The Plans

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I am waiting patiently as I made an appointment with your office to come and look at my house. I want to put an addition on and need to go over things with you. So you arrive on time and I take you thru a tour of my house and we go over the ideas that I have for you. You also give your input and you sketch some things out.

I offer you something to drink and I go into the kitchen and get it. I think to myself how attractive you are and wonder if I should make small talk or just tell you exactly what I am thinking. I just decide to give you the drink and start to flirt with you a little and see what happens. So you seem interested and we start to talk a bit.

I then tell you that I have never felt like this before, but that I find myself to be very attracted to you and I have to kiss you if that would be alright. So of course you said it was okay and antalya escort we start to kiss. It was very passionate and and long and my tongue and your tongue are exploring our mouths and its is a very nice kiss. I just am so overwhelmed with how attractive you are and my hand start to feel you everywhere.

So now we are feeling a connection for sure and we start to undress each other. It was very slow and then very fast but we did not rip our clothes off. I then take you to my bedroom and I immediately decide that I must pleasure you. So my hands are all over your manhood and I start to rub and massage it in my hand. I slowly and carefully put it in my hand and I go back and forth with it. I take your balls which are very fleshy and I decide I might want to suck on them a bit. So one by one I take them out antalya escort bayan and I carefully suck them as well. Now I decide that I must put your hard and sexy cock into my mouth. mmmmmmmm so hard and so yummy. I begin to suck on it very slowly. My tongue plays with top of your hole and I stick my tongue all around it and slowly suck some of the pre-cum out of it. So very nice and so sexy.

I then kiss and lick your shaft and it is very hot time. But I am feeling wet myself and decide to finger myself as I pleasure you but then we decide to just do 69. Your mouth and tongue are now in my wet and throbbing pussy and your tongue is all over my clit and it is so hot and wet and I am so turned on, You are now tonguing my vagina walls and it feels so good and I am so turned on. My pussy is so wet and my escort antalya pussy juices are flowing and I am screaming and moaning and I am about to have an orgasm and I am sucking on your cock and you are very turned on as well.

We decide we can’t take it and decide we must make love now. So we start out me lying on my back and your mouth is all over my breasts. You are feeling me everywhere and you put your mouth on my very erect nipples and nibble a bit and your hand is on the other one. One of your fingers is in my pussy and I am so ready to have sex now. So you put your cock in to my pussy and we start to make love. We are both going at it awhile and then I put my legs up and you start the thrash your cock into me. We are both so turned on and are having a great time.

We then decide that I will get on my knees and you will come in that way. You start to pump and hold onto my ass and I am going fast into your very hard cock. mmmmmm we are having such a hot and wild time. Well we just can’t take anymore and we both cum. It was a very hot and wild time.

We both get dressed and you tell me you will have the plans ready in a week and you will call me when they are ready…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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