The Rescue

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Jenny had gotten her old job back. She’d needed to because her useless husband was not only useless in bed, but was useless as a bread winner.

In the years BC (Before Children), Jenny had worked in a laboratory and was very high up in rank. She’d lead a team and was considered one of the best in her field. When she rang up to ask if they had any vacancies, they almost bit her arm off and invited her to start immediately and almost allowed her to name her own price. Suffice to say, they’d made it worth her while to return and, what’s more, she was given her old unit to run.

Her unit was as commercially sterile as it could be, given the nature of the lab work, and this necessitated all staff to shower in and out of the unit. You could not gain access to the changing rooms on either side unless you’ve gone through the shower first.

Jenny had been working on a particular project and her staff had gone home. She’d put her personal effects into a sealed clinical bag and taken it into the shower with her. The shower finished and she pushed to door to get out of the clean side so she could enter the lab. The door was jammed shut. She swore under her breath and tried again. It was stuck fast and would not budge. Thinking maybe the door from the outer changing room was still open slightly, she tried that door too. Jammed. She was stuck in the middle, totally naked in a locked shower unit, her staff had gone home and the unit was so well insulated against pathogens, it was also insulated against sound.

Jenny opened her sealed clinical bag and took out her one personal item, her mobile phone, and rang her boss. He rushed down with colleagues into the female changing rooms and they tried to get the door open. It was no use, the door was jammed.

The governor decided to call the fire and rescue service and, before long, an appliance was despatched and the crew directed to the incident.

The fire chief despatched two of his team to go in via the male changing area and try to gain access that way. The solid doors were like trying to crack a safe, waterproof seals and solid steel stood between Jenny and her rescuers.

The lab itself was very well heated and although Jenny stood in the shower cubicle naked, she was not cold. She could hear the occasional clang as tools were bashed against metal or walls, and other than the air vent which was big enough to get a rabbit through, and the drainage hold which was big enough for a mouse, maybe.

Jenny felt a rush of cool air and the door on the clean side opened. There, in front of her, were two young and very good looking fire officers. She stepped out in her nakedness and one of them took off his jacket to put around her.

“Are you OK, darling?” the fireman said, his common cockney accent accentuating his appeal. She looked up at his face, his kind eyes showing genuine concern.

“Yes, thank you” she said. The second fire officer, a little taller and of half caste skin, squatted down in front of her as she was sat on a bench in the ladies changing rooms.

“Are you hurt anywhere?” he asked. She shook her head.

“No, I’m fine.”

“You’re more than fine, sweetheart” said the first fire fighter. “I’m Stuart and this is Rob” he said, by way of introduction.

“I’m Jenny” she said, holding out her hand to shake. Stuart took her hand and kissed the back like a gentleman. He was actually looking to see what she Escort bayan wore on her hand.

“Been married long?” he said, noticing her band of Gold.

“Too ruddy long” she said, a little too quick. Stuart smiled at Rob.

“Not happy in your marriage darling?” he said, quickly adding the question “Why’s that, then?”

Jenny had noticed that beneath their uniforms, they appeared to be sporting either very heavy tools or they were aroused by her. Assuming the latter, she felt flattered.

“My husband’s only got a small dick” she said.

“How small is small then?” Rob asked. She smiled.

“Oh, you know?” she said, beginning to flirt with them and enjoying it.

“Stuart’s got a small one, haven’t you?” Rob jeered. Stuart took the feed line.

“Yeah, that’s right. Wanna have a look?” he said and before Jenny could resist, he’d slipped his braces holding up his trousers and dropped them to the floor, immediately removing his designer label briefs.

Stuart stood there in front of her, sporting his 10 inch dick, fully erect. It was twice the size of her useless husband’s dick.

“I see what you mean” she said, flirting some more. “I suppose you’re much bigger, are you Rob?” she said, turning to face him. He followed Stuart’s approach and, removing his jacket first, removed his pants. He was close to being almost 12 inches long, his short curly pubic hair really bushy, his balls quite pronounced.

“You ever had a black man before” Rob asked her. Jenny shook her head.

“You prejudiced or what?” he challenged her.

“No, never had the opportunity before” she said, liking what she saw.

“What do you mean, never had the opportunity before?” Stuart said. Jenny smiled and stood up, shrugging off Stuart’s fireman’s jacket and facing Rob.

“Never had the opportunity before now” she said, sinking to her knees and rubbing his large throbbing erection.

“I bet you keep your girlfriend satisfied” she said, running her hands along the full length of his firm erection. Jenny allowed his cock to enter her mouth and she closed her sweet lips around it, feeling it’s pulse against her tongue. Stuart had knelt behind her and started to massage her shoulders, removing any tenseness and stress. Jenny could feel Rob’s hand stroking her hair and gently pulling her towards him, allowing more of his cock to enter her mouth. She took a deep breath and positioned her neck so she could take as much of his dick in her mouth that was possible, her tonsils being tickled by his erect penis, teasing her. He began to slowly thrust in her mouth and she licked and sucked, tickling his testicles simultaneously. Rob groaned in pleasure.

Meanwhile, Stuart had leaned forward and was caressing Jenny’s firm and supple breasts, her nipples erect, so erect they could have hung their jackets on them.

“Suck me baby” Rob said in his best black voice. It was hardly deep like Barry White but the message was understood. Jenny increased the speed which she took him in her mouth, he tongue movements over the head of his dick slow and elongated.

“Mmm, that’s nice” he said. Stuart was less vocal but every bit as aroused. His hands moved down her abdomen to the sweep juicy pussy they’d seen the moment she’d stepped out of the shower. His fingers reached his goal and found her labia, her clitoris already stood to attention and craving for attention of it’s Bayan escort own. Stuart willingly obliged, causing Jenny to squirm and moan, taking Rob’s hot hard cock from her mouth whilst Stuart finger fucked her.

“Deeper” Jenny whispered, making sure Rob’s cock did not go soft my wanking him, her wedding ring on her white hand in total contrast to Rob’s dark skin. Stuart’s fingers delved deeper, causing Jenny to murmer.

“Can you get it deeper?” she asked. Stuart smiled.

“You want something deeper, do you?” Stuart enquired. Jenny nodded.

“Ooh, yes. Deeper. Deeper” she begged. Stuart was knelt behind her and she moved forward so she was now on all fours. His hard aching cock approached her vaginal opening and his cock felt the warmth and moisture of her love lips. He slowly inched himself into her, bit at a time, his massive cock being buried deep in her wet juicy pussy.

“Ooh, yes. That’s it” Jenny encouraged, “Deeper”. Stuart kept going, deeper into her pussy until it was fully inside her. She’d accommodated him with immense ease and now he was pulling his meat in and out of her, his pace increasing.

“Fuck me deeper” she said, aware she had Stuart’s massive cock inside her. Just then Rob’s radio burst into life.

“Progress report” said the Governors voice. Rob reached over for the radio, Stuart attempting to keep the noise levels low.

“Just gaining entry now, Guv!” Rob said. Stuart laughed out loud.

“You can tell him I’m just coming!” he laughed.

Jenny smiled, then said “If you’re going to cum, then cum.”

Rob placed his cock in her mouth again and she greedily gobbled at him for a while before he told Stuart to change places. Jenny was at first disappointed to loose that 10 inch cock from her pussy but was delighted when it was replaced by Rob’s 12 inch rock hard love rod.

Not only was Rob bigger than Stuart, he had style and technique.

“Fuck me. Don’t stop” Jenny implored. Stuart had found his way to her mouth and placed his pussy flavoured cock into her mouth. She licked away her own juices, eager to taste Stuart in her mouth. It was seconds later that he uttered the fact he was cumming. Now Jenny doesn’t normally like waste, she likes cum in her pussy, but she was happy for Stuart to fill her mouth, his seed spilling out of him like the water from the fountains at Trafalgar Square. She sucked and swallowed his cum, licking her lips as though looking for more. Stuart sat down on a changing bench whilst Rob continued to pound her pussy.

“Is this your first black dick?” he asked her.

“Mmm” she replied, still catching her breath from all the cum she’d swallowed.

“You like black dick?” he asked.

“I love being fucked by black dick” Jenny responded, “Fuck me.”

Rob did. His long hard cock slid in and out of her smooth moist pussy and she groaned with pleasure.

“Take it out” she ordered and Rob thought he must had done something wrong. He withdrew and found that he, a big burly fire fighter had been rolled onto the floor by this petite (and incredibly horny) woman. Jenny straddled his hips and lowered herself onto his hard, aching cock until it was all in, every last millimetre.

“Now fuck me” she ordered Rob and he began to thrust himself deep into her pussy, her rocking movements varied in direction and this gave her sensations she’d not experienced for a very long Escort time. She ached for big cock. Her husband just couldn’t deliver between the sheets and despite everything, she needed to feel fulfilled. Jenny needed to feel filled full too! And Rob could certainly deliver. He reached up and caressed her tits, his strong masculine arms reaching up her slender shapely body to her well proportioned chest.

Jenny ran her hands through Rob’s chest hair, throwing her head back in delight as his 12 inch portion filled her entirely. She was reaching the first of her orgasms when Stuart knelt behind her. Rob saw his intentions and took Jenny’s arms, lowering her towards him, exposing her bottom to Stuart. Rob used this opportunity to place a tit in his mouth, his lips and tongue eager to explore her nipple, his saliva adding to her body sweat. Stuart placed the tip of his dick against her anus and slowly pushed, inserting his cock up her shitter.

Jenny squealed as the tip of Stuart’s cock entered her hole but as he slid it in further, her noises reverted back to satisfied moans. As she moved her body forwards, Rob’s dick hit full penetration, as she moved backwards, Stuarts cock stimulated her arse, every which way was pleasurable.

Jenny was being double fucked and enjoying it, Rob’s mouth sucking one tit, his hand on the other, and with nearly 2 feet of cock inside her, she was having the ride of her life.

Rob released her tits and pulled her hips towards him.

“Fuck. I’m cumming. Fuck me” he uttered and she thrust herself deep onto his cock.

“Cum inside me. Cum” she whispered.

“Shit, I’m cumming” he said, his voice sounding like he needed breathing apparatus. This horny young nubile bitch was taking his breath away. With one final thrust and a loud scream of “Fuck!” he climaxed inside her sweet moist vagina, his semen pumping into her, looking for eggs to fertilise.

Stuart leaned round as she sat up and took one of her tits in one hand, his other playing with her pussy. His little finger found her clit and with the angle of his penetration, and Rob’s pulsating cock, Jenny tripped into another wild orgasm, her body thrashing around causing Stuart to empty a second load of spunk, this time up her rectum. That’s the second load of spunk that’s gone to waste, Jenny thought to herself.

Stuart removed himself from her and as she stood up, Rob’s sperm trickled down her leg, leaving globules of cum on the floor.

“I think we all need a shower” Jenny said.

Shortly after, cleaned and presentable, Jenny said her more formal thank you’s. She shook Stuart by the hand, then she shook Rob by the hand, finding time to give him a subtle peck on the cheek. She palmed Rob one of her business cards with her mobile number on which she’d picked up from her office whilst they were cleaning up.

Rob looked at the card quizzically and she gave him a knowing wink.

“Call me” she said. “I’d like to go sliding down your pole again sometime.” Rob grinned like the cat who’d got the cream. Then Jenny really surprised him.

“Next time” she whispered in his ear, “how about you bring the entire watch?”

“Sure” he said, gasping for breath. “But you know that only the Governor and Stuart are white, the rest are either black or mixed culture?” he said. Jenny’s face did not alter at all. This had been her first black cock and she loved it.

“Even better” said Jenny as she left for the door, her cute arse wiggling in her white summery skirt, her dark string highly visible. Jenny turned and blew a kiss to the entire crew and walked off leaving Stuart and Rob with empty scrotums and a story to tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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