The Day I Thought About Daddy

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What kind of sexual deviant AM I?

I mean, who fantasizes about having sex with her own father? Seriously. Across the board EVERY culture (and even a number of other species) considers incest wrong. Nothing ever actually happened between us. He never touched me or acted in a way that an outsider would think was inappropriate. I think I would literally die from embarrassment if he ever found out what thoughts go through my head when I’m fingering or toying myself silly.

It wasn’t always like this, of course. I didn’t enter puberty “in love” with my father. I like to think I was as normal as any teenage girl (which isn’t saying much, I admit) throughout those years. That being said, I do remember the EXACT incident that locked this taboo in my head. I’ve shared it a couple times in the chat room. Someone suggested I write it down and submit it as a story. After a lot of soul searching, I finally decided to. To be honest, writing it out in detail and putting it out there is kind of turning me on. I’m not sure which category it will go in, I’m hoping “Incest/Taboo” as opposed to “Voyeur”. There’s no reason the change the names to protect the innocent, as I’m not giving any names. Plus, honestly, I think my innocence was lost that afternoon.

Normally after swim practice, I go in and shower off all the pool water/chemicals, rinse out and spin dry my suit, get dressed, and go home. That day was different because Sherry had a family thing RIGHT after practice and she was my ride home. We got out of the water, dried off as best we could on deck, put our clothes on right over our damp suits and rushed out to the parking lot.

When I got home, the driveway was empty. Mom and Dad were still at work as usual. I went inside and straight to my room to get out of this wet damp swimsuit. Let me tell you, wet denim is a bitch to get off and the residual moisture in my suit had soaked my jeans. Anyway, after getting my school clothes off, I went down the hall to take my shower.

Peeling that Spandex second skin off, I got in the shower and held my suit up to soak and then wring out as much chlorine as I could get out-

-I occurs to me that “literary convention” (as well as horny readers) demand that I go in to more graphic detail about the act of undressing. It also occurs to me that I haven’t described myself yet. As a non-writer, I’ll try my best. I was freakishly tall for my age: 5′-10. As a swimmer, I would say I was pretty fit. As my name suggests, canlı bahis I am a redhead. Yes, with freckles. Brown eyes. I wouldn’t say I was “beautiful” by any means, but I guess I was considered pretty at the time. Unlike most of the stories that I read on here, I wasn’t a gymnast or track star or honor student or anything exceptional. Honestly, I was really only a better than average swimmer. I had friends, mostly B’s and C’s, normal social life, yada yada yada. As far as undressing, if you aren’t familiar with competitive swimwear, it is TIGHT. Something about streamlining and all that. So, I pulled the shoulder straps down and my arms out before pulling/rolling it down my body inside out. Of course, the first things to come free were my breasts. Clarification for the editors and mods: my 18-year old breasts. I was a C cup at the time and having the girls squished up like that was uncomfortable. I imagine my top-heaviness had something to do with my not being able to reach my goal times as well. With a sigh, I reached under them and lifted them away from my body to let some air under them and massage them a bit. I continued to pull my suit down over my hips and ass and dropped it to the floor from there. I stepped out of it, picked it up off the floor, and got in the shower. Now back to that shower, already in progress…-

-wring out as much chlorine as I could get out. After a couple cycles of that, I draped my suit over the towel rack and started rinsing my body off. I kept my hair about shoulder length then and leaned back in to the shower head and let it massage my head and wash through my hair. I think that’s always been my favorite part of showering: having the water pressure hitting and running down my scalp. Taking the hand unit off of the showerhead, I started rinsing and sloughing off the rest of my body-arms, abs, legs, everything. As I was washing my legs, the stream ran over my lady-bits and sent a pleasurable jolt through me. Now, I was no prude. I had used the shower for that a couple times but didn’t want to continue that activity right then.

Feeling mostly clean, I turned off the shower and got out to dry off. As I was drying between my legs, the friction of the towel stimulated me again. I resisted the urge, finished drying off, wrapped the towel around myself and padded back to my room. Tossing a clean bra and pair of underwear on the bed, I sat down to dress. The tingle in my stomach from the shower and towel finally won out and I lay back bahis siteleri on my bed, spread my legs and started to tease myself. I wasn’t a fan of the shaved bare look but I did like to be well trimmed. As a result, it was very easy for my fingers to trace up and down my still moist pussy lips. -BTW, yes I am a real/natural redhead- I like the slow build up to climax, so I take my time when I “workout”. One hand was tracing along my outer lips and the other was pinching and tweaking my nipples.

Apparently while I was in the shower, Daddy came home from work early. -now you see why this is an Incest/Taboo story. Yes, I did and still do call him “Daddy”-. Had I known he was home, I would have shut my door when I went in my room. I was probably making little mewing sounds or moans or some such and he heard me and came down the hall to investigate.

I had progressed to using both my hands to manipulate myself. My legs were spread wider and one hand was holding the folds open while the other was pumping 2 fingers in and out. I’m sure I was too lost in my own pleasure to hear the floorboards creaking and warning me I wasn’t alone. I was getting closer to my orgasm when my eyes opened a crack. I don’t know WHY I happened to look where I did, but when I did it was at the gap between the hinges and the door frame. And there was Daddy looking through. Watching his little girl fingerfucking herself like some wanton porn star. As soon as I realized he was watching me and before I could scream or anything my orgasm hit me like a fucking freight train. I had been sexually active for a while at that point, so I was pretty familiar with my body. This was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life to that point. It was so much more intense than anything I could describe. It was the first one I ever had that caused me to cry out. I knew he was there watching me and I didn’t care. I don’t think I could have held it in anyway.

Holding my fingers deep in me, my thumb pressing down and rubbing on my little clity I waited for the sensation to diminish. When it did, I went back to gently rubbing my lips and playing with my stiff nipples as I came down. I cracked my eyes open again and still saw Daddy’s shadow watching me and all I wanted was to experience that thrill again. The way my room was set up I was laying crosswise on my bed and my splayed legs were facing my open door giving Daddy a show. Once the sensitivity of my first orgasm passed I went back to fingering. I felt bahis şirketleri the next one building and brought my feet up on to the bed allowing me to arch my back for a different sensation. As I was arching, I admit to shifting myself just a little bit so I was facing the hinges more than the door. Again, knowing that I had done that on purpose to give my Daddy an even more obscene show was enough for trigger my next orgasm. My back arched in pleasure and I moaned again. I don’t have the words to describe how this one felt. It was beyond any pleasure I could have imagined and even more intense that the first one. Thinking back, part of me wishes I had moaned his name but the rest of me is glad I didn’t. After this one, I collapsed on to my bed. I couldn’t even touch myself I was so spent and sensitive. Once I caught my breath, I realized that my hands were on my breasts massaging and playing with them. I had never cum multiple times before that. I had always been content with one when I was taking care of myself and with boyfriends at the time, I was ecstatic if they let me cum before they did.

Looking back at my door, I saw that Daddy was no longer there watching me. Which was probably for the better because I would have tried to keep going and I don’t know my body would have LET me. Once my heart rate came back down to normal, I stood up and cleaned myself up before putting on a pair of gym shorts, bra, and t-shirt. I went out in to the hall and stood where Daddy was, looking through the gap at my bed. Imagining what he was seeing and thinking watching me. I glanced down in curiosity looking for and “signs” that he was out here and there were none. I went back in to the bathroom to brush my hair and put my dirty towel in the clothes hamper. I lifted the lid and just before tossing my towel in, I saw the pants and top I was wearing today but not my panties. I know for a fact I tossed all of them in when I went to shower. I felt a tingle in the pit of my stomach as I thought of why they weren’t in the hamper anymore while I did my hair.

I came down the stairs and in to the kitchen. I feigned surprise at finding Daddy sitting at the table. “Oh! Daddy! I didn’t realize you were home.” I went up to him and gave him a big hug and kiss like I did every night when he came home. I noticed he was a little more tentative in his return hug and that made me a little sad. To this day, I don’t think he knew that I knew he was watching me.

Well, that’s what happened that afternoon. Nothing more to see here. If response is good, I have a couple fantasies I can try to write and share. I’ve never been a “writer” really, so as you judge this please be gentle. It’s my first time. -grin-

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