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I was stunned. The divorce was final and my now ex-wife was moving out of our home and into a mansion somewhere in Pebble Beach. Luckily my finances were left alone. My wife had been seeing a guy on the side. Not that I minded that, she and I had an understanding that she could date so long as I was kept in the loop, it wasn’t quite an open marriage nor were we into swinging. It was just the arrangement we had come to when she got restless and kind of bored. She wasn’t out banging the neighborhood or anything like that. She would simply meet a guy at random, and he’d be the guy she saw on the side. It was something we kept on the QT because the community in our area was very conservative and stodgy. It worked out fine until the latest guy.

It was this guy who didn’t want to share and had convinced her to divorce me by promising her full access to his wealth, and he was Bill Gates wealthy. I was pretty much dragged into it against my will. She also didn’t like it…much…but not enough to stop it. I could tell she wanted to stay married…only he wasn’t having it. So, we were divorced…and she moved in with him.

Apparently he was offended that I had given her permission to see other men. In some twisted, moral logic…he felt cheating was fine…so long as the husband didn’t know about it…if he knew and accepted it…well, that was just morally reprehensible. He then used his money to manipulate her, that and he was apparently an excellent lover and well endowed.

She and I were okay and we both knew at some point we’d be together again, once this schmuck she had hooked up with was done with her, which was his MO we would come to find. We weren’t the first couple he’d done this to, for much the same reason. He had a personal problem with ‘open marriage’ apparently and had taken it upon himself to do something about it, a form of a moral-crusade if you will. None of it made any real sense. So she and I remained friendly in spite of it. Luckily we hadn’t had any children. Still, the whole mess felt surreal.

Feeling a bit too emotional to go home I drove into town and found a bar somewhere in a back street neighborhood, only I did not know which neighborhood. It was just an accidental happenstance that I came upon this bar. The outside of the bar was very European appearing, like what you might find in Britain, pubs that are sadly growing less and less commonplace. This place was dark with a quiet crowd and a courtyard where a fire pit burned brightly and a few heaters stood providing heat where it might be needed on a cool night.

Taking a seat at the bar I ordered a beer as I let the day’s disaster ebb from my consciousness. Now, I was at the time in my late 20’s and just out of the Navy. It was while in the Navy that she and I came to the understanding that my long deployments put a strain on her needs. So she started dating other men while I was overseas, with my consent and knowledge. It was working out okay, until she met this guy. I did not let myself fall into a depression, not a major one anyway, because I knew that my wife and I would one day get back together. Still I drank just a bit too much, enough to know that I couldn’t drive. It was then that I finally noticed the bar tender Matt. He was a good looking guy, clean shaven and built very impressively at 6′ tall if I had to guess in his mid-30’s. I was and remain 5’6″, with a nice, muscular, trim build with short hair which I keep closely trimmed. I never thought I was the handsome type but I wasn’t bad to look at either.

Ordering another beer I asked Matt if he knew of a taxi service I could use to get home. I wasn’t quite drunk, in fact I seldom get sloppy drunk, but I wasn’t about to risk a DUI. He paused and looked at me then smiled telling me that he did but that they were unreliable. He said nothing more for the time being but he handed me another beer free of charge. Over the next hour I drank my beer and simply kept to myself and lost track of time with all that I had on my mind. I had taken a seat near the window and had been watching the other patrons leave before I realized that I was the only one left in the bar.

Looking at the clock I noticed it was nearly 12:00 and Matt was about to close up. I asked again for the number of the taxi company so that I could get going, so that he could close up. “No need for that” he said “I am going to close up and have a drink. Maybe you could join me.” Having no place to be I sat back down as he handed me another beer. Now I could have risked driving and likely done ok…only I knew better than to risk it so I sipped my beer and waited for Matt to close up. After he finished he pulled up a seat with his own drink, a whiskey, Scotch I think it was and smiled. He then looked at me in a way that made my cock harden. I’d never had that happen before, not with a guy. I’d been curious about gay sex sure but I’d never thought much about actually being with a guy, until that moment.

He seemed escort to sense that his look had the desired effect saying “My name is Matt. I own the bar and I live upstairs. It’s nice to not have to commute.” He paused then said “also makes it nice when I meet a guy.” Again he met me with a look that told me that he somehow knew that I wasn’t going to leave. I think because my cock was rather hard. He didn’t have to explain what he meant by that statement, the meaning was plain enough.

He then went on to state in a slow deliberate tone…as his hand found my inner thigh, and squeezed “I know things by looking at people” he paused, slid his hand up my thigh “and I know that you have never been with a man before and that you want to be.” He moved closer “You want to suck a cock and then have it driven into your ass…slowly and to fuck you gently…then hard.” He paused to swallow “You want to feel hot cum shooting inside you.”

At this my mouth dropped open as I unconsciously nodded ‘yes’ to every statement he made. He smiled knowingly and continued. “Now, I could take you home myself, and fuck you there…or I could take you upstairs and fuck you here… or…” He unbuttoned my jeans “you could drive home tomorrow with several loads of my cum inside you.”

I was speechless. Not one word came out of my mouth as he removed my clothing which we left on the floor of the bar. I stood naked in the middle of the bar room as he closed the shudders before leading me up to his apartment. I was taken to the bathroom where he placed me on a special toilet where he inserted a nozzle into my ass and turned on the water. I will not share what followed.

After we were through I took a shower. He coated me with Nair to remove my pubic hair, and what leg hair I had. Before we were done I was devoid of body hair. While I rinsed off I was treated to a gentle probing of his fingers, showing me the delights I could look forward to. With the shower off he leaned me against the tile and probed and twisted his fingers in and out of my ass, causing me to moan in delight. With two fingers deep inside me he whispered “That is just a taste of what I have in mind for you tonight.” All I could do was moan and nod my approval. My nervousness was slowly evaporating, but the prospects of getting fucked both excited and made me nervous, but not enough to stop it.

Seeming to sense this Matt handed me a glass of white wine, over filled, which I drained in one swallow. Matt laughed and then refilled the glass to the brim. This one I sipped while we walked to the living room where I took a seat on the couch. He had opened the patio door to let the cool night air in as a gentle rain began to fall. It added a nice chill that mixed with the heat his fireplace was giving off. I looked at him and asked “How did you figure me out? I’ve had thoughts like this for a while, but I never shared them with anyone, ever; how did you know how to approach me and what I wanted?”

He smiled saying “It’s the way you held yourself. Most men try to hide who they are by being silent, but their body language gives them away most often. You hold yourself like a keyed up spring. Kind of hunched, as if afraid of your inner most secrets being discovered. This tells me that you are at least curious but also ashamed of being curious. You want to suck a cock…but you don’t want to admit it, not even to yourself.” He then sat down in front of me and looked me in the eye. “I simply know these things. I cannot explain exactly how…I just have the ability to know exactly what a person wants.” Leaning in he said “For instance, I know you want to feel a cock inside your ass…to have someone’s hot breath on your neck…their hands on your hips…grinding their pelvis hard against yours driving their cock deeper and deeper, slowly fucking you as their body heat mixes with yours’ He leaned in saying “You also want to feel cum shooting inside your ass…bareback.”

He moved in and said. “I also know you want to suck a cock and swallow. If you must also know…I knew you were mine…the moment you sat down. There is something that lets me know what that person needs the moment I see them…if I am attracted to them. Some call it ‘gaydar’ but mine is different than most”. With that my speech was once again lost to me and I sipped my wine thinking about what he just said.

He broke me from my thoughts by saying “There is nothing to be ashamed of. I know what kind of pressure men are under to be ‘men’. I had the same shit to face years ago. Only I got lucky and met people who helped me accept who I am and that is a guy who likes to fuck other guys…a lot” he smiled. “If it helps…I really want to show you how nice it can be to have another guy’s cock inside you. It can be one of the most sensual experiences a man can have.” He paused “Besides, I think you’re hot and I really want you.” He leaned in saying, “I would love to show you just how beautiful it can be.”

I escort bayan swallowed my wine down at this and he promptly filled it again. What he had just described was exactly what I wanted. My hand found the opening of his robe which was already open with his cock standing tall. Not a hair could be found on any part of his pelvic region. My hand caressed the under belly as I got used to the idea of touching another guys cock.

His moan at my touch was incentive to continue on. I looked at his cock and he was, well…damn…hung. I was tempted to find a tape and measure it but that moment passed mostly because I was so enthralled. “Go ahead, lick me…put your mouth on me” He said as I got down in front of him. Now if I had to guess, based on the fact that I needed two hands to cover his cock…leaving at least 2″ of cock sticking out…he had to be 11″ long. My hands could not fully wrap around it leaving 1/3 untouched by my grip. Suffice it to say my first M/M encounter was well represented in the cock department.

My first action was to cup his balls and fondle them while I licked up the shaft. The heat of his cock met my tongue and I liked how it felt as I got used to the idea of giving head. His moans indicated that I was doing something right, so I continued. As my confidence grew so did my desire to please him. I licked and kissed his shaft up and down taking his head into my mouth and taking as much of him as I could…before coming off of him with a subtle ‘pop’. I then started licking and kissing his cock again. I went so far as to take his balls into my mouth and sucked on them a while. This caused him to lean back and moan in clear approval. “Ohhh yeahhhh” he moaned.

With slow deliberate effort I moved up his shaft again and took his head into my mouth and slowly attempted to take more of his cock into my mouth and slowly did my best to take as much of him into me as I could only I had never done this before. What I was discovering was that I really liked having a hot cock in my mouth. I also discovered a desire to want to deep throat. I never had, and it wasn’t going to happen that night…but it was something I wanted to do. I crawled onto the couch next to him so that I had a better angle and once again swallowed as much of him as I could and pumped my mouth on him. After a bit his hand found my neck and gave me a guiding touch and pushed my head down onto him a little deeper. I could feel his head hitting the back of my throat and felt the gag attempt to surface but the pace was such that it staved it off.

The more we did this the deeper he went, then there was a moment where he pushed me hard…right as his head hit my throat…and he pushed down where I felt his head pop past my throat. It hurt…not quite enough to stop…but I remember his head sliding down…deeper than ever. His head was in my throat. The excitement of this over-rode the initial pain…which was easing off with each thrust my head made onto his shaft. Only just as I was getting used to this new depth he quickened his pushing onto my neck indicating that he was coming…and pretty soon he was groaning…I tasted the salty pre-cum on my tongue…I decided to let him cum in my throat so I did not try to come off of him as his orgasm approached. When he came his hand pushed me down…his head slid into my throat as he groaned “I’m cumming” and I felt the hot jets of his cum shoot down the back of my throat. He bucked and groaned as his hand kept me planted on his shaft.

I came off of him gasping for breath but pleased that I had made him cum. He smiled and panted saying with a bit of surprise “You…um…you swallowed? I, I hope you are okay” he said concerned. “I got caught up and, well, I didn’t mean to make you swallow my cum…so soon.” He said smiling sheepishly.

I was turned on like I had never been before. I sat back taking my wine up again and sipped it. It was my turn to speak “I’ve always wanted to do that…even swallow cum. I figured, why not? So I did. I don’t mind it.”

Matt smiled at me and sipped his wine then asked “When you imagine getting fucked, what position do you imagine yourself in…as your lover buries his cock into you?”

I sat back looking at Matt thoughtfully. “Well, I’m usually on my hand and knees on the bed imagining his hands on my hips and of course the feeling of his hard cock inside me. Other times I’m bent over the back of a chair, couch…desk. Other times I imagine we’re standing as we fuck standing up eventually bending me over a table or chair, but he, each time, empties his cum into me.” I looked at him and asked “Do you have any preferences?”

He leaned back, letting his freshly sucked cock sway in the breeze, not quite hard but not quite flaccid either. “It depends on the moment, who it is I’m with and my mood.” He gave me a thoughtful look then continued “I would like to fuck you…the first time…doggy style. I’d have you on the bed and I would bayan escort be standing up next to the bed. That makes it easier on me so that I can take my time and be in control. I would also like to fuck you missionary, the same way with you lying face up on the bed with your legs on my shoulders so I could drive my cock deep while looking at your face as I bury cock into you. But something like that shouldn’t be a planned event. I think we should just let the evening take us where it will and discover where we end up.” He paused looked at me hard leaning in “One thing is certain…my cock is going to be inside you…and I will unload my balls into you…several times before this evening is over.”

My mouth went dry as I took in his words. I removed my robe and moved in next to him so that his arm went around my waste and pulled me close. Matt put his wine glass down and leaned in to kiss me as his free hand reached for my cock and balls which he simply rubbed with an open palm then moved down and started probing my ass with circular motions before inserting one, long finger into my ass without lube. Unconsciously I opened up my legs and he inserted a second finger. Our tongues probed each other and before long a third finger was…knuckle deep…I moaned my approval. Breaking the kiss he said with a chuckle “If you like this you are going to love my cock” and continued the kiss.

Lube eventually found its way onto his hand and into my ass as he pumped and rotated his fingers into me. It wasn’t long after that that I felt his hard cock pressing against my thigh which I grabbed and started to apply lubricant as I looked into Matt’s eyes whispering “Take me…please”

He smiled and said “Okay. Let’s go into the bedroom.”

We walked into the room where he closed the door behind us. I stood next to the bed, but didn’t lie down. Matt walked up behind me and wrapped an arm around my chest and the other around my waist kissing my neck and shoulder. I could feel his excitement in the quakes of his body as his hardness found its way between my cheeks and to my hole. He increased his pressure against me and whispered “When you are ready just push me out and you’ll open up and I’ll push in.” I nodded as I felt his increased pressure and did as he said. I felt his head slide into me…I pushed out more…and he ‘popped’ into me. A momentary spasm of not quite pain caused me to gasp but was soon replaced with a warm pleasant sensation of his flesh touching mine. That first penetration was nothing short of exquisite as I felt his cock fill me. I began to shudder as the heat of his blood engorged cock slid inch by inch into me.

I swear I could feel every inch. Some say that the lining of the shaft cannot feel much more than pressure. This was definitely different than mere pressure. Something inside me came alive and was able to feel his head as it burrowed into me, the skin of his shaft as it snaked behind the head and the pulse of his heart beat feeding the cock now entering me, filling me…driving me insane with pleasure I’d never before known. I moaned out his name as my sensations began to overwhelm me “Mmmatttt…” and speech was lost to me.

Enclosing his arm around my chest he wrapped placed a hand on my hip and whispered into my ear “I know, I know…Your ass feels so fucking nice” he said then kissed my neck…”Hopefully, if I do my job right…we can do this again” he shoved his cock deeper…”and again” as his cock drove deeper still “and again”. I then felt his cock penetrate past the inner barrier…because his length was such that it pushed passed. This was met with a spasm of indescribable bliss as my body shook from the spasm of bliss I experienced. My mouth came open in a silent gasp…and an involuntary motion from me to push him deeper into me because his cock…sliding against this region only drove me insane with pleasure. His one hand moved from my hip to my tummy and pressed me back against him as he met my motion with his own and shoved his cock further. “I can feel you muscles quaking inside you. Are—Are you cumming?”

The Pleasurable spasms that engulfed me prevented words from forming so I leaned my head back onto his shoulders…and nodded wrapping my arm around his neck as my world turned to bliss. I was reduced to a groaning mess…as his cock touched my inner ‘button’ as I would come to call it.

Nuzzling my neck he smiled and said “I guess this means you like getting fucked?”

My voice quivered in response…as another spasm tore through me “Y-y-yesss, y-y-y-yess I doooo” and my voice was lost to me. Little did I realize what was happening to Matt by my internal spasms. He didn’t have to move a muscle to feel my body quivering around him. The fact that he had cum fairly recently was the only reason he hadn’t already cum inside me. I wrapped my arm around his neck and said “If you feel this good just going in…I can’t wait to feel you fucking me.”

With that he put me on the mattress and I got onto my hands and knees. “Well, then I’d better get to work.” Starting out slow…I felt his head pop passed the inner barrier sending me off to another blissful spasm as he pulled out leaving just the head inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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