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by Pink Panther

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October 1960

It was morning break. As there was nothing that he needed to do, Alex made his way to the staffroom. He began to make himself a cup of coffee. George Brett came and stood next to him. George was in his fifties, and though he excelled at teaching the most able boys, Alex had always found him rather stuffy and old fashioned.

“It seems I owe you an apology,” the older man said.

“Really?” Alex queried. “What for?”

“Before the summer holiday, I rather disparaged your efforts with last year”s 3-Blue. I now understand what a remarkable job you did. The five boys that are now in the top set really stand out from the others. It”s not that they”re cleverer, though Calladine is clearly very able. But they”re so much more mature and self-reliant. They don”t wait for me to tell them things. They just get on with it.”

“Well,” Alex explained, “I was so busy trying to bring the rest of the boys up to standard, it had to be like that. I told them it would be a challenge. Fortunately, they were up to it. Calladine led the way, of course.”

“Well, you did an excellent job,” George went on. “And that was a very interesting idea you had, introducing Calladine to abstract algebra. What made you think of that?”

“By the time I was in a position to work with him on his own, I was only going to have him for a few more weeks. I didn”t see the point of just doing more ordinary school maths.”

“Quite so. You”ll be pleased to hear that I”ve carried on where you left off. The boy is a remarkable talent. And I understand you”re now looking after another one.”

“Oh, you mean Bradshaw?” Alex said, smiling. “He”s excellent, an absolute joy to work with.”

“Well, he”s in very safe hands,” George said, nodding approvingly.

Alex returned to his classroom as though floating on air. Previously, George, the department”s oldest member, had been rather dismissive of him. For the man to have spoken to him in the way he had was a vindication of all the work he”d put in.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

By coaching the under-12 football team, Alex had learned things about Bradshaw that he would have been quite unaware of had he just been teaching him. For a start, the boy was as brave as a lion. In their most recent match, he”d scored a goal with a diving header. In a crowded penalty area, his head might easily have made contact with another player”s knee, or even another player”s boot. He didn”t think about that. He saw the opportunity to score, and he took it.

And he was totally committed. He and Monk were very similar players. Technically, Monk was the better of the two. Bradshaw, however, was by far the more competitive. If the team lost the ball, it would be Bradshaw who would make the run and the tackle to try to win it back. These were qualities that Alex admired. They would serve the lad well in the future.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Thursday afternoon. School had just ended. Michael strolled into Mr Faulkner”s classroom, sitting down next to his form master.

“Stainham has left the fold,” Alex said cryptically.

“He”s done what?” Michael asked.

“He”s met a special someone, so we won”t be seeing him anymore.”

“Really? Who is it sir?”

“Whitney,” Alex admonished. “Don”t ask silly questions. Even if I knew, I wouldn”t be at liberty to say.”

“Sorry, sir. So now you”ve just got me. Oh, and Newton. He said he came to see you on Tuesday.”

“Oh, he told you about that, did he? Did he pass on any other little insights?”

“Yes sir, he said having sex with you was like Christmas pudding.”

“Really? And did he explain this?”

“Yes sir. He said it was like Christmas pudding because it was absolutely wonderful, but you wouldn”t want it every day.”

Alex couldn”t stop himself laughing.

“Oh, that”s priceless!” he chortled. “Mr Smith and Mr Brown will be most amused.” Having regained his composure, he looked Whitney right in the eye. “I told you friends like him don”t grow on trees,” he said quietly, his gaze not flickering for an instant. “He”s one in a million. I don”t know anyone else who could have said that. For someone of his age to say it is quite extraordinary.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Saturday morning, a week before school finished for the half term break. The Woodchurch Under-12 football team were playing a home match against one of the local secondary schools. The school was co-educational and quite small. With fewer than fifty boys per year, their teams were usually among the poorest that Woodchurch played against.

And so it proved on this occasion. After fifteen minutes, with Woodchurch already leading by a goal to nil, Bradshaw was hacked down by a very bad tackle. He got to his feet, his eyes blazing. Alex was astonished. It was yet another side to Bradshaw”s character he hadn”t seen before. It was quite clear that if that had happened on the playground, despite being much the smaller of the two, Bradshaw would have punched the other lad.

Fortunately, Neil Fleming, who was refereeing the match, was on the spot in an instant.

“Come here!” he barked, calling the miscreant to him.

“Name?” he demanded.


“Talbot, there is a word I didn”t hear. Let”s try it again. Name?”

“Talbot, sir,”

“That”s better!” Neil snapped. “Now Talbot, that tackle wasn”t just late, it was very clumsy. Not only didn”t you get the ball, you never got anywhere near it. On this occasion, I”m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but if I see any more of it, you”ll be off.”

Talbot trotted away, a vacant expression on his face, leaving Wade to take the resulting free kick. Ten minutes later, the lad committed an even worse foul, his studs raking across Monk”s left shin. Neil once again summoned the lad, who was trying to walk away.

“Talbot,” he said firmly. “I gave you a very clear warning. I now have no alternative. Off you go!”

While Monk got gingerly to his feet, Talbot ambled off the pitch as though the following week would do. As a contest, the game was effectively over. Already in the ascendancy, and now with a man advantage, the Woodchurch team simply ripped their opponents to shreds.

At the end of the match, it was all Alex could do to stop his players getting carried away with their five-nil victory. All they”d done was to beat a poor team who”d played more than half the match with only ten men. The score was meaningless. Last year, his under-15 team would have understood that. It was clear that most of these boys did not.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was ten to two when Alex”s doorbell rang. He went to answer it, ushering Whitney into the flat.

“Good to see you,” he greeted. “Are you looking forward to seeing Jessop again?”

“Oh yes sir!” Michael answered. “I hope he hasn”t changed too much.”

“I don”t think he has. Mr Brown tells me that he”s still some way from being able to cum.”

“That”s super, isn”t it, sir? What time will they be here?”

“We said quarter past, but they”ll probably be early. They usually are. Would you like a drink?”

“Lemonade please sir.”

Alex strolled into the kitchen. Returning a few seconds later, he handed the boy a glass of lemonade.

“So how are you going to have him, sir?” Michael enquired.

“I”ve not decided yet. I”d like to have him on his tummy.”

“Oh, I”d love to watch that!”

“I”ll have a word with Mr Brown, just to make sure it”s okay.”

A little before ten past two, the doorbell rang again. Leaving Whitney in the lounge, Alex strode along the hallway. Opening the door, he took in the sight that presented itself. Jessop had changed. He was a good couple escort kocaeli of inches taller than he”d been on their only previous meeting, and seemed slimmer, though the boy”s beautifully proportioned thighs still filled out his now rather brief grey shorts. He was more beautiful than ever!

Alex quickly shepherded his guests through to the lounge.

“Hi Whitney!” Jessop said, exuding even greater confidence than he had before. “Super to see you again!”

“Super to see you too!” Michael responded, immediately struck by how gorgeous the boy looked.

“Yeah, I was hoping we”d have seen more of each other last year, but Mr Brown said that you and King were rather keen on each other.”

“Yeah, I guess we were. What about you? D”you miss him?”

“Not really,” Jessop said dismissively. “Good boys are okay, but bad ones are a lot more fun.” He turned towards his music master. “Isn”t that right, sir?”

Alex was immediately on his guard. This wasn”t just confidence. It was bordering on arrogance.

“I take it that”s Arrowsmith you”re referring to?” he asked, looking the lad straight in the eye.

“Yes sir,” Jessop confirmed, still looking supremely confident.

“Well, I wouldn”t describe Arrowsmith as a bad boy, exactly” Martin (aka Mr Brown) said, sounding a little put out. “A little rebellious, maybe.”

“Would you like a drink before we start?” Alex asked.

“Please!” the guests chorused.

“Tea or lemonade?”

“Tea for me,” Martin said.

“I”ll have lemonade please,” Jessop added.

Alex headed for the kitchen, gesturing for Martin to follow him.

“I”d like to have Jessop lying face down, if that”s okay,” he said.

“Yes, no problem at all. I”ve fucked him like that a few times. He loves it. And he”s used to taking Gordon”s now, of course. Actually, it”ll do no harm if you give it to him really hard. He is getting a little above himself. I”m afraid that”s Arrowsmith”s influence.”

“Yes,” Alex agreed. “I did rather get that impression. I”m sure I can cure him of it,” he added, almost salivating at the prospect. “What about gagging him?”

“Only if you need to,” Martin said. “I”m hoping it won”t come to that. You can go first. Then I”ll have Whitney the same way.”

As soon as they”d finished their drinks, they moved to the bedroom.

“Okay, shoes and socks off,” Alex instructed, sitting on the side of the bed. “You know the drill.”

As soon as he was divested of his shoes and socks, Jessop stood in front of him.

“Tie off, shirt off,” Alex said quietly, watching intently as the lad removed them. “Very nice!” he cooed, admiring Jessop”s hairless chest.

He reached up, unclipping the top of the youngster”s shorts and undoing the fly-buttons. As the snug-fitting shorts didn”t move, he eased them over the boy”s hips. They fell to the floor, allowing Jessop to step out of them. He was wearing white briefs, similar to the ones Stainham sometimes wore. It made sense, Alex thought. Jessop seemed like the type of boy whose parents would shop in the most exclusive London stores.

“Sexy little underpants!” he commented, running his fingers over the hard bulge created by the lad”s erect penis.

Hooking his thumbs into the waistband, he quickly skinned them down the eleven-year old”s legs. Jessop kicked them off. Alex licked his lips, admiring the lad”s slim three and a half inch cock and marble sized balls held tight in their sac. It was clear that Jessop was still some way from being able to cum, just as Martin had told him.

Leaning forwards, he closed his lips over the boy”s wonderfully hard penis. He sucked it steadily, flicking out his tongue to slash at the youngster”s balls. After a couple of minutes, he let the lad go.

“You know what to do,” he said.

Jessop knelt on the floor. After undoing Alex”s flies, he reached inside and took out Alex”s stiff cock.

“You”re going to stick this in my boy-hole later, aren”t you sir?” he asked, giving Alex a cheeky grin.

“Of course I am,” Alex told him. “Once Whitney”s finished with you.”

Holding it around the base, Jessop eased back Mr White”s foreskin, enabling him to lick all over the smooth shiny head. The task completed, he took it into his mouth, carefully working his way down until he”d got around half of it. He sucked it steadily, using his tongue like the experienced performer he”d become. Alex ruffled the lad”s thick brown hair, the sensations in his penis a total delight. He glanced across. Whitney was also on his knees, eagerly sucking the young choirmaster.

“Okay, Mr Brown,” Alex announced. “I think it”s time for the boys to have some fun together.”

As always, Martin immediately deferred to his host”s request. As the two boys snuggled up on the bed, Michael tried to draw Jessop into a kiss. The younger boy turned his head away.

“What”s the matter?” Michael demanded. “We kissed before. You loved it!”

“Arrowsmith says I shouldn”t. He says it”s girly.”

“Fuck Arrowsmith! He doesn”t know anything. Anyway, you”re with me now.”

“You know last week?” Jessop queried. “When Arrowsmith came here. Did you . . . you know?”

“Yeah, of course I did. I”m bigger than him, older than him, and my cock”s bigger than his. So I fucked him.”

“I wondered about that. He wouldn”t tell me. Okay then.”

The boys” lips met in a passionate kiss, their tongues engaged in an exotic dance. Michael wondered what else Arrowsmith hadn”t said about their encounter the previous week, like the pounding Mr White had given him. He had half a mind to tell Jessop, but thought better of it. Finally, he eased away.

“Well?” he demanded, giving Jessop his warmest smile. “How was that?”

“Super! It makes me feel really horny.”

“Me too! So take no notice of Arrowsmith, okay? Just do what feels right to you.”

“Yeah, okay.”

After a second wonderful kiss they moved effortlessly into a sixty-nine. Slipping his hand between Jessop”s legs, Michael quickly located the younger lad”s bum-hole. He pushed inside. His finger slid in easily. That was different, Michael noted. At their previous meeting, Jessop had been very tight, just in the process of learning how to take it. In the intervening months, things had moved on. Jessop had taken lots of cocks, including Mr Smith”s which had been inside him on a good number of occasions. The boy wouldn”t need much preparation. He was pretty well ready as it was.

“Okay,” Michael said. “Get on all fours, feet right at the bottom of the bed.”

As Jessop got into position, Michael knelt on the floor directly behind him, holding the younger lad”s thighs to move his bum-hole to exactly the right height. Finally, he leaned in, his tongue lapping at the eleven-year old”s anus.

“Ohhh!” Jessop breathed. “That feels super!”

Michael licked even more insistently, the tip of his tongue pushing inside.

“Oh yes!” Jessop moaned.

“Are you ready for my cock?” Michael asked.

“Yes!” the younger boy confirmed.

“Okay,” Michael instructed, shuffling backwards. “Stand in front of me and bend over. Rest your hands on the bed.”

By this time, both teachers were naked. Martin was sitting in the armchair, his eyes glued to the show that the boys were putting on. He turned towards Alex and grinned. Knowing what his choirmaster friend wanted to do, Alex smiled and nodded. Martin didn”t hesitate. Getting onto the bed, he lay on his back, his head directly below Jessop”s boy-parts.

“Do you want to watch me stick it up him, sir,” Michael asked, while coating his penis with K-Y.

“Yes,” Martin said. “I want to see your long slim cock go right up him.”

Michael moved in close, guiding his dick onto its target. Taking a deep breath, he pushed hard. It went right in.

“Ohhh!” Jessop gasped. “Oh yes!”

“Oh, wonderful!” Martin enthused. “Now let me see you fuck your spunk into his boy-hole!”

Michael didn”t need to be asked twice. Within seconds he was pounding Jessop”s bottom as though his life depended on it. The horny eleven-year old may not have been as tight as he”d been on their previous encounter, but he was still a beautiful fuck.

“Don”t either of you touch Jessop”s cock,” Alex cautioned. “I”ll deal with that.”

kocaeli anal yapan escort The two teachers watched in silence, the only sounds being boys” voices, a deeper one breathing noisily, a higher-pitched one moaning with obvious pleasure. A couple of minutes passed, the thirteen-year old”s efforts not slackening for a moment. Suddenly, the lad”s breathing became much harsher.

“Ohh!” he gasped. “I”m going to cum!”

Instinctively, Michael buried his cock deep in Jessop”s bum. It jerked repeatedly, rope after rope of teen spunk spurting powerfully into the younger boy”s rectum. After a few seconds, he carefully pulled out. He was completely spent, his dick as sensitive as it had ever been. Jessop might not be the tightest he”d ever fucked, he reflected, but the kid was as sexy as hell.

They quickly changed places. While Mr Brown sat on the armchair with Whitney on his lap, Alex joined Jessop on the bed. He drew the lad to him, gently stroking the boy”s thick dark hair.

“Did you like having Whitney”s cock inside you?” Alex asked his young guest. “It seemed like you did.”

“Oh yes sir!” Jessop answered. “It was super! I like it when Arrowsmith fucks me, but you know that sensitive thing up your bum? Well, Arrowsmith”s cock just sort of touches it. Whitney”s went right over it.”

“I see. And in a few minutes time, mine”s going to do exactly the same. I have to say that I”ve been a little disappointed in you today. The first time I met you, I was impressed by how confident you were. But there”s a line to be drawn between being confident and showing off. When you arrived today, you were showing off, weren”t you?”

“Yes sir. I”m sorry sir.”

“I think you”ve paid too much attention to your friend Arrowsmith. You need to be careful about that.”

“Yes sir.”

“Right! Now we”re going to kiss.”

Jessop immediately became tense. The week before, he”d refused to kiss either Holdsworth or Mr Smith. And although he”d enjoyed kissing Whitney, kissing Mr White was a far more daunting proposition. But he knew he had to do it. His host had that air of quiet authority that commanded obedience.

“Just relax,” Alex whispered, sensing the lad”s nervousness.

He drew the boy onto him. The moment their lips met, Jessop melted into his embrace. They kissed passionately, the eleven-year old suddenly a more than willing participant. Alex couldn”t imagine how Arrowsmith had persuaded the lad that he shouldn”t do it.

“Okay,” he said, pulling away. “Time for a sixty-nine.”

“Can we do it with you on your back and me on top of you?” Jessop asked. “That”s how I do it with Mr Brown.”

“Yes, why not?”

Within seconds, Jessop was thrusting his boy-dick into Mr White”s mouth, while his lips worked their way up and down the man”s rock-hard pole. Despite the lad having to stretch himself to the limit, he performed quite wonderfully. Within a couple of minutes Alex sensed that an orgasm was not far away.

“Okay, you”d better stop now,” he ordered. “Right,” he continued as they disengaged. “Get on all fours like you did for Whitney.”

With the boy in position, Alex began to lick him out. He smiled to himself. Just as he”d expected, the lad was full of Whitney”s spunk, and more than ready to be fucked for a second time. Getting to his feet, he placed a pillow in the middle of the bed.

“Okay,” he said quietly. “On your tummy!”

Jessop complied without giving it a second thought. Over the previous few weeks, Mr Brown had fucked him in this position on several occasions, experiences he”d greatly enjoyed. He knew that Mr White was bigger, but he wasn”t worried. On their previous meeting, the man had taken great care not to hurt him.

All such ideas were dispelled in an instant. After being cursorily smeared with K-Y, Mr White”s cock speared right into him, impaling him with a single hard thrust.

“Ohh, sir!” he protested, the stabbing pain making his head spin.

“Just to make sure you don”t forget what I told you,” Alex said quietly. “I”m going to fuck you the same way I fucked Arrowsmith last week.”

Slowly withdrawing until only the head remained inside, he slammed right in again.

“Ohhhh!” Jessop responded, his eyes filling with tears.

Alex was undaunted. He”d been given carte blanche to give the lad a good, hard fucking, and that was what he was going to do. For a moment, he considered gagging the boy, but decided it wasn”t necessary. He quickly settled to his task, pounding the youngster”s bottom as hard as he could.

“Nng! Nng! Nng!” he rasped.

“Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!” Jessop whimpered in response.

The seconds ticked into minutes. Alex was relentless, never missing a beat. Almost imperceptibly, the sounds coming from beneath him began to change. As his cock did its work on the boy”s prostate, quiet whimpers turned into gasps of pleasure.

“Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooohhh!!

Suddenly Jessop shuddered violently, the tingling in his penis almost unbearable. As he thrashed around on the bed, his anal ring clamped tight around Mr White”s fuck-stick. A moment later, his dick came to life, swelling and pulsing against the pillow, the culmination of the longest, wildest boygasm he”d ever experienced.

“Oh yes!” Alex said, his voice a low, triumphant growl. “Now take what I”ve got for you!”

Thrusting in as far as he could, he deposited a prodigious quantity of semen in the youngster”s bottom. After taking time to recover his composure, he gently pulled out. He turned onto his back, lying down next to Jessop who hadn”t moved a muscle. Reaching over, he lifted the boy up and across, lowering him back down so that the lad was lying right on top of him.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked, smiling upwards.

“Yes sir, I think so, but I need the toilet.”

“Oh, don”t worry about that. You”re only leaking onto me. So how was it?”

“Well, it really hurt at first. I wasn”t expecting that. But as it went on, it just got better and better. It was incredible. Nobody”s ever fucked me like that, sir!”

“No, I thought they probably hadn”t.”

“Sir, was that really how you fucked Arrowsmith last week?”

“Of course it was. Ask Whitney. He”ll tell you. Or Mr Brown.”

“Oh! Arrowsmith just said it was okay.”

“So he probably didn”t tell you that he shot his spunk while I was fucking him,” Alex continued, gently stroking Jessop”s back.

“No sir.”

“Or that I had to smack his bottom beforehand.”

“No sir. Why did you have to do that?”

“He wouldn”t lie still like I”d told him to. I also told him that if you could take my cock, which you already had, I was sure he could. So it seems that there are a few things Arrowsmith hasn”t been telling you.”

“Yes sir.”

“I know Arrowsmith”s fun to be with,” Alex said quietly, gently running his fingers through Jessop”s hair. “I understand that. But you shouldn”t take too much notice of what he tells you. And you mustn”t try to be like him. You”re better than that.”


“A few months ago,” Alex said quietly, drawing the lad closer. “I met a very special young man. Although he seemed very confident, he didn”t show off. He didn”t need to. And that”s the young man I want to see when you come here in future. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

Quite spontaneously, their lips met in a passionate post-fuck kiss. Finally, they broke apart.

“Okay,” Alex said gently. “Time to get you to the bathroom.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was fully ten minutes before Alex made his way back to the bedroom. Whitney was heading the other way.

“Have you had a nice time with Mr Brown?” he asked quietly.

“Yes sir,” Michael said. “We always do.”

“Excellent! Jessop”s having a bath. Look after him for me.”

“Yes sir, of course.”

Leaving Whitney to perform his ablutions, Alex re-entered the bedroom. Martin was getting dressed.

“Is everything okay?” the young choirmaster asked.

“Yes, fine,” Alex told him.

“I must say you were very persuasive with Jessop. I”m sure he”ll have got the message.”

“I think so. So when will you be taking Arrowsmith to Gordon”s place?”

“Tomorrow afternoon. I”m really looking forward to seeing izmit yabancı escort Southcott again.”

“I”m sure you won”t be disappointed. Tell me, what is it with Arrowsmith?”

“Oh, he”s bright enough, very bright in fact. He just likes to be different from everyone else. He”s very anti-establishment. If there”s an anti-establishment cause, he”ll join it, like the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, for example. We”re not used to that. Most of our boys haven”t even heard of them. He”s a decent musician too. He plays clarinet and piano. But he says he wants to play the saxophone so he can play modern jazz, like someone called Charlie Parker. I hate it! It”s cacophonous.”

“Actually, I quite like modern jazz,” Alex said quietly. “I heard quite a bit while I was at Cambridge. Parker was a genius, but he”s not the easiest to listen to, mainly because he played everything so fast.”

“It”s not just the music I don”t like,” Martin said, sounding a little cross. “It”s the lifestyle that goes with it, hanging around in seedy jazz clubs, drinking, taking drugs. Arrowsmith seems totally enamoured of it all.”

“I understand your concern,” Alex said. “But the more you push against it, the more Arrowsmith will want to do it. That”s how he is.”

He left it there. For once, he and Martin did not see eye-to-eye. But their friendship was important, and he wasn”t going to put it at risk by interfering. Arrowsmith was Martin”s responsibility. At this point, Alex realised, he needed to step back and let his friend get on with it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Hi!” Michael said, entering the bathroom. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Jessop answered. “It hurt pretty bad to start with, but I”m fine now. Tell me, last week, did Mr White really fuck Arrowsmith like that?”

“Definitely!” Michael confirmed from his position sitting on the toilet. “Almost fucked his brains out. You should have heard Arrowsmith when Mr White”s cock went up him. Mr White had to stuff the kid”s underpants in his mouth to keep him quiet. But he still came on the pillow while he was being fucked. That was no surprise. I always cum when he fucks me like that. From what I saw, you would have too, but you”re not making spunk yet.”

“Yeah! I”ve never felt anything like it! It was wild!”

Having expelled Mr Brown”s spunk, Michael stood up to wipe his bum.

“You”re hard again,” Jessop commented. “Would you like me to suck you off?”

“Sure, if that”s what you want.” Michael said, smiling. “But let”s get you dried off first. Then we can do each other.”

As Jessop got out of the bath, Michael unfolded the towel and began to help the younger boy dry himself.

“Do you know Holdsworth?” Jessop asked.

“Yes, I know him quite well,” Michael said. “He lives not far from here. I”ll probably see him during half term. He usually comes over.”

“I met him a few weeks ago,” Jessop explained. “I got a real shock. I mean, he”s not much bigger than me, but his cock”s about the same size as yours. It looks massive on him!”

“So did you enjoy having him fuck you?”

“Yeah, it was super!”

“Now we”re both hard,” Michael said, grinning. “Who”s going first?”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Tuesday afternoon. Alex was taking Bradshaw for his maths tutorial. Holding one of the tutorials after school was a big bonus. It took away the time pressure that they were under at lunchtimes. To end the session, Alex gave the lad a particularly tricky problem. Undaunted, Bradshaw produced the answer, immaculately worked out, in just a couple of minutes.

“Well done!” Alex congratulated, patting the lad on his left thigh just above the knee.

Bradshaw turned and smiled up at him. It was a warm, welcoming smile, Alex noted; the lad clearly hadn”t minded one bit. The first hurdle had been successfully negotiated.

“What will you be doing over half term?” he asked.

“Nothing much, sir,” Bradshaw answered. “If the weather”s okay, I”ll play some football with my mates. That”ll be about it.”

“I was wondering if you”d like to come to my flat so we could carry on with the programme. You don”t have to. You can have a rest if you want.”

“Oh, can I? I”d love to, sir! But how would I get there?”

“Do you know the Kings Head just along the main road?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, if you can get there, I”ll pick you up. We can sort out the details when I see you on Friday.”

“Yes sir.”

“Right,” Alex said, smiling. “The first thing you need to do is to ask your mum if it”s okay.”

“Sir, do I have to ask her?” Bradshaw queried.

“Why? Don”t you want to?”

“She fusses over me, sir. She”ll want to know all the ins and outs. Then she”ll probably say I”m too young, or something stupid.”

“Okay,” Alex said thoughtfully. “I”ll write her a letter to explain the situation. You can collect it from me after class tomorrow. I”ll need an answer by Friday.”

“Yes sir,” Bradshaw responded.

“Right, off you go,” Alex said brightly. “I”ll see you after class tomorrow.”

He watched the lad leave the classroom. Their final exchange had been as interesting as it had been unexpected. Bradshaw, it appeared, was no longer happy to be his mother”s little boy and would have been quite willing to visit Alex”s flat without her knowledge. If his plans came to fruition, Alex considered, that might prove very useful.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

With Under-12 football training completed, Alex wandered around the changing room as the boys took off their kit. As the lads began to head for the showers, he took up his usual position in the drying area. After a few minutes, his attention was drawn to Thorpe, unselfconsciously towelling himself off while chatting to another member of the squad.

Thorpe was in 1-Blue, the group that he taught. As well as a face covered in freckles, the boy had bright red hair cut very short, which gave his head a somewhat bullet-like appearance. Initially, Alex had hardly given him a second look. But over the weeks, his opinion had changed. With lively blue eyes, a perfect, prepubescent boy”s nose and an engaging smile, Thorpe”s face did have an idiosyncratic cuteness. He was a good lad too, industrious and enthusiastic, his homework always well done and beautifully presented.

But it was seeing him as he was at that moment that had enabled Alex to appreciate the boy”s real beauty. Thorpe was slim without being scrawny, and apart from his face, his skin was milky white. But best of all, the lad”s perfectly proportioned thighs led up to cute little boy-parts and as fuckable a bottom as Alex had ever seen. The delights of a boy like Thorpe might be less readily apparent than those of Monk or Pennington, but they were real enough. You just had to look for them.

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It was Thursday morning. Alex”s class with 1-Blue had just finished. As the other boys left the room, Bradshaw came to Alex”s desk and handed over an envelope.

“Mum told me to give you this,” he said, sounding a little nervous.

“Have you seen it?” Alex asked, smiling.

“No sir.”

“Then we”d better see what it says.”

He opened the envelope, withdrawing a sheet of paper from inside. He began to read it out.

Dear Mr Faulkner,

Thank you for your very kind letter. I think Russell must have inherited his talent for maths from his late father. Unfortunately, maths was never my subject and so I haven”t been of much help to him. Actually, he teaches me things, or at least he tries to. The teachers at his junior school weren”t able to help him either. I could see how frustrated he was becoming. I would have employed a tutor for him, but we really can”t afford it. However, since he started at the grammar school, he”s been the happiest and most settled that he”s been for a long time, and that”s mainly because of the interest that you”ve shown in helping him with his maths.

He seems very keen to continue working during the half term break, and I”m very grateful to you for giving him the opportunity to do so. Please let me know when these extra lessons will take place and where he will have to meet you. I”ll make sure he doesn”t forget.

Yours sincerely,

E. Bradshaw (Mrs)

“Sir, that”s brilliant!” Bradshaw said, beaming.

“Come back at the end of school,” Alex said. “I”ll give you a letter with all the details.”

He watched the boy leave his classroom, hardly able to believe his good fortune. He didn”t want to build up too many hopes, but everything, it seemed, was falling into place.

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