The Alpha Gender Ch. 02

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The next morning, just before sunrise, you check your face in the bathroom mirror, wondering how you can explain your obvious black eye at the office. It’s darkening in the center, spreading out to interesting shades of green, red, and yellow toward the edges, with a scab in the center. Ran into a desk? Barfight with a heavyweight MMA champion? You can see Nina behind you in the mirror, rising from bed. Whoa, she looks almost like a pro athlete now. “Hon… do you realize you actually have a six pack? I mean: for real.”

“Yeah, I know. Cool huh? What do you think?” She flexes for you, in a mock double biceps pose, hardening her abs.”

“Jesus.” You say quietly. Then louder. “You’re scaring me. How is this possible?”

She walks up behind you, wrapping you in her arms, her lean, naked body against your… less athletic one. “Hey. I’m on your team, remember? I don’t know how exactly either, but it’s out of our control. The important thing is: as things start to get scarier out there, I can protect you. We’ll protect each other.”

You turn around to face her, and wince as you feel a sharp twinge of pain in your back. “Yeah, about that. Please go a little easier on me in the sack if you can. I could tell last night you were trying to not hurt me, but you’re a lot stronger than you realize.”

Nina makes a sexy, naughty girl expression, wrinkling her pretty nose. Then kisses you on the un-bruised cheek, whispering “Sorry”, in your ear, as she wraps her strong fingers around your testicles and shaft. She turns back into the bedroom, using it as a handle to start pulling you back into bed. “Come on baby. Mama needs more work done. I need some of… this.” She points to your cock with her other hand, as she scoots her butt backward on the bed, dragging your package with her.

“Hey, easy there stretch! I’m not sure it can do what you need it to do… again, so soon after the last three times. And certainly not if you pull so hard you tear it off my body!” You frantically knee-walk onto the bed behind her to keep her sharp nails from digging into your sack.

She pulls you toward her, easily lowering your 175 pounds onto her in a sort of bench press. “Well, we don’t want to do that now do we? You just leave the rest to Mama Nina. I’ll get that sleepy guy standing at attention for me in no time!”

Grabbing you by the sides, she quickly flips you onto your back, slipping on top of you simultaneously. She goes low, tonguing you in a wavy route along the chest, neck and face, as she drags her firm, hard-nippled breasts across your crotch, then your abdomen. Your cock stirs. She reaches down mersin escort to your testicles with one hand, at first lightly scratching and kneading them with her long fingernails, building into a firm, vigorous motion that puts a little too much pressure on your balls to feel safe. You grab at the sheets to brace yourself against the storm you know is coming. Your cock hardens quickly despite your worries: the skin on the head becoming shiny and purplish as it fills with blood, and you start to feel that too-pleasurable-to-be-comfortable ache in your balls.

With her free hand, Nina grabs your hair, roughly turning your head away from her into the pillow, as she kisses, licks and bites the skin on your neck furiously, while stroking your swollen shaft. You grit your teeth against the searing pain as her sharp incisors sink into your neck muscle. She probably won’t break the skin, but this is going to leave visible bruising and redness. You feel panic rising and try to tell her to put the brakes on. She quickly clamps a strong hand over your mouth to quiet you, putting way too much pressure on your bruised face.

“Sh-sh-sh-sh…” She shushes you as she guides your steel-hard, aching cock into her dripping pussy, slamming her pelvis into yours, grinding down to the hilt, and it feels: past it, to get it inside her as deep as possible. You can’t move your mouth but start screaming from the throat. She ignores this. One of your hands is trapped under her thigh, but with the free hand, you grab her wrist, trying to pull her hand from your mouth and face. You can’t budge it, and she doesn’t even seem to notice. She thrusts slowly in and out, her powerful vaginal muscles squeezing your trapped, swollen penis. The pressure along the shaft feels unbearable, and you can feel the skin along it sliding, stretching, almost tearing, as she grinds and pumps with slow, unrelenting force. Her pussy muscles feel like knuckles driving into your shaft and glans, and you feel it compress and distort painfully, as your aching balls tighten just before you climax.

You can see the muscles along the side of her torso rippling as she drives her pelvis almost through you, one last time. You start to lose consciousness as you cum, feeling like every last drop of semen is being forcefully extracted from you by some diabolical steel machine. Your vision blurs, the room grows quiet, and remains so for a while.

You can only feel touch sensations numbly and distantly, then you slowly become aware of a tone buzzing in your ears, slight at first, then growing louder gradually, taking on kocaeli escort variation and pulsing on and off. You realize it’s your alarm clock. Your vision starts returning, and Nina pulls her hand from your mouth, nestling beside you in the sheets. You raise your head to look at your groin. Your penis is flaccid again, coated in sticky juices. You feel the sheets under you, wet with your sweat. Your face, mouth, and neck hurt like hell. You are aware of the faint lavender scent of Nina’s hair as your head begins to clear.

“You okay baby?” She asks, kissing you on the forehead. “Wow, you’re sweaty. Did you go away for a little while? You didn’t answer me the first time. We beat the alarm. I just shut it off.”

“What… the… fuck.” You groan, as you struggle up from the mattress and sheets to try and roll on your side. Your head aches, and you feel like you’ve been buried, driven… into the mattress.

She helps you turn to her, with a cool hand on your shoulder. Her eyebrows are raised quizzically.

Your head hangs limply on your neck, your face half buried in the sheets. You croak, your mouth numb and dry. “Honey… that is, exackly… what I’m talking… about. Do you even know… what you did? You just fucked me… into unconsciousness.”

Your vision is finally sharp, and you turn your head to see her face fully. She wears an apologetic, embarrassed expression, like she just accidentally ripped the tablecloth off the Thanksgiving table, dumping all the dishes and food onto the floor.

“Oh god, I know… I’m so, so, sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I just wanted your cock so deep inside me. I didn’t realize until it was over that I was smashing your face into the pillow, holding your mouth shut. How can I keep from treating you like this? I love you so much… you know that right?”

“Here, sit up.” She grabs you under the arms and hauls you into a sitting position, putting a couple pillows behind you to lean against. She hands you a glass, half full of water, from the nightstand.

You gulp the water quickly, getting a drop or two down the wrong tube. You cough and lean forward, wheezing out: “Did you not… hear me screaming?”

Her eyes go wide. “Screaming? Oh god yes… I think I… I don’t know.”

You cough a couple times more, shaking your head, and start carefully feeling the scabby area on your cheek with your fingertips. Some got torn away, and you see a little blood on your fingers. She gets up quickly to soak a clean washcloth in warm water at the sink. She wrings it out, brings it back, and slides samsun escort in again beside you, carefully dabbing at the broken skin to clean it. She kisses your face and neck tenderly, then holds your face in her hands, looking deep into your eyes. Then she hugs you to her, kissing your head and neck. You smell the lavender in her hair, and so want to trust her, but it’s become clear she’s not always in control.

You discuss this a while longer, and while it’s obvious she loves you and wants desperately to avoid hurting you, she has no way to ensure it won’t happen again. Her powerful drive for sex also makes it unlikely she can just abstain if you’re sharing the same space. You don’t feel like you could just tell her “No”, and that would be the end of it. You both need to get ready for work, but you suggest that maybe… as a temporary move only, you should spend a night or two at a hotel while she stays at the townhouse. Then, with some time and separation, one or both of you might come up with something like a solution, or plan, to fix this. Nina is unsure, but suggests she calls you at lunch and then you can come to a decision together.

By the time you are both ready to leave, she goes to a locked trunk in the closet, and pulls out a small box. She opens it in front of you, and pulls out a snub nose .38 revolver. You had no idea she even had this.

She presents it to you, handle first, saying “Now I know what you’re probably going to say! I carried this for a couple years, when I first started working in the city. I was worried about going into parking garages at night, and felt safer knowing I had this in my purse. I didn’t tell you because I thought you would try and talk me out of it. But please, please, baby… take this. I know you’re a strong man, capable of defending yourself, but these are strange times. You can’t deny how close you were yesterday to needing something like this. If that happened again, and I had to comfort you after a horrible attack… or… lost you… I just don’t know what I would do. Please… take this… I just want to make sure you’re safe out there, whether you end up spending some nights away from me or not.”

She knows you know how to handle it, since you used to go shooting with friends in college. Mostly it was rifles, but handguns too sometimes. Though it has been a while. You pop out the cylinder and check it: fully loaded. You finally decide to take it. You don’t want to admit to her that you’re scared, so you tell her you’re taking it because it will make… her… feel better. But you honestly do feel like you need it. You check to make sure the safety is on and slip it into your pocket. She also convinces you to take the copy of Femme Supérieur. You promise to try and read some of the translated chapter, and manage to say that without rolling your eyes. You kiss her and head for your Audi in the garage as she starts packing up her laptop and papers to leave right after.

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