The Stone

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During the summer after her sophomore year at Vasser, Sara went to stay at her aunt Maria’s farm in Italy. She thought it would be a good opportunity to travel and practice her Italian, which she thought was pretty good after two years’ study. Instead, she found that her aunt never went anywhere and did little outside the daily tasks required to keep the farm running. Sara was soon recruited into this routine, and her days were consumed with the monotony of endless chores.

Her aunt employed man named Ludo who lived in the large farmhouse with them. Ludo was a large, darkly tanned Italian. His English was functional at best. Most of the time he said little to Sara, and the few times she tried to strike up a conversation with him in Italian he seemingly couldn’t comprehend a word she said. Later she thought he must have been mocking her. After all, none of her classmates had any trouble understanding her when they practiced together. Despite their lack of a mutually comprehensible language, whenever she had to work near Ludo she noticed him stealing glances at her when he thought she wasn’t looking. She knew what those glances were about; they were the same sort men had always given her. That kind of attention made her uncomfortable, so she spent most of her free time alone, reading a book in her room or walking in the meadows beyond her aunt’s vegetable garden.

It was on one of these walks that she found the strange stone. It struck her immediately as odd, although she couldn’t quite explain why. Its blue color was certainly a bit unusual as well as its smooth perfectly round shape, but that wouldn’t normally have been enough to capture her attention. She nevertheless picked it up and tucked it into her dress pocket. She had almost forgotten about it later back at the farmhouse until she felt the weight of it as she undressed for bed. When she pulled it out of the dress she was astonished to find that it glowed brightly in the dark bedroom. Turning it over, she saw an inscription in tiny black letters. Her Italian was not good enough to understand at first, but after some thought, she realized what it meant. “Throw me in the water and see your desire.”

The next day her chores were light and by the late morning Sara was casting around for something to do. She thought about the stone again, and wondered what the inscription might be referring to. What did it mean by her “desire”? Was the stone somehow incredibly valuable? She doubted it. It didn’t look like any kind of precious gem she’d ever heard of. Also, if it were valuable what good would throwing it in water do? And why would somebody bother writing the inscription only to leave the stone where anyone walking by might find it? After pondering for a while, she decided the only way to satisfy her curiosity was to do as the inscription said.

Having reached this conclusion, the next step would be to find a suitable place to perform the experiment. At first she thought of simply using the sink in the farmhouse bathroom, but then she reconsidered. For one thing, this stone could be made of something which would react badly with water. Perhaps it was someone’s idea of a practical joke to paint over a lump of solid rubidium with instructions that would lead whoever found it to make a new hole in their bathroom sink. She would need to test it outdoors, preferably out of sight of her aunt and Ludo. As she was thinking this, she found herself walking again toward the place where she had first found the stone out in the meadow.

When she arrived, she saw there was a small stream at her feet that she hadn’t noticed before. Following it brought her to a clear and strangely deep pond surrounded by thick brush so that it wasn’t visible until she had almost stepped into it. Hesitating only slightly, she brought the stone out from her front pocket and dropped it into the water. It didn’t explode or even fizzle, but instead floated on the surface for a breif moment before beginning to sink at an unusually gradual pace. When it was fully submerged, the world around Sara dissolved into blackness. Suddenly she was falling through the ground. Or perhaps the ground had disappeared and she was floating down through empty air. Soon she could see nothing and feel nothing around her but a faint draft of cool air, blowing in no particular direction. The pitch darkness finally gave way to a dim light which coalesced until she could make out walls on either side of her.

The hallway seemed endless, slowly sloping downward until the ceiling was occluded by the floor. Sara’s eyes watered in the smoke that hung thick in the air. The way was dimly lit by an eerie green light which emanated from two rows of grated black iron doors. As though in a trance, she stepped slowly down the hall until she had a better view through the first metal door. She gasped at what she saw through the bars: a round stone chamber, its walls lined with women. All of them seemed to be restrained in various ways, some chained in suspension spread-eagle against the wall, some Maltepe Yabancı Escort bound in ropes on the floor. All were completely nude. One woman sat on the floor, her hands, ankles, and neck all manacled and connected by two long metal bars. A chandelier hung from the ceiling in the center of the room, its candles lit with green flames whose heat Sara could feel even where she stood, at least twenty paces away. Some of the women stared ahead expressionless, others were sobbing and gasping as though in pain.

From up the hallway out of sight Sara heard footsteps. Faint at first, they were quickly growing louder. Not wanting to be seen by whoever lived in a place like this, she took off in the opposite direction, deeper into the tunnel. She wanted to run but didn’t want whoever was coming to hear her, so she walked. Every chamber she could see as she passed held the same scene, the green flames, the women, and the chains. The footsteps were still getting closer but they hadn’t broken into a run, so neither did she. She sped up her pace however, and stopped looking through the metal grates. Ahead of her one of the doors swung open and a man emerged into the hallway blocking her path. At least, she would have said he was a man except for the green tinge of his skin and the curved horns which protruded from his scalp. He was also taller than any man she had seen, towering over her by at least two feet. He wore black slacks and a long-sleeved white shirt with a vest that seemed to change color as he moved, first violet, then red, then a dark shade of blue.

“Wh- who are you?” Sara found her voice. She had almost asked what he was, but thought that question might offend him, something that didn’t seem like a good idea when she was alone in this strange and frightening place.

“I am Oran, and this is my home. Perhaps the stranger should introduce herself first.”

“I’m Sara. Please just let me pass, I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“And where did you think you were going Sara? Do you even remember how you got down here?”

Sara thought for a moment, how had she gotten here? It seemed she could only remember the last couple minutes. She thought harder, then said, “there was a strange stone. I threw it in a pond. The next thing I knew I was here.”

“Was it anything like this?” he said, pulling a glowing blue stone from his coat pocket.

“Yes, that was it exactly, how did you find it?”

“You dropped it and I picked it up,” he answered as though that explained everything. “If it falls here, you will fall with it, back to your world. Here, catch,” he said, throwing the stone in an arc toward her.

The stone hung in the air just a bit longer than Sara thought was natural. She caught it in the palm of her hand and looked at it, curious. “All I have to do is drop it?”

“All you have to do,” he repeated. “But it would be a shame to leave so soon, when there’s so much we haven’t done.” With these last words, he reached out with a speed that made Sara jump. He grabbed the wrist of her hand that held the stone.

“Like what?” Sara’s heart pounded in her chest. She tried to pull her hand free of the man’s grip but he was too strong. He spun her around so that she faced the room he had just emerged from, her arms now crossed over her waist.

“Like this.” He lifted her as though she weighed nothing and carried her to an empty patch of wall between two naked and chained women. They continued to stare straight ahead as though they couldn’t see either Sara or Oran. He pressed her arm against the wall and a band of dark metal emerged from the cold stone to encircle her wrist and dive back in. He did the same with her other hand, then both of her feet. Once the cuffs had formed a layer of softer leather emerged from them, cushioning her skin as she tested them. She found herself completely immobilized and suspended at least a foot off the ground. As far as she could tell her restraints were part of the wall she was now bound to. As she struggled against her bonds the other women faded from her sight until she was seemingly alone in the chamber apart from her captor. He was staring at her, his eyes locked on her chest through what now felt like a far too revealing neckline on her sundress. Sara had never thought much of her breasts, although a classmate had once told her, to her great embarrassment, that they were her best asset. Now she wished she could turn away, or at least cross her arms over herself. Her hand still held the glowing stone tightly. She thought of letting it drop but something stopped her. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to find this place again, and she found that she was intensely curious about what might be in store for her if she stayed. Besides, she reasoned, she could drop the stone and be back by the side of the stream whenever she wanted.

The horned man held up a hand and growled something she didn’t understand. As he did, her dress shifted and moved toward him. He flicked his wrist and suddenly she Maltepe Yeni Escort couldn’t feel the fabric of her dress anymore. Looking down, she saw it was floating up and off her body while becoming gradually more translucent until it finally disspeared. Standing in her sensible white bra and panties Sara expected to feel cold, but found instead that the warmth emanating from the green chandelier had grown, leaving the room almost uncomfortably hot. Oran’s hand reached out and took hold of the fabric covering her breasts and effortlessly pulled it apart, tossing it away across the room.

He took her naked breast in hand, stroking it with his long fingers as his thumb lightly teased her nipple. “What are you doing?” she said, panicking, “Please stop.” She didn’t want this man, who could hardly be a man in the strictest sense, to explore her body any further. She shuddered as he let go of her breast to grab her panties and rip them in two down the middle. When his hand came back to lightly pinch her nipple she moaned softly.

“I am going to give you a taste now of what you will experience here if you stay and are obedient to me. Keep in mind that after this your rewards will not come so easily. You will have to suffer for them.” As she wondered what this could possibly mean, his other hand slid down her waist to caress her inner thigh. She shuddered at the touch, then gasped as his fingers slid up to her outer lips. Looking down, she saw him thrust his long index finger into her and felt how easily it slid into her. Sara moaned again, louder this time. He pulled the finger out and then pushed it back in, now accompanied by a second. At the same time, his thumb began to trace slow, light circles around the sensitive nub above. She felt as his fingers gradually coaxed more and more wetness out of her.

Beads of sweat formed on Sara’s forehead as the sensations overwhelmed her. Her body now felt impossibly hot even pressed against the cold stone wall behind her. The sensations Oran was creating in her body were incredible, completely unlike anything she had ever been able to do herself. The closest thing to this she had ever felt had been the time she had climbed on top of her mother’s washing machine back home. This was much better. Then she had been cut short by a sudden knock on the door, but no such interruption seemed possible here. She was headed for a climax that promised more intensity than she had known was possible. Just as she thought this, however, she felt Oran’s fingers abruptly stop. Her hips gyrated against his hand, desperate for more stimulation.

“Ah, but not so fast,” he taunted her. “You need it now, don’t you?” She said nothing, breathless, but he persisted. “Answer me, girl. All you need do is ask for it, just this once.”

“Please,” she managed. She was panting now, knowing that he was just moments away from giving her a pleasure greater than she had ever felt. At the same time she knew that if he took his hand away now that pleasure would be torn away from her. She couldn’t bear that thought.

“Please what? That is not how you must ask permission for your release.”

“I need it,” she admitted. She could feel her face turning red, but whether it was from embarrassment or arousal she couldn’t tell. His fingers moved just a fraction of an inch away from her and she cried out in frustration. “Please may I come?” as she said these words she couldn’t believe they had occurred to her, but she knew somehow that this was what was required of her.

“Yes, yes you may. Good girl.” With this, his fingers resumed their work, this time faster. His thumb seemed to almost vibrate against her most sensitive spot. She felt her body tense, then was lost in pleasure. She was only vaguely aware of her legs shaking against their bonds and the stone behind her. All of her attention was captured by the strongest orgasm she had ever felt. It seemed to go on and on, the fingers inside her knowing exactly how to prolong her climax. When it was over her entire body felt numb. She barely noticed the stone slip from her hand, but as soon as it reached the floor the walls, the chandelier, and Oran began to shift and warp. Everything stretched and fell into the floor beneath her until all she could see around her was blackness. She closed her eyes and screamed.

Sara could tell she was back by the sunlit stream before she opened her eyes again. She might have thought the whole experience had been a dream except that her wrists bore a thin imprint from the tight cuffs she had just been wearing. If that weren’t enough, she was completely naked and her pussy was still soaking wet. In a patch of grass she saw the faint blue glow of the stone. She bent down and picked it up. As she did, she saw her dress lying on the ground across the stream. She hurriedly jumped across and pulled the dress over her head. It seemed as though it had become shorter than it was before, and her shoes were nowhere to be found. Neither, she realized, were her underthings. Maltepe Masaj Salonu She sighed, then thought this was probably not the worst thing that could have happened to her. What had possessed her to try the stone in the first place? She could have been trapped in that other place, wherever it was, with no way to return home. Taking off down the path back to her Aunt’s farm Sara realized that she was very lucky to have escaped relatively unscathed.

She kept the stone covered by her tightly closed fist as she greeted Aunt Maria at the door. Her aunt seemed oddly unconcerned with where she had wandered off for the last hour, although Sara thought that perhaps time moved differently in Oran’s world than in her own. That would be consistent with many of the stories she had read about such things. At any rate, her aunt still gave her plenty of chores to complete before dinner, despite how long she felt it had been since she last ate. She couldn’t think of an excuse to slip away to her room to replace her lost bra and panties, so she hid the stone in a cupboard in the broom closet and set about vacuuming and dusting, careful not to bend too low or reach too high and reveal what she wasn’t wearing under her newly shortened dress. She was especially careful whenever Ludo was around. He took frequent breaks from his work in the fields to stand around drinking water and watching her work. As she bent over to unplug the vacuum she thought she caught him taking a peek up her dress, but she couldn’t be sure.

After supper that night Sara went up to her room, exhausted from what had felt like an especially long day. She changed into her nightgown and climbed under the covers, expecting to fall quickly asleep. Instead, she found herself thinking about the dungeon and Oran, remembering every word he had said to her and reliving every touch. Her hands drifted absentmindedly under the covers and between her thighs. She found that she was once again wet. Plunging a finger into herself while her other hand stroked her clit, she tried to recreate the sensations she had experienced earlier. She tried thrusting her fingers in and out quickly, then slowly. She rubbed her clit in circles, then up and down, trying to pleasure herself just as he had, and felt herself approaching that same feeling from before, but she found that she just couldn’t get herself over the edge. After the incredible climax from earlier her efforts now did nothing but leave her more and more frustrated. She finally gave up, and walked to the bathroom to wash her hands and face in cool water. This did little to sooth her arousal and frustration, but she nevertheless felt tired. She got back into bed and drifted off into a fitful sleep.

The next morning she awoke with a damp spot on the sheets between her legs. She couldn’t remember much of the dream she had been having, but she knew it had involved the tall horned man and the strange new world she had discovered. She tried once again with her hands to bring herself to orgasm but could only get just to the edge. Picturing herself back in the dungeon, chained in all the different ways she had seen before being caught, she rubbed herself furiously until her aunt’s voice from downstairs brought an abrupt end to her fantasies. Dejectedly she got up, walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She said little to her aunt or to Ludo that day as she went through the routine of her chores, thinking restlessly of why she couldn’t seem to get herself off anymore. She knew it must be the result of something Oran had done to her in the dungeon. Perhaps it was the feeling of being restrained, or the knowledge that he controlled her climax and the humiliation of begging him to let her come. She wondered if she would need his permission for every orgasm from now on. Her return to that twisted realm was now inevitable, she realized. It was just a matter of when she could get away to drop that glowing blue stone in the stream again. She knew she couldn’t last long in her frustrated state when she knew what she had to do for her release.

By lunch time Sara had finished most of the chores her aunt had set for her that day. She asked if she could take a break to go for another walk, but Aunt Maria told her that she still had to help Ludo slop the pigs. She couldn’t bear another second of Ludo’s lecherous looks, so she gave him the slip on the way to the pens and doubled back to the farmhouse. Once she had retrieved the stone from its hiding place in the closet, she stole out the back door and set off down the road to where she remembered finding the stream. As she walked she began to feel more and more excited at the prospect of what she was about to do. At the streams edge she hesitated briefly, holding the stone out in front of her. Remembering what had happened with her last pair of shoes she removed the sandals she was wearing and deposited them behind a large rock. She considered doing the same with her bra and panties but then thought somebody might see her. She thought that she must be insane to do this again knowing what might happen to her, but her arousal was too strong and she let the stone fall back into the water. The world around her began to form a vortex with the stone at its center. She took a deep breath and jumped in, falling through the ground and into darkness.

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