The Curiosity of a Cat Pt. 02

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Please read Part 1 if you want some backstory into these characters, plus I think it’s a rather good story 😛 Everyone in this story is 18 and older.

“Good morning to you too.” Eric chuckled as he leaned up on his elbows to look at the devilish vixen who had wakened him from peaceful slumber. Katie began giggling around the head of his cock, or at least best as she could with her mouth full of her brother’s dick. She slipped her lips off the end of his dick and then flicked the tip with her tongue and grinned up at him.

“Mom and Dad will probably be home in a little while, so I don’t want to spend the whole morning sleeping.” She explained. It’s not that she didn’t love sleeping in Eric’s arms nor that she was also exhausted after he fucked her in the backyard. And again in her bed. And her floor. That was all before he carried her to his bed to sleep the few remaining hours of the night. She was still sore, but it was a good ache and one created from treasured memories. However, their parents would be home in a few hours, so time was of the essence. Therefore…

Katie wrapped her smile back around the head of Eric’s cock and started to slowly slide up and down, her lips tight a grin as watched the expression on her brother’s face. It looked sublime, but she pictured the his face when she confessed that she wasn’t on birth control. The range of emotions that washed over his face all at once was nothing short of priceless. She giggled again on his cock, tongue lightly flicking under the base of the head as she remembered the feeling when her big brother came in her pussy. That sensation would be saved deep in her masturbatory bank. True to Eric fashion he demanded that he ‘fix it’, so they would be driving to the pharmacy in the morning to pick her up some Plan B. Fortunately, it also meant that he would be able to keep cumming in her all night and morning until they did. For a girl who had been crushing on her older brother since as long as she could remember Katie’s ovaries hard practically exploded with joy at the realization. Two hours and three loads shot deep within her later Katie had passed out into the most blissful sleep she could ever. However, her fairytale was over when when the sun peeked through Eric’s windows and stirred Katie from dreamland and reality was here to stay. Though, temporarily she hoped.

Earlier that night the deviant siblings had tailed their parents to the annual Halloween party they never would tell them anything about; an event and ones like them that their parents had kept secret from their kids as long as the siblings could remember. Mom and Dad had attended an unusual amount of ‘parents only’ functions that it started to gnaw on the youngest sibling’s curiosity. This Halloween Katie’s curious nature aligned with a perfect opportunity to exploit her older brother’s devotion to her and she convinced him to help in tailing their parents to their party to finally unravel the mystery. The secret rendezvous were revealed to be a swinger party at a nudist camp, surprising the pair and ending up giving them each a push; well more of a shove; into facing their obvious attraction to one another. The pair stripped down to infiltrate their parent’s secret resort and confirmed their suspicions, but the sexual tension literally overwhelmed Katie. Eric had carried his little sister back to his car and made for home, trying to understand what had just transgressed. When they arrived Katie decided to rip the band aid off the situation and dared Eric to do what they both wanted.

As her head bobbed up and down on her brother’s thick length Katie wanted… no, needed him one more time. She tasted herself on his shaft and she grinned, memories flooding back from the night before. Eric had been so gentle because it was her first time. He was so loving, always doing whatever hairbrained idea she came up and Katie loved being spoiled by the big dumb brute. Now she wanted to do something for him. She leaned up, her lips coming free from shaft as she regarded her brother’s swollen dick. She reached out with one finger and poked his cock, the rigid rod bouncing back up. Perfect.

“Listen,” his sister began, her tone growing serious for a moment. Eric found it a bit difficult to concentrate with Katie batting his cock around with her fingertips, but he did the best to focus. “Yesterday was… perfect. It’s something I always dreamed about but never thought would happen.” She admitted to him, her cheeks coloring as she poured out her feelings. Eric opened his mouth to say something, but Katie just shushed him. “Just shut up for a second, I need to get this off my chest and then you can have your way with me.” She smiled down at him to which Eric’s eyebrows went up and his mouth wisely closed.

“They’re are going to be home soon, so we need to put a halt on what we’re doing. Or at least pause.” She bit her lip, eyes slowly roaming up her brother’s toned body and sighed. “Definitely pause. A short pause.” Eric started to nod along as he understood where she was going with this. illegal bahis If they were caught, they were dead. Well, he would be dead.

“I love you, Eric.” She blurted out, having no other way to say it. “I know we say it all the time because we’re siblings, but I mean it. I just… I feel like I am about to burst, I’m so happy. God, I’m not making any fucking sense.” Katie laughed, her pale skin bright red with embarrassment. “I just love you, so fucking much big brother. Now take me, however you want. We have to wait a month until Thanksgiving to do this again, so make it count.”

With that Katie lunged at him and wrapped her arms around his neck, squeezing her big brother as hard as she could on the verge of tears. Eric reached up and scratched his fingers along her back, following the arch of her spine until it drifted into her long red hair. “Katie, I love you too. And I always will. This… this won’t change anything between us.” He said, but quickly thought better of it. “No, I’m wrong. This will make things better between us. I’ll always be yours. Always.” He promised as his hand drifted back down her soft curves, finally resting on her bottom. “And we have much to talk about between now and Thanksgiving,” he agreed before gripping her ass firmly, strong fingers sinking into her pale flesh as he leaned in close, lips brushing her ear. “But right now, your ass is mine.” He growled the last word. He felt her perky breasts smoosh to his chest as she gasped at his words as her tall brother climbed to his knees lifting her off his lap.

Eric gave her ass a playful spank before extracting his clingy sister from his neck. Once freed he tossed her back onto his bed, hands roughly manhandling her onto her stomach. Two brutish paws gripped her hips, lifting them off the mattress as he positioned himself behind her. “And since you are now mine, this is for all the times you pinned shit on me that wasn’t my fault. All the times you ran to mom whining when you didn’t get your way. All the times you chucked me under the bus to dad.” He told her as he worked the swollen head of his cock back and forth against his little sister’s pink pussy, lubing the tip with her juices.

“Whoah, wait what…. Errriiccc… what the fuuuuuUCK!” his sister squealed as his thick cock speared her from behind, pushing deep until the head thumped against her core. “Ohmyfuckinggod!” she gasped as his fingers curled to sink into the soft flesh of her hips. Eric’s large thumbs rubbed up the small of her back to settle in the dimples above her ass he always found adorable. Now they provided a thumb hold as he pulled back hard on his sister’s hips, impaling her over and over again as her mind slowly melted.

Eric started slower than he’d wished; he wasn’t an animal; but when he felt her tight teenage pussy had sufficient lubrication he let her have it. The tall college student shifted his knees up on his bed, spreading his little sister’s legs a bit more and pitched her forward. He leaned over her back and took his hands off her waist, no longer necessary to grip her with the weight from his hips smashing against her ass with each stroke keeping her in place as he railed her from behind. One hand braced himself against his headboard and the other grabbed the back of her neck, for effect.

“You’re mine, little sister.” Eric growled from behind her head, his breath tickling her cheek as he hunched over her like a beast. His thighs jerked as he fucked her down into his mattress, hand on her neck opening to slip his palm through Katie’s hair. With a snap it closed and grabbed a fistful of the red locks. “You always will be.” He promised, kissing her cheek and then biting her shoulder before standing back up on his knees and pulling her up by her hair.

“Yes! Yes! I’m yours, Eric… Always… Fuck!!!” Katie whimpered, bucking back wildly against her big brother’s cock. “Fuck Meeeeeeeee!” she wailed before gasping for breath. “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me big brother,” Katie chanted as she snaked a hand underneath her to rub at her clit. She knew Eric was strong, but he had her pinned and mounted before she realized what was happening. And this way he reached all the way… “Fuck! I can feel you hitting my insides… all the way…. Don’t fucking stop… no no… Fuck.” She groaned as her longtime protector mercilessly fucked her on his bed.

Eric knew he couldn’t keep a pace like this up for long, but that wasn’t the point now was it? He let go of her hair after a tug and grasped her waist firmly. He pulled Katie back up to her knees and gave her ass another spank, grinning as he watched it jiggle. A sudden spasm from her cunt snapped him back to the task as his little sister tried to squeeze his dick to pieces. “Katie! Wha… Grrrnnnnn!!” Eric growled as he ran his hands up her body, large palms cupping her perky tits from behind as he fell back down against her. He buried his face into her hair, breathing ragged as the familiar tightness growing in his loins erupted.

“Yesss! Cum in mee… so deep… fuck fuck..Mmmmm….” Katie illegal bahis siteleri moaned, hips rolling backwards as she tried to shove her brother’s cock deeper into her as he came. The now familiar warm throb that heralded another shot of his seed up into her belly caused her to mewl with delight until he collapsed on top of her. She kissed his arm as he wrapped it around her, sighing in Eric’s embrace as they lay in a sweaty, sticky happy pile. “You can do that to me anytime.” She giggled, pushing back against him as she gave his length a squeeze still inside, which caused his brother to jump.

“Careful, sensitive equipment.” He mumbled into her hair and smiled. “And you may regret that statement.” He teased as he reached out and lazily ran his fingertips along his sister’s side. He glanced up at the clock on the wall and groaned. Eric kissed her neck, then sniffed her hair and recoiled in a playful manner. “Come on, one last thing we need to do.”

After a very long thorough shower and separating long enough to put on clothes, the siblings were heading to the kitchen for breakfast when the front door opened and their parents walked in. Well, walked would be generous. Eric smirked as he passed them by on the way to the kitchen to get some orange juice and greeted them, getting a few grunts in response. Now that he knew what he was looking for, it couldn’t be any more obvious. Their hair and makeup was all a mess, their whole look was just disheveled yet their costumes were absolutely pristine. He just shook his head and opened the fridge, pulling out the OJ.

Katie followed her brother down the stairs; still a bit sore from the night before but definitely feeling fantastic compared to how her parents looked. She hugged her Dad tightly with her usual morning greeting cheeks immediately coloring as he remembered him naked last night, only getting redder as she glanced over at her mother. Katie’s mom was heading for the kitchen and coffee and an idea popped into her mind. She looked up at her Dad and kissed his cheek. “Eric and I were going to head out and get some donuts.” She declared, releasing her father as she swayed back and forth slightly on her toes as she watched the large man follow his wife in search of coffee. “We had hoped to make breakfast for everybody, but we didn’t have enough eggs. So, we’re going with Plan B.” she explained with a grin.

“Honey, you ok?” Marianne asked as her son choked on his orange juice. Eric just nodded and shot a glare over at his sister who simply smiled and tiled her head at him cutely.

“Yeah, I’m fine Mom.” He coughed, smirking at Katie as he wiped his mouth on his sleeve. “What kind of donuts does everyone want? I know Katie likes the cream filled ones.” Eric said, gaze flicking over to his sister whose eyes grew wide but to her credit kept quiet.

“Get some more of those, that’s your mother’s favorite too.” His father said between gulps of black coffee. “A few glazed ones for me and I’m good.” Jonah added. “And with that, I’m off to the shower.” Their mother followed, clearly in need of a shower as well. After they left Eric just grinned.

“Who knew you and mom were into the same things?” he quipped, getting an eye roll out of his sister.

“Shut up and get your keys. I actually am starved since you fucked me all night.” Katie growled out. She thought it made her sound more intimidating, but Eric found it adorable.

“A little louder, I don’t think Dad heard.” He cautioned, giving her ass a firm spank and then ushered her out the door. A quick trip to Walgreens for Katie’s Plan B and then to the local donut shoppe gave the pair a bit of time to discuss things to come.

First thing they agreed upon was that they both wanted to still see each other. Not as boyfriend that just was not feasible. Katie finally indulged her crush on her older brother and loved what she found. Eric was safe for her, a loving partner that would never ever knowingly harm her. He would be the perfect person to start to explore sex with. Clearly, he knew what he was doing and with her considering his university in the fall having him around as a brother and as someone she could have sex with… it was almost too tempting to not end their intimacies. Eric loved his little sister; he always had and will; but they were almost scarily compatible sexually. He was eager to explore where things were going at home and at college, assuming they were able to keep who they were secret.

Second was that Katie had to go on birth control. Immediately. They both enjoyed the feeling when Eric came buried inside of her but did not want to imagine him buried in the backyard if their father found out.

Third and last was when to see each other again. Eric had class, his fraternity, and other obligations on campus. Katie was in her senior year of high school and wrapped up in National Honors Society, Cheerleading, Yearbook, etc. etc. After some teasing about being overachievers they decided on the holidays will be the only time to safely squirrel away some hours together. canlı bahis siteleri At least until Christmas, then they can figure it out from there.

That is until the weekend after Halloween Eric called his little sister with an idea in mind. Katie had just finished dinner when her phone buzzed. Seeing who it was she ran up to her room to answer it, practically leaping from the table to the puzzlement of her parents.

“Hellllloooooo.” Katie grinned into the phone, stretching out on her bed and turning the TV on just in case her parents happened to walk by.

“Hey Sis.” Eric smiled, hearing her voice. “How’d the birth control talk go with Mom?” he asked. The Plan B had been rough on his little sister, but they were out of the woods. For now.

“Ugh, I’m not sure whether to be relieved or offended.” She grumbled, sinking lower into the mountain of pillows on her bed.

“Huh? The hell you talking about?” Her other brother asked, clearly confused.

“Mom was happy to set up an appointment. Happy!” Katie complained, looking down at her pink painted toenails and wiggling them with exasperation. “Mom blew right past the whole ‘It’ll be safer for college.’ argument and focused on ‘OMG Katie’s into boys!’ What. The. Fuck?” She whined. “Does everyone think I’m a lesbian or something??” she sighed in exasperation.

“You’ve never had a serious boyfriend, you’re a huge bookworm that’s valedictorian of her class, and you sit in your room and sew together costumes of anime and superheroes.” Eric explained, point by agonizing point.

Katie glared at her toes and then curled them in indignation. “I hate you.” She snapped, unable to argue any of her brother’s arguments.

“I know.” Her brother replied, not even bothering to hide the mirth in his voice at getting a good burn on his sibling. “But I have good news. I figured out how to get some time together this Thanksgiving.”

The intrigued cheerleader immediately sat up. “You have my attention.”

“You know how we hate shopping with Mom on Black Friday, right?” Eric explained, the mention of the event elicited a groan out of his sister.

“Ugh, don’t get me started. She takes so long! And agonizes over every little purchase! It’s maddening, I- ” ranted the teenager before being cut off by her older brother.

“I’ve done it longer than you have, you don’t have to explain it to me;” He cut her off and continued his thought “But this time I have a plan.” He explained, leaning forward in his seat to lay out his idea. “Since this is a major holiday weekend everyone at school going to be at home, except for Football. And our team has an away game, so in theory campus should be deserted. And a certain someone needs a tour of the university….” Eric explained, but as usual his sister had read his chess moves and figured out the endgame.

“So, I can come up and stay with you over Thanksgiving weekend so you can ‘show me around’?” Katie squeed with delight at the prospect of a weekend away with Eric… AT COLLEGE.

“That’s right. It’ll be a ghost town due to the holiday so you can just stay with me. Even Dad can’t argue it wouldn’t be safe for his little princess.” Eric said, laughing. “Funny thing is that I actually will show you around; that would be fun; but we could also do… other things too.”

“Yes, yes, yes… a thousand times yes…” Katie squirmed on her bed, mind alight with what trouble they could get up to with an entire weekend without supervision. After finalizing a few details about the holiday weekend, Eric called back to the house to talk to his mother the following night and suggested showing Katie around campus on a ‘safe, boring weekend when the campus would be empty’.

Surprisingly, mom was easy to convince. Years of constant complaining about the Black Friday tradition may have worn down her enthusiasm for shopping, or maybe it was just the prospect of having some privacy without the kids around, or even better she’s got to get big presents for us both this Christmas. Yeah, Right. Regardless, Eric knew that whatever mom agreed to that their dad would eventually fall into line to accept. Their mother had amazing powers of persuasion. Eric relayed the good news to Katie and the two began to plan the trip. Contrary to what she might think, he really did want his sister to see more of campus than the ceiling of his bedroom in the frat house. The Student Center, Stadium, some of the department classrooms as well as a few local hangouts around campus.

Katie looked like she could barely stand still after getting the usual brotherly hug after he arrived home for Thanksgiving. “Katie, wanna head upstairs while I unpack? I have some details I need to go over.” Eric asked, trying to play it cool but grinned despite himself.

“Yup!” she said, turning on a dime and heading straight for the stairs. Eric followed her up, enjoying the view of her tight ass in tighter jeans. As soon as they entered his room on the second floor and the door closed Katie whirled and jumped into her brother’s arms. He dropped his bag and grabbed a far more precious cargo as he carried her to the bed, kissing her back with just as much ferocity. The need for air finally separated the siblings as they gasped for breath, Eric pulling back as Katie giggled.

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