The Lost Boy Ch. 12

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A.N. Hello, hello, hello, hello.

This chapter was finished a long time ago but unfortunately didn’t get uploaded unil now because reasons.

But I hope that doesn’t stop you guys from liking it! 😀

The next few chapters will follow VERY soon, like this week soon. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for them over the next few days!

The Following Contains: Interracial sex between a dominant black dickgirl and a submissive little white boy. Hawt.



It was cold.

The brisk Autumn air blasted all around him, it felt like Ian was able to see in small fragments. Flashes and flickers of light from the surrounding buildings on the ground below. He was constantly blinking as the gusts of wind whipped through his black locks and chilled his face. Coherent thought was difficult to manage as the world flew by in a flash.

Yet somewhere in all the loud noise, Cassie’s voice managed to reach his ears. “I’ve got you Ian, just hold on to me.” It was strange, despite the roaring of the wind he could hear her just fine. Her voice managed to overpower all the exterior sounds and felt as if she just resonated in his head. He wanted to reply, but the world moved too fast for him to focus. All he could do was hold onto the soft body of his friend as tight as he could, hoping that whatever was going on would be over soon. That he could open his eyes and be awake in bed, greeted by his beautiful mothers and be back to his normal life. And all that just ensued at that club, The Den, would have been just a bad dream.

“They…they were dragging people…” He squeezed his eyes tightly shut, no longer able to keep opening them as the rushing air dried his orbs out painfully. “That woman…bit me…those eyes…” As he shut them the images of what he saw after that lady assaulted him flashed back through his thoughts. Women in the club were grinding up against men and other women that were there. Unzipping their pants and pulling out… “It couldn’t be…” He only caught a few glances before Cassie and Peter bolted him out of there. But he still managed to see what was beginning to happen.

His whole world was flipped upside down in the span of only a few bewildering minutes. Both literally and figuratively.

Cassiel couldn’t think of anywhere else to go, he tried to bury Ian’s head into his chest as tightly as he could but the Angel was a little bit smaller than Ian was. So he was sure that Ian could get a couple glances at the holy white angelic wings and the sheer altitude of them above Shelter. “Shit, shit, shit, shit!” He thought beating his wings as hard as he could, flying over towards the edge of town.

If Liline or Sin found out that Cassiel allowed Ian to be exposed to an entire brood of Urul, they would never let him see Ian again.

So taking him back to those two was not an option, Cassiel had grown very fond of Ian over the last few weeks he’d spent watching over him. But at the same time, this was over the young Angel boys head. He needed to reach out to someone who held a little authority in Shelter and would know what to do while still keeping a lid on the situation at least for now. And the first person that came to his mind was his own personal mistress Samantha.

Since she was the owner of himself, the only divine being in all of Shelter, she held quite a bit of sway in many of the things that went on in town. Mainly by selling him in exchange for favors or just simple coin. But regardless, he had a feeling that she would know what to do, and there wasn’t anyone that he trusted more than her. Hopefully she would be able to help them.

Finally after only about thirty seconds of flight, but what felt like thirty years, the construction site came into view. Cassiel knew that this is where Samantha would be around this time, she told him when they woke up today she would be out late tonight working on the motel with Gloria and he didn’t need to wait up.

Next to Shelter’s carnival, a large motel was being built. A full three-story building that stretched into a U shape was being put into place quickly via help from the towns infinite supply of Wretched workers. It wasn’t finished and still had the chain link fence and warning sign posters around it, but based on Sam’s original calculations, it should be ready to go within the next few weeks. Depending on whether or not they connected it to the trailer park grounds or left it as standalone. Since Shelter’s wall came down, many of the Sisters were trying to put into place locations to hold all the visiting outsiders. Thankfully, Samantha was good at her job as well as several others so it was still a manageable problem for now.

As soon as Cassie spotted the trailer parked just a few yards beside the site, he nosedived. Ian immediately tightened his grip around the Angel upon feeling the tecavüz porno complete shift of speedy weightlessness, to a plummet back into the harsh realities of gravity.

“AAAAAH!!” He screamed bloody murder as the starlit sky grew further away from his view underneath Cassie’s arms. The sound of it was still carried away though into the wind, all the way up until the pair came to a harsh halt in movement.

Cassiel’s wings spanned out completely when they reached only a few feet above the ground and settled into a smooth glide until his feet delicately touched the sandy gravel.

Despite also feeling his shoes hit the pavement, Ian still clung to the smaller frame of his high school companion. Eyes wide in fear at the prospect of becoming a large splat mark still fresh in his system.

Once they were settled, Cassie banished his wings and the two radiant beacons flickered, vanishing into a dazzling sparkle and flurry of feathers. Understanding what Ian just went through though, Cassiel didn’t let go of him and tried to comfortingly rub his back. “It’s okay Ian, we’re safe now.” He then tried to walk him, arm in arm towards the mobile home R.V. up ahead.

Slowly Ian withdrew from his death grip on the purple haired boy, but not completely, and looked over his new surroundings.

Less than a minute ago he was outside the The Den bar, now he was on a side of town he had never seen before. Not that he could remember at least. “Wh…where are we Cassie?” He asked, his body still physically shaken from what just transpired. “What the Hell is going on?”

Cassiel supported Ian with one arm over his shoulders and the other resting on his chest. “It’s okay, I’ll explain everything.” Continuing to pull him forward, Cassie was very thankful that the lights were still on inside the trailer. “There! There’s someone inside who will help us.” There was a bench nearby, and Cassiel tried his best to guide Ian to it. “Here, sit down.” Awkwardly Ian obliged, trying to move his shaky legs accordingly to plant his bottom on the wooden seat. “Stay here, I’ll tell them what’s going on and they’ll help us. Don’t worry.” He reassured him with before taking off to the trailer in a full sprint.

“I’m telling you there is no physically possible way I would even remotely consider funding something like that.” Gloria spoke while her golden-haired co-worker re-tied the loose ponytail behind her head.

Samantha rolled her eyes, “It’s just an expansion of the parking lot. You trailer park girls are always complaining about getting the shit end of the stick when it comes to the pickings at the carnival, but if we were able to park your trailers in the lot over here-“

Gloria raised her hand to stop her but stayed hunched over the table, “Sam honey, that would mean pushing back the opening of the motel another few weeks. We’d have to knock down these buildings back here which means more work, which means more expenses.” In front of the two of them were several plans and blueprints laid out, detailing both the current layout and setup for the motel, and the possible new one Samantha was trying to sell Gloria on.

“So you really think I won’t be able to pay you?” Samantha asked finishing fastening her hair securely.

“Of course not.” Gloria shook her head, brushing one of her own silky black locks behind her ear. “I know you’re always good for that. I’m more worried about the amount of extra time and work it’ll take that I’ve gotta put my girls through. I understand what you’re selling, but we’ve already put a hell of a lot of our time working on this motel that we could have spent hunting some fresh pets from the many that have been flooding in the streets.”

The shorter woman now joined Gloria in hunching over the table, “I know, I know, and I appreciate that. But you gotta think long term here. Carnival rolls up and you’re already right next to it because of the built in lot, you and your people can park it there for a few nights in advance than when the opportunity arises, just walk across the street, pick up a hot piece of ass boy toy and walk right back to the motel.”

“Yea I know. But that’s all future pay that we’ll be getting Sam, I’m talking about right now. You know that we’ve gotta have something up front before I can sign away my workers for another project expansion.” Gloria responded, “We’re already still working on just the pay you’ve already given us. That’s not gonna cover this new amount of construction.”

Sam sighed and rolled her eyes, she was hoping with her reputation she would be able to negotiate a further work load and installation of an expanded parking lot. But Gloria was a tough one, and many other horny sisters would’ve caved already at the promise of tight holes. This one however was seasoned in her negotiations and it would take a little more work on Sam’s part to get her to crack. Plus, Gloria was still a little weathered from üvey anne porno the work she had done today. She was dressed in a slightly dirty white tank top and worker pants with heavy boots on. Obviously, the motel was still in progress and required work from both the Sisters and the Wretches for everything Sam had planned to get it done. And Gloria was helping oversee the project.

Maybe it was a negotiation tactic, to try and get Gloria’s point across. They were already working hard on the motel. So if she wanted them to keep going, she’d have to cough up some more dough.

Chewing on her lower lip, she felt the coin purse at her side. “Okay, okay…” She didn’t want to have to cut into her actual coinage, but sometimes you’ve got to spend money to earn money. “How about…”

“Samantha?!” Immediately the blonde sat upright, her ear almost twitching at the sound of her worried baby boy’s voice calling out her name. Gloria as well sat up in surprise, “Samantha!? Are you in there? I need help!” A few bangs were heard and the door to the trailer rattled from his aggressive knocking. Without hesitation, Sam darted up away from the table to the door and flung it open.

There was a blur of purple as Cassiel practically jumped into Samantha’s arms, throwing both of his limbs around her neck. She immediately caught the small boy despite being staggered by the sudden surprise. “Whoa, hey it’s alright! I’m right here what’s wrong?” She tried to ask, her brain right away went to, ‘he’s pissed some Sister off’ or, ‘he let something slip to Ian’ so she was already bracing herself for that.

However she was not expecting what he actually said, “I’m so, so sorry, me and a couple of boys from school including Ian got mixed up in a group called The Den Mothers. A pack of Werewolves, and they attacked us and tried to get at Ian. I got him out of there in time but I think a part of his powers might have awakened again and he saw my wings so I brought him here and I’m sorry but I didn’t know what else to do and-“

Samantha tried to shush him, “Shh, shh baby, it’s alright, it’s okay, it’s fine.” Her hand quickly petted his lavender locks soothingly. “Don’t worry, Mama’s here, it’s all gonna be fine.”

Quietly Gloria stepped up beside the hugging couple. “…Did you just say Ian?” The shorter woman and her Angel both turned to look over at the inquiring Sister. Something about her demeanor changed from what it was just a moment ago. Before she was a block of iron that Samantha couldn’t bend to her will no matter how much she pried and pried. But now, she noticed that the Gloria she was speaking to didn’t even resemble the one standing there now. “You mean, Ian, Ian Cassie?” She said again, a faint glint in her eyes.

The blonde tilted her head resting her cheek on the crown of Cassiel’s purple hair. “Oh?” She thought. Cassiel nodded against Sam’s chest, still holding onto her tight. Gloria drew in a shaky breath as he did this and her eyes almost anxiously glanced over towards the door. “That’s right…she had a bit of a thing with the famous Ian a while ago.” Silently she scanned over Gloria’s body, feeling out both her physical appearance and the changes in her aura. And oh yeah, both were obviously reacting to the news of Ian. So Sam decided to test the waters with this news, believing that if she played her cards right she could use whatever accidents happened this evening to her advantage. “Cassie, where’s Ian now? You said you brought him here?”

Again, Cassiel nodded, “Mhm, he’s outside.”

She cast another side glance at Gloria and could literally feel the pulse in her energy. “What about Liline? Does she know about what happened?”

The boy looked up at Samantha with a look of dread, “N-no…I didn’t want to tell her.” He then looked away shamefully, “I’m suppose to be his bodyguard, if they knew I let him into a pack of Urul…well…”

“They wouldn’t let you see him again.” Samantha finished for him and Cassie blushed. It was hard not to catch some feelings for the innocent little half blood with just how delicious and erotic his body/energy was. So she was able to understand her little Angel’s plight. She patted his head again and hugged him closer, “Don’t worry baby, I’ll think of something.” And she was, this seemed like the perfect disaster for her current predicament.

Gloria was practically pacing the floor beside them continuously looking over at the doorway trying to see outside. She fiddled with her hands and moved about like she had ants in her pants. Her anxiousness was crystal clear, and a solution to everybody’s problems was formulating in Samantha’s opportunistic brain. She glanced outside herself to in fact see, a slightly wary looking Ian, the black haired blue eyed half breed that every Sister (and now apparently Werewolf) in Shelter was crazy about. Quite a few tales about the tightness and heat of that sexy boys booty had üvey erkek kardeş porno reached her ears, and she recalled herself participating at the welcome home party for him over a month ago. “Hmm that ass might even be worth a little more than my Angels.” She thought again stroking the lavender hair her chin rested on. “Enough to pay off another few weeks of work on my Motel?” Her eyes again drifted back to Gloria.

“Gloria honey…can I talk to you for a second?” Sam suddenly said snapping the black Sisters attention back to her.

“Wha-?” She said, clearly having not been focused on her at all for the last few moments.

Sam rolled her eyes, “Come here, let’s talk outside. Cassie honey, you just stay in here for a sec. I’m gonna call Liline and get her down here to pick up Ian. I’ll just need to work something out with my business partner before we can do anything else okay?” Cassiel nodded and stepped away from his Mistress’s embrace, allowing her to gesture to Gloria for her to follow.

She did, a bit confused at first but followed her Sister down the steps of the trailer and out into the brisk night air. That’s where she was finally able to see him. Only maybe twenty yards away or so, but she would recognize that sweet innocent scent anywhere. “Ian…” She whispered to herself, like a breathless lover finally reunited with a lost spouse. She could see the shape of his body, so similar to how she remembered it. But even at this distance, while he sat on the bench she could see the delicate curves on his form that she longed to kiss again.

Only she was rudely wrenched from her sight seeing by a snap of Samantha’s fingers. “Hey, horny bitch, eyes on me.” Gloria blinked and almost angrily returned her vision to the blonde. Sam actually heard Gloria emit a low growl as she did so. But she wasn’t intimidated, she knew that she had all the power now. “You sign the contract, and I want ten Obols.”

Gloria blinked again at this, “Excuse me?”

“You heard me.” She rested her hand on her hip, speaking quietly enough so that only the two of them could hear. “I have every right in the world to report Ian to Shelter police department and get Liline down here as fast as possible. I’m sure for rescuing her lost and scared boy from a pack of vicious Urul the Sherriff would gladly compensate me.” She reached into her pocket and drew out a flip phone, flicking the device open, brightening up the screen and raising her index finger to the keypad. “Oooorrrrrr…” She slowly looked back over at Ian, then to Gloria again, “You can sign the contract, fork over ten Obols, and Ian stays here. I walk away with my Angel and…” She mimed herself zipping her lips shut, locking them and throwing the key away. “Our little secret.”

Several seconds of silence passed between the pair of Succubi as Gloria seemed to be processing everything she just said.

“Are you…bribing me with…”

She nodded before Gloria could finish, “Mhm, I’m bribing you with a full night of plowing between you and that hotness over there. I can see it in your eyes how much you want him again, and my silence is all you need to have him. All you have to do is pay for it.” She finished with a wink.

A mixture of emotions ran through Gloria’s chest. On one hand she felt angry, Samantha got lucky with whatever the Hell happened to her Angel boy that gave her the opportunity to tip the tables of their bartering in her favor. But then again, on the other hand this was Ian they were talking about. She looked over her shoulder at the boy still seated at the table. He glanced about quietly, probably curious about what exactly was going on especially since Cassiel hadn’t returned to him yet.

But even though their time together was weeks and weeks ago, it might as well have been yesterday with how fresh in her mind it was.

Ian was such a shy little fuck toy, it was that innocence that always came through even after he awakened to his inner slut that Gloria fell head over heels for. She could remember his big doe eyes looking up at her while he was on his knees nursing on her big black cock.

“Is…is that good?” He delicately stroked her shaft with his small hands, unable to wrap them all the way around her girth.

Gloria nodded standing up tall above him. Both hands on her hips while he carefully worked her twelve inches. Butt naked on his knees, tiny horns protruding from his forehead and an adorable little tail excitedly whipping back and forth above his behind. “Yes my baby, you’re doing so good…keep sucking, keep making mama happy.”

He giggled a bit at that and softly pressed his lips to her cock head again. Smooching it a few times before parting them and dipping his head down allowing it back inside his petite, warm mouth.

She bit her lip, “…Three Obols and the contract.”

Samantha rolled her eyes, around here favors were typically exchanged far more often than actually currency. But when big deals were put on the table and cash was needed up front, the Sisters of Shelter occasionally use coinage to help balance out the need for cold hard cash in place of promises.

“Eight.” She countered. “This is an extremely rare half breed we’re talking about here. You know what it’s like to have him.”

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