The Ranch Ch. 03A

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At 8:00 I met dad for dinner and we ate. This time there were no women there. Dad and I talked about my day and caught up with each others lives. He asked about Allison and what I thought of her. I told him that I liked Allison very much and thought she was beautiful. After dinner I went to my room.

As I opened the door to my room I saw a beautiful oriental woman lying on the bed completely naked. Her long black hair and white skin made her look like a porcelain doll. Her breasts were small and her cunt was completely shaved. I walked over to her and gazed at her as she spoke.

“Allison sent me here. She has told me that you need to experience every thing. I am here to show you my specialty tonight and pleasure you in many ways. My name is Mei and I am double jointed. Let me show you.”

With that the woman put her legs over her head, and brought her mouth to her pussy. The she licked it. She motioned me closer as she licked her pussy. Mei asked me to undress. She then guided my cock into her cunt and began to lick my cock as I went in and out of her pussy. Before long I was ready to cum. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and shoved it deep into her throat. I spurted for a long time but Mei kept sucking until I was done. Then I withdrew and she siirt escort straightened her body. As I lay on the bed exhausted from that very hard cum she got up from the bed and returned with a warm wet cloth to clean me off. “Next time I’m going to lick your balls while you doggie fuck me or fuck my ass.”

She grinned and began to lick my balls. Her intent was to get me hard quickly. Soon I was standing at attention and she got a tube of KY. She bent over and greased her ass, spread her cheeks and whispered.

“It’s time for your first ass fuck. Go easy I’m small but I like it. And so will you, I hope.”

“That’s it put the head on my pucker. Push harder but not too hard. There! It’s in, now fuck me.”

I began to pump in and out of her as I felt her tongue licking my balls.

“Oh shit it’s like having two women at once, one fucking me and the other licking my balls. You are a great fuck.”

I began to pound her ass hard and her tongue began licking me franticly before long I was cumming in her ass. As I squirted into her I held her tight against me and her mouth engulfed my balls. When I softened she released me. My cock popped out of her ass and she captured it in her mouth cleaning me before we sinop escort changed positions. I collapsed on the bed.

“Don’t wimp out on me yet James we have more to do tonight.”

Before long she was massaging me, and nibbling my neck. Then she whispered.

“I’m going to eat your asshole until you cum then we are going to soak in the hot tub and fuck some more.”

Mei spread my cheeks and dove in between them, her tongue licked my rosebud and her hand gently caressed my flaccid cock. Before long I was hard and eager. Then her tongue penetrated the sphincter and she groaned. She kept up the licking and the slow rubbing for about an hour. My penis began to throb and I knew I was going to cum soon. As I warned her she just redoubled her lingual efforts. I began to spurt and she began to moan. She sounded as if she were orgasming as I came. She turned me on my back and cleaned me off with her tongue. She looked up to me and grinned.

“Yes I came too!”

Mei had just answered my unasked question. And there was a knock at the door. It was Allison.

“Can I join the party?”

I answered, “Sure but I’m not sure I’ll be ready for more.”

Allison just grinned, a wicked grin, şırnak escort licked her lips, and then whispered to Mei. Mei giggled, ant then said.

“We just might kill him like that.”

The women turned me onto my side and Allison got in front of me down near my cock. Mei got down behind me, and began to lick my asshole again.

Allison asked Mei. “Do you think we can keep him hard for 2 hours before we let him cum?”

Mei giggled and pushed her face deeper into me. This was something I had always fantasized about. One woman sucking my ass, and the other, my cock. Allison slowly licked my balls. I groaned and Allison shifted so that her pussy was level with my mouth. She took her mouth off of my cock and issued one command.

“Eat me.”

I began to lick her juicy cunt but she only pushed herself against me. She gently licked my balls, keeping me stimulated as did Mei. My hands roamed freely caressing and squeezing whatever female flesh I could reach. Before long Allison came filling my mouth with her fragrant juices. Then they switched.

Mei got her mouth on my cock-head nursing gently flicking the slit with her tongue and licking the pre-cum from the tip. Allison buried her tongue deep in my ass and wiggled it around for a while. Then Mei pressed her cunt into my face and commanded.


Her fluids were flowing into my mouth like a river. My as was dripping wet from the licking it received from Allison’s tongue, and I was on the verge of cumming. The every thing stopped.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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