The Curse

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I wasn’t really having a good time that night at the bar. Truth be told, I had been practically dragged out in the first place by my best friend Joe, who told me he was tired of me “sitting on (my) ass” every night “finding new ways to be boring.” Quite frankly, if this is what qualified as being not boring, I’d rather be bored to tears. To begin with, I’m not much of a drinker, so leaving the house to go to place designed for buying and consuming alcohol made little sense to me. Additionally, I’m not what you’d call a people person. I was generally okay with individual people as met them, but the larger the crowd, the more I’d want to run in the other direction. Joe basically threatened me if I didn’t stay put for at least a couple hours, so I spent the time sitting at the bar, sipping on amaretto sours (an affectation I had picked up in college), and generally trying to be invisible.

Finally, I felt I had put in enough time, so I finished the drink in front of me, paid my tab, and told Joe I was out of there. He started to protest, and it became clear he drove me figuring I’d be stuck there, but he didn’t figure I wouldn’t mind walking the 6 blocks or so. I probably would have walked anyway, as he was obviously drunk enough that I wouldn’t have let him drive me at all. I left him to resume his conversation with what looked like a table of sorority girls from the local college, and headed out in to the night.

It was actually a pretty nice night, clear and not too cool. The street lights threw enough light, but even where they had been broken or burnt out, the full moon in the night sky managed to bathe things in enough light. I found the walk quite pleasant, and realized that even nursing the three amaretto sours had given me a light buzz. I thought to myself that at least the night out had provided me with a relaxing walk.

When I got to my building, standing at the top of the short set of stairs that led to the front door, was a woman looking a little worse for wear. She was leaning hard against the guardrail, her head down, breathing heavy, and she was practically swimming in her clothes. In fact, it looked like she might have stolen them, as they appeared to be men’s clothes, a well-worn concert t-shirt and jeans with no shoes. My first horrific thought was she had been raped and escaped, and grabbed clothes along the way. I rushed up to her, asking “Miss, are you alright?” When I reached her, and she looked up at me, I noted a very arousing fragrance, and the world all of a sudden slowed way down.

A drug like haze fell over me as I was suddenly overtaken by my sexual urges. I had to have this woman. And by the hungry, almost feral look in her eyes, I knew she had to have me as well. In a whirling blur of lips and hands we crashed together pawing at each other. In the back of my mind alarms were blaring, but I couldn’t stop myself. We stumbled in to the building, and I practically carried her downstairs to my apartment. I fumbled with the keys as I couldn’t seem to concentrate enough to take my hands off this unnamed and suddenly literally irresistible woman to get the door open, but after a fashion I cracked the door, kicked it open, and the two of us basically fell in, landing on the floor. Her hand had been under my shirt at the time, trying to get it off, and I felt a quick stab of pain as her fingernails dug in to my back on impact. I quickly shrugged that pain off, though, and with a quick sweep of my foot, closed my door.

Our mutual desperate need didn’t abate, in fact, if anything it seemed to be increasing. We both managed to disengage from the writing pretzel on the floor long enough to rip our clothes off. And I do mean that literally. At the very least our shirts were in shreds, and in her case, still hanging on to her arms. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and instead of panties she had on boxers that were only being held up by her shapely hips. But she wasn’t acting like someone who had just been sexually assaulted. She was essentially sexually assaulting me, not that I minded at all in that moment. Now that she was out of the way too big clothing, her body was in full view, and what a view it was. The baggy t-shirt had hidden large round breasts to compliment the hips in a sexy hourglass figure. Her nipples were big, and hard, and without shame I plunged my mouth to them, licking and sucking on one, as I rubbed and grabbed at the second, all the while kicking my pants and underwear off. A throaty moan came out of her then, and she grabbed and cradled my head in to her breast, obviously enjoying the attention I was giving her boobs.

This lasted a minute or so until she suddenly let go and started pushing me backwards. She wasn’t pushing me away, however, she was leading me, and she was aiming for the couch. The push was fairly insistent, and since she had taken me by surprise with the change, I stumbled and landed on my back, my erect dick sticking straight up. Wasting no time she jumped on top of me, reaching down and grabbing my dick to aim it, and just as I felt the moist warmth of her pussy altyazılı porno on the very tip of my dick, she sank down upon it. I was in a heavy state of bliss, her hot slit felt perfect. For a second, I also saw the same sort of bliss in her eyes as well. I saw it fade back to the hunger at about the same time the surreal drug like haze descended on me again, and the last thing I remembered clearly was her starting to ride me without any sense of finesse.

I say “remember clearly” because I did retain flashes here and there of the rest of that night before I completely lost consciousness. Fucking her in all kinds of positions, missionary, doggie style, I even recalled picking her up and doing it standing up. Quick images of her bobbing up and down, sucking me off, of a close up of her crotch as I ate her out. All just brief flashes, though, disjointed and disorienting, like a fever dream. I could see her lightly screaming in ecstasy, but only had a notion of my own orgasms when I woke up the next day. I was alone, naked, and on the floor. I must have simply given out and landed there. I had been covered up with the blanket off my bed, though, and reaching to my back, my scratches had been attended to, at the very least bandaged. As I sat there and tried to gather my thoughts, I heard my cellphone ring. Looking around, I found my pants near the door, grabbed the phone from the front pocket, and answered it.

“Where the fuck have you been?” Joe greeted me back. “I’ve been calling you for 3 hours!” I looked up at the clock and realized it was 2pm. “We were supposed to catch a movie today, remember?”

“Yeah, sorry, I had kind of a wild night, I only just woke up. We can still go, we’ll just have to pick a later time, is all.” I noticed that next to my pants were the remains of the woman’s shirt, and mine as well. I groaned inwardly, I had really liked that shirt. Her pants were gone, though, and I idly wondered if she had taken one of my shirts before leaving.

“Wild night, you?” snorted Joe, “what, was there a Friends marathon on television or something?” He had always made fun of me for my general lack of success with women, for good reason, so I couldn’t blame him. But as I looked around, there was no mistaking that while my memory was fuzzy, it wasn’t faulty. The evidence of the night was clear in the mess around the place.

“Ah, forget it, you wouldn’t believe me. I wouldn’t believe me. I bet if I sent it to Penthouse it’d get rejected. Look, I gotta get cleaned up, you just want to grab a late lunch and hit the theater?”

The next day, I sat at my computer trying to find out just what had come over me and put me in such a druggy haze. I was having very little luck. I found certain drugs that kind of matched the feeling, but I hadn’t taken any. I briefly investigated if I could’ve had my drinks spiked, but based on what I was reading, I would have felt the effects much sooner. The fact I had picked up an odor right before was leading me down the path of pheromones, but I couldn’t find any such pheromones that not only were so powerful, but so fast. I was beginning to get frustrated when I heard a light knock at my door. I got up and walked down the hall, and I saw that a piece of paper had been pushed under the door. I picked it up, opened the door and looked out. Whoever had knocked and put the paper there was already out of sight. I closed back up, and unfolded the paper. There was a hand written note, in some pretty awful chicken scratch handwriting. I thought I recognized it, but focused my concentration on deciphering it. It was hard, but I finally figured out that it said:

“Dan — I am sorry for what happened the other night. I am compelled by a terrible curse, and now I’m afraid I have cursed you as well. I can’t tell you what it is, you would never believe me. I have a hard time believing it, still. But I needed to warn you of the possibility of you also bearing the curse, so you can take precautions. Lock yourself up for the next full moon, before the sun goes down. Have someone guard where you are locked up, but tell them to keep their distance from you for their own safety and your serenity. These precautions will cost you nothing, but not following them could be dangerous, and another situation like the other night may occur. If luck would have it that you take these precautions and nothing happens, all the better, but if something does take place, I will communicate with you again.”

The note was unsigned. My first thought was to laugh at the absurdity. It was like getting a note from a mental patient. Full moons? What was that woman trying to say, she was a werewolf that just sorta looked like a knockout woman? I opened my door again to look out just in case I spotted her, but the only person I saw was my upstairs neighbor Shawn…something. He was going out the front door, and as he spotted me looking out of my door, threw me a quick nod of recognition. I waved, with the hand holding the note, and while reading over it again, shut my door. “What a crock of shit,” I said to zenci porno myself, and walked back to my computer to continue my search.

After a few fruitless minutes, I looked back at the note, thought to myself “what the hell,” and began to search the web for any similar stories to my own, factoring in the full moon. Surprisingly, I found several. Men all over the country had reported feeling as if they were date raped, but by completely strange women who would basically come out of nowhere. They would get in close proximity to the men, and within moments the men would feel drugged and lose all sense of inhibition with an incredible increase in libido. Not all of them mentioned full moons, but some did, and a little research based on the dates of the incidents showed that the moon had been full for all of them. However, I couldn’t find any occurrences where the men were contacted at all by the women afterwards, let alone any references to a curse. I closed the browser, figuring I could come back to the search later with fresh eyes.

As it turned out, having fresh eyes amounted to nothing. I had hit a wall, and while I didn’t completely forget about the situation, I did put it on the backburner in my mind. Before I knew it, the next full moon was only a couple of days away. I had started feeling a little odd. If I hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t have recruited Joe to stand guard as the note suggested. I was starting to feel hyper-aware of things relating to sex on people around me. I was picking up the scent of pheromones, and started being able to distinguish them from one person to another. I picked up on unconscious gestures and postures from sexually open people. I was getting horny rather quickly, and my entire body was getting really ramped up and sensitive. Joe thought I was nuts, but after bribing him with a six-pack of his favorite microbrew, he agreed. I decided to make it easy, and the afternoon before the full moon, I reversed the doorknob on my bedroom door so it could only be locked and unlocked from the outside. If nothing happened, which I was starting to doubt with all the weird sensations, at least I would be locked up in my own room with my own bed.

Joe showed up around 6, and with sundown scheduled for a little after 7, I decided to just play it safe and had him lock me in almost immediately. I spent the next hour fiddling around on the Internet, listening to Joe heckle me through the door, and looking out the window, keeping tabs as the sun moved towards the horizon. I felt super jittery. I was getting nervous, but that wasn’t completely the reason. As more time went by, I was feeling like a powderkeg of energy. I felt like I had a really large amount of static electricity. I had even tried grabbing my metal doorknob to see if I could discharge, but nothing doing there.

I started keeping a close eye on the sun’s movements, and at about 7:13, the last sliver of sunlight dipped past the horizon. I tensed up, but nothing. I expelled the breath I hadn’t even realized I had been holding, and turned away from the window to head back to my computer to kill some time. I had taken 2 steps when my body felt like it was on fire from the inside. It was intense, like my blood had become lava, and I gasped in pain, doubling over. I screamed in my thoughts, “Nononononono,” but the burning remained. I thought I was going to die; I couldn’t fathom how I could possibly survive whatever the hell was happening to me. I actually began to whimper, when the burning lessened considerably. I still felt warm, too warm, but no longer was it painful. It started to become a little pleasant, in fact. I couldn’t focus on that, though, as my body began to feel like it was being pushed and pulled from all different directions. That sensation was less painful and more uncomfortable. I felt weak, and I ended up lying on the floor. As I did so, I became aware of the fact that my body was beginning to change shape.

The first thing I noticed was my hands. I was holding them up, and I saw my fingernails grow, while the fingers and body of the hand began to shrink. I had a sudden fear that they were going to become animalistic paws, but the only thinned and shrunk a little, remaining human. My face felt like it was bubbling and I could feel things shifting around there. I felt a tickle on my neck, and realized my hair was growing. The truth of what was going on was starting to become clear to me as I saw my feet and legs thin and shrink along with my arms, and my body hair that I could see fade away. The process was making me breathe heavily, as well as make some involuntary noises, and I was aware that sounds emanating from me were becoming higher in pitch. Even if what happened next didn’t start, I would’ve known what was going on. I was becoming a woman.

At the same time, several changes started. My shoulders contracted inwards, while my hips did the opposite. Along with the hips, my ass grew. On my chest, breasts sprouted, and began to swell. And between my legs, my testicles had already pulled themselves aldatma porno inside my body, and my dick was following close behind. As I watched, horrified, over top of my still swelling boobs, I saw the bulge in my pants disappear, and I felt the formation of a vagina. Long hair fell across my face as I looked down. It was still dark brown, but the added amount brought out a waviness I never knew my hair had. I also started becoming aware of a primal consciousness slowly pushing me to the back of my own mind. By the time the change was complete, I was only hanging on to my own consciousness by a sliver, and something else was in control. I could feel its limited thoughts and emotions, but could do nothing about it. And I was starting to realize that it hungered for sex.

With some of the worst timing ever, I heard the sound of the lock being disengaged, and Joe burst in, exclaiming “What in the hell is going on in here?” I, or rather, what controlled my body turned, and got a look at Joe. I was screaming in the back of my brain as I realized why the note warned to keep whoever guarded me away. I felt a very instinctual process to the site of Joe, and got off the floor to get near him. As I did, that process executed itself, and I knew that I had just released powerful pheromones. Joe stammered as I approached, but as soon as I had gotten within arm’s reach of him, I saw him being affected by the pheromones. I could also smell his own pheromone release in response, and I knew he had been snared. We both began to rip our clothes off, and within seconds, we both were naked.

I hadn’t been able to fully take stock of my transformed body, but I could now. It looked much like I had expected, but my shirt had definitely disguised the size of my newly formed boobs. They were pretty big. Not stupendous, but I guessed it to be maybe a D cup based upon former girlfriends sizes. I also noticed I had no hair around my crotch, and that was all I could take in before I was practically dragging Joe towards my bed as his hands flew all over my body. I sent him backwards on to my bed, and quickly climbed on top of him. I was doing exactly what that strange woman had done to me! I braced myself, as I knew it wouldn’t be long before Joe’s dick was inside me. I could feel the others, well, her, hunger for cock, and how she couldn’t wait. With very little fanfare, I sat down on that cock and began frantically bouncing up and down.

I tried to fight it, but I was no match for her hold over the body. I was being completely overridden by her need for sex. It was more than an addiction; it was like she needed it to survive. I stopped trying to fight it, and instead focused on perhaps not being aware of what was going on. I found that I couldn’t. My body began an orgasm, and I had to admit it felt good. Really good. I started to pay a little more active attention, resigning myself to the fact that not only had I transformed in to woman with an intense need to get fucked, but that I was frantically fucking my best friend. When I started doing that, I noticed two things I hadn’t expected. Trying to fuck Joe’s brains out felt really great, and I was starting to gain some control. I tested this by reaching up and fondling my boobs, which I was able to do. Playing with them also felt good. The more I succumbed to the sensations of pleasure, the more I came to the conclusion that I liked it. And the more I liked it, the more control I seemed to gain. Joe began to grunt, and I found myself wanting to feel him come inside my pussy. He did, and something extraordinary happened. I didn’t banish the primal consciousness from my mind, she and I integrated.

As soon as I realized what had happened, I knew I could stop there, quickly flee the room, and lock Joe in until the effect of my pheromones wore off. There was just one problem with that: I didn’t want to. I knew what I wanted to do, very much. And to do any of it, I’d need Joe pretty close by. I got off his cock, and before it dwindled away from erect too quickly, I wrapped my lips around it, fully intent on sucking his cock. A part of me was in shocked awe that I really wanted to do this, but the vast majority needed to blow him. I found that I somehow possessed a lot of knowledge on oral technique, and figured it came from that primal side. I decided to try one of them, and opened my mouth a little wilder and worked my way down his shaft. His cock was about 8 inches (which I noted was smaller than he had claimed in the past, which didn’t surprise me), so I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off, but the knowledge must have also come with skills as I managed to deep throat the entire length of cock, my lips stopping at the base.

The cock being so deep in my mouth turned me on immensely. I loved sucking his dick. Joe gave little moans of pleasure as I tightened my lips grip of the base a little. Hearing that made me want to hear even more of the same. I slid back up the length of his cock, took a deep breath, and went all the way down again. This time, I didn’t take my time. I did it fast, and withdrew just as fast. I intended to fuck him with my face. When he realized that was my goal, he reached down and grabbed the back of my head. I stopped my own motions, and let him do the work, getting face fucked. Before long, I was rewarded with a load down my throat.

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