The New Slave Ch. 46

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Chapter 46, Ross’ Prep is Finished

Candy just froze, her body stiff in one position, bent forward slightly, her thighs pressed tightly together. She held onto Ross’ thighs as she felt her own orgasm begin to wind down. After several moments, Candy looked up to see Toni just staring at her and smiling. Candy’s face was bright red, blushing hard. She was obviously embarrassed. Moments ago, she wasn’t embarrassed as she freely played with Ross and enjoyed herself. Now that she had cum, she was embarrassed at her sexual display.

“Wow, I’m impressed. No hands even,” Toni said with a soft laugh. “You really are a sadist. I can’t believe that you could cum just from watching all of this,” Toni said, her eyes still on the slowly sinking Candy. Candy was now struggling to stand up straight. She finally leaned forward, resting on top of Ross’ thigh. Her thighs were still pressed tightly together.

“I’m so embarrassed. I don’t think that it was from just watching. I think that a lot of it had to do with what I was doing. I’ve never done anything like this before. I didn’t even know it was happening till it started,” Candy said, her face beet red. “I’ve seen males abused on the Internet but it’s nothing like being right there and doing it for yourself,” she added, her breath becoming normal again.

“Hey, don’t be embarrassed. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. That was a spontaneous orgasm. You should feel lucky. I don’t think that I’ve seen that before,” Toni said laughing. “Are you ok? Is there anything that I can have Ross do for you?” Toni added with a laugh.

“Oh, I’m fine. I’m better than fine,” Candy said with a grin. She finally rose up straight, no longer supporting herself. Toni could see the shiny moisture all around the area between Candy’s thighs.

“Well, you did excellent. See how well you did?” Toni said as she nodded toward Ross. His cock was still obviously swollen and hard. A steady stream of pre cum flowed from the tip of his cock, as well as a sizable amount of milky looking sperm. He wasn’t twitching and his cock head was no longer flared. His breathing had returned to somewhat normal, but the look on his face was total frustration, if not anger. Candy stared at the hard cock and reached out, running a fingernail through the milky fluid. She held it up close to her face and examined it.

“Did he cum?” Candy asked innocently. “You said that we were going to do him two times, was that it?” she said in an odd tone. She almost sounded disappointed.

“On no. He didn’t cum. He was so close that his balls were actually pushing out some sperm along with the pre cum. That’s his sperm that you’re looking at,” Toni said as she watched her fascinated trainee. “I wouldn’t get that stuff too close to your pussy. As fertile as you probably are, his baby batter would probably jump off your finger just to get into you,” Toni said laughing at her joke.

“I don’t think so,” Candy said defiantly. She immediately put the sperm covered finger into her mouth and sucked on it for a moment. “Ummm, he’s actually pretty tasty. Not too salty, but almost flavorful,” she added with a grin. “It’s still warm,” she said.

“Is that your first taste,” Toni asked seriously. “You do know that every man taste’s different. Most taste pretty strong, but some can actually have a good flavor,” she said as she watched Candy pop the finger back into her mouth.

“I’ve heard that, but yes, he’s my first. I sort of like it. It’s arousing to think about it. And his sperm won’t be making any babies, as long as it’s in my mouth,” she said laughing out loud.

“Well, what do you suggest we do with this thing?” Toni said as she reached down and gave Ross’ cock a quick rub. He was still hard, but was obviously going soft with no stimulation.

“Oh, I think that I have an idea. You suggested earlier that I taste it. So, I think that maybe that might help him,” she said smiling. Immediately she bent over and sucked the swollen head into her mouth. Ross jerked hard and gasped as he felt her mouth begin to suck hard on his overly sensitive and irritated skin. Suddenly he began to struggle, trying to pull free from the sucking mouth. Candy could feel him going soft in her mouth.

“What’s that all about?” Candy asked, rising up and looking quizzically at Toni. “He’s going soft. What did I do wrong?” Candy said almost in a wail. The surprise and disappointment were obvious in her voice.

“Oh, you didn’t do anything wrong. You’ve got the right idea, but I think that your saliva might be the problem,” Toni said laughing hard.

“My saliva?” Candy said a look of shock on her face. “What’s wrong with my saliva?” candy moaned, watching the cock deflate quickly.

“Your saliva is full of salts and minerals. With all of that irritation to his cock head, your saliva is probably stinging the hell out of his cock. Give him a few moments to get use to it,” Toni said as she laughed and watched Ross deflate in front of her. Candy just stood there watching Escort bayan in amazement. What she thought was an erotic act, quickly turned out to be another torture. She then started laughing about it.

“Ok, I know what to do,” Candy said as she grasped the base of Ross’ cock. She started out slowly and then began to shake it back and forth, harder and harder. The results were almost instant. He quickly began to lengthen and get thicker. Once he was about half hard, Candy looked up at Toni and smiled, just before her head went back to the Ross’s cock. She hungrily sucked it in and began to work it hard, using her tongue all around the sensitive head and foreskin. She could feel that he was still soft, but she didn’t give up. It slowly began to grow and thicken in her mouth.

“Now that’s more like it. It’s probably uncomfortable to him, the salty saliva and irritated skin, but he’s obviously getting over it,” Candy said as she stepped back and surveyed the progress. He was rock hard again, but obviously bigger around than he had been, when they first started. The head and foreskin were thick and plump. Candy’s hand barely fit around the thick shaft. She examined it for a moment and then began to vigorously pump it with her hand. Toni just looked on as Candy watched in fascination. It wasn’t so much what her hand was doing or the dark reddened cock in her hand, but more what the male slave’s body was doing. She pumped the cock hard for several moments and then watched as the slave’s hips began to thrust upward, against her hand.

“Better watch what you’re doing or you’ll be cleaning up a mess,” Toni said as she watched.

“Don’t worry; I think I’m getting the hang of it. I’m just playing with it for the moment. You did say that we were going to make him cum twice, right?” Candy said, looking up only momentarily as she continued her hand pumping. “I don’t want him to cum yet, but I am amazed at what we can do to his cock and he’s still hard and wanting to cum,” she added.

“We’ll get him to pump out one more time, but this is good practice for you, seeing what his body is telling you. What are you watching for?” Toni asked, as if it was a quiz.

“I’m mostly watching his thigh and stomach muscles, but I’m also listening to his breathing. He hasn’t really tightened up his muscles yet and his sack is still pretty soft,” she answered. She reached down between Ross’ outstretched legs and hefted the sack up and down as if weighing it. It was still soft enough that both balls flopped around inside the thin-skinned sack. “I figure that he still has a ways to go before he erupts,” she said matter of fact. Her mood was almost clinical, serious, as if she were studying a science project. It was obvious as she gripped the meaty shaft tighter and began to jerk it harder, pushing him toward another orgasm. Toni watched grinning, figuring that Candy was trying to fit all of the things that she had seen on the Internet, into one session. That was impossible.

“I’ll be more than happy to let you milk him. That stuff will really dry your hands out after awhile. Why don’t you just play with him and learn his body reactions,” Toni said, smiling at Candy.

“I’d love to,” she said grinning back at her trainer. Candy started to pump the hard cock frantically, jerking it up and down, bringing the slave closer and closer to the inevitable. As his hips suddenly arched upward, she listened closely as Ross gasped and let out a moan. She immediately stopped rubbing and let go of the slick wet cock. Jerking her hand away, she watched in total fascination as the rigid organ twitched and started to spasm. It was close but she had stopped her stimulation, just in time. He moaned again and pushed his hips upward, searching for the hand that had brought him so close.

“What did you see just now?” Toni asked her pupil.

“The gasp gave it away. When his hips went up and stopped in midair, I figured that was it. I also noticed that the skin of his sack had tightened up and his thigh muscles went really tight. But the big giveaway was that his cock head suddenly swelled up and got hard. I could actually feel it swell in my hand,” Toni said smiling.

“You are a fast learner, continue,” Toni said as she leaned on the exam table and watched. Candy stood there for a minute, just watching as the hard cock began to go a little bit softer. The head softened and the swollen foreskin began to slowly bunch up just under the head. Candy picked up a nearby towel and carefully wiped the head off, removing all of the pre cum. Getting it completely dry, she pinched off a sizable amount of foreskin on the underside of his cock head, with her thumb and forefinger. She held it there for a moment and then peeled the captive foreskin down and away from the shaft. Watching her handiwork, she held it there and then pulled down hard on the skin. Ross immediately winced and jerked, his hips pulling back.

“Don’t worry; I’m making sure to keep my fingernails away Bayan escort from his skin. I just wanted to see if I could make him bigger,” Candy said, a look of fascination on her face. “His skin is loose enough that I figure I can get it a little thicker,” she said with a smile.

“Remember, he may be somewhat desensitized but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t feeling it. He could easily pop out a batch all over your hands,” she quickly added, watching as Candy held the foreskin stretched down over her fingers. Candy continued to hold the foreskin tight, pulling and stretching it even more. Suddenly Ross pushed upward against her hand. She immediately let go of the thick skin and watched again as the cock twitched and pulsed.

“That was close. He didn’t seem to be that close till all of a sudden,” Candy said curiously.

“He wasn’t there yet, but he pushed up against your hand, trying to make himself cum,” Toni said with a grin. “Sometimes, if it’s hurting, the male will push harder or make it more painful, just to cum,” she said.

“Sexual suicide?” Candy said with a grin. She was now watching the hard erect cock pulsing and throbbing. It was obvious to her now, that he was real close to cumming.

“Sexual suicide? That’s a good way of putting it. It will hurt for a moment, but then it’ll feel so good,” Toni said with a laugh. Candy stood and watched till the quivers stopped and the slave’s cock began to soften. She waited till it was almost soft enough to lie on Ross’ stomach. It was still thick and engorged, but it had lost its rigidity. Candy took the towel and quickly wiped off all of the oozing pre cum.

“Ok, I want to try another approach,” Candy said with a glint in her eyes.

“You can do whatever you want with him, as long as it doesn’t damage him. But keep your attention on him, I don’t want him cumming yet,” Toni said seriously. Candy just grinned and stepped back away from Ross. She was still standing between his outstretched thighs, her hips used to keep them propped open. She leaned down and took a close look at the bloated sack hanging from under his semi hard cock.

“It looks pretty soft right now. I’m thinking that his arousal has gone down enough,” Candy said, glancing up at Toni.

“I would think so. He’s only about three quarters hard. What do you have in mind?” Toni asked.

“Can I use the bristle brush on him?” Candy asked seriously.

“No you can’t use the bristle brush on him,” Toni immediately replied. “I think that he’s had enough of the brush,” she said with a laugh.

“Ok then. I have another idea. There are so many things that I want to try,” Candy said, almost pleadingly. She had seen so many things on the Internet that she wanted to try all of them in one session.

“Don’t worry. You’ll have more than enough time to try everything. This is just your first day, you’ll have a lot more slaves and a lot more days to have your fun,” Toni said softly. She could remember her first week, when she had gotten to try out so many of her own fantasies. She also remembered being exhausted and horribly frustrated when she went home at night. During her first few weeks at the facility, she had learned to put extra tissue in her purse, just for her drive home.

“Ok, just bear with me here. I want to try something and I promise to be careful,” she said leaning down. Candy gently slid her upturned hands under the bloated sack. Getting each hand under one ball, Candy gently gripped the meaty orbs and held them. She leaned all the way over and pressed her mouth to the upturned cock that was only about half hard. In one quick slurp, she completely sucked it into her mouth. Ross jerked hard as he felt himself being sucked into the warm moist mouth. Candy could feel him quickly harden as she sucked hard on the fleshy rod. As she felt him stiffen and elongate, she began to bob her head up and down, adding more stimulation to the already over stimulated organ. Her head was moving fast as her mouth continued to pump the fully erect cock.

“Whoa, I think that you just got his attention,” Toni said with a laugh. She watched in fascination as her enthusiastic trainee quickly brought the restrained slave toward a powerful orgasm. Ross struggled for a few moments, feeling her mouth literally devouring his swollen organ. He gasped several times and then let out a long moan, his back arching hard as his head jerked up from the exam table. Candy could feel the slave’s thighs move away from her hips, indicating that he was spreading his legs wider for her.

“Candy….” Toni warned, aware that the slave was about to cum. Before Toni could tell the trainee to stop, Ross suddenly froze in mid air, his body stiffened. He jerked hard and cried out through the gag as Candy closed her grip on the swollen orbs in her hands and squeezed hard. She had captured them in such a way that the thumb and forefinger of each hand had pinched off the top of each ball. All the time that she was clutching them, her Escort fingers had softly probed deep into the sack and found the spot that she was looking for. She was now applying pressure to the sensitive nerve riddled top of each ball. Her mouth was still sucking hard on the fleshy cock but she could easily feel that it was growing soft. She sucked harder as her fingers applied even more pressure, mashing the top third of the ripened sperm bags.

“Candy, you’re gonna make him cum,” Toni said as a warning. It wasn’t that big of a deal to Toni, but she wanted Candy to learn some more before they deflated the sexual organ that was performing so well. It was a good learning experience, Toni thought. Candy’s mouth was still clamped tightly around the bloated shaft. It was obvious that her fingers and hands were doing something to the struggling slave. Ross would jerk hard and then drop back onto the table, but then jerk again, as if varying degrees of pressure were being applied to him. Candy’s mouth was still working hard, her cheeks sucked in hard from the pressure she was exerting on the slave’s cock. Her fingers and hands were moving quickly.

“There! That’s what I was wanting,” Candy said in a strange voice. She sounded like she had bitten her tongue or as if she were talking with her mouth full. Candy was grinning broadly as she suddenly let go of Ross and rose up. Ross slumped down onto the exam table, his body going limp as he let out a gasp and immediately began to pant. The panting was almost an after thought; Candy was done with her experiment.

“What did you do to him?” Toni asked in a shocked tone. She wasn’t sure what she had just witnessed. Candy had asked her to bear with her and she had. Toni just wasn’t sure what had happened.

“This!” Candy said in the same garbled voice. Candy opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out, leaning towards Toni. Toni looked closer and could see a large glob of creamy white goo on Candy’s tongue. It was obviously Ross’ sperm and a sizable amount of it also. Candy just smiled as she slowly closed her mouth and leaned her head back. In an exaggerated motion, she slowly tilted her head back and swallowed twice before turning to Toni smiling.

“Damn it, I told you not to make him cum,” Toni said firmly. She wasn’t mad that Ross had orgasmed, but she was mad that the trainee didn’t follow her instructions. New trainees weren’t supposed to just do what they wanted, especially on their first day.

“He didn’t cum. I sucked some out of him,” Candy said with a big grin. She kept swallowing and licking her lips as if she had just swallowed a spoonful of peanut butter. It was sticking in her mouth.

“You did what?” Toni said as she watched Ross, sure that he had just orgasmed. “What do you mean you sucked it out of him? Looks like a lot of cum to me,” she said eyeing Candy closely. Toni was sure that Ross had just orgasmed. Toni was mad that this impertinent trainee was doing whatever she felt like and not obeying her trainer.

“No, he didn’t cum. I swear,” Candy wailed, now seeing that she was in trouble. Her thrilled look quickly left her face as she realized that Toni was furious. She immediately understood what Toni was thinking. “He didn’t cum. I literally sucked it out of him. He didn’t cum,” she said almost pleadingly, trying to convince Toni that she had done something good instead of disobeying her.

“If he didn’t cum, what was that in your mouth?” Toni demanded.

“It was cum. But I swear, he didn’t cum like you’re thinking. I just wanted to try the stimulation thing. He didn’t cum. I forced it out of him,” Candy wailed, almost starting to cry. She knew that she was in trouble and that Toni didn’t understand what she was saying.

“What do you mean stimulation thing?” Toni demanded, trying to figure out what Candy was trying to say.

“I was sucking him, but he didn’t cum. Not like you’re thinking. I had both hands on his balls, squeezing them. I knew from the Internet, that the top of each ball has more nerve endings. That’s where those squishy tubes and sperm things are. When I felt my fingers on them, I just mashed them and rolled them around in my fingers till his balls couldn’t take it and they released. He didn’t cum. He released some of his stuff,” Candy said pleadingly. She was trying desperately to convince her new trainer what she was talking about.

“Testicular stimulation. Where did you learn all of that?” Toni said, now becoming impressed that her new trainee actually knew what was inside of a male’s sack.

“On the internet. I’ve read all about it. I just wanted to see if it would work. I also just wanted to see how it tasted,” she said with a smile. It was obvious to Candy that Toni was beginning to believe her. “See, does that look like a cock that just orgasmed?” Candy said pointing between Ross’ legs. His cock was obviously hard. Since he hadn’t cum, he was now fully hard and obviously, raring to go. It was definitely obvious that he had not cum.

“I’m impressed. There are very few trainers here that actually know how to manipulate a ball and make it pump, without an orgasm. But I do want to know one thing,” Toni said, her words trailing off. Candy braced herself, fearing that she was in trouble.

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