The Booth Pt. 05

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The visitation of a horny little skank.

I was dressed as I usually was for one of those terrible zoom meetings, a half decent shirt on the top track pants on the bottom no shoes on. I had given in to corporate protocol to the slightest degree, by shaving, and attempting to put my hair in such a state that I wouldn’t look horrific on camera. But after three weeks of lockdown, I was done, and so was everybody else in my team.

This was one of those meetings I couldn’t avoid, and I had to have my camera on, because, well I was running the show. Cassie was going to be joining, and adding her ten cents worth, but when it came to creative ideas for clients, I was the assumed lead in the agency.

As we all gathered and checked that we were all present and we traded stories of the endless repetition of lockdown, I noticed that Cassie’s name hadn’t flashed up as being present. This was unusual for her, because during this time of being at home she was the most reliable most solid, dependable person. It was as if she had nothing else to do, so she may as well be working, leading by example, showing the leader ship skills that she had. Made me a bit sick to be honest, and I used to tell her that with glee.

“Okay team, let’s get this underway, hopefully we can keep this short and the pain will be as easy to take as possible. No one wants to be on this call, but, we kinda have to. Has anyone seen Cassie?”

The silence was deafening, those brave enough to use their microphones said they hadn’t, others just typed “no” in the message bar. It was very odd, Cassie was always there, even when she wasn’t leading things, she was just….there. The presence of the woman was quite something to behold.

Through my headphones, I could hear the doorbell ringing and I was willing Tabby to go and answer the door, until I realised that she had already gone out this morning, for her run/walk/meditation. Tabby is the kind of woman that celebrates wellness and cherishes her moments to herself.

I opened the door expecting to see a courier standing there delivering one of the many items Tabby had ordered during enforced hibernation. Instead, there was Cassie, holding onto a wheelie travel bag, and holding a finger to her mouth to shush me. Ever the obedient subordinate, I mouthed “What the fuck?”

She didn’t bother replying, she just bustled past me, leaving me gaping and standing there stupidly until I remembered that I was hosting a video call. I ran back to the family room where I had the Mac set up and took a moment to collect my thoughts.

Why was Cassie here? What would Tabby say if she came home to find Cassie here?

At least now I knew why she wasn’t on the video call. I gathered myself, sat down and got things going again. I managed to keep everyone’s attention on the job at hand, and not on the whereabouts of their missing boss. I had almost forgotten about her myself until she came out from the shower, and walked past my line of vision.

“So, should we be worried about Cass?” Alvin, the copywriter asked. “Do we need to file a missing persons report?”

If anyone noticed the look of shock on my face, they didn’t say so. I was too taken with the barely covered arse that had disappeared into the guest bedroom.

“No, she’ll be fine, just leave her to me.” I said with authority.

A text message flicked onto my screen as the creative team talked through their latest ideas. I had seen them before, so I could let my attention wonder.

Cassie: Sorry Karl, couldn’t face another day of being alone in my apartment.

Karl: All good, just got a surprise. What do you want me to tell this lot?

Cassie: Dunno. You’re the creative director – make something up. Just getting dressed, be out soon. Do you think Tab will mind me using her hair dryer?

Karl: Nope, go ahead.

Cassie: Can I use one of your t shirts?

Karl: um…..sure?

I tuned back into the call just as the Bright Young Things had shown their favoured idea for a social media campaign. Having seen it the night before, I had a few thoughts on how best to tell these young upstarts that their work wasn’t quite as good as they thought.

“Hey, thanks guys for sharing that with us, I’ve got a few comments about the work, and for sure I think we’re on the right track, it’s just that-“

At that point Cassie came out of the guest room wearing just my battered university t shirt that looked a little like a baggy dress on her. I was staring with my mouth wide open as she walked on, running her fingers through her freshly washed and dried hair, totally oblivious to me, sitting there in front of my computer, mouth hanging open.

“Karl, is your computer frozen?” One of the Bright Young Things said, breaking me out of my trance.

“No – sorry guys, got distracted, um……….yeah, I was saying……”

“You were about to rip holes in our ideas as per usual, I think…” said Alvin, petulantly.

“Alvin, it’s not about ripping holes in it, it’s about adding objectivity ankara escort bayan and context to what are promising ideas…” I found myself on auto pilot, and I really have no idea what I said, because all I could focus on was Cassie now lying down on the sofa next to me, flipping through a magazine. She looked incredible – not a trace of make-up, and the ability to make a faded old t-shirt look way better than it had any right to. I could make out her boobs under the shirt and wondered if she was wearing a bra.

“… yeah, I just want you to be able to answer all the client’s needs in these ideas, not just the ones that you resonate with.”

I sat there wondering if I’d said boobs accidentally during my little speech. I looked at the faces looking back at me on screen and couldn’t see shock written in them. Actually, what I saw was…..respect! People were nodding.

“Can I say, Karl, I couldn’t agree more?” Claire. 25. Uber ambitious. Thinks she can praise and schmooze her way to success.

Without looking up from her magazine, Cassie put two fingers in her mouth and pretended to make herself vomit. My smirk was instant, and I had to cover it somehow.

“You can say that, yes Claire. Thanks for your endorsement.”

There was shocked laughter from some of the attendees at my harsher than usual comment.

“With all due respect, Karl, it’s my opinion that-” Alvin was now defending his work, and these defences quite often took some time. As he intoned, my attention was stolen by Cassie with her hand down by her groin area miming a man masturbating. This time I barked out laughing.

“Sorry, Karl – are you laughing at me?” Demanded the clearly affronted Alvin.

“I feel that’s unfair.” It was now the office do-gooder Fran piping up. “Alvin’s work is, I think, ground breaking and should be given-“

The sideshow continued, this time with Cassie holding her index and middle fingers in a v in front of her mouth and flicking her tongue lasciviously between them. The sight of my delightful, highly respected, loved-by-all boss, doing the internationally recognised mime for licking pussy was too much to take. Fran was rumoured to have been caught in the mail room eating out the pussy of one of the interns last summer, and Cassie’s game of charades made me bark with laughter.

“Karl, I think you can count yourself lucky that Cassie’s not here to observe this!” Said a very affronted Fran. And my smile refused to leave my face.

“But you can rest assured she will be hearing from me, and I expect her to do something about this rudeness.”

With that Fran disconnected, followed by Alvin.

“Um, team, very sorry about that, I wasn’t actually laughing about what Alvin and Fran were saying, I’m just going a bit stir crazy in lockdown is all. So – where were we?”

I looked through my notes, and saw, to my relief that we had an IT presentation from the tech-head. All that was needed was for me to be here and support him with some well timed “mmmm-hmmms” and “ok, rights”.

“So, Sanjay, can you take the team through the new platform we’re launching next week?”

I sat back as Sanjay began, still with my camera going, but at least relaxing a little that I wasn’t the focus of attention.

I flicked my eyes back to Cassie who had discarded the magazine and was now looking at something on her phone. I glanced down at her legs and noted that the t shirt had ridden up the tiniest bit. My eyes were watering with the need to stare at her, but I willed myself to keep diligently focusing on the well-meaning, but woefully dry head of IT.

The message window popped up on my screen again, and it was Cassie again.

Cassie: I’m watching porn.

I tried to keep my focus on the screen as I touch-typed back to her.

Karl: Fuck. What are you watching?

Cassie: Two women sharing a cock, and kissing. It’s bringing back some pretty good memories.

Karl: Meantime, I’m trying to move our company forward!

Cassie: I’m over being boss for a day or two. Ooh, they’re mashing their pussies together.

Karl: Scissoring?

Cassie: What?

Karl: It’s called scissoring.

Cassie: Whatever it is, it’s hot.

She was now rubbing her legs together softly and squirming on the sofa. I could see her nipples tenting slightly through the worn fabric of the Victoria University T Shirt. I had to force myself to look into the screen and pretend to be interested.

Cassie: Tell me what to do.

Karl: Really? You’re the boss, though…

Cassie: Not right now, I’m on your couch. I’m horny. Tell me what you want me to do.

I was starting to sweat. This was getting out of hand, and it was impossibly hot. Good old Sanjay was still in mid flow.

Karl: I want to see your knickers.

Cassie: You mean my panties?

Karl: I thought you didn’t like that word…

Cassie: I’ve watched SO much porn recently. I’m ok with them being panties.

Karl: Ok. Um. Show me your panties. But do it slowly. I want to ankara bayan escort be teased.

I watched as best I could whilst also trying to support Sanjay and time my murmurs of approval. The silence of what was happening three feet from where I was sitting was making it all the more intense.

Cassie reached down with one hand to the bottom of the t-shirt, inching it slowly upwards. I noticed that she held the phone in her other hand, cradling it against her breast, using her fingers to toy with her nipples.

Karl: I didn’t say you could touch your nipples!

The message vibrated on her phone, announcing its arrival. She read it and smirked, looking equal parts frustrated and amused. She stopped touching her nipple, which I have to say looked incredibly inviting. The movement of the t shirt was almost imperceptible, but as Sanjay droned and the moments passed, the bottom of Cassie’s panties came into view.

Seeing the cleft of a woman’s pussy through panties is one of life’s true pleasures. Knowing that the fabric is moulding to the indent of her sex causes a kick of adrenaline fuelled lust to kick into your system. The cleft of Cassie’s pussy was very evident through her white panties. I could only see the gusset, but I could see the evidence of her arousal. Clearly Cassie was dripping wet.

Further up came the t-shirt, revealing the lacy detail of her exceptionally sexy, yet innocent-looking underwear. I was breathless as I stared at my boss’s panty-covered cunt.

Cassie: K. What now?

My hands were shaking as I attempted a reply. But before I could an email popped up from a colleague on the call.

“You ok, Karl – you look ill! You look like you’re trying to hold it together there LOL”.

I sent a quick email back, assuring them that I was fine, and thanked them for their concern. I then somehow found the fortitude to assume a look of calm confidence and began texting Cassie to instruct her on what she should do next.

Karl: Ok. I want you to move your hand under you right thigh, and I want you to push your middle finger inside yourself and show me how wet your cunt is.

A blush crept over Cassie’s pretty face.

Cassie: You have no idea how hot it is to read the word cunt

She slowly did as she was told, lifting her right leg slightly to allow access for her hand to reach around, and for her finger to find its way into her depths. She sighed audibly as she pushed the finger languidly in and out of herself, clearly enjoying the penetration.

Karl: I didn’t say you could finger fuck yourself, Cassie.

Cassie read the message and used her phone hand to tap out SOZ. She removed her right hand as instructed and then showed me the sticky wetness on her fingers.

Karl: Lick them clean.

No sooner had Cassie read the text, she was feverishly sucking deeply on the juice covering her fingers.

Karl: You are so beautiful. Now, pull that gusset aside so I can see your open sex, please.

Carrie: Oh, so it’s sex now is it? Are we not saying cunt any more?

Karl: A man likes a change. I want to see you splayed open, please.

She deftly pulled aside her panties and gave me the view I had asked for. Her lips were swollen with need. The interior of her pussy was shiny and pink, her clit was engorged and ready to be attended to.

Karl: It’s nearly my turn to speak. I want those panties off, and I want you to masturbate yourself to the point of orgasm, but you are not to cum, understand?

As I thanked Sanjay for his presentation and began the handover to our media department to take us through their highlights and milestones, their boss was silently working herself into something of a fervour.

My mouth was dry, but I couldn’t excuse myself to get water, because there would be every chance the audience would see my aching hardon through my trackpants, so I suffered dry-mouth, nerves, and red-lining arousal, and tried to look halfway sane.

Cassie: I really want to cum, but I might……gush a little.

Karl: You’re not to cum.

Cassie: May I play with my boobs.

Karl: You may.

Cassie was quick to remove my faithful old t shirt and throw it in a ball on the floor. She lovingly stroked her beautifully pert breasts, and I watched as she massaged around and under the boobs before tugging on her nipples, pulling at them, and I watched her brow crease with the sensation that must have just washed over her. She stopped abruptly and very quickly reached down to remove her panties, lifting her pussy towards me lewdly in the process. Now, free of all barriers, she began sliding the finger of her right hand through her wet folds, and I could plainly hear how wet she was. Her left hand caressed her boob, scissoring the nipple between two fingers, and her breathing began to grow shallow and quick. I could sense she was approaching climax, but with her phone discarded, the option of electronic instructions was gone.

Without a whole lot of thought, I quickly switched sincan escort bayanlar the camera and microphone off and ran to our bedroom, opening up Tabby’s underwear drawer and running back to the lounge clutching a pair of her sheer black tights. Looking back on it later, I can’t quite believed my clarity of thought during this crazy moment, it all felt so incredibly natural.

Cassie didn’t notice me, she was so focused on reaching her orgasm, which by the looks of things was only moments away. I stood at the end of the couch close to where her head was, thrown back, mouth opening and closing slowly as she got closer to her goal.

“Sorry about this, Cassie” I said as I reached down and with the practiced ease of a true expert, I grabbed her arms, and in her shock, she made it easy for me to quickly take hold of her hands and bring them over her head, where before she had gathered her wits, I had tied her hands together and then very deftly, stretched the tights taut and tied them off around the leg of the sofa.

I sat back on my knees, breathing hard, at which point I became aware of Cassie’s equally loud breathing, interspersed with swear words.

“Karl………you absolute fucker……….I was so close…………….fuuuuuuuck.”

I slowly got up and sat down at my computer again, but before I resumed my work, I looked at the sight I had helped create on the sofa.

Cassie looked frustrated and angry, and unbelievably turned on. She was trying to rub her thighs together to create some friction, but it was clear that it was just adding to the frustration. She stared at me in the eye and then opened her legs wide, giving me a view of her dripping pussy.

“Karl, I am begging you. Please get down here and lick me!” She whispered pleadingly.

I shook my head.

“Please! I’m on fire here.”

I ignored her pleas and prepared to get back to work. I kept the video turned off, but switched the mic back on and apologised for the “connection issues.” I knew there would be more explanations to have to come up with once this was all over, but in the meantime I just needed to manage things as best I could.

I was taking some deep breaths and trying to calm my heart-rate when I heard keys in the door, announcing Tabby’s return from her morning “release” as she liked to call it. She called out a hello, and I wondered what she’d say when she finally came in to this part of the house. I expected it would be half an hour before she’d showered, relaxed and got herself ready for the rest of the day, so I was surprised when she popped her head around the corner. She could see I was on a work call, so did her communication via mime. She held up three pairs of her knickers which had clearly fallen out in my recent rush to tie up my boss. She was frowning, confused. Then she looked closer at my face and saw that I looked anything but my relaxed, confident, normal self.

“You ok?” She mouthed.

I did the “so-so” gesture with my hand. I then beckoned her over silently. As I did so, I looked down at Cassie, who was still hidden from Tabby’s view, and her eyes were wide with fear. Tabby walked silently towards me, graceful in just the robe she wears around the house in the morning. She wore a look of genuine concern on her face, but when she reached me, that frown turned to shock and when she saw Cassie, her hands flew to her mouth in fright, letting out a stifled yelp. With lightning speed, I typed “connection” issues again and turned off the mic.

“Cassie’s come to stay for a couple of nights.” I said lamely.

My wife is one of those people who knows just what to say at the right time on any given occasion, and she didn’t disappoint this time. Surveying our very naked guest, hands tied, and eyes wide with fear, she simply said.

“Did she forget to bring clothes?”

Tabby came and sat on the edge of the couch where Cassie lay. Cassie had crossed her legs to try to create some decency.

“Care to tell me why you’re lying here, naked on our couch, Cassie?” Tabby asked with an air of indifference. “And why I can detect the scent of a very aroused vagina?”

Cassie sounded genuinely frightened as she responded quietly.

“I hate being alone, and I wanted to be here with you two. I came around, knowing Karl was on this long meeting, and – I – I’ve been a bit naughty.” She said.

“Has Karl been playing with you?” She asked, somewhat archly, and I began to have concerns as to how this might play out.

“No. Well, he’s been telling me what to do, but he hasn’t touched me.”

Tabby turned to look at me, and her gaze was cool and calculating.

“What did Karl get you to do?” She asked.

“He wanted me to touch myself, to finger myself, to lick my own juices, he allowed me to play with my boobs, but I wasn’t allowed to cum.” Cassie said haltingly.

“Did he, now?” Tabby said, giving nothing away.

“But, I sort of broke the rules, and I was about to cum so fucking hard, when all of a sudden my hands were seized and I was left……like this.”

“Poor you.” Tabby tutted sarcastically. She sat still, clearly contemplating. She looked between the two of us, and I reached up and switched the Mac off at the power button, admitting defeat in my attempt to multitask my way through this.

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