The Pin Ch. 03

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I hate saying that you should read Chapters 1 and 2 in order to understand this Chapter, as that should be quite obvious. But do it.


Heather Johnson checked in late to school. It was only 10 AM but she had already had quite a morning. She had just registered for and received her Pins, an achievement that could only be eclipsed perhaps by a girl’s wedding day. On top of that, she sucked off the official who registered her — just after he had face fucked her mom. She walked into class proudly wearing her turquoise Pin with her pink Pin tucked safely away in her purse. It wasn’t until lunch that she had a chance to relay the events of the morning to her friends, Amy and Rebecca.

Both Amy and Rebecca were dying to talk to Heather. The girls asked Heather so many questions so fast, she could barely keep up.

“What was it like? Were you nervous? Did your mom stay with you are did you have to go in alone? Where is your pink Pin? What!? You blew the registration guy? Was he cute? Was he hot? What did he taste like? Ewwww.”

“Slow down!” yelled Heather. Heather of course wanted to tell her friends everything but she could barely get in a word.

“You know what’s next…you’re gonna have to fuck some random old man. They can’t resist fresh meat,” Amy said as Rebecca joined in giggling.

Heather did her best to ignore Amy’s prediction as she conveyed every detail of the morning’s events over lunch. But Heather couldn’t ignore it. Amy was right; Heather would have to give up her pussy on demand to a stranger, probably sooner than later. And there was one detail no one else know: Heather was a virgin.

As the day wore on, Heather got a worse and worse feeling in the pit of her stomach. She didn’t want to be deflowered by a stranger. While she had given blowjobs to some of her classmates, she never felt close enough to anyone to go ‘all the way’. She always thought she would eventually find someone special. She thought there would be time. But time had run out.

The last class of the day was Heather’s favorite: Spanish class. She loved the course and excelled in it. And the teacher was also her favorite. His name was Hugo Rodriguez but all the students simply called him Señor. Hugo, in his mid-forties, was short but well proportioned and attractive. He had a colorful personality Manavgat escort and was popular amongst the students in and out of the classroom.

Hugo brought out the best in his students, including Heather. She was usually attentive and interested in class but today was different. Heather sat back in her chair, seemingly in another world. Once class was over and most of the students had already poured out of the room, Hugo called out, “Heather, please see me before you leave.”

As the last student left the room, Heather approached Hugo’s desk, “Sí, Senor?”

“Heather, something seems to be troubling you. Is there anything you would like to talk about?” Hugo asked.

“Not really. I’m sorry about class today. I’ll do better tomorrow…I guess,” Heather replied weakly.

“I see you’re wearing a Pin and I don’t recall seeing it before. First day?” Hugo asked.

“Yes,” Heather replied.

“I understand. That can be a scary time in a young woman’s life. You’ll get through it, though,” Hugo reassured her.

“Gracias, Señor. Ironically, you’re the only one who seems to understand,” Heather said as she trudged back to her desk to collect her things.

“Ironically?” Hugo asked.

“It’s ironic that you understand even though you don’t have to worry about a stranger violating you at any moment,” Heather confided. Then a light bulb went off above Heather’s head. She had wasted her time waiting for a special relationship with a boy her age. But she was with a very special person right now. She felt more comfortable with Senor Rodriguez than just about anyone, evidenced by her sharing so much.

Heather turned around and slowly approached Hugo at his desk. Her whole countenance had changed. She was standing taller, walking confidently, and had a hint of a smile on her face.

“Señor, I think there is something you could do to help me.”

“What’s that, Heather?”

“Well, I told you that I was nervous about losing my turquoise Pin for the first time. Maybe we could count you as taking it,” Heather suggested.

“Lying about Pin encounters is a serious crime. I assume they explained that to you,” Hugo responded.

“I’m not asking you to lie, Señor. I’m asking you to have sex with me.”

“Whoa! That wouldn’t be appropriate — I’m your teacher. Manavgat escort bayan Besides, that is not allowed at school.”

“You can’t force me at school but it’s okay if I agree. Please?”

Heather leaned over Hugo’s desk, allowing him a clear view at her ample cleavage.

“I don’t know, Heather,” Hugo said as he let his eyes wander down his student’s shirt.

“Can you keep a secret?” Heather asked.

“It depends on what it is, Heather”

“The reason I’m so upset about it all is that I’m a virgin. I’ve always wanted my first to be special. And now I want it to be with you. Will you please fuck me?”

Hugo had a high sex drive so he made good use of his wife and his Pin rights to stave off any unclean thoughts he had for his students. It was an uphill battle as the teen girls in his classes were in the prime of their lives. And this day he just had to give in. Heather was as good as it gets. If he didn’t know her and saw her in public, he would do anything to stick his dick in her. And he knew she was right; he really would be doing her a favor.

Hugo stood up from behind his desk. Heather’s eyes immediately were drawn to the tent in his slacks formed by his full erection.

“Drop your panties,” Hugo commanded.

“Sí, Señor!” Heather graciously exclaimed.

Heather pulled down the ‘skort’ that was a part of her school uniform and her panties in one smooth motion. She stepped one foot out of them and bent over Hugo’s desk. She remembered the woman she recently saw in the grocery store and did her best to emulate her posture. Hugo stepped behind Heather and got a good look at her teen ass while he unbuckled his belt. His heavy pants landed on the floor with a thud. He pulled out his thick cock through the hole in his boxers.

Keeping his right hand holding his cock, Hugo placed his left palm on the small of Heather’s back. He guided the head of his dick toward her virgin pussy lips and was pleasantly surprised to find them wetter than expected. With one firm lunge, he thrust his rigid member into her. Heather gasped quickly, not out of pain but surprise; she just experience her first penetration by a man’s dick and it was wonderful.

Hugo held still inside her. “Are you OK?”

Heather replied, “Oh hell yes. Fuck me!”

That Escort manavgat was the last hurdle Hugo had. Confident he was not causing Heather pain, Hugo grabbed her hips. He pulled his dick out of Heather and jammed it back in. After a few strokes, Hugo accelerated to full speed. Both teacher and student were in bliss as they fucked like rabbits. Heather’s tight, virgin pussy didn’t take long to coax the cum from Hugo’s balls. He leaned over and put his full weight on top Heather just before his whole body spasmed. His hips continued to buck wildly as he injected Heather with his semen.

Heather felt the warm sperm coat her vagina. Her mind was spinning. She had done it. She had lost her cherry. And she must have done ok judging by the animal sounds Hugo was making as he shot his jism inside her.

Hugo paused a few seconds, still mostly on top of a bent over Heather, as he recovered from his orgasm. He stood up and slid is cock, shiny from her natural lubrication, from Heather’s freshly fucked pussy. There was an awkward silence as they both slid back into their pants.

“I don’t think it will necessary for me to feel you up. I think you’ve given me enough,” Hugo said.

“Are you kidding? I want to show you how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me,” Heather countered.

Heather reached down and grasped her shirt tail and quickly raised it up. She paused briefly to reach her fingers underneath the underwire of her bra and continued lifting up to her neck. Her large tits burst forth, no longer confined by the tightness of her bra. Hugo’s wide eyes locked onto Heather’s silver dollar sized nipples.

“You can do more than feel them, Señor,” Heather said with a grin.

Once again, Hugo could not resist Heather’s near perfect body. Like most men, Hugo got to feel a different set of breasts nearly everyday. But that was almost always over clothing. His wife’s small tits were no comparison to Heather’s jugs. And with a green light to do as he pleased, Hugo’s mouth began to water.

Hugo approached Heather and lifted her left breast to his waiting mouth. He devoured as much of her tit flesh as he could fit into his mouth. He sucked loudly and with a POP, he detached from her tit and repeated the procedure with the right. He moved to the center, placing kisses as often as he could. Heather smashed her tits together to encompass his face in her cleavage. Hugo lifted his face up so that he was eye to eye with Heather.

“Oh Heather. That was magnífico! Gracias!”

Heather sweetly kissed Hugo on the cheek and responded, “Thank you, Señor. Thank you.”

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