The Booth in the Back

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Bent Over

On my knees on the vinyl floor, the metal choke chain around my neck, one end of the chain under the pointed toe of her fuck-me heels, keeping me bent over so that my pantied ass is sticking up into the air. The sound of her crop slapping against my silky undies punctuating the mean things she says to me in a bored voice.

“Real men don’t wear girly panties.” Slap.

“Only little sissies wear frilly things.” Slap.

“Sissy boys don’t get near real women.” Slap.

“With little dicks in girly clothes.” Slap

“Sissy little faggot.” Slap.

My hand slips between my stockinged legs, to rub my little throbbing cock through my silk undies. She hadn’t batted an eye when I dropped my pants and exposed the stockings and garters and frilly panties under my khakis; at most she made a little cluck with her tongue as she no doubt rolled her eyes again. When I had entered the “Live Girls” section behind the adult bookstore, I had been quaking with excitement. She was standing with the other girls, in the red skimpy negligee that almost matched her strawberry hair, smiling a fake smile at me like the others, willing to flirt with me so I might pay her for a private “dance”. Her eyes were cold and sharp, quickly looking past me to see if there was a better mark coming in behind me. Of all the girls there, she was the one who looked like she had seen it all.

“Sissy boys with tiny dicks.” Slap.

“Wearing frilly panties.” Slap.

When she took me back to the booth to negotiate, I made sure I talked slowly to annoy her some. After she ran down the list of lapdances and bodyrubs and ended with “S&M session,” I asked her to repeat the list again, causing a long sigh to escape her tight lips and her to roll her eyes for the first time.

“Little faggot panty-sniffer with no dick.” Slap.

After she took the money and ensest porno led me to the room all the way in the back, the one with a few paltry paddles and chains on the wall, she made me undress, not reacting at all to my stockings and panties and camisole underneath my clothes. She made a half-hearted attempt to tell me to call her “Mistress” and to lead me around on my hands and knees with the dog chain. She was sharp enough to see how the name-calling and slapping turned me on, so she pinned my head down and beat my ass, clearly wanting me to finish so that she could ge back to waiting for another dick with cash.

“Little pussy wearing panties like a girl.” Slap.

“I don’t think real men dress like sissies.” Slap.

Well, I don’t think a real mistress would let me stroke my dick like this. A real mistress would have slapped my ass raw instead of these taps. A real mistress wouldn’t have been as bored and disinterested as this, her contempt for me not even worth much attention…

“Little sissies with little dicks just want big dicks in their slutty mouths.” Slap.

I slipped my cock out of my panties and started beating it faster. “Oh Mistress., I’m going to cum,” I whined.

She stepped off the chain holding my head down, letting me up. “Go ahead little sissy. Beat your pathetic tiny dick.”

I moaned, stroking my nipples through my silky top as my balls contracted and my load jumped from my cock, collecting in a pool between my legs. I moaned again and again until the last drops spurted out, and I stretched the kinks from my back. She hung her crop back on the wall and grabbed the tissue box, no doubt part of her routine, but she barely got out, “Here,” before she hesitated, trailing off and pulling the box back to her.

I could see her eyeing the puddle of cum in front of me, an asyalı porno odd look on her face, and in a voice no longer bored, she softly said, “I don’t think you should waste that, sissy.”

I looked from her to my cum and back again, horrified. Never, in all my fantasies of dressing like this, had I ever actually tasted my cum. I had licked my precum off my finger every time, but I always stopped short of tasting my cum, losing my nerve after I had cum. Her eyes had gotten a spark in them and she licked her lips with the tip of her pink tongue. “C’mon sissy,” she hissed, just looking at the cum, “Do it. Lick the cum up, bitch. You know you want to.” Her eyes met mine. “I want you to. Be a good little sissy and clean up your mess.”

I found myself leaning forward, not believing what I was going to do. I hesitated at the last second, but when she barked, “DO IT!” I lowered my lips to the floor and started licking. I licked and sucked, tasting my salty jizz, feeling the stringy puddle collect in my mouth before gulping it down.

“That’s right, lick it all up, bitch,” she said, a little tremor in her voice. A low groan escaped my mouth as I scooped up another tongueful.

“You little faggot, you love it, don’t you? All that sticky cum on your lips. I bet I could get you to clean the floors in all the video booths with that cum-hungry tongue.”

I re-doubled my efforts, trying to lick it all into a bigger mouthful, my lips scraping the vinyl floor, my ass sticking up into the air again.

“Maybe you’d like it straight from the cock, huh? Huh, sissy? Should I bring the next guy back here so you can suck him off like a good little sissy bitch? Maybe you should take over the rest of my shift, giving handjobs to dirty old men and then licking your hand clean. You’d love that, you cum-sucking faggot.”

I gizli çekim porno moaned again and she slapped my ass again, this time with her hand, this time like she meant it. In addition to the strong smell of semen, I could smell her sex and I say her rub her crotch out of the corner of my eye.

“Yeah, you love the taste of cum, dont’ya, bitch. Look, you didn’t miss a drop.” I looked around and realized all that was left on the floor was the spot I had wiped clean with my tongue.

She stepped behind me and took my clothes from the floor. “Maybe I should take these and let you walk to your car dressed like a slut. Betcha get a lotta cock that way.” I looked up at her sneering face, afraid she might just make me do that, and despite my fear I felt my limp cock jump again.

She stepped to the door, holding the handle in her hand and my eyes with hers. She laughed and threw my clothes back at me. “Be back here next Tuesday for my noon shift, sissy. Maybe we can find more cum for you to lap up. Do a good job and wear a wig, maybe the boss will hire you for the late shift.” She turned and strode down the hall, her heels clicking away, the door hanging open.

I half crawled to the door and shut it, and quickly dressed. I had to get away from there and away from what I did. As I headed for the front door, my head hung low, I could see her standing near the exit, talking and laughing to the short burly man who had taken my money at the door. As I neared them, she said loudly, “Watch out Joe, this little sissy likes the taste of cum, she might just grab at your cock.”

He chuckled as I passed, and she said, “Bye bye, sissy. Come back soon in your little panties, bitch!”

Anyone in the bookstore could have heard her, but I didn’t look up. I raced to the door and emerged into the overcast parking lot. My keys shook in my hand as I tried to unlock the door. My hear pounding as I pulled away, thinking how I would never come here again, never dress in panties again, never even jerk off again, but the throbbing of my leaking cock had me wondering what I would wear next Tuesday, and where could I get a wig…

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