The Slavescapades Ch. 06

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Morgan stood holding a tray of canapes, waiting for the elderly gentlemen in front of her to take one, before she moved on, circulating through the dining room. The table had been removed and now many masters and mistresses, though the latter were much fewer in number, were gathered together. Hovering nearby to each of them, knelt one or two slaves, both female and male, many with leashes attached to their collars holding them close to their masters.

She approached a group, all talking animatedly with each other, continuing as Morgan stood in front of them, though few reached out to take what she offered. Her Master was hosting the a party, and given that Morgan was not his prize slave, she was simply reduced to beverages and finger food, and maybe some light entertainment later on. Alexis was in the same boat, except she was marked for entertainment, and was strapped naked to the wooden stile in the middle of the room, her cunt high in the air. Next to her were too buckets, one with condoms in, and another that had some cash in it. As Morgan looked over to her, she saw a gentleman move up behind Alexis, drop some cash in the bucket and placed his cock at the entrance of her cunt. They could fuck her for free, or pay any amount of cash to cum inside her. The Master’s sense of humour certainly.

Morgan smirked a little, enjoying the expression on Alexis’ face; an expression that told of the many men that had already enjoyed themselves with her. But she wasn’t the only one there doing the light entertainment. There were several girls dotted around the room, all knelt down, present for the service by their masters, and waiting for cocks to suck on. On glanced at Morgan as she passed by, her lips encompassing a hugely round dick, as Morgan offered a volovon to the man who’s dick was in the girls mouth.

Making another circuit around the room, she found her Master talking with a group of men, each with a slave girl knelt at their feet. Cassie was among them, his prize girl. Her figure was much fuller now, her stomach hanging over, however as Morgan stared at her, she immediately felt warm and wet in her panties, thoughts drifting to sliding her head between those hugely sufficating thighs and burying her face in that cunt. But back to the party. Cassie smiled ever-so sweetly at Morgan as she came by. “Oh Slave…”

Morgan stopped, and bowed her head. “Yes madam?”

The Master was quick to jump in and explain to the gentlemen around him. “Morgan here is one of my lower slaves. She answers to Cassandra in all things, when I’m not commanding her instead.” The men nodded and murmured in agreement, finding this notion interesting.

Cassandra preened slightly, smiling broadly. “There are not enough drinks in here. Deal with it.” And with a wave of her hand, she dismissed Morgan.

Morgan took the hint and left, though as she left she heard her master resuming his conversation, and heard the words “reasonable price.” She paused briefly, then headed straight for the exit, going towards the kitchen. She waved to the chef as she walked through, placing down her tray, then headed down into the cellar. Once in the dark, she moved over to one of the barrels, and rested her arms and her head on it, letting her heart beat slow down. Was he selling her, tonight? Was that why she wasn’t on one of the stiles? Not to be touched?

She cringed, then jumped as she heard the creak of the stairs. She turned around, to find Forbes standing there. She dropped immediately onto her knees and bowed her head. Forbes smiled at this. It had only taken a few days to drill this into her, and he walked over to her, running his hand through her hair, then gripped it tightly. “What’re you doing down here whore?”

During the master’s holiday, Morgan had learnt better than to speak in Forbes’ presence, with only one exception; when he phrased a question and named her Slave or girl.He was trying to trick her, and she remained silent, keeping her head down towards the floor.

Forbes’ smile broadened at this. Maltepe Ukraynalı Escort She had learnt well. Though she had been punished severly for every slip up prior. Still gripping her hair, he rephrased, “What’re you doing down here girl?”

Morgan was now allowed to look up, though did not meet his eyes. “Mistress Cassandra commanded me to get more drinks for the party…” She paused, and Forbes ragged her head to the side and slapped the side of her face.

“Mistress Cassandra commanded me to get more drinks for the party, what?”

“Master.” He could hear the hestitation in her voice, as could she, and she cringed a little, remaining tense even as he let go of her hair. She heard him begin to ascend the steps, and only once the door closed upstairs did she relax, chiding herself for her stupidity. Why did she stumble over those words? Forbes was more in control of her than the one she called Master, easily so. She took a moment to herself, then hefted up a crate of the Master’s booze.

She went back up the steps and closed the door behind her. Dipping back through the kitchen, she nodded to the chef. He waved his spoon at her, and she left the kitchen without a word. She made her way through back to the foyer and walked over to the dining room doors, only to find a gentleman there, dark, young and handsome, leaning against the wall with a glass of scotch in his hand.

“Flynn’s Morgan, right girl?” He voiced.

Morgan paused, then nodded, taking a ginger step towards him. “Yes sir, might I be of assistance?”

He drank the last of his scotch and placed the glass on a nearby chair, and walked over to her, eyeing her over as he approached, then grabbed her arm and drew her over to the side. She followed, and they stood in the lesser light next the staircase. “Are you aware Morgan, that your Master intends to sell you this evening?”

Morgan blinked, her suprise showing on her face, and then she felt oddly light, struggling to force back the tears as the feelings of fear and remorse flooded over her. “He is?”

The man nodded, releasing her arm. “I presume from your reaction, that this is not welcome news.” He took the crate from her, and pressed down on her shoulder, forcing her down onto her knees. She dropped down readily, mostly out of habit. He took a bottle of white wine out of the crate, and then placed the crate on the floor. He opened the bottle, and then handed it to her. “Drink this, now.”

Morgan took the bottle, looking from the bottle to this strange man, then thought briefly about being sold. That tipped her over the edge and she lifted the bottle to her mouth. She took a mouthful and swallowed it, and started to lower it again, when he said “All of it” and she lifted it again, managing to down about half of the bottle in one go. She gasped for breath and lowered the bottle, her chest heaving as she grimaced from the flavour. The man tapped the bottle again, “ALL of it” and she took another breath and lifted the neck to her mouth again. Cringing and gulping down the last of it, she gasped and coughed a little, dropping the bottle to the floor. It rolled away further into the shadows. He grabbed her under her arms and yanked her back to her feet, then pressed the crate of drinks into her arms, then led her over to the dining room doors.

“Go in there, take a drink to that fat whore your Master is toting about, and making sure you bend over far enough to see your panties under your skirt to the gentleman sat opposite her. Then come back out.”

Morgan threw him a questioning look, but already she was starting to feel a little woozy, and before she could say anything he opened the door and pushed her in. The door closed behind her, and she placed the crate down underneath a chair, her head felt heavy already and the room swayed a little. She found a glass, and a little overly carefully poured some red wine into it. She picked it up, and made her way back over to her Master’s group. She entered the circle, and bent over low Maltepe Üniversiteli Escort as she had been instructed to give Cassie her drink. “Will that be all Madam?”

Cassie took the drink and shook her head, sniffing at Morgans breath briefly, then dismissed her again with just a wave of her hand. She watched Morgan go, swaying slightly as she made her way out. Cassie turned to see the man opposite her, a hugely fat and bearded man, staring at Morgan’s quickly receding back. Cassie took a sip of her drink and then returned her focus to her Master as he spoke.

Morgan slipped out of the room and closed the door behind her, leaning against the door and closing her eyes, resting the back of her head on the door. She heard someone approach her, but didn’t open her eyes until a hand gripped her arm and yanked her over. She went with him, opening her eyes as he pulled her into the shadow of the stairs. He pushed her infront of him and pressed her to the wall. He reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. When Morgan protested, he shushed her, lowered them down her legs and lifted her feet out of them. He then pocketed her red panties, and pressed her back firmly against the wall, pushing up against her.

“The gentleman to whom you showed your panties to is the one who is purchasing you. Your master is buying his slave and he is buying you.” Morgan nodded, pressing back onto the wall, her eyes lowering as her head lolled slightly. “I have no taste for that man, and as such I’m going to ruin the transaction. I will quietly tell him that you drunkenly begged me to fuck you, and that I have, show him these panties as proof, and he will cancel the buy. He has no taste for anything I have already touched. He also will not wish to insult the host and as such, he will not mention to your Master what I have done.”

Morgan frowned a little, the words wandering through her brain sluggishly and with little purpose. She nodded absently, then a question formed in her mind, as he pushed her skirt up her hips. “Why are you helping me?”

He ignored the question briefly, unbuttoning his pants and lifting his cock out. He pushed up against her, gripping one of her legs and hooking it up over his hip, while he positioned his cock head against the lips of her cunt. He thrust inside her, forcing the head of his bulbous cock into her, and starting fucking her slowly. Morgan let out a drunken groan, tipping her head back onto the wall and grinning, letting out a soft giggle as he pressed his dick further inside her. He pulled her leg up higher, while he lifted his other hand inside her shirt, squeezing one of her breasts, while he filled her giant pussy with cock. He continued his thrusts, long and slow into her, and Morgan placed her arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder.

Morgan did not come as he slowly thrust in and out of her, but buzzed and warm she enjoyed every moment of it, resting her lips against his neck as he let out a low moan, unloading his cum into her. They stood there for a few moments, Morgan breathing him in, while he got his breath back, then pulled sharply out of her. He rubbed the head of his softening cock against the puffy lips of her cunt, wiping the last of his cum on her, then rubbed her juices off of him onto her thighs, then returned his cock to his pants. He stood back, reaching over to pull her skirt back down on her legs. “Come with me Morgan.”

He led her back over to the dining room doors and through them, leading her through the crowd back to Master Flynn’s group, whispering in her ear as they approached. “To stick one over the fat bastard, and to keep you as part of my father’s estate.” Morgan gaped at him, as he laughed broadly, entering the group with a smile. “Father, you didn’t inform me of what entertainment your Morgan is. Such a laugh this girl is, but can’t keep her head with the booze I’ve forced on her… Maybe an early night for the girl?”

He moved around to the back of the group, as her Master nodded Maltepe Vip Escort and dismissed her with a second nod. She started to go, but noticed the man, the Master’s son, bending over and whispering to the fat man. He spoke briefly, then reached out to place the panties, her panties, into the man’s hand. As the fat man looked at Morgan, the master’s son took the opportunity and knocked his glass out of his hand and onto the floor, right infront of Cassie. Morgan immediately dropped down onto her knees, a little clumsily, to clean up the mess, using her little apron to do so, leaning over and flashing her cum drizzled cunt to the fat man, who let out an audible gasp, though stifled it. The Master’s son laughed in his ear, and then stood up and joined the groups conversation.

Morgan finished clearing up the spilled drink and the glass, then stood up and made her exit. She cast one look back at the handsome rescuer, and then made a short dash for the door, glancing briefly at Alexis, still tied and open, being fucked again by someone new, this time in her pert little ass. With a chortle, Morgan ducked out and went upstairs going straight to her room, stumbling up a few of the steps and bumping into the walls as she went.


She must have made it to bed, for Morgan awoke to find herself encompassed in her big duvet. Then her head returned to her, bringing with it the hangover the events of the night before brought with it. She buried her head under one of her pillows, enjoying the cool and the darkness, then heard the noises that had apparently awoken her. Movement, and things being moved. She made a “rarrggg” sound, then slipped out of bed, noticing that at some point she had put pyjamas on, and wandering into the hallway. Stepping out of her bedroom door, she witnessed a girl carrying boxes into the room opposite her. Brushing her hand back through her hair, she went up to the open door and knocked on it.

“Erm… hello?”

The girl, with olive skin and dark brown hair whom she did half recognise as the girl knelt next to the fat man, put down a box and turned around, looking over a slightly dishevelled Morgan, and walked over with a little wave. “Hi, I’m Roberta… you must be Morgan?”

Morgan nodded, standing there a little foolishly and unsure. “Are you a new girl?”

Roberta nodded. “Yes, the Master Carlson sold me to your, I mean our, Master. I heard he was going to take you, but changed his mind?”

Morgan nodded again, a little numbly, her head pounding still, then realised she wasn’t making the best of impressions. “Yeah, apparently. Sorry Roberta, I’m usually a little more… alive, but a gentleman at the party last night insisted I drink a bit, and now I could lay down and wait for this hangover to kill me.” She offered a small chuckle, and Roberta replied in kind.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Morgan. I’ll let you go back to bed, and I’m sure I’ll see you later in the day, when you’re feeling better.”

Morgan smiled and turned to go, then turned back. Here was a chance to make an ally in the house, before Cassie or Alexis got to her. She went back over and offered to help her unpack, which Roberta happily accepted.


Alexis limped by the open door roughly half hour later. She had been left on the stile after the last guest had gone, punishment for some undisclosed incident and had only just been untied only minutes ago. She had struggled up the stairs, and crawled a little of the distance, her cunt and ass dripping with semen and fucked sore and wide open by the men of the night, and her wrists and ankles were sore from the straps. She stopped in the open doorway and found the new girl and Morgan laughing with each other.

Morgan stopped when she saw Alexis, and tried to hide a smirk. “Hey Alexis. Feeling a little rough?”

Alexis fake laughed, then her face went back to pained and bitter. “Sore more like…”

Roberta grinned and looked to Morgan briefly. “Ah, the girl on the stile. How many dicks went in you last night?”

Alexis scowled and grimaced, making a peculiar face already contorted in pain. “Well, I lost count after about 30. Though I could take hundreds and still have a tighter pussy than ‘Whoregan’ there.” Alexis smirked and laughed, and exited the room, hobbling with her legs apart to her room to lie down.

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