The Game Ch. 01

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Chapter One – The Quizmaster

21 September 2007

David was feeding the baby when Marie came through the door; she was glowing from her morning run.

“Look, mommy is home,” he cooed to his daughter who was just shy of her first birthday.

Marie leaned back against the breakfast bar, stretching. Her Lycra tights and shirt clung to her body, emphasising the curves and crevices of her lithe frame. David leered at his wife’s groin and breasts, his eyes devoured her cleft and her nipples encased in the tight shimmery fabric. He was becoming turgid.

He put down the spoon and stood, approaching his wife. She was flicking through the morning mail delivery unaware of the effect that she was having on her husband until he pressed himself against her and began to kiss her. She dropped the mail on the counter and kissed him back, putting her arms around him.

“Morning David, glad to see you’ve dressed and have fed our little princess,” Marie smiled.

“Do I get a reward?” David slid a hand between their bodies and pressed it to her mound.

“Stop it David. I’m hot and sweaty and I need a shower,” she hissed in his ear.

“You know those tights make me horny,” he pushed a finger into her cleft.

He knew that she wore no panties under her Lycra sports tights and he loved how they clung to her mound, defining its shape. He had once joked that it turned her on knowing that men surreptitiously stared at her cunt straining at the sheer fabric. She had blushed and looked guiltily away from him and he realised there was some truth to his accusation.

“Just a quick one,” David panted in her ear and began to rub her sex through her tights.

He found her labia and pushed his finger deeper, searching for her clitoris.

“The baby!” Marie hissed.

“She’s too young to know what’s happening,” David moved Marie’s hand inside his bathrobe and guided it to his erect phallus.

“You’re incorrigible David,” Marie sighed.

She reluctantly gripped his cock and began to stroke it. They were both forty and already some of her girlfriends were complaining that their husbands had lost interest in them sexually so she was happy that David still found her alluring, but he got horny at some of the most inconvenient times and awkward places. At his insistence they had fucked in the car, outdoors in a park, in public toilets, once in an elevator; and once in the cinema. When they visited her mother he loved to fuck Marie in her mother’s bed.

David was fixated with stockings, tights, pantyhose, Lycra leggings, Spandex yoga-pants, knickers and panties, call them what you will, and he loved to play with her nylon-sheathed legs and her satin-clad vagina.

“Ok David. But I’m not taking off my tights; you can come on my legs and my pussy if you like,” she bit his ear, knowing he would love to exercise his fetish.

She wouldn’t orgasm but it would be nice feeling his cock rub on her vulva.

Marie guided David’s penis between her legs and clamped her thighs closed. His cock was trapped between her Lycra-clad thighs and her pubis. David gasped and pulled her close to him, opening his gown so he could feel her breasts press against his chest. She might pretend that she didn’t want sex but her hard nipples indicated otherwise.

“Make it quick David; the baby’s right there,” Marie hissed into his ear.

The heat of her breath in his ear made him all the more excited; he held her tight and began to thrust; pushing his erect penis up into her crotch; he could feel the outline of her vulva through the tight, slippery material of her tights.

“Oh!” Marie gasped and bit his shoulder as his glans pushed on her clitoris.

She admitted to herself that knowing that men stared at her breasts, legs, buttocks and pubic mound while she ran through the streets and the park turned her on a little; some of the men brazenly stared at her crotch as she ran past.

“Nice camel-toe luv!” a young tradesman on a building site had called out to her only that morning.

“Pig!” she had called back over her shoulder but she was flattered really, and a little excited.

She imagined it was the young, handsome, rough-cut, tradesman rutting against her now; not her husband. She didn’t feel guilty; they both fantasised during sex. David was thrusting harder now; she could feel the girth of his phallus rubbing and pushing into her shimmery-clad cunt. Now she wished she had let David fuck her properly so that she could imagine that the bricklayer was pushing her against the rough brickwork of the building; the muscled tradesman forcing himself on the petite housewife out for a run. She could smell a scintilla of her vaginal secretions faintly mingled with the aroma of her workout sweat.

Marie bit David’s neck as he held her tight and orgasmed against her; she felt his hot spend soak into her tights and the musty odour of semen assaulted her nose. Her cunt was tingling but nowhere near orgasm; she would take care porno izle of that in the shower as soon as David had finished.

David wiped his cock on Marie’s tights, knowing that she had to wash them regardless. Marie wiped herself with a tea towel conveniently left on the counter top and went back to perusing the mail while David put his cock back inside his underpants and closed his bathrobe.

“Coffee! Right now you randy goat!” she demanded; but she was smiling.

David poured Marie a cup and refilled his own.

“Here’s one for you honey, strange it has no stamp or address; it’s been hand delivered by the look of it,” Marie frowned as she turned the letter over and over in her hand.

David took the letter from his wife and inspected it. It was a regular letter-sized envelope, lavender coloured paper with David’s name scrawled in blue ballpoint ink. There was no return address and the flap was sealed.

“Maybe you have a secret admirer?” Marie teased him, grinning around her coffee cup.

David took a knife from the drawer and slid the blade into the envelope flap and neatly cut it open.

A single sheet of paper, followed by a photograph, fell onto the table as he shook the envelope. David picked up the photo and stared at it in awe, his facial expressions shifted from inquisitiveness, to recognition, to surprise, and then horror. His hand shook as he stared at picture. It was explicit. It was pornographic. It was a pretty young woman lying on a bed fully clothed but with her skirt hiked up and her stocking-clad legs locked around a young man who was vigorously fucking her. The woman’s face was contorted with passion and even though she was wearing heavy makeup if you knew what you were looking for and scrutinised the picture long enough and carefully you would eventually realise that the pretty young harlot was really David dressed as a woman.

David was shocked, speechless. He stood motionless like a statue staring at the photograph. He snapped out of his reverie and slammed the photograph facedown on the table, covering it with his hand. He swivelled his head expecting Marie to ask for an explanation but she had already left her coffee cup on the breakfast bar and was making her way up the stairs.

Ordinarily he would not be able to take his eyes off her buttocks, knowing that she was heading for the shower where she was likely going to finish what David had started; ‘rubbing one out’ as she called it. Usually if he could propagate another erection so quickly after his recent orgasm he would attempt to join her in the shower. But that was the last thing on his mind now.

He plucked his daughter out of her highchair and carried her upstairs to her room and put her down in her cot. As usual after her morning feed she wanted a nap and she snuggled up with her stuffed bunny and closed her eyes.

David went to the doorway of the pokey third bedroom that he used as his home office. David was a writer and author and made a comfortable living writing short stories, reviews, and had published three novels. Each of the novels had been a little more successful than the previous one and although he wasn’t yet a bestseller, with Marie’s income included they lived quite comfortably.

He listened carefully and heard his wife showering down the hall in the master bedroom’s ensuite bathroom; he closed the door to his office and sat at his desk, his hands shaking as he placed the lavender envelope down on the blotter. He couldn’t bring himself to look at the picture again so he shook it out and put it aside, facedown. The single piece of stationery was lavender identical to the envelope; it had been folded once to fit in the envelope and David smoothed out the crease so that it lay flat.

He began to read.

‘Hello David… or should I call you Petra?

Long time no see; in fact it is twenty years today since you last dressed as Petra; Happy Anniversary! You didn’t really just dress up as Petra though did you David? You transformed… no you BECAME Petra didn’t you? All for a dare… well at first of course it was. We all had to accomplish our dares didn’t we David? Too much to lose if we didn’t.

Well David; I’d like to play The Game again, sort of revive it if you get my drift. Of course there won’t be the six of us playing; just you and I. So we have to put something in the kitty to make it worthwhile; something precious, something cherished, not just a few quid like in the old days.

I know… let’s play for EVERYTHING David! Everything that you hold precious: your marriage, your daughter, your job, your friends, your family, your self-respect… like I said; everything!

I bet your mind is racing right now David. Who is this? Where did they get that picture? Why are they doing this? Well none of that is important right now; what is important is that you follow the rules of The Game exactly. Your first dare will be sent to you shortly at the address below where you are to go as soon as you are amatör porno free from your fatherly duties.

Don’t do anything silly like trying to go to the authorities or contact any of the old players to try to find out who I am; all will be revealed in good time. I’m watching you David… I’m watching you very closely; you and your family. Marie looks really sexy in that tight slinky workout gear doesn’t she David? I saw her leave for her run this morning.

Which reminds me… just let you know how serious I am you had better get to her knicker drawer before she does; you don’t want her finding what I’ve put there.

See you soon… so to speak,

The Quizmaster’

David glanced at the address at the bottom of the letter. It was familiar; very familiar, too familiar in fact. If what the author of the letter had written was true, and all of what was written in the letter appeared to be true so far, he knew that he had to get to the dresser in the master bedroom as soon as possible.

David pulled back the chair and shot out of it, he pulled the door open too fast and caught his knee but he didn’t slow down. He hobbled down the hallway to the master bedroom; the shower had stopped running and he had no idea how long ago Marie had finished her shower.

He yanked open her lingerie drawer open so hard that it nearly came off the runners but he caught it in time and pushed it back a little so that it was wide open. He rummaged through his wife’s intimates, breathing heavily and sweating profusely. He heard the exhaust fan shut down in the ensuite bathroom, which meant that Marie had turned out the light and was on her way out. His fingers found the lavender envelope and he snatched it from the drawer and shoved into the pocket of his bathrobe just as the bathroom door opened.

“Caught you!” Marie looked at him sternly.

David jumped; startled. He reddened and started to shake; a bead of sweat ran down the side of his face.

Marie started laughing.

“Don’t know why you’re looking so alarmed David; it’s not the first time I’ve found you rummaging in my knicker drawer,” she scolded him playfully.

David exhaled powerfully; a manifestation of both guilt and relief.

He picked out a pair of full-cut nylon leopard-skin panties and held them up.

“I was just thinking I’d like you to wear these,” David fabricated a feeble excuse for rummaging in Marie’s unmentionables.

“Not fucking likely David! I’m a lawyer not a hooker! I’ve got a business meeting today to which I’m wearing my navy business suit; I don’t want to be dressed like a nineteen-eighties prostitute underneath it,” she reproached him, snatching the knickers out of his hand.

“Hey… leopard-skin panties are timeless; not just nineteen-eighties,” David played along, trying to making light of the situation.

“Well you wear them then,” she said throwing them at him and laughing.

David caught them instinctively.

“I shouldn’t have said that should I? Knowing you, you are just as likely to do so. Now fuck off and let me get dressed for work,” she made a shooing motion.

David continued the masquerade and laughed, backing out of the bedroom and padding down the hallway.

“Hey stop right there! I’m on to you David!” Marie called out from around the bedroom door.

David froze. Fuck! Was this it? Was his marriage over? If Marie had seen what David suspected was in the envelope, more than likely it was. He turned around slowly; his face a picture of guilt.

“Give me back my knickers please,” Marie held out her hand.

David breathed another sigh of relief and bunched up and threw the flimsy garment, which Marie deftly caught. She closed the bedroom door and David fell through the door of his study trembling with dread. He closed and locked it behind him.

He fell down into the chair and placed the two envelopes side by side. The envelope from Marie’s lingerie drawer was blank; unaddressed. He opened the flap and tipped the contents out on the blotter.

Four more photographs; each as incriminating as the one addressed to him. David dressed as Petra, performing sex acts with the same man.

David sat there and stared at the pictures for a while and then he put all five pictures into the unmarked envelope. He rummaged through the detritus in a brass dish that was embossed with the words ‘Keys N Coins’ until he found a small key. He took the small key, opened a desk drawer and took out a blue-painted steel lock-box and unlocked it. He placed both envelopes inside the box and locked it; putting the key in his pocket. He put the box back and took out the pack of cigarettes hidden away at the back of the same drawer; he opened the window and sat back at the desk and lit a cigarette while he re-read the letter.

His consciousness drifted back to his youth.

September 1985

David, Rachael, Timothy, Sandra, William and Bethany were best friends who boozed, drugged and anal porno partied most of their way through their years at university; if tragedy hadn’t struck one of the group, they most likely would never have graduated.

They were a close group who did everything together. They would meet up at each other’s places for boozy weekends laughing, joking and fooling around, playing board games, or ‘twenty questions’, ‘would you rather’, ‘truth or dare’ and other such contrivances into the early houris of the morning. Then one of the group, they all took credit for it of course, came up with an improved perpetuation of the game truth or dare.

‘The Game’ as they called it was never given any other name than just that, ‘The Game’. It began as a series of student pranks that soon developed into a game of dare. Each week on a rotational basis one of the students was designated the competitor and the remaining five students each thought up a dare and put it in a sealed envelope. The competitor had to select an envelope blindly from a glass bowl and then carry out the dare inside.

The six students would each put twenty pounds, a lot of money in those days, into a kitty and the kitty grew as each competitor completed their dare. Failure to complete the dare resulted in the creator of the dare taking the kitty. As time wore on the dares became more brazen and difficult and usually downright humiliating for the contestant. It became a matter of pride to think up the most outrageous dare. The Game parties were drug and alcohol fuelled events and whoever’s turn it was to be the contestant knew that plenty of ‘Dutch Courage’ would likely be required in order to complete their dare.

The dare had to commence at 7pm and be completed at midnight and at least one other member of the group, designated the ‘Quizmaster’, had to witness the dare through to completion. Some of the dares were quite elaborate and some just required patience and persistence. One example was that one of the male students had to spend the night covered in filth and dressed in rags begging on the high street pretending to be homeless. Another dare was to break into the local church and climb the belltower and ring the church bells precisely at midnight; that contestant was caught and spent the weekend in goal.

Another radical dare was initiated by one of the group who had a policeman friend and was able to borrow his warrant card. The contestant had to randomly accost people on the street and subject them to a ‘stop and search’. This went well until one accosted person realised that the picture on the warrant card didn’t match the contestant and gave him a black eye; but it was all part of The Game.

One of the girls had to dress as a strumpet and spend the night amongst the streetwalkers under the railway bridge. She was of course expected to decline all the punters who approached her but she had to be openly solicitous.

Sometimes all five of the group watched the competitor see the dare through to completion. But sometimes the dare became boring to watch after a while so the Quizmaster had to remain to watch the competitor complete the dare while the other four went to the pub or back to one of their flats to carry on partying.

David can remember that night twenty years ago like it was only yesterday.

He put his hand in the jar a little apprehensively and selected one of the five envelopes. The others watched expectantly as he tore it open. He read the printed script and smiled; an easy dare he thought. He read it aloud for the group to hear.

“You are to be fully feminised and dressed in a sexy outfit and spend the night at the X-rated movie theatre,” he read.

“Piss easy this one! Just throw on some drag and sit there all night watching porn,” David gloated.

“Oh no David! The dare says you are to be fully feminised,” Sandra, whose dare it obliviously was, corrected him.

Rachael and Bethany joined in.

“Yes! We’re going to turn you into a sexy little vixen so that those pervs in the theatre won’t be able to keep their hands off you,” Bethany cackled, drawing on a spliff.

“And I’ve got just the gear too; you’re about my size. Let’s go and girly this bloke up!” Bethany squealed.

All six of them piled into William’s beat up VW Combi and drove around to Bethany’s cosy little flat.

David thought that being feminised would be quite the ordeal but it turned out to be quite the contrary. The girls insisted on shaving his face and, stripping him down to his underpants and shaving any visible body hair of which he had very little anyway.

“Fuck David you’ve got less hair on your legs than I have; and I shave twice a week!” Sandra whined drunkenly.

Bethany did his makeup: foundation, finishing powder, blush, eyeshadow, heavy eyeliner and mascara. They insisted on putting bright red lipstick on him. She brushed out his long hair, parted it in the middle and cut him a fringe. They even painted his nails bright red to match the lipstick.

“Really Bethany?” David whined.

“You forfeiting David?” Bethany grinned, knowing full well that the dare was pretty easy really.

David just shrugged.

She bought out a pile of her clothes and dropped them on the couch.

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