The Keeper

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She stood away from the other mourners, gazing at the gravesite with her lips tightly pressed, sunglasses hiding the pain in her tear filled eyes. A man she’d loved desperately had passed away, even though it had been five years since their relationship had ended, she still had needed to come pay her respects.

He watched her, studying her body language, the way she tried to hold her emotions in, but he saw the tears sliding down her cheek and wondered who the pale woman was. He was certain she wasn’t one of his friend’s current women, he’d known them all and he definitely would have remembered this elfin beauty.

She left before the ceremony was quite finished, walking slowly towards the waiting cab, she got in and bade the driver take her to the airport hotel. Her flight was scheduled to leave in the wee hours of the morning, she’d try to get a few hours rest.

Peter’s mother was not taking her son’s death very well, she had called James and begged him to close up his condo, boxing up the clothes and belongings and getting them ready for pick up by the local Red Cross.

“Keep whatever you want James, any clothes or mementos, I simply cannot face doing that”.

And so here he was, going through his friend’s most private possessions, feeling guilty, like he was intruding. He was going through the video tapes that were in the master bedroom, there were movies that he’d collected but also tapes with labels stating sequences of trips and a few of family gatherings.

Then he saw her, the mysterious woman from the funeral, it was in a video that Peter had taken of her, she was doing a cartwheel in the sand near his beach house, making faces at the camera, even mooning him, he could hear her deep throated laughter as she fooled around for the camera, she was a beauty he thought, so tiny in stature but so perfectly put together, a natural beauty, green eyed and dark reddish hair, her creamy skin showed to perfection in the tight swim suit, her breasts were fairly large, her small waist and flaring hips, she had the perfect hour-glass figure.

The video played on showing her taking her suit off and jumping into the surf in her naked glory, she played in the water like a child and Peter must have been enraptured by her antics for most of the video showed only her.

Towards the end of the tape, he was shocked to realize that the scene unfolding was of two lovers in passionate embrace, Peter and the woman were making love, the look on her face left him awestruck, there was no sound, but he could imagine her moans and her screams as the expression on her face was captured at the moments of her ecstasy. He shouldn’t watch this he thought, this was private, but he couldn’t stop the film, she was so beautiful in her wanton abandon that he sat there gazing at the screen wishing it was he that elicited such a reaction from her.

He still didn’t know her name, whenever there was sound on the film, he heard Peter refer to her as “wench”, “Come here wench and show me some lovin” or other playful comments, but no name was mentioned. The memory of her haunted him for weeks, he’d asked Peter’s other friends if they remembered him going out with a slight reddish haired lady but not one could recall such a woman.

He had to meet with the company lawyer to finish up the details of the sale of his house and car and other incidentals, the lawyer mentioned that Peter had bequeathed his beach house to a woman by the name of Angelique LeBrun, that she would be coming by to sign the documents and pick up the keys. James asked if he could meet this lady, as the name wasn’t familiar at all. The lawyer agreed and shortly after he was buzzed that there was a Ms LeBrun to see him, he asked his secretary to bring her in and both men stood to welcome her into the office.

James was struck again by her beauty, she had a very plain but obviously expensive suit on, she inclined her head and asked who Mr. Michaelson was, the lawyer stepped forward and took her small hand in both of his, “I’m John Michaelson and this is James Newton, Peter’s friend and business partner” . She looked up to James with a half smile and mumbled that it was a pleasure.

She took the proffered seat and clasped her hands in her lap, waiting patiently for Mr. Michaelson to begin speaking. He told her that Peter had made provisions in his will that left the beach house and all its contents to her. There was a sealed letter for her which he handed to her. She left it unopened and slipped it into her purse. James could see her trying valiantly to hold onto her emotions, the clenched hands in her lap, the over brightness of her eyes. The lawyer took out some papers for her to read and sign, James was asked to sign also as a witness. The keys were handed to her and she looked up at the lawyer and thanked him, and looked next at James and with a slight smile nodded to him.

She left shortly afterwards and James asked Michaleson if he had any idea who that woman canlı bahis was in Peter’s life

“Pete once told me with great regret, she was the one who’d gotten away, they had a brief but passionate affair years ago, she’d wanted permanence and Peter had thought he was not ready for it and so she’d left. He never stopped caring about her, even trying to get her to come back but she’d moved on and never took his entreaty seriously, he said some of the happiest moments of his life had been spent with that woman”.

James left the law offices shortly after she did and was strolling to his car when he looked to the side and saw her in a parked rental, her face in her hands as her shoulders shook from her obvious sobs, before he realized what he was doing he’d opened her door and knelt down by her side, she turned her head quickly and her tear stained face and trembling lips were his undoing, he put his large hand on her shoulder and asked if he could help, she shook her head, not trusting herself to speak without breaking down again. “Scoot over Miss LeBrun, we’ll go get a coffee and sit in the park if you like, I don’t relish seeing you drive anywhere at the moment”.

She studied him for a few moments, then scooted over so that he could fit himself beneath the steering wheel, he had to make adjustments to the driver space before he steered the car onto the highway.

They stopped at a drive thru, he asked what she wanted in her coffee and she said she preferred iced tea, after he’d gotten their beverages he drove off in the direction of the local Marina.

“There’s a lovely park there and we can sit and you can gather yourself together, we can talk if you like, Peter was not only my business partner, he was also my good friend”. She seemed to relax a bit and followed him to the park bench where they both sat.

“I’m so sorry, you must be busy and here you are having to console me, I’ll be okay in a few minutes, I’ll drive you back to your car”.

“I’m not so busy that I can’t spare you some time, I’m surprised that Peter never mentioned you to me, you must have meant a lot to him for him to leave you his beloved beach house”.

She gazed ahead with a look of pain on her face.

“Ah Peter, I would have given up the world for that man, but he didn’t take me seriously until it was too late, when he did want a permanent relationship I was seriously committed to a job I couldn’t leave, too much depended on me and so I told him I was no longer free. He took it badly, was very angry with me, stopped calling and the next I heard about him was the announcement of his death” she said as fresh tears pooled in her eyes.

He put his arm around her shoulder and she laid her head on his wide one, he didn’t speak and neither did she, they just sat there for a long time taking comfort from each other. Finally she looked up at him;

“I think I’d better be heading back, thank you so much for the shoulder James, I really appreciate it”.

He didn’t want to let her go, trying to think of ways to keep the contact between them.

“Would you let me know when you plan to go to the beach house, Peter’s mother asked that I dispose of his personal effects and I’d like to do that as soon as possible so that I can finally tell her that his condo and beach house are cleared of his possessions”.

She inclined her head

“Actually, that’s where I’m headed now, I’ve taken a few days off work and thought I’d go see the beach house, I really don’t think I’ll be able to afford it’s upkeep which is a shame, I love that place”.

He took her hand in his and looked into her eyes

“What if I were to rent it from you for a few months of the year, the time that you wouldn’t be needing it for yourself, I’m prepared to do whatever upkeep and maintenance around the grounds for you as well”. She fairly beamed at him and hugged his arm to her in her excitement,

“Oh James, that would be perfect, how wonderful, thank you so much, I was so hoping I wouldn’t have to put it on the market, I’d like to make that my home some day”.

They agreed that he would follow her there after she dropped him off at his car, planning to stop along the way for a meal. They drove off and met at a roadside diner a few hours later, where they shared a quick meal and were on their way again for the second leg of their journey. It was late afternoon when they arrived at the beach house, he held the door of her car while she exited and she handed over the keys to him so that he could unlock the front door.

He heard her deep sigh as she walked into the glass walled living area, overlooking the pounding surf, she went directly to the patio door and unlocked it and walked onto the deck, breathing in deeply the fine salty air. He watched her as she seemingly gathered her strength, straightening her shoulders and clenching her fists.

He let himself onto the patio and stood a few feet behind her, god he wished he could reach out and bring her bahis siteleri into his arms, but he knew instinctively that was a privilege she would accord, not one that could be taken lightly. He cleared his throat;

“Is it okay if I go on to Pete’s room and gather his clothes Angelique?”

She turned around and with a shrug walked towards him,

“I’ll help you, let me get some garbage bags and we can put the clothes in there until we can pick up some boxes”.

The process took a little longer than it would have had he been alone, there were several times she picked up a sweater and brought it to her face, inhaling the scent still present there, she was saying goodbye he realized and so did not speak to her but focused his attention on the removal of all the accumulated stuff from the top of the closet. They worked away in silence and when they were finished he asked her if she was hungry, she answered yes and that she’d investigate the contents of the freezer to see if she could put something together quickly. He told her to go ahead and that he would pack away the rest of Pete’s things that weren’t going to remain behind.

He could hear cupboards opening and closing and shortly a wonderful aroma found its way to his nose, he followed it to the kitchen and was met with a most beguiling sight, there she was with half her body inside the small freezer, sorting through the contents, all he could see was her glorious derriere, the material from her pants stretched tightly across it, her legs splayed a bit, his thoughts turned from those of hunger for food to the more sensual hunger, it took all the strength he possessed not to walk up behind her and touch her.

He asked nonchalantly if he could get her a glass of wine and she nearly hit her head on the freezer lid in her surprised squeal, they both laughed and she said she would welcome a glass of wine and also his help, if he wouldn’t mind grilling the steaks she’d unthawed. The meals preparation was complete, they took their plates to the patio, he brought more wine and they sat in the cooling evening, watching the sunset and enjoyed their meal in companionable silence. He helped her with the clean up and then offered her a brandy, she was about to decline but he reminded her that she would probably sleep better for it and so she agreed.

“I don’t usually drink as much as I have tonight, if I get a bit tipsy and maudlin you’ve only yourself to blame”, She smiled at him

“Well if you become either one or both I have a way of clearing that up, I’ll put you over my shoulder, run down to the water and dump you in, that ought to bring you back fast enough”.

“Oh, not one to take advantage of an inebriated woman are you James?”

“Well you never know, I’d probably have to haul you out of the surf, you’d be drenched and cold, some things have a lovely way of standing out at that time, I might be tempted then, shall we try?”

He got a pillow thrown at him and grabbed it just in time, joining her in laughter.

He watched her blush as his words sank in, god, she is so damn beautiful, I want her so much, but he knew the wisest course would be for her to make the first move and so he got up and went to put a few logs in the fireplace, there was a definite chill in the air and since he’d be the one bunking on the sofa, he wanted a little warmth for later.

His back was to her, he couldn’t see the slow perusal she made of his bent form, her eyes taking in the strong physique, a look of hunger entering them before she put her head down and collected her thoughts. But it’s been so long she thought to herself, the only thing bothering her was that this was Peter’s house, she could still see him everywhere and felt ashamed that she’d entertained such carnal thoughts of his best friend. But with the glow of the fire, the warmth spreading through her from the brandy, it’s effects were leading her thoughts to those strong arms that had held her in comfort earlier, she so longed to be held again.

She watched him straighten and walk towards where she was sitting, he was looking at her, gauging the messages in her eyes, he walked over to the stereo unit and popped a few easy listening CD’s on, then came back to sit across from her in the overstuffed chair. She slowly got up and held her hand out to him,

“Would you care to dance with me sir” she asked huskily.

He didn’t have to be asked twice, he stood and reached for her in the same instant and they began a slow sensual dance, he held her close and she put her head on his chest, not quite reaching his shoulder, they swayed together quietly through several numbers, finally she lifted her face to look at him and his head came down for a quick exploratory kiss on her full lips, just as he was about to pull back, her mouth opened more and she held him nearer, his own lips covered hers in a feverish kiss, their tongues dancing, his hands running down her back and cupping her sweet cheeks.

“God I bahis şirketleri need you” he whispered huskily as he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the couch, sitting down with her in his lap”.

“Oh James, I want you too, but I feel as if I’m betraying him, making love with his friend in his own house” she whispered anxiously.

“Aww Angelique, he’s no longer with us, and you and he were no longer together, it’s just you and I, let’s not let any ghosts or memories interfere with the comfort we can offer each other please” he said softly.

He held her closer still, kissing her eyes shut, then kissing her lips, attempting to convey the powerful emotions he felt for her. He could feel her trembling, as his hand reached beneath her sweater, he cupped her full breast in his hand, hearing her gasp as he pulled on her nipple until it was hard as a pebble, he continued kissing her deeply, realizing that she was beyond remission, he lifted her sweater off her and undid her bra, a swift intake of breath as he beheld her beautiful breasts.

Her own hands were shaking as they reached for the buttons of his shirt but she undid them slowly and moved his shirt away from him, her breasts coming into contact with his chest, the hairs there tickling her and making her more aware of just how much she had missed this. The rest of their clothing came off, all the while they investigated each other, with nips and kisses. He turned her to face him, while she straddled him, his hand coming between them to touch her center, hot and oh so wet. He entered her slowly as she arched into him and the sweet dance began, she could feel his throbbing member fill her completely, she clasped her arms around his shoulders, his face pressed into her voluptuous cleavage, and increased the tempo of the rocking motion he had begun.

He felt her wetness seeping around his cock, god she was hot, her head flung back, the blush spreading from her chest upwards to her face, her eyes closed as she moaned and gasped. She reached the pinnacle once and once again before he started to pump inside of her in earnest, she clung to him, muttering in French, he couldn’t make out the words, she was so far gone, he felt her tightening around him once again and his own orgasm was near, when he felt the wetness surround him once more, he bucked hard several times and emptied his life force into her waiting womb.

Their breathing was ragged, they held each other tightly in the aftermath, nuzzling each other once again. He stood up suddenly, still connected to her and walked towards the bedroom, holding onto her bottom as she entwined her legs around his middle, her arms around his shoulders, burying her face into his neck and kissing him softly. He headed for the shower and let her slide down his length as he turned the jets on high with very hot water, then cold then hot and cold once more. She screeched each time the cold water hit her, her nipples peaking as she tried to jump away from the spray. His hands were soapy as he ran them lovingly over each inch of her body, inside of her, in the crack of her beautiful ass, he entered her with a soapy finger in each orifice and she moaned long and low.

They rinsed off and grabbed big fluffy towels and dried each other off.

“Last one to bed is a rotten egg,” she said as she took a leap through the bathroom door.

He laughed as he caught up with her, grabbed her around the waist and made a dash for the bed as she squealed. “What if we both hit it at the same time” as he jumped on dumping them both in a tangled pile of arms and legs. What a glorious picture she made, laying there with a smile in her eyes and on her lips as she held her arms open to him.

He lunged for her and she screeched in mock terror and they tumbled playfully, he biting and sucking whatever came into view, she laughing and eventually moaning his name pleadingly. He was visiting each and every glorious inch of her, what he’d failed to inspect earlier, learning her “spots” the ones that elicited whimpers, the ones that made her shiver, he spent an inordinate amount of time at her center, lavishing her with his tongue till he was rewarded with a large quick gush of her juices and still he kept plundering her with his tongue, she thrashed and sighed and when she reached her peak once more she screamed his name.

He flipped her over and ran his hardened member from her sopping slit up to her puckered anus, gently entering her there, she gasped and tried to pull away “Shhhhhhhh, relax baby” he encouraged her, as he found her sweet button and began to massage it as he slowly pushed the head of his penis in her tight entrance. She was beside herself with these new sensations, her guttural groan indicative of the immense depth of new sensations she was feeling.

He continued his slow breach, lovingly encouraging her, pressing hard on her button until he could feel once more the wetness seeping from her and covering his hand. He waited for her to approach another orgasm before he entered her fully and pumped her hard and long. She screamed his name in a long moan and he felt her trembling uncontrollably, she begged him “Ohhhhhhh come with me, fill me, fill me”

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