The Pool Pick Up

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Non Nude

Please note like all my stories, a condom was used. Play safe.


I think I wake up most mornings rock hard and my balls full but if I’m rushing or just late, I don’t really think about it, or doing anything about it, until it’s too late. Today was no exception. I’d taken the bus to Le Touquet, about 20 minutes from our house. I wanted to do some shopping and also use the outdoor pool at the tennis club before the schools broke up, it was a nice day and every so often I would pay the extra (it cost more than our local pool where I was a member) just so I could enjoy the sun on my back as I swam. And it was a better class of clientele although I usually ended up sharing the lane I was in with well-to-do pensioners. Being your own boss is great and you can often choose your day off but mid week, when I tended to go, anybody young enough would probably be out at work. My boyfriend opted to stay at home and tidy the house and garden as we had paying guests due. His loss…

Today seemed no different, a few older guys and ladies doing laps. The only change was a new lifeguard, pleasant enough and maybe handsome if you liked that sort of thing. I didn’t.

I got in, the water was pleasant as if is heated when the pool is open during the summer months, the North of France is about the same temperature as the south of the UK so some additional warmth is required. I guess I swam a kilometre or so and then pulled myself out. I hadnt paid too much attention to my fellow swimmers but I decided, as the sun was shining, to let the warmth dry me naturally before maybe another kilometre and then my shower. Otherwise, it would have been a mad rush to change straight away and get the return bus, this way I could take things leisurely.

I found a lounger and moved it slightly to maximise my exposure to the sun, noticing somebody swimming I hadn’t seen arrive. With cap and goggles, I couldn’t really tell his age, build or if he was good looking as he was speeding professionally through the water. I lay in the sun, taking periodic glimpses. Eventually he stopped at the far end and lifted his goggles to check his time. Strong cheekbones, very smooth face and chest that I could see, blue eyed and in his early twenties. He remained on his knees in the shallow end so I didn’t get to see his torso nor his trunks, nor what was within them. He pushed off and resumed his swim.

I was almost dry and decided to go for the rest of my session, getting in the lane next to the other guy as we were practically the only ones in the pool, it was about 11h30 and most of the pensioners were heading off to change before go onto lunch somewhere. A mother and toddler were in the half of the pool not laned off. Swimming alongside more serious swimmers usually brings out my more competitive nature and all though he was doing crawl and I breast stroke, my speed increased so I was giving him a good run for his money.

My session was coming to an end and I slowed down for my last length before pulling myself out of the pool, rubbing the excess water from myself with my hands at the pool side, grabbing my small sports bag from the rack and saying goodbye to the lifeguard. I headed for the showers. In the male changing rooms, there are six in total, three individual ones down either side but all are open as the curtains, if there ever were any, have long since gone.

I chose the first one round the corner on the right as you entered. It ran warm almost straight away and I had already placed the shower gel in the tray as there was no shelf at body height. I stripped off my trunks and stood there naked, blathering the gel and applying a good amount to all over my body. To be honeshonest, after an hour in pool water, you are cleaner than ever, with or without, but outdoor pools are over chlorinated to compensate for kids urinating in them and you smell of bleach all the rest of the day otherwise. I don’t like the smell of soap and gel either so after the lather and bubbles, I spend a long time rinsing off.

I closed my eyes, thinking of how lucky In was that the sun was shining, how great it felt to have finished my swim and how good the warm water was, washing me clean. I made sure my arse was done twice, I take great pride keeping myself ready to be rimmed gaziantep escort and ready to fucked despite the likelihood being so slim living in a small town like ours. I was so deep in thought, I never heard anybody else enter, nor even hear the water start running at first. I had my face to the wall and when I opened my eyes and turned round, the guy who had been swimming next to me was in the shower opposite. He had removed his cap and I could see he had a large mop of fine strawberry blond hair. He had his trunks on and was staring right at me.

I covered my cock somewhat with my hand and turned slightly sideways away from him, not sure what the etiquette was. I’d visited the pool before but always showered alone so didn’t know if nude washing was standard although there were no notices like I have seen in other changing rooms asking users to shower in their trunks. I guessed it would be okay as the changing rooms were used by the tennis players too. I smiled at the guy and he smiled back.

“You’re pretty fast,” he said. I hadn’t done a thing, wasn’t even semi erect and I smiled again, somewhat confused.

“Not bad for breaststroke,” he added.

“Thanks, you’re pretty impressive too,” I replied. I wasn’t talking about his crawl, as I could see now he had a firm and smooth body, long limbs and a nicely packed costume which he stubbornly or timidly kept on. His buttocks were firm, no fat at all sadly as sometimes just that little bit of meat on them can be most attractive and something to get your hands on (and nails dug into when they’re fucking you). I washed myself several more times, lingering over soaping up my cock so it swelled in size somewhat but didn’t get a full hard on in case In was misreading the signals, his eyes certainly seemed interested. However, he finished his shower, having managed to wash and rinse his own cock and arse by turning away from me and remaining in his trunks.

I remained a little longer in the shower if only so he wouldn’t think I was serving him in the changing area but again, as I turned the corner, he was pulling up his underwear with his towel round his waist so there was nothing to be seen. I dried and dressed quickly, applied some moisturiser to my face and checked my hair in the mirror back by the showers before squeezing some gel on my hand and running it through to spike my hair a little, cursing that this guy hadn’t so much as flashed me his dick. I returned and he was arranging his affairs neatly as I dried my feet and slipped on my pumps.

“My parents are from Paris but have a holiday home here if you fancy a drink,” he said, out of the blue.

“Cool,” I said, and we waved goodbye to the lifeguard and headed for the exit. I wasn’t sure where the house or apartment was but knew I had either 2 hours until my bus back (or 3 hours if I wanted to spend a day in town). We walked for about 10 minutes, the pine forests all around the large and expensive houses and he explained that he came sometimes to study, away from the distractions of university and his friends, and that he swam to clear his mind. The house was huge, I guessed his parents were professionals.

We entered by the side door, into an open plan kitchen. I removed my shoes and he showed me into a second ‘snug’ living area then went to get us a couple of diet cokes. I sat on the couch and when he returned he sat next to me. We opened the cans and both took a good gulp, they were cold and most refreshing after the excercise and the sunshine. He sat back and spread his arms out completely, I smiled as it reminded me of that awkward, first date moment straight guys had in days of old about whether to subtly put an arm round their girlfriend. Then he stood straight up and announced there was something he wanted to show me. I stood up too but he asked me to sit back down and that he’d be right back. I sat there bemused and looked at the stylish decor and the view of the pine forest out of the large window.

He returned quite quickly, wearing an all in one lycra (spandex) sport/ jogging outfit which, like the trunks, accentuated his shapely body and sizeable cock, they left little to the imagination and I could see the bell end so guessed he was circumcised. His balls were of a konya escort good size too, squashed somewhat against his body in the lycra suit. I looked him up and down approvingly. Several times.

“Bought it yesterday, I’m doing my first triathlon in 2 weeks time, what do you think?” he asked.

I nodded approvingly and stood up, walking behind him so I could see how well it fit. Sometimes outfits like this can ride up the arse crack and it isn’t that becoming but the firmness and shape of his muscular butt only accentuated the perfect fit.

“Looks great, a good purchase” I told him. “Why did you need a second opinion?” I asked.

“Saw you checking me out in the showers I think,” he said. Well he got me there, guilty as charged and I wanted to make all sorts of excuses about what good shape he was in and ask what his regime consisted of, but I just went a little red and froze.

“You’re in pretty good shape yourself,” he continued, turning round to face me.

“Thanks,” I said and I looked him in the eyes. No further words were spoken, he reached across, took my hand as I continued my gaze, and placed my palm on the garment on his by now erect cock. I only knew it was erect by feel, it was rock hard, as I hadn’t looked down since he turned round. I fumbled a little until the shaft was between my thumb and finger and then ran them along the length of his solid cock, gently squeezing the bell end as I passed.

He was slightly taller than me and so cocked his head and leaned in, putting his moist and opened lips against my mouth and I responded by placing my tongue just inside his. I continued to stroke and caress the length of his hard cock, he was about the same size as me on a good day. My own erection varies by about an inch, depending on my mood and what I’m doing. If I’m being really horny and haven’t cum for a while, I can measure 7 inches with my girth in proportion but if its just a quick wank and I’m not all that in to it, I top out at an inch less and smaller girth, I think my brain decides how much to pump my cock up on a case by case basis. And today was a good day, we were evenly matched.

I knelt down slowly, playing with his rock hard nipples as I lowered myself, and put my mouth around the shape of his cock through the lycra, and let my hands cup his arse, pulling him into my face. I nibbled at his tool but was unsure if the lycra thing was his bag or not. I visited a lycra night at a club once in east London, wearing a tight vest I found at a second hand shop and my cycle shorts but it wasn’t really my thing, luckily I found a like minded soul who could take it or leave it too so we left the lycra on the floor and he took it good from my boyfriend.

I was still dressed, only a t shirt and trousers, and I broke off from massaging his arse cheeks to remove the t shirt and undo my waistband. I stood back up to get some more tongue-on-tongue action and he slid his hands into my pants and caressed my own smooth arse. I pushed my tongue further in his mouth, hoping he’d see this as approval for my arse being felt and it worked. The tip of his finger was caressing my ring, just what I wanted.

I moved about a little, knowing that my trousers would fall of their own accord and stepped out of them, leaving me in just my underwear, still round my waist, but making him fingering my hole less cumbersome. He hadn’t yet touched my cock but that could wait, I pulled the front of my briefs over my cock and lowered them away from my arse a little. He lifted his hand to my mouth, stopped kissing me and held it in front of me. I knew what he wanted me to do so I licked the tip gently before sucking on it and then forming a large amount of spit with my tongue and lips, which he placed on the end of his finger before moving it back to my bum, the cheeks of which he had parted with his other hand. As the first inch or so of his finger glided in my ring, I moaned approvingly.

I clenched my butt cheeks tightly around the end of his finger, and put my legs together to accentuate the sensation. This had 2 effects, one of which was to give him an idea of how firm and tightly I could clamp around his cock and secondly, with my legs so close together my underwear would fall to the floor too so kayseri escort I could be completely naked. And appear at least to be at his mercy. It worked. He removed his one piece outfit although in doing so, had to remove his finger from my arse. As he was undressing, I reached for my bag which was next to the sofa. In the side pocket was my emergency supplies and I pulled out the first cockring I could lay my hand on and a sachet of lube. I slipped the cock ring over my cock most clumsily, it’s not easy when you are already hard and trying to look only and directly at your sex partner.

Naked, he was hot. His own arse was smooth and his cock had a reddish bush atop with pink (very pink) bollocks hanging below like fruit on a branch, just waiting to be drained of its juice. I walked back over and again, bent down to take the end of his uncut cock in my mouth, sucking for a while on his foreskin which tasted of salty precum and a hint of swimming pool. I then pushed down on his knob, pushing the foreskin back so I could lick the piss slit, and caressed those pink plums of his with one hand, moving my arse round so he could return to playing with it.

He opened the lube sachet and applied some to the same finger as he had in me earlier, and like before it slid straight in. I pushed back so he went in further this time and I took more of his shaft in my mouth, briefly deep throating him before returning to give a little attention to the helmet and taste the next small spurt of precum. I stopped and stood up again, kissed him deeply as he fingered me and walked to the sofa, facing towards the wall and raising one leg. He followed obviously as we were still attached but he removed his finger and applied the rest of the sachet, mainly to my arse but also to his cock. He stood behind me and finally reached round my waist to grab hold of my own solid tool. I pushed back a little, so my crack could align with his hard on and we stayed in position as he squeezed my erection several times, gently pumping the shaft.

He moved back slightly so he could look down and get the head of his knob ready to follow in the way of his finger, and once the tip was against my anus, he pushed his hips forward ever so slowly and carefully, so that the end of his cock, to his pulled back foreskin, was inside my waiting and wanting mancunt. I could push my own hips back a little now, controlling how far and how fast he progressed in to me and I took it real steady as every so often, he would also move forward. As he passed my prostate I felt a surge to my knob too, and as his fingers were wrapped around my shaft he felt it swell and knew how much I was consciously and subconsciously enjoying this. Once he was in as far as he thought he could go, I bent forward even more so that his lower stomach was flush with the top of my butt cheeks and I reached behind and pulled on one of his with my hand. He could then make small thrusts with his hips, pleasuring the pair of us, and he wanked me faster.

I really wanted to co-ordinate the climax so we came at the same time but in this position was likely to shoot all over his parents furniture so holding him tight and clamping my ring down on his cock, I turned so that I was facing the tile floor, easily wipeable. I knew from feeling my balls in the shower at the pool that they were full and once he’d started fucking me and passed my g-spot, I also knew from experience that another increase in volume would occur spontaneously. I began clenching and unflinching my arse so he didn’t have to move and now it was me pleasuring myself and him at the same time as the ridge of his cock head rubbed against me.

“Oh boy, I’m going to shoot,” he said in a low but deep voice.

“Fill me, give me it!” I barked.

And he did. He jerked a little, stopped and then jerked a little more and I felt the first ejaculation, followed by another, followed by (I counted) at least 5 more, accompanied by a muffled moan. The first of his spurts had mentally and indeed physically released whatever was holding me back and as the last of his juices were filling my arse, I began to produce a healthy volume of my own creamy jizz all over the floor although some distance away as he had held on to my erection and had been pointing my cock horizontally. I missed the furniture, thankfully and he held me there until his erection subsided and his limp cock slipped from my well filled butt hole.

I turned around, winked at him and dressed quickly as he disappeared to get some kitchen roll to clean up the spunk splattered floor. And boy, what pleasant memories for me on my journey home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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