Sunday Morning

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I groaned slightly at the sound.

“Micah, wake up,” a voice sang to me.

I groaned again, louder this time.

“Micah, babe, you can’t stay asleep all day,” the sing-song voice chided me, “you have to wake up now.”

“It’s Sunday,” I mumbled in protest.

“Exactly! It’s your one day off this week, and you’re wasting it by sleeping! Come on, it’s pracatically noon already.”

Through one half-opened eye, I glanced the alarm clock on my bedside table: 8:46 A.M it read in harsh red numbers.

“You’re an ass.” I felt a scruffy chin against my cheek, followed by a brief kiss. I yawned in response.

“Oh, don’t be like that. You know how I hate to be alone. I just miss you, especially since we’ve both been working so much.”

I had to give him that one – we’d both been working 60+ hours a week, with our days off never coinciding with one another. Reluctantly, I peeled my face off my pillow and turned to him.

“Good morning,” I greeted him with a breathy sigh. He flashed me a dazzling smile.

“There’s my beautiful boyfriend. I was worried you’d begun to mold there.”

So dramatic. “Nick, it’s not even 9 yet. And if I may add, we were up rather late last night.”

He bit his lip and eyed me devilishly. “Yes, yes we were. You didn’t seem to mind being kept up so late as I remember it. And why was that? Do you remember?”

A flash of memories from the night before filled my mind – Nick and I, drinking wine over dinner, watching a movie, cuddling beneath an old blanket. Then, the two of us forgetting the movie altogether as we expored each others’ mouths and bodies as if for the first time, even after two years together. And some time after that which could have been minutes or hours, me tugging him by his lips with my teeth into our bedroom, only a few steps away in our tiny apartment. I recalled the two of us falling onto our bed, tangled in the sheets and each other, eager to please and be pleased while our tongues danced carnally and unrestrained. Nick popping up unexpectedly looking half-crazed, reaching behind him with a deft hand in search of an almost empty bottle of —

“Micah? Still there?”

His amused questions snapped me back to reality. “Well, if you’d have had kept your hands to yourself, I might not be so put-out.”

He rolled his eyes. “Oh, don’t make yourself into a martyr. If I’d kept my hands to myself you’d be begging me to so much as glance at you right now.”

I gave him a kiss on his beautiful, smugly set lips. His stubble scratched me in the most pleasant way, and I was just going to deepen the kiss when he pulled away. I gave him a quizzical look.

“Babe, and I say this with all the love in my heart, but you really have to go brush your teeth.” He gave me an adorably apologetic look.

Fully awake, I hopped out of bed and went to brush me teeth. Of course, Nick had already brushed his teeth, being the sleep Nazi he is. If it weren’t that I liked his facial hair so much he probably would have been shaved, too. Since he never cleaned the sink out after he shaved, it was doubly beneficial.

“It’s raining,” he said to me by way of greeting as I returned.

“So it is,” I agreed as I glanced out the window. I hoped he wasn’t planning on going hiking, as he’d mentioned in passing a couple times the week before. I climbed back into bed and turned towards him. “Maybe we can just take it easy today? I know how you like to go out and do things, but a day together here sounds nice too, right?”

He chuckled at my anxious hopefulness. “You know, that sounds great to me.”


“Yeah, we haven’t had much alone time as of late. We somehow never seem to be able to manage a day or two together.”

“I completely agree,” I said with a sly smile. “What do you want to do first?”

He stroked my arm lightly, and leaned in close to me. He trailed small kisses from the corner of my lips to me left ear.

“How’s breakfast sound?” he whispered seductively.

“Mmm, delicious,” I replied as I licked my lips.

All of a sudden, I was alone in the bed and Nick was pulling on a pair of grey sweatpants.

“What are you doing?” I asked, completely confused.

“I’m going to make breakfast,” he replied, his eyes twinkling.

“Yes, breakfast. As in, actual food.”

“You really are an ass,” I muttered as he walked away.

“I heard that!”

“You were meant to,” I called to him.

I slipped on a pair of boxer briefs and followed into the kitchen, where Nick was already heating a pan and beating eggs. Damn, he moves fast. I admired the way his ass looked beneath the thin fabric of his pants as he poured the yellow mixture into the hot pan.

“Hey, would you mind helping? Or are you too busy ogling me?”

“You know it,” I smiled at him, unabashed. But to appease him (and to prevent him from cracking an egg on my head) I put a couple pieces of bread to toast. I pulled xnxx out a two plates, and served our drinks.

In a few minutes the omelettes were done, the bread toasted. We sat together at our small round table and ate in relative silence. After we finished, I cleaned up – okay, I threw the dishes into our dishwasher – while Nick watched from his seat at the table, a small smile playing at the corners of his lips.

“Are you ogling me now,” I asked with faux-shock.

“You’re damn right I am. Come here.”

I abandoned the pretense of cleaning up and went to him. I held his face in both my hands and kissed him softly. He reached up to me and knotted his fingers into my hair, slipping his tongue into my mouth with a small sigh. I moaned slightly as the kiss deepened, my breath coming in gasps. Our tongues danced together heatedly and my hands drifted to the base of his neck. All at once I pulled away, grabbed his hand, and wordlessly, we made our way to our bedroom.

Once there we took up where we’d left off, assaulting one another’s mouth with tongues, moans, and sighs. My hands travelled to his bare chest, and I ran my hands through his sparse hair. He leaned his head back, momentarily breaking the kiss, and groaned loudly. Taking this as an invitation, I lowered my lips to one pebbled nipple, bringing forth a breathy moan from Nick. I circled my tongue around the stiff peak before clamping my teeth around it and pulling back slightly. I took a look at his elongated nipple and groaned at the sight of it before repeating the erotic practice on its twin.

“Oh…keep that up,” he begged.

I blew softly on his erect nipple causing it to tighten, and Nick to take a sharp breath inward. Once more I enveloped him with my lips, licking, sucking, and biting until he was writhing deliciously beneath me

I let him go again, and he brought me up forcefully to meet his lips, kissing me with a sort of crazed hunger. I could feel his erection lightly poking me, and could almost taste the need on his lips. I continued to play with his nipples, tweaking them and rolling them between my fingers, while his hands began to make a journey downwards.

They skimmed lightly over my hairy chest and belly, until they finally met the top of my waistband. He stroked me through the thin piece of clothing, my member already fully at attention and waiting to be lavished. He did not attempt to remove my briefs, nor so much as work around them; he seemed perfectly content to drive me mad as he haphazardly teased me through my briefs with one hand, and agonizingly caressed my thigh with the other.

In response, I dropped my hand to his lap where he was eagerly anticipating my touch. I stroked him through his sweats, securely tied around his slim hips, and brought him to the brink of insanity along with me. Our sounds of pleasure became louder until we came upon an unspoken truce and simultaneously shifted so that the other may assist in the removing of the last barrier that lay between us. My underwear caught around my ankles so that I had to kick them off, while his pants fluttered unceremoniously to the ground.

We both groaned as we were released and free to roam along the other’s body as we pleased. He immediately resumed his rhythmic stroking, whereas I entertained myself with the pre-cum that had formed at his tip. I used it as lubricant and began to stroke him up and down along his considerable length, palming his balls occasionally.

He began to pick up the speed of his hand on me, and in response to this I shoved him down onto his back with me on top. He seemed a bit shocked, but licked his lips all the same. I brought my lips onto his once more, then kissed a trail down his chin, his chest, over his belly, and following his happy trail. He watched as I made the slow, sensual trek down his body, and leaned back, overcome, when I fluttered small kisses along his most sensitive appendage. I breather heavily upon him when I got to his tip, I could feel his anticipation and excitement, when I decided to change my plan and torture him a bit more. I gave his tip a small kiss, then followed the path I had forged. He groaned again, this time in frustration, and perhaps as bit of anger, as I lovingly repeated the circuit up his body.

“Oh, fuck, Micah. Fuck…Oh…,” he feebly attempted to form a coherent sentence.

He urged my head lower as I painstakingly laid the tiniest of kisses upon his navel, and this time I complied. I made quick work of the small area left unkissed, and brought myself immediately to his tip for a second time.

I held him in my hand for a moment or two, before finally bringing him into my mouth. He made some noise of appreciation that I couldn’t quite distinguish, and amplified it when I began to swirl my tongue around him. I started to bob my head up and down over him while he whined above me. He felt so velvety smooth in my mouth, while also being harder than stone. He reached the back of my throat causing brazzers me to gag slightly, which he must have known, as he pulled out a bit for me. I brought my hand into the picture and used it as an extension of my mouth, so that as much of him was being fondled as I could manage.

While I used my hand to pump him, I brought my tongue to his base and then to his balls where lavished them, too. I sucked them lightly, followed by licking that deliciously delicate space between his anus and testicles. I buried my face there, inhaling the intoxicating musky aroma, feeling his thighs tighten around me. I stayed there for some time using my mouth, while I massaged his throbbing erection with my hands.

I sensed that he was close to losing control under my attentions, and moved away from beneath him. As I went back up, Nick seemed almost frantic with need. He was unfocused and flustered and frenzied and goddamned sexy.

“You don’t even know how fucking sexy you are,” I growled, “you’re hot as fucking hell.”

I buried my face into his neck, licking, nibbling, and sucking at the skin there. His nails scratched at my back, digging in deeply when I nipped at his clavicle. He scraped his nails lower along my frame, until he arrived at the tapered tops of my ass.

He brought his attentions there and began to knead, enjoying my moans of pleasure as I focused solely on how his fingertips played across my cheeks. His fingertips slowly found their way to my crack, and there they slipped up and down, teasing me. He spread my cheeks apart slightly, running his fingers into the new-found territory. Unexpectedly, he clenched me in his hands, his nails biting softly into the tender flesh. I cried out loudly, taken by surprise at the rough way he handled me.

He doubled down on his efforts as passionately kissed me, and bit my tongue with more than a little force. As he assaulted my mouth, his fingers continued to explore my ass. With one finger he started to circle around my asshole, grazing over it but not giving in to what I really wanted. I started to move a bit, urging him. He ignored my hint and continued to frustrate me, even as I whined for him to do more.

“Nick, please,” I begged against his lips. My pleading did nothing to chip at his resolve, so I employed a different tactic. “Nick, I swear to God, Allah, and Buddha, if you keep it up I’m going to throw your gaming system out the window.”

My threats and complaints went unheard, and I might have thought he hadn’t heard me if I couldn’t feel his smile against me, and the low rumble of a suppressed laugh tickling me. I sighed into him again, wanting to scream out my vexations but worried he’d abandon the process altogether.

Just as I was about to issue another empty and pathetic-sounding threat, I could feel his digit cautiously press into the center of the puckered hole. He watched to gauge my reaction, and I tried to display on my face exactly how much I wanted him to keep going. He seemed satisfied enough to ever so slowly continue filling me with his finger until I could feel his knuckles pressed against me. He moved his finger around inside me before taking it back out, then plunging back in. He established an excruciating rhythm with his finger, and I was quickly craving a second.

As if he could read my mind, he added another finger to his pumping without warning. My sighs grew louder and my breath was coming in gasps, a few expletives slipping between my lips unrestrained.

Too soon I could feel my control waning, thin and feeble against Nick’s skillful hands. At once I pushed away from him, surprise rendering him momentarily immobile. Shock painted his features as he wondered at my abrupt departure. As I stared down at him, I took a moment to regain what little composure I could before leaning back down until my lips could reach his ear. There, I licked the lobe sparingly before taking it into my mouth and biting down. He was still confused by me, but didn’t object to my redirected attentions. Once I had him – and myself – under control again, I breathed heavily into his ear.

“Turn around, Nicholas,” I directed him.

He moaned at my use of his full name that was so rarely used. Obligingly, he did as I requested without question. On his front now, I massaged his back, lightly running my nails down his spine. He reached his arm out horizontally until he was able to grab a pillow, which he laid his face on and moaned into. Wasting no time, I made my way to his beautiful ass which jutted up like a treasure chest between his hips.

He had a perfect ass in every way. It was absolutely gorgeous; David’s stone ass had nothing on Nick’s. Nick’s was stunningly sculpted, and just shaped to be held in my hands. It was rounded and slim, like a bubble that had split in half and found its way onto his body. The cheeks stood proudly, independently round in their own right, but meeting against each other to form an almost majestically exquisite-looking sikiş izle ass.

I ran my hands around it, lingering at the bottom and enjoying the way the cheeks molded to the shape of my palms. I skimmed one with my fingertips before delving it up into Nick’s crack. I ran my fingers into him deeply, before continuing to brush up his cheek, where my fingers came back out. I splayed both my hands over his ass, holding onto him firmly. My fingers dug into every part of him, kneading him, leaving little red circles when removed. I let one finger snake its way back into his crack, settling upon his puckered asshole. I played with it, rubbing and circling it, before gently pushing into the small hole. I was well received as my finger was quickly swallowed. I pumped my finger into him a few more times before removing it all together and pulling back yet again.

Before he had time to protest, I had buried my face between his thighs, licking the innermost muscles that met between his legs. I heard a contented sigh from above me, assuring me that my actions were not misguided. I continued my tongue up until I reached the lowest part of his ass, in the delicious space where the two cheeks meet before fusing together. I shoved my tongue in between them, searching, searching, before coming upon his most forbidden spot.

His hole felt soft against the tip of my tongue, and I circled around it, relishing its taste; but I didn’t stay there long. I speared into it with my tongue, and heard a muffled curse as I did. I twirled my tongue inside of him, which elicited more muffled noises that grew louder and louder. I fucked him with my tongue, thrusting it in and out and around, with my fingers squeezing his taut cheeks.

I slipped my tongue out and used it to follow the curve of his crack, tracing up between his shoulder blades. He turned his head to look behind him, and I reached towards him to kiss him. He kissed me greedily and full of lust. He was callous and clumsy, almost shaking with desire.

Pulling away, I rubbed my hands about his body as I dipped lower. My hands came once more upon his ass, tantalizingly lifted above the bed. I got up behind him and fondled his ass for a few moments before separating his cheeks from one another. I dipped down to kiss his lower back before descending straight down to his asshole. I made a meal of it, sucking and teasing it, getting him good and ready.

Once I was satisfied using both my own judgement and the sounds coming from him as guides, I took my tongue out and searched around us erratically for a tube of lubricant. We had it last night…we’re two men, why the hell don’t we have a single bottle of lube anywhere in this entire room?

“Nick, where’s the fucking lube?” I asked him in a gravelly voice, not prepared for practicalities in that moment.

“Forget it, just go for it,” he demanded thickly.

“Nick, it’s going to be uncomfortable for you,” I warned, “just help me find the –“

“For fuck’s sake, Micah, I said go for it,” he snapped at me.

I was taken slightly aback by the severity of his voice. He raised his ass invitingly, furthering his point. I didn’t want to hurt him, but he seemed to want it. I looked down at myself – my tip was dripping with pre-cum, and Nick’s asshole was covered in my saliva. But…

Before I was able to come to an actual decision, Nick made it for the both of us. He reached beneath himself and grabbed me, bringing my tip to his hole. I didn’t move for a moment, still apprehensive to risk hurting him, but he began to move towards me ass-first.

With a groan of equal parts defeat and lust, I pushed myself into him. We moaned in unison, forgetting our qualms. I entered him slowly, hopefully easing any discomfort he may have had. I bottomed out in him with a sigh and was still, enjoying the small spasms Nick made around me.

“Micah, move. I’m not as delicate you seem to think I am,” he groaned, having lost patience with me. “I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt, it feels good. Or, it would, if you’d trust me.”

The last of my resistance melted away, and I started to freely pump in and out of him. He cried out as I picked up speed, and I cursed into his back; my balls slapped against his ass, stinging exquisitely. I reached around him and stroked him in synchronization with my pumping. He made loud, rasping noises that fuelled my desire, making me pound into him even quicker.

“Ooooh, fuck, yes,” he moaned, “this is what I meant. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..,” he trailed off moaning into the pillow. His appreciative moans brought me closer and closer to the edge, and I was fighting to keep myself in check.

“Nick, I am so fucking close,” I muttered through gritted teeth. “Come with me,” I begged him.

My pleading voice was his kryptonite, and moments later Nick was mixing my name with curses, shouting into the pillow. I followed immediately, screaming wordlessly, releasing him from my firm grasp.

We lay together panting and moaning, neither of us moving away from one another. Neither of us could move had we wanted to, I’m sure. My legs had turned into jelly, amd felt unhinged. I leaned on him, and he on the mattress, while we came back to Earth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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