooted behind me, slipped his fingers out and I felt his cock-head pressed against my butt-hole. Before I could say anything, he was pushing hard, and my little hole was getting stretched open. And I was just like, “ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!” It guess it didn’t, like, really hurt. I wasn’t like “Oh fuck you have to stop, like, right now!”, and I didn’t want to scream and stuff, but it so wasn’t, like, comfortable. I guess – and this is gonna sound sooo gross – I guess it was like taking a real big crap after you so haven’t been able to go for, like, ages – but, kinda in reverse. This big thing was, like, crawling up my ass, and suddenly it so wasn’t cool, even though it was Trent doing it to me. It actually hurt.

But then he did a really cool thing. He’d been using one hand to guide his dick – I guess to stop it slipping out – with him kinda resting his weight on the other one while it hooked around under my hipbone to brace himself. So, like, he stopped when he was a couple of inches in, and moved that hand further under me so his finger was back in my slit. That sure felt better. And then he leaned down and kissed the back and side of my neck, and started saying cool things in my ear.

“Oh Donna, baby. You are so hot! You’re such an amazing, sexy chick. I can’t believe that a gorgeous babe like you is really letting me fuck your cute little ass. That is sooo awesome!” Stuff like that, and it made me feel better about having a guy’s dick in my butt – even if it didn’t take the pain away. Then he kissed me and licked my neck, and all the while he was stroking and rubbing my clit. And then his other hand sneaked under me and took hold of my titty and started squeezing my nipple. So while my asshole still hurt, I had like, loads of stuff to take my mind off it.

“We’re gonna do this real slow, baby. Just move with me. Your cute little ass is about as stretched as it’s gonna get, so just relax and it’ll start to feel good. I’m gonna slide my dick in and out a little at a time, and we’re gonna find all the places where it feels good for you. Is that cool?”

“Sure – sure that’s – that’s cool, Trent,” I gasped. I mean, I was like “what choice do I have?” He already had like half his cock in my ass and it had opened me up wide, so I guessed it couldn’t get any worse. If Trent was telling me the truth, then maybe it just might get better.

So then he started this slow in and out movement, just a half inch in and then out, then maybe an inch. And it was after maybe a minute of this that I kinda realized that the stretch wasn’t hurting any more, and there were some, like, weird but cool sensations coming from inside my butt. It kinda felt best when he was pulling out a little, and I could feel the head of his cock kinda rubbing inside the ring of my butt-hole. All the while, he was stroking my clit and squeezing my titty and my nipple, and he was like “Oooh Donna, your cute little butt-hole is sooo tight and sexy. Wow, you are some awesome sexy babe, with beautiful titties and a hot, tight little pussy and an even hotter, tighter little ass. You are so hot and beautiful you could be a porn star, Donna. Wow, I’m so lucky to be the first guy to fuck your cute little ass. You are way sexy!” You know, shit like that – but it sounded cool film izle at the time.

And it kinda started feeling cool too. I guess my brain kicked in and said to me “Hey, dumbass! This is Trent. Like, only the coolest, cutest guy in school. He’s stroking your clit and squeezing your booby and he’s actually fucking you up the ass! Up the ASS! How awesome and super naughty is that? This is not some geeky loser trying to feel you up in the back row of the movies, this is Trent – hot, gorgeous Trent – and he’s doing the naughtiest, dirtiest, sexiest thing to you and – and yes, it feels good! It really does!”

Either my brain took over my body and forced me to enjoy it or, like, it really did start to feel good. Trent was gentle, and each stroke was a little bit longer and deeper than the previous one, which was just a little bit scary, ‘cuz I kept wondering if he would hit something inside me and suddenly all the good feelings would, like, go into reverse. But each time he pulled back, I got that dirty, sexy feeling inside my butt-hole, and I was starting to really get into it. And of course, his fingers were rubbing and squeezing, and he kept telling me how awesome and sexy and beautiful I was. So when I felt his hips press down hard on my butt-cheeks, and I knew I had all of his cock up my ass, and it had stopped hurting, I was just like “Oh wow, I’m such a hot, sexy little bitch. I’ve got all of Trent’s – Trent’s – gorgeous cock up my sexy, dirty little ass, and it feels way good!”

The next few minutes were totally a blur. It was like we were in some super-hot porno, with Trent and me as the stars. The feeling of his cock up my ass had gone from feeling painful to, like, uncomfortable, to okay, to good, and then to awesome. I guess that once my ass had stretched enough, it had stopped being about whether I could take that huge thing in my tight butthole without screaming, and was then all about hot, gorgeous, very dirty sex with Trent, the cutest boy I’d ever seen. My brain had told me this would be amazing, and my body got kinda convinced that my brain was right. Trent started doing longer, deeper strokes, getting faster, and I was kinda moving with him, jiggling around so’s I got all the good sensations. And then he pulled out!

“Oh fuck, Trent, please stick it back in!” I heard myself say. Me – begging Trent to keep fucking me up the ass! What kind of slut was I becoming?

“It’s cool, Donna baby. Just turn over. I want to try a different position.”

So I rolled over, and he stuck a pillow under my butt. I was like “You’re not – you’re not, like, gonna put it back in my pussy, are you?” I’d heard that if you took a cock out of a girl’s ass and put it in her pussy, she could get some real bad infections. Of course, it had never, like, occurred to me that I was taking some stupid risks anyway letting Trent fuck me without a condom.

“No way, baby. This is going straight back up your fabulous tight little ass. I just want to be able to kiss you and look into your eyes while we’re fucking. Oh, wait just a moment…”

He jumped off the bed and dragged a big mirror on a stand so it faced the bed. “What can you see, baby? Can you see down to your knees?” he asked.

I shuffled around on the bed so that my reflection showed from my face to my feet. “Yeah, Trent. It’s cool. But please, get back here. I need you to – to fuck me some more.”

Trent gave me this beautiful smile. “Donna, baby, you are so the hottest, sexiest babe I’ve ever fucked. You are unreal!”

I gave a little flip inside. This was Trent – mega-cute Trent – who I guessed had fucked every pretty girl in the school, and could fuck any other girl he liked, telling me that I was not just sexy, I was the sexiest babe he’d ever fucked! And then he jumped back onto the bed and went down on me, licking my clit until I was going crazy, and I was just a nanosecond from coming.

Just then, he stopped, spread my legs wide and pushed his cock back inside my ass. This time it didn’t hurt at all, even though he was thrusting deep and faster – almost like he was just fucking my pussy. I felt like I was just a heartbeat away from coming, and he was sooo beautiful, and I could see his cute face and that gorgeous body, and feel his hot, sexy cock thrusting deep into my dirty ass, and it felt awesome and wild and sooo amazing. I looked across to the mirror and it was unreal – my own secret porno with Trent fucking my ass, thrusting in and out quite hard now, and me just spreading my legs for him. I was on this weird orgasmic plateau, right on the edge, feeling some great sensations while I could tell that Trent was really getting off on fucking my ass. My ass! But I just – couldn’t – quite – come!

Then Trent looked in the mirror, and said “Hey baby, can we, like, change position again? I want us to watch while my cock goes in and out of your tight, sexy ass!”

So he pulled out, shoved the pillow out of the way and turned me to face the mirror. He slapped some more lube on his cock, then lifted my leg seks filmi izle so I was spread wide and lined up his cock again with my asshole, moving around so that we could both see the reflection of my wet pussy and my cock-filled ass. He started thrusting hard again, and then he said “rub your clit, baby. I want to feel you coming on my cock. I want to feel your tight little asshole throbbing.”

It was totally unreal. I could see this reflection of me, naked, legs spread wide and being ass-fucked like a total slut by this gorgeous hunk. I could see each thrust of Trent’s smooth, glistening cock, in and out of my butt-hole – my last virgin hole until just a few minutes ago. It was like I was in a dream, as I put my fingers into my slit and started rubbing my clit, as Trent leaned forward to lick my neck. I could feel him thrusting deep, pulling back and rubbing all my sensitive places. I could see his lovely cock thrusting in and out of my asshole. In and out, in and out…

About then, I came. It was weird and awesome and unbelievably strong. It started deep in my asshole and swept through my pussy, my clit, my nipples, and like – everywhere! It was totally, totally awesome. I don’t think I had ever come so strongly. And Trent kept on thrusting, thrusting, and I kept coming and coming and coming.

It was getting too much. I guess I was coming for like, a minute or more, and I was so going crazy. I guess I was moaning and squealing, and I could see us in the mirror and it looked super amazing. I was yelling for Trent to cum in my ass, ‘cuz I guessed that when I’d finished coming it would start to get sore. Sure enough, I felt Trent’s cock pulsing and squirting in my ass. That was something I’ve, like, never felt in my pussy, though I heard some girls say they can feel a guy coming. But I guess my ass was gripping him so tight that I thought I could, like, feel every spurt. And he made lots of noise when he came, too.

When he’d pulled out, we sorta fell together on the bed and he put his arms around me and kissed me. It was so romantic – or it would have been except that my ass was totally stretched out of shape and leaking jizz. And I so felt that I had to take a shit that I almost ran to the bathroom. After I’d cleaned up, he came into the bathroom and washed his cock and his hands in the washbasin, and then he put his arm around me and we went back to the bed.

It was so awesome, snuggling down with Trent. I guess I was still, like, fizzing from my super-cum, and he was so beautiful, and I was totally happy. We kissed and fooled around some, and he kept telling me I was beautiful and sexy and naughty and hot. No-one had ever told me those things before, and it was so totally awesome to hear a cute guy like Trent say them to me then.

After a while, our kissing and stuff got hotter, and I was ready to fuck again; with Trent, I was ready to fuck all night. After we’d left the movie, I’d texted my mom to tell her I wouldn’t be home – she’s not cool with me staying out at boyfriends’ places, but since I turned eighteen she doesn’t have much choice. So I went down on Trent again, this time sucking his cock for quite a long time. He tried to get me to deep-throat him, but, like, I kept gagging. So I, like, promised I’d practice and see if I could take him right down next time, ‘cuz I sooo wanted to do it for him. “But it would be super cool if you could fuck me again, Trent. Only – could you, like, wear a condom, pur-leeze, ‘cuz I totally want you to cum in me but I’m not fixed yet. And, like, I promise to get fixed real soon so we can, like, totally fuck.”

And he was like “Sure, Donna, I want to fuck you too, but, like, I don’t wear rubber. But if you like, I’ll pull out and cum in your mouth. Would that be cool?”

So I was like, “Sure!”, even though I don’t really like the taste of cum, and I was worried that maybe he’d time it wrong and, like cum inside my pussy. But I guessed that I wanted him so badly that I was ready to take the risk. “Only I get to be on top, deal?”

“Sure. Deal,” he said.

So I just climbed on top of him and pointed his dick straight up my wet pussy. It was so sexy, just having his mega-cute body under me, and, like, being totally in control, and just fucking him. I watched his face as I rode him, up and down, slowly at first then faster. I could so feel his dick filling me, and the way he bucked his hips to shove it deeper into me. He got his thumb onto my clit, and that was beautiful – I had another little cum. And then he suddenly pulled me down onto him and arched his body up so he was fucking me quite hard. After just a few strokes, he rolled over so he was on top and really pounded my pussy, sticking it in hard and deep. I guessed he was about to shoot his load, and I so didn’t want to have to get a morning after pill, so I just moaned “Oh Trent, cum in my mouth. I want to taste your hot cum.” So he just pulled out of my pussy, shimmied up my body and started fucking my mouth almost as hard as he’d just been fucking my pussy. It was, like, hard to keep my mouth open wide, and I was almost puking, and then, like, my mouth was totally full of goo and I was like, coughing and he was moaning. And in my head I was like “Wow, now I’ve been totally fucked by Trent!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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