The Evolution of Dan Pt. 02

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The rest of the week had been very busy for Pastor Dan. Between sermon prep and meetings, he didn’t have a lot of time to think about what happened on Tuesday. On Sunday, he delivered his sermon and after the service was chatting with a few people. He noticed Carl Flemmings hanging off to the side. Finally, Carl came up to him. “Great sermon, Pastor.” Dan never knew what to say to that. “Thank you, Carl.” Dan sensed something was bothering Carl. “Everything okay, Carl?” he asked.

“Did Annette come to see you, Pastor?” Carl asked. Dan couldn’t lie.

“Yes, she did,” answered Dan.

“What about?” asked Carl.

“You know I can’t disclose that, Carl. She told that to me in confidence,” Dan said.

“It’s about our sex life, isn’t it?” Carl asked. Dan grimaced.

“C’mon Carl,” Dan replied. The two stood there in silence for a moment. “Is there something you want to tell me?” Dan asked.

“Yeah,” Carl said. “There’s this lady at the firm. It started out very innocent, but…” Carl’s voice trailed off. “I feel so damn guilty, Dan.” His voice broke. Dan had never seen him like this.

“Let’s walk around the corner,” Dan said. They walked over to an area of the church that was more private. “Carl, I’m not judging you, okay? Everyone makes mistakes.”

“It’s just that I love Annette so much, but something happened.” Carl said.

“What do you mean?” asked Dan.

“She started asking me to do things that we’ve never done before…you know…in the bedroom.” Carl said. “Like…sex stuff.”

“Things that you are not comfortable with?” Dan asked. He couldn’t help but wonder what it was.

“Yeah,” Carl said. “Pastor…you ever had…anal sex?” Dan was a bit taken back by the question.

“Well, Carl, I prefer to keep my relationship with my wife private, but back in the day…yes, I have.” Dan said and couldn’t believe he said that.

“I mean…you…did them?” Carl asked.

“Yes,” Dan said. “For lack of a better term, I…penetrated…them. Is that what you mean?”

“Yes…and no,” Carl said. Dan could not help but show his confusion. “She likes it when I do that to her, but…she also likes to do it…to me.”

Dan was silent for a moment. “Carl,” he said. “Let me say this. I personally believe that anything you do within the confines of your marriage that you and your wife enjoy is perfectly fine. There’s nothing to feel guilty about.” Dan paused. “But this thing with the lady at your firm? You have to deal with that, Carl.”

“I guess the reason it happened is because Annette just freaked me out with that butt thing. I mean, I’m not gay, Pastor.” Carl cracked a smile which was refreshing.

Dan smiled too. “It doesn’t mean you’re gay, Carl. It just means you like different things, that’s all.” Dan paused again. “Did you like it?” Odd question for a pastor to ask, Dan thought.

“I guess I did a little, but I’m just not that experimental, you know. It freaked me out and I just pulled away from Annette and it led to something with this lady at the firm.”

“I get it,” Dan said. “You need to talk to Annette. Y’all need to get this out in the open and deal with it and you probably need to see a marriage counselor. Now I advise on spiritual matters, not marriage things so it can’t be me.”

“I understand, Dan,” he said. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Dan said. “There’s one other thing…and I hate to bring it up, but…you can’t be a deacon and cheat on your wife, Carl.”

Carl looked at him in surprise. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“I mean that since I know about this, I can’t let you continue to be a deacon…unless you put this on the table with Annette. I won’t fault you for cheating, but you have to end it with this lady and you have to try to work it out with Annette, alright?”

“I get it, Pastor,” Carl said. “I’ll talk to her. Thanks again for the talk.”

“Anytime, buddy,” Dan said.

Dan’s church was the rare church in his denomination that didn’t do church on Sunday night. When he first came to the church, the Sunday night service had dwindled to less than twenty people. He made a motion to the deacon board to cancel esenyurt escort the services and the deacon board brought it before the congregation and it passed. Instead, Dan came home after Sunday lunch with family and friends and took a 1-2 hour long nap…unless it was football season. But even in the summertime, he liked to try and stay awake for a baseball game, but usually he fell asleep. After a nap, he usually had a few meetings, sometimes with the deacon board, sometimes with someone else. After the meeting(s), he usually came home and went into his private study, complete with a door lock and everything to keep the kids out. He had a hidden mini fridge in that room. His wife knew about it, but the kids did not. He kept some cold beer and an assortment of alcohol in there. The leadership in his denomination traditionally were against alcohol, but in the past decade or so, they had adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of sorts. In other words, don’t advertise that you drink and don’t be seen buying alcohol, but if you drink it in private, no one will care.

Dan had learned early on in his career to keep two cell phones. One was very private. Only family and very close friends had that phone number and no one from the church. The other was a church cell phone paid for by the church so that he could be reached in emergencies. Only leadership had that number. Every week there was a “deacon on call” who would handle minor things, but only called him if it was something major.

Dan had just poured himself a whiskey when his emergency church phone rang. When he answered, he heard the voice of Henry Willis, the deacon on call for that week. “Hey Pastor. We have a problem.”

“What’s going on?” Dan asked.

“The Flemmings had a big blowout fight. I guess Annette left Carl and she’s at the church. I wasn’t sure how to handle this one so I called you,” he said.

“Thanks Henry. I’ll take care of it. I’ll call Carl right now. Keep that phone on in case I need you.” Dan said.

“Will do,” replied Henry. Dan hung up and called Carl right away. When he answered, Dan could tell he’d been crying.

“Well Pastor, I told her,” he said.

“I take it that it did not go well,” Dan said.

“She told me that she had slept with another guy too. I guess it’s all my fault,” Carl said.

“Nonsense,” Dan said. “It’s never one person’s fault. Do you know where Annette went?” He already knew, but he didn’t know if Carl knew and he didn’t want to reveal her location if he didn’t already know.

“No, she just left,” Carl said.

“Okay, buddy. I think you need to just rest for a while, if you can. We’ll see if we can find Annette and figure out what to do, alright?” Dan said.

“Alright, Pastor,” he said. “I’ll stay right here.”

When Dan arrived at the church, he recognized Annette’s Jeep outside. He parked and got out of his car and carefully approached the Jeep so as to not scare her. Before he could say anything, she greeted him. “Hey Pastor.”

“Hey Annette,” Dan said. “I’ve heard you’ve had a rough night.”

“Yes,” she said. “You could say that.”

“Why don’t we go inside and I make us some coffee and we can talk for a while?” Dan asked.

“That would be nice,” she said.

Dan unlocked the church and got the both of them settled. As the coffee brewed, he sat with Annette in the same area they had talked before. She was dressed much more casual this time in tight jeans and a blouse with just a hint of cleavage.

“So what happened?” Dan asked.

“Carl told me about his affair,” she said. “That must have been why he’s been so aloof lately.”

“Most likely,” Dan said even though he already knew that was the answer.

“He said I scared him with some of the things I suggested that we do,” she said. “I really didn’t know that. I mean, he was all into the anal-” She stopped short. “I’m sorry, Pastor. Is it okay to talk about this?”

“Yes,” Dan replied, “But in the interest of full disclosure, I talked with Carl briefly after church today and he told me a lot of what he probably told you.”

“Okay,” esenyurt escort bayan Annette said. “Did you tell him to come clean?” she asked.

“I told him that he needed to, but left the rest up to him,” Dan replied.

“I guess he decided to do it tonight,” she said.

“Apparently,” Dan said.

“It’s just…vanilla sex is just not enough for me. I need it…in other ways,” she said.

Dan could only imagine what she meant. While she was talking, he was trying not to admire her breasts. But he was finding himself immensely attracted to Annette. He could feel his cock getting hard again. He was dressed casual as well and his jeans weren’t leaving him a lot of room for his cock to grow.

“I guess that’s why I reached out to the other guy. I just…needed…” Annette trailed off. Her eyes were glued to Dan’s crotch. Dan saw it and tried to subtly adjust.

“Pastor…” Annette said slowly. “Can I ask you a question?”

At this point, Dan was scared to say yes, but he was a pastor and pastors really couldn’t say no. “Sure,” he said.

Annette paused for a moment. It was an uncomfortable silence. Finally, she asked, “Do you have an erection right now?”

There was absolutely no mistaking it. Dan’s cock was almost at full mast. His jeans were uncomfortably tight.

“Annette…umm…” Dan stumbled for his words. “I don’t think that’s appropriate,” he said.

“What’s not appropriate is that thing in your pants,” Annette said. At this point, Dan knew where this might head. He knew it, but it’s like he couldn’t stop himself. He felt two things inside of him battling it out for control. For one, he loved his wife. The sex was great. He had no complaints. But also, he sometimes craved something different. He also instinctively knew that if this went any further that he was risking his career. Again, it felt like something took over.

“Pastor, I have an idea,” Annette said. Dan knew he had lost control. One thing he learned in his training for counseling sessions is to maintain control of every session. But there was no stopping this. Dan was almost to the point of stuttering. His cock could not get any harder in his jeans and he felt like his mind was no longer in control of his actions. Annette leaned in and got on her knees. “Why don’t we help each other?” she asked.

Dan instinctively stood up. Annette reached for the button on the waist of his jeans. He could see straight down Annette’s blouse at this point and was enjoying what he saw. Annette unbuttoned his pants. She slowly unzipped his zipper. The relief that he felt when his cock was freed from it’s denim prison was amazing. Again, Dan was not huge. He was just above average, but he was big enough that his cock was in some pain until she released it. Annette rubbed his cock over his underwear. Dan put his head back and groaned. “You like that, don’t you?” she asked.

Dan could barely talk, but managed to mutter, “Yes.” She continued to rub his cock over his underwear with one hand while she reached for the waistband with her other hand. She slowly removed her hand from his crotch to grab both sides of his underwear to pull them down. Dan’s cock bounced up, completely freed now. He could see the lust in Annette’s eyes as she looked at it. He may have been just above average, but Annette was looking at his cock like he was John fucking Holmes.

She wasted no time. Her mouth engulfed his cock and began to suck it. Dan was so worked up, he thought he might explode right then and there, but Annette knew what she was doing. She began to slowly swallow more and more with each gulp until she had his whole cock buried down her throat. He could feel her work her throat muscles like fingers and her throat teased the head of his dick.

Suddenly she stopped. She stood up and slowly began to unbutton her blouse. Dan just stood there in awe. She took off her blouse revealing a skimpy, lacy bra. She reached in and kissed him. After a sloppy kiss, she shimmied off her jeans and bra and then her panties. Annette stood in front of him completely naked. She grabbed Dan escort esenyurt by the shoulders and turned him around and she sat down on his chair. Realizing that Dan was still in shock, she spread her legs and said, “Lick my pussy.” Dan, as if in a trance, knelt down and pulled her crotch toward him by lifting her thighs. She smelled wonderful. She had a musky scent that was still clean and she was completely shaven. Dan began to lick her pussy and Annette began to moan. At first, Dan focused on her actual vagina getting his tongue as deep inside of her as he could. Slowly, he began to tease her clit. After about five minutes, he felt a small increase in her wetness and she moaned and released her first orgasm.

After that, he continued to lick her and he inserted one and then two fingers inside of her. He began to finger her, slowly at first and then harder and harder, occasionally stopping to do what his wife called “spirit fingers,” the “come here” motion. She began to writhe and buck like a horse that couldn’t stand its rider. He wondered briefly if he might be able to get three fingers or more inside of her, but his thoughts were quickly interrupted when Annette bucked harder than she had before. Finally, she froze. As she held herself there, a stream of fluid shot out of her. Dan had never been with a squirter before, but she was definitely squirting. “Oh my God,” she muttered. “Stick your cock in me.”

Dan was fully out of control at this point. He quickly stood up and lined up his cock and plunged it inside of her. He slid right in with no problem. Annette was super wet. He pumped her slowly and began to build up a tempo. As he began to increase his speed, reality began to set in. He was a pastor. He was married. He was inside his church. He was inside his office. And he was fucking a church member. This was not right. But he couldn’t stop and he lost control again and told himself that he wouldn’t stop. He increased his speed. The sound of his pelvis crashing into hers was turning him on more and more and he began to feel his balls aching for release. Almost as if she knew, Annette said, “Come inside me, you motherfucker.” That was all the encouragement Dan needed. With a couple more thrusts, he almost felt like his soul left his body. He felt his eyes roll back in his head as wave after wave of pleasure swept over him. He grabbed Annette’s hips and held on while he filled her up. Dan completely lost track of time. He couldn’t tell if he came for ten seconds or ten minutes. He saw colors and rainbows and almost felt like he was floating above his body as he filled her pussy full of cum. Finally, the waves began to subside. “Oh my God,” he heard Annette say. “What?” he said.

“I’ve never seen someone cum like that before. Are you okay?” she asked. Dan pulled out of her and slumped to the ground. “Yes,” he said. “I think so.” Dan was suddenly very thirsty. “Pastor, did that just happen?” Annette said.

“Yes,” Dan said, trying to catch his breath. “And it can never happen again.”

“Oh my God,” she said. “You’re my pastor,” she muttered as if suddenly realizing what had happened. “I have to go,” she said. She began to get dressed. Dan just sat there as if in a daze. “I’ll let myself out,” she said.

“Hey,” he said. “Let’s talk about this later.”

“Okay,” she said. “Later.” She grabbed her purse and quickly left.

Dan must have sat there stunned for a long time. Finally, his private phone rang. It was his wife. He had been gone for over two hours. He answered the phone and assured her everything was okay. He would be home shortly. As if suddenly coming back to himself, he called Carl. Dan reassured him as well that he and Annette had a long talk. Carl confirmed that Annette had come home and went straight to bed. Carl said he was going to sleep in the spare bedroom that night. After that, he called Henry back and told him everything was under control. Dan dressed and drove home in stunned silence. What the hell had just happened to him? A week ago, he would have never dreamed that cheating on his wife was a remote possibility. Now…he was so tired, he didn’t know what to think. And what about his orgasm? In all his life, he had never had an orgasm that strong. Dan wasn’t sure he had anything left inside of his balls.

When Dan got home, his wife and kids were already asleep. He grabbed a shower, something he rarely did in the evening, and crawled in the bed beside his wife. He would figure this out in the morning.

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