The Crush Pt. 02

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She couldn’t focus at all that day. She was remembering what happened that morning, how he had made her cum without fucking her, and what would happen tonight.

Would he actually show up? Did she embarrass herself this morning?

She’d barely seen him around the office today, and when she did, they ignored each other. She wouldn’t know what to say even if he did come and speak to her.

The hours ticked by, time seeming to go slower every minute until finally she was done for the day and went home.

She got home and tidied the place up. Then came the hard part. What to wear? She was hoping it was all going to end up on the floor anyway but still wanted to look good.

She decided on a lace bra, gstring and black thigh high stockings, with a tight black dress over the top.

She bought some wine but didn’t worry about dinner. She thought they’d work that out later.

The door bell rang and the nerves kicked in, was it him?

She didn’t rush to the door, she didn’t want to seem desperate.

She opened the door and saw him standing there.

He was dress in a simple silk shirt and tie with pants.

She let him in, they cuddled and kissed.

She showed him into the kitchen and poured some wine. They ordered dinner, chatting and flirting while they ate.

They’d finished dinner, and a few bottles of wine.

Feeling a little tipsy she stood up, grabbed his hands and led him to her bedroom.

She kissed him passionately, his hands running down her back. He unzipped her dress, peeling it off her shoulders and pulling it down.

Kissing down the sides of her neck he undid her bra, laying her down on the bed.

‘Do you have any massage oil?’ He asked.

‘Yes she said, it’s in, don’t worry, I’ll get it,’ she didn’t want him to see the toys in her draw.

She got the oil, turned around and he was standing naked at the end of the bed. She gave him the oil, ‘lay back’ he told her as he was warming some oil in his hands.

His hands escort bursa started massaging her breasts using soft motions, working from the outside in.

He took her nipples in between his fingers, gentle pulling them and massaging.

He took his time, letting her enjoy what was happening, his hands went down her body, pulling her gstring away, leaving her stockings on.

He warmed some more oil, and ran his hands up the inside of her thighs, his fingers gentle yet she could feel them going up her thighs, his touch change from feather touch to deep pressure.

His fingers ran beside her pussy and away. Massaging in little circles around her pussy, she felt herself getting wet and hornier then she already was.

He told her to roll over, she did as he asked. He spread her legs apart, running his oiled hands up the back of her thighs, massaging her ass with open hands before pulling them apart and squeezing them together. His thumbs went up the inside, just brushing the outside of her pussy.

She felt her pussy pulsing, getting even more wet.

Her pussy was being squeezed together and released.

He rolled her back over, his fingers finally getting to her pussy. He massaged her clit and pussy lips with his thumbs, before using his palm to apply pressure all over her pussy.

He slid a finger in her pussy, the palm of his hand still rubbing against her clit.

She arched her back at the feeling, her orgasm building as her clit was pressed between his finger and palm. The pressure he was using changed, sending differ waves of pleasure through her. She felt herself about to cum, wanting him to keep going, her breathing quickening.

He moved his palm away from her clit, sliding a second finger in her wet pussy.

His tongue went to her clit, flicking it, sending an jolt of ecstasy through her. Her ass lifted off the bed as the orgasm rocked through her.

She felt like she was going to squirt, he gotten her worked up so much, and he was still going.

The bursa otele gelen escort fingers in her pussy rubbed her gspot while his tongue toyed with her pussy.

He took his time with his tongue, moving it around, sucking her pussy lips and playing with her clit.

Her orgasm was fading away, until his tongue slid in her pussy, replacing his fingers. He tongue fucked her pussy, building her orgasm again.

His tongue moved between her pussy and ass, tickling as it went. A finger pressed against her ass, teasing her.

She bucked her hips, wanting her ass fingered. He knew what she wanted and slid his finger in. He licked her pussy as he fingered his ass.

Another orgasm was building up in her as he started fingering her quicker.

He kept fingering her ass as he moved forwarded, kissing her, his lips and tongue tasting of her pussy.

His finger in her ass brought her to edge of another orgasm and the kiss put her over the edge.

He fingered deeper as her felt her coming, she moaned as he kissed down her neck.

She wanted him inside her, she wanted his cock fucking her pussy.

He rolled them over, taking his finger from her ass.

He grabbed her ass cheeks and started grinding her down on his cock, her clit was on fire.

She ground down harder, her wet pussy giving extra lube and heat.

His fingers went back to her ass, sliding back in.

She wanted his cock in her pussy, the grinding was bringing her back to orgasm so she kept going. She was so wet that she when she slid forward and back, his cock slid straight into her.

Her eyes rolled back as she let out a loud moan, his cock buried in her. She started rocking her hips, going up and down on his cock. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her shoulders before he started lifting his hips off the bed. He held her down, started to get quicker and quicker. He was like a piston fucking her, she collapsed against him, her body rocking bursa sınırsız escort with pleasure with every thrust.

He stopped and released his hold, her body now covered in sweat. He lifted her off and stood up. She eagerly took his cock in her mouth, sucking her pussy off him. He lifted her head away and see spun around, offering her ass to him.

He leaned in and licked her freshly fucked pussy.

No one had ever done that to her before. She buried her head in the sheets as he kept licking her pussy.

He lifted his cock, lining it up with her pussy and started fucking her again.

He placed his thumb against her ass, increasing the pressure until it popped in. He kept it there, letting her rock her ass on him.

‘Fuck my ass’ she moaned to him.

He pulled out of her pussy, his cock slick with her pussy as lube and put it against her ass. He held it there as she started pushing back, impaling herself on his cock.

Little by little it went deeper until she felt his balls on her pussy. She held herself there, letting her ass adjust before she starting slowly fucking herself on his cock. As she got more comfortable the pace quickened, her held her hips and before she knew it her ass was being fucked as hard as ger pussy.

Another orgasm was building up as she lost control. His hands went up her body, lifting her body up. She was on her knees, his body pressed against hers. One hand was fingering her pussy, the other massaging her nipples.

He kissed down the back of her neck as he slowly fucked her ass.

She couldn’t hold on anymore and her eyes rolled back in her head as she let out the loudest moan she ever had while she came. He held her tight as her body quaked in pleasure.

He let her go and pulled out of her. She laid back on the bed and he moved on top. His cock between her breasts she pushed them together.

He fucked her breasts, feeling his cum building up. His breathing got heavier as his cum shot out.

She tried catching it in her mouth as it hit her. She got some in but wanted more. She leant forward just in time to get the rest of his cum in her mouth. She sucked him dry until she felt him relax. His cock popped out of her mouth as she licked her lips. She didn’t think there was anyway she could ever have a night like this again.

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