The Next Playboy Ch. 04

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I woke up to the smell of strawberries and the feeling of skin on skin. I was spooning Emily. The evening before flooded back into my mind. The photoshoot followed by the incredible sex with Nathalie. I pulled myself in closer to Emily’s body. We had both gone to sleep fully nude. I had a half mast erection, which I began to rub against the crevice of Emily’s ass. I began to kiss her shoulder, trying to gently wake her.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed and rolled over to face me, those lips just begging to be kissed, “hey.”

“Hey,” I said back and leaned in to kiss her softly. I put my hand on her bare lower back. Emily pulled me in closer and we kept making out. She moved her hand lower and grabbed my stiffening erection.

“Someone’s awake,” she said slyly. I pushed myself on top of her and continued kissing her. This makeout session was different from our previous one at the frat house. It was still passionate, but more relaxed and less immediate. It was tender. We were really enjoying the feel of each other’s mouths. I reached my hand down and felt her pussy with my fingers. “Mmmmm,” she moaned into my mouth in response. Her pussy was quite moist. I grabbed my cock and slowly pushed myself between her folds. “Ahhhhhh,” she sighed in content as it slipped in. I began making deep, full thrusts into her. This was not the quick, furious fucks of the previous two nights; this was making love, despite us barely even having a conversation together. We were wordlessly connected. I stared into her light blue eyes as I felt her warm, tight pussy, contract around my cock. I broke our making out to suck on her left nipple, which caused her to groan a little. I licked and sucked at it, much to Emily’s delight. Soon, I felt her pussy quiver as she came and gave a loud, “Ugggghhhhhh.” It wasn’t long after that I felt myself about to finish and sped up just a bit for my finale. I looked Emily deep in her eyes as I gave a final push and my cum shot into her pussy. She shivered as she felt it fill her up. I pushed myself off of her so we were both laying on our backs, just like at the frat house.

“You know, we still need to interview you for the website,” I panted.

“That wasn’t enough of an interview for you?” Emily joked.

“Haha. Also, DW delivered the contract yesterday afternoon. We can have you sign it unless you want a lawyer to look it over,” I said, also joking (about the lawyer).

“Ok. We should probably get out of bed first, though.”

“Yeah…” I groaned in disappointment.

We got ourselves ready (Emily in the same clothes she wore yesterday) and walked out to the living room to find Aaron on the couch with Nathalie leaning on him in a robe, apparently in their own post-coital haze. Frank seemed to still be in his room. Aaron and Nathalie already had coffee brewing, so Emily and I grabbed some mugs, poured ourselves some and made our way to the couch with the two other lovebirds.

“You two have fun this morning?” Nathalie asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Emily grinned and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“We did, too,” Nathalie said and grinned at Aaron.

“You guys wanna help me interview Emily for the website?” I asked.

“Hell, yeah!” Nathalie responded. Aaron and I both looked at each other. Nathalie must have had some juicy gossip on Emily’s sex life.

“So,” I started, “was I the first person you ever fucked at the coed strip club?”

“Definitely eryaman orospu numaraları not,” Emily said, “I’ve been doing that three years running now and you are not the only client with big bucks.”

“What’s the farthest you’ve gone with a client?” I followed up.

“Just sex, which isn’t nothing considering it’s a strip club.”

“Why do you do the strip club?”

“It’s fun as hell! Teasing guys, fucking a few, getting paid. No bad parts to that equation!”

“I have a question,” Aaron interjected, “was that the first time you’ve kissed Nathalie?” Nathalie smiled wide.

“Nope!” Emily said, “we once gave a frat guy a double blowjob.” Aaron looked thrilled at the response.

“Would you call that your hottest sexual experience?” I asked.

“Hmm… It’s up there. That or maybe the time I went out with some friends on someone’s boat and we all got naked. That was fun.” Aaron’s eyes went wide.

“Umm… as fun as this is, Emily,” Nathalie said, looking at her phone, “we have class in 30 minutes and I think you might wanna change.” Emily looked a bit disappointed.

“Ah well… you get dressed and let’s go,” Emily responded. Nathalie went back to Aaron’s room to change and the two left.

“Was Frank in his room that whole time?” Aaron asked.

“Yeah… I guess. Editing, probably,” I guessed, “hey, how fast can you get Emily’s pictures up on the website?”

“Give me an hour.”

“Perfect. I also have class today, so you’re gonna have to type up the interview. That ok?”

“Sure. It’ll be up this afternoon.”

By 2, Aaron had the new pictures up and running. Aaron, Frank, and I celebrated with an evening consisting of a large pizza and a viewing of The Shining.

I woke up the next morning to my phone ringing. The caller ID read ‘Katie.’

“Mmmyellow,” I answered.

“Mark, has anyone else called you?” she said with a certain urgency in her voice.

“Uhhh, no?” I responded.

“Those pictures of Katie are blowing up. Everyone on campus is talking about them. The school paper wants me to interview the creator of the website.”

“You work at the school paper?”

“You need to get to know your models better.”

“Dinner with an interview followed by a movie? They’re doing a screening of 8 ½ at the local indie theater,” I proposed.

“What’s 8 ½?”

“You’ll find out if you come.”

“Fine. When’s the movie?”


“I’ll come by at 7 then.”

“See you then!” I hung up and grinned to myself. This was gonna be a fun evening.

Katie arrived at 7 wearing a tight black tank top and jean shorts, a classic college girl outfit. She also had her makeup done up to the 9s like at her shoot. That made me happy.

“Where are we eating?” she asked with a smile.

“There’s a local diner a couple blocks from here that’s reasonably priced and pretty good.”

“Do they have salads?”

“I’m sure they do.”

We began the interview on our walk to the diner. Katie pulled out her phone to use as a recording device and began to ask questions.

“So why did you create this website?” It was funny she was asking questions she already knew the answer to.

“Well, I figured that guys like pictures of hot girls naked and you know what’s better than pictures of hot girls naked?”


“Pictures of hot girls you know naked.”

“There are rumors you made the website ankara escort in under an hour. Is that true?”

“Aaron made the website and it was more like ninety minutes, but he was lightly buzzed at the time.”

“I have no frame of reference. Is that fast?”

“Very.” By now we had made it to the restaurant. The waiter got us a seat by the window and Katie continued the interview.

“How do you feel about the website’s success?”

“I’m thrilled,” I answered truthfully.

“Is that all?”

“I don’t know. I’m excited, but it feels like there’s a lot left to do.” I kept sneaking looks at Katie’s breasts, which were prominently displayed in the tank top with a good amount of cleavage showing.

“You have big plans for the site?”

“Well, now that playboy no longer does nudity, there’s a void to fill of tasteful sexual content.”

“You consider the website tasteful?”

“As tasteful as nudity can be.” The waiter came and took our orders.

“So what are these next plans?”

“If I told you, competitors could steal our strategies.”

“Do you have any competitors?”

“Not yet, but there’s a million college kids on a thousand college campuses who are also horny and bored.”

“Checks out. What about your photographer? What’s he like?”

“He’s great. Frank’s quiet and keeps to himself a lot, but he’s amazing at what he does and he knows a lot of people.” By this time, our food had arrived and it was time to eat. We finished our meal and started walking to the theater. It was dusk outside. The sky had a gorgeous blue-purple glow to it.

“Did you have any more questions for me?” I asked as we strolled down the street to the theater.

“Yeah, what’s this movie about?”

“It’s about a film director who gets writer’s block.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah. He goes to a luxury resort and begins playing out dream scenarios in his head.”

“Sounds pretty cerebral.”

“We can leave early if you don’t like it. I don’t mind.” We had arrived at the theater and we took our seats. It was a pretty nice theater and it had those double eats where you could lift up the arm rest between two people. Katie leaned in close to me when we sat down. I didn’t mind that at all. The lights darkened and the movie began. By the fifteen minute mark, Katie seemed rather bored. I was about to turn and whisper to her that we could leave when I felt her lips press against my neck. She started with some light kisses that soon turned into full on sucking on my neck. I turned my head and started kissing her. She moved her hand to rub my growing erection through my jeans as we made out in the dark movie theater. My hands found one of her breasts, which I felt through her tank top. At the same time, her hand was undoing the clasp of my jeans. She slid down the zipper and felt around for my cock, all the while still making out with me. She found by dick and pulled it up through the hole in my boxers. She gave it a couple of strokes before she broke the kissing and whispered to me.

“Just relax and enjoy this.” She moved her head down and put her warm mouth around my throbbing member. She used a slow, deliberate pace, clearly wanting me to enjoy the experience. I took Katie’s advice and leaned back in my reclining chair so I could watch Claudia Cardinale prance around while a hot girl went down on me. Katie’s blowjob technique was clearly elvankent escort expert. She used her tongue brilliantly, letting it swirl around and message my tip when she came up. While Katie was bent over, I rubbed her jean-shorts-clad ass and groped her pussy through her clothes.

Soon, I felt the familiar feeling of impending orgasm rack my body. “Ohhhhh,” I moaned as loudly as I would dare. Katie got the warning and slowed her ministrations as I burst into her hot, wet mouth. She stayed on my cock to collect all of my sperm. She pulled her head off of me, swallowed, and wiped her mouth, giving me a warm smile. We kissed one more time.

“I think I’m ready to leave,” she whispered.

“Alright,” I grinned back. We left the theater and walked out into the warm California evening. It was still a little light outside, so we took our time walking back to my apartment.

“Did you enjoy the movie?” I asked.

“I enjoyed the experience,” she answered slyly.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah,” and then in a low voice into my ear, “your cock tastes so good.”

“Hmmm,” I smiled and I moved my hand to her ass and I gripped it. I took her lack of reaction as a green light. “Is the experience going to continue later tonight?”

“That’s up to you,” Katie said and kissed my cheek.

We finally got to my apartment and Katie just about sprinted to my room. Both Frank and Aaron were in their own rooms with the doors shut. I followed Emily and found her midway through taking her tank top off. She tossed it aside and pulled me in to kiss me deeply. I closed the door with my foot and fell on top of her as she fell back on my bed. We made out passionately and I cupped her breasts through her lacy white bra. Soon, I broke the kiss and pulled my own shirt off. Katie took that opportunity to push me over so she was on top. She kissed me and then pushed herself up so she was kneeling and straddling me, then unclipped her bra and threw it across the room. Her breasts were mouthwateringly beautiful, still the biggest I’d ever seen. They sat perfectly on her frame. I leaned up to immediately begin sucking on them and worshipping them.

Eventually, we both had to stand up and take our pants and underwear off, which left us both naked. The evening took on a bit more of a sensual tone as Katie laid herself gently faceup on the bed. I climbed on top of her and kissed her deeply one more time before positioning my cock at her entrance. I grabbed it and slipped it into her moist pussy. Katie gasped as it went in and held me closer. I pushed til I was all the way in and then pulled a little and pushed until her pussy got used to my length. Eventually I had a pretty solid rhythm going, slow and passionate, like the blowjob she had given me at the movie theater. As I thrust into her, we kissed hard, our tongues intermingling. There were no words, just moans and gasps of pleasure when I hit a particularly sensitive spot of her pussy or her pussy rubbed my cock in a really nice way.

Eventually Katie broke the silence by whispering, “I want you to cum in me,” in my ear.

“Oh yeah, baby?” I whispered back.

“Yeah, I wanna feel your load fill me up.” The dirty talk was getting me close. I began to thrust deeper into her. “Oh… oh yeah baby,” she started to moan, much louder.

“Fuck…” I muttered. Her cries were hot.

“Oh yeah! Uh! Fuck yeah! Cum in my hot pussy, baby! Cum in me! Ugh!” I felt her orgasm and shudder, which set me off. I poured the biggest load I could remember deep into her tight pussy. We stayed there for a moment, still inside each other. We kissed again. I rolled off of her and we settled in for a night’s rest.

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