The Taking of a Woman Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: This is the final chapter of ‘The Taking of a Woman’ series. I hope you all enjoy the read and find it pleasurable. There is only so long you can stretch a seduction before it becomes stale after all. Once again thanks to everyone who followed the story and gave feedback, every vote and comment meant a lot. As always, your thoughts are welcome.


Robert Stevens was a patient man. One can hardly survive amongst the wealthy and powerful without patience. He had seen countless mergers and acquisitions through with the help of this very virtue, and they all inevitably turned out in his favour. The thought made him smile. Now, sitting in a comfortable armchair by the electronic fireplace of his plush apartment, he considered his latest challenge, one that slowly moved into its final act. The rain lashed against the large glass wall that made up one side of his massive chambers, and the thought of another rainy encounter sprang to mind, bringing with it the stirrings of arousal. As he closed his eyes and leaned back to let happy memories play out, Robert Stevens wondered how the final act was unfolding at the other end.

Surinder Sahni knew he was losing his grip. He had brought his young bride to London with hopes that they would settle in together, slowly and awkwardly perhaps, but with the certainty of a happy outcome, like the Hindi movies of old. He had hoped Anushka would come to love the shy, caring man who wanted to give her the best in the world, and wished she would understand. But something was not right, and he could feel it.

She seemed, forward. He had not anticipated her to make advances on him, require sex before they decided to conceive a child. Perhaps it was the way she was brought up, but it certainly was not how he knew to treat his wife. All these thoughts crashed through his head as he hauled his baggage out the door, Anushka seemed to have packed a lot more than usual this time, causing him to struggle. He looked back into the house, watching her stand there with a strange expression on her face. The rain pattered away at the windows behind her, and as he began to close the door, she gave him a small smile and a half hearted wave. When he closed the door, the click of the latch was accompanied by a crack of thunder, causing a knot in his stomach. Something had changed.

Imperial Tower had only one doorman on late night duty, and he was on the verge of nodding off when the taxi pulled up. Who the bloody hell has a visitor this late at night? he wondered as a young woman stepped out and hurriedly paid the driver before walking in through the large glass doors. Her hair was a little wet, and she had a shabby raincoat draped over one arm. There was nothing shabby about her dress however. Her slender figure was wrapped in black silk with gold embroidery, and the sleeveless blouse revealed a hint of her cleavage.

“May I help you miss?”

She was almost past him, and turned slowly to meet his gaze, seeming a little flustered.

“No, thank you. I can find my way.”

She was blushing slightly, and seemed to try and make herself as small as possible as she quickly made her way to the small service elevator and rushed in. Not before the doorman had leaned over his desk and taken a nice long look at the way her rear end moved in her draped wrappings. This was a sight he had seen many times before. Looks like Mr. Stevens just can’t be satisfied by the local flavour anymore. Wish I could afford such a hot piece of ass!

The table was set, expensive white wine, naan bread and chicken curry awaited on a small table for two. Robert had vacated the comfort of his chair and paced the room, occasionally glancing at the notification light on his phone. He was not used to this tension, he always got what he wanted…

The doorbell chimed.

It was midnight, Surinder’s flight would have just left, so this would be about time for Anushka, which meant that he had claimed his prize. As he approached the door, he told himself, for the first time, not to expect too much, she may have gotten cold feet. He breathed in, closed his eyes, and swung the door open wide.

Ravishing was an understatement. The wet hair, the kohl lined eyes, soft succulent lips and pink cheeks, all devoid of cosmetic uplifting. The saree hugged her, playing its part as he had hoped, elegant yet unquestionably sexy. He wondered what Martin the doorman had thought, he would have to ask him later.

He smiled and stepped back, inviting her in. She stood there for a long moment, looking at him as if seeing him for the first time, a long smoldering look that he found irresistible. And then, she was in his arms, her head on his chest, pressed against him.

“Anu… what…?”

Her finger on his lips silenced him, as she pulled away enough to look at him again.

“I can’t do it anymore Robert. I tried, I tried to do the right thing, I tried to be faithful. But I won’t lie anymore, my husband… cannot satisfy me. I…. I need you.”

She bahis siteleri seemed to have planned this, going by how she blurted it out as if she was afraid she would lose her nerve.

Robert’s manhood twitched. She had admitted it at last.

“I know,” was all he said before he kissed her.

This time it was different, the thrill of her lips responding, moving in harmony with his, the wetness and warmth of her on him. It was different than the hesitant beginnings of an affair, this was real, this was passion.

His tongue slowly nudged at her lips, and found itself being allowed into a pleasurable cocoon of warmth, where it met hers and embraced it. One of his hands went to her long silky hair, caressing the tresses, as the other made its way down her back, resting at the small patch of skin her saree revealed and stroking her backbone. She purred, the vibrations of her tongue passing on to his as well, and his cock responded, hardening until it created a tent in his robe, causing Anushka to realize his nakedness underneath it. This time she did not pull back, this time she smiled and shook her head slightly.

“I see you have taken the trouble to prepare dinner. And I am a little hungry.”

Robert almost groaned, but nodded and reluctantly let her go. He moved to the table and was about to begin serving when he felt her hand on his, stopping him.

“In India, we do not let our men serve us, we serve them,” she said with a smile as she expertly doled out chicken curry onto both their plates and distributed some naan before turning back to him.

“I have made you wait this long, but I know what I want now.”

He had not realized her hands had slipped to his waist until he felt the robe loosen. The silk slowly slid off his shoulders, revealing his dark skin, and sculpted muscles as well as the veined and throbbing cock. She blushed slightly at the sight, but did not seem as fazed by it as her last encounter. Handing him a glass of wine, she put her arms on his shoulders and gently pushed him down on to a chair.

“Will you wait for a minute?” she asked, her voice taking on a teasing quality.

Robert nodded, dumbfounded by this new Anushka, one who was sexy and confident, yet retained some of that seductive innocence. He watched her gently swaying figure as she disappeared into the depths of his house as if it were her own, pausing a moment in the hall, before identifying the bedroom and going in. He took a sip of wine, glancing down at his throbbing member, which reminded him that he had not done his daily masturbation sessions since his last encounter with Anushka, wanting the anticipation to build. He stroked it idly, glancing at the hallway entrance for her to return, and almost came when she did.

She had removed her saree, and stood before him in the lingerie he had gifted her. Victoria’s Secret complimented her Indian curves, leaving overflowing blobs of breast uncovered and keeping some modesty intact at the same time. Her nether regions were covered by the smallest patch of cloth that seemed to be held together by string. She looked embarrassed, but that didn’t stop her from giving him the smoldering look again as she came closer, slowly, letting him drink in the sight of her.

Anushka knew she had been exposed in front of Robert before, but not to this extent, It did not feel wrong however, as she walked to him, her hips moving more than necessary, her cleavage wobbling in the tight revealing lingerie. She wanted him to know she was committed now, that he was going to have her.

His eyes were appreciative as they roved over her shamelessly. Anushka felt a thrill course through her as she realized she had entered a new world, and left behind her roots and the expectations of her middle class family and mediocre husband. This was a world of the rich and powerful, of sex and perverted pleasures. And she could not wait to begin.

Robert gulped as she bent forward, revealing impossible amounts of cleavage, and gave him a peck on the lips. He had not been aware he was still stroking away.

“I have something for you,” she purred, something else he had not known she was capable of.

As her hand reached between her breasts, he half expected to meet her wonderful twins again, and was a little disappointed when she withdrew her hand and held it out to him. As he reached his own hand out, she dropped a small blacked out vial into it that he realized she had been storing in her cleavage. The thought turned him on, the fact that the vial was empty turned him on more.

That was the moment Robert Stevens knew he had won. She had drunk his cum before, but this was final proof that she belonged to him now.

Anushka put a hand on Robert’s shoulder and gingerly sat down on his lap. He moved his throbbing cock so that it now rested on her lap. With a smile, she reached and tore a piece of naan, dipped it in the curry, and began feeding him.

It was the best meal he had ever had. She would expertly give him succulent canlı bahis siteleri pieces of bread and meat, with him nibbling at her slender fingers at every opportunity, and take a few bites herself. Occasionally a drop of curry would land on his chest, and she would promptly lick it off tenderly. A few times he kissed her after, enjoying the tangy taste of chicken on her tongue. Halfway through the meal he reached and groped her right breast, causing her to moan, and throw back her head. He moved his face to her cleavage, breathing in the sight of her soft mounds, before kissing her breasts and running his tongue into the cleft between them. The taste of chicken, her sweet fragrance in his nose, and the warmth of her chest on his cheeks, the atmosphere was heady.

Anushka moaned louder. This was what she had always wanted, this was what she had needed, was created for, and she knew Robert was the one who had revealed it all for her, she needed him and only him now. As his tongue explored her breasts, she reached down and took him in her hands, slowly stroking his cock.

Robert reached back, unclasping her bra, sliding it off and throwing it away into the distance. The candles were burning low and cast flickering shadows onto her lightly heaving breasts. He admired them a moment before taking her breasts into his mouth, tracing the areola with his tongue and finding the nipple, gently biting it first, and then suckling from it.

“Ahhhh..” her breathing was faster now, and she held his head to her chest with one arm as her other hand stroked him faster.

He pulled back and gave her a sly grin. Anushka needed to be ravaged in every possible way. He dipped his hand into the gravy boat on the table and found a small, juicy piece of chicken. While kissing her breast and neck, he held the piece to her mouth, her lips opening to swallow it, dripping some gravy onto her naked flesh. The next piece he placed on her chest, causing it slide slowly and leave a line of tangy gravy on her. She seemed to get the message and immediately pressed her heavy tits together with both hands, causing the slide to stop and effectively offering him his meat on a soft wobbling plate of breasts. He moved in to take his morsel of meat and resumed his attentions to her chest

“Mmmm, yes Robert… oh baby yes…” Anushka could not believe the sounds and words escaping her mouth. She felt slutty, but it felt right. The nakedness felt right. She knew her old wardrobe was going to be useless now.

“Oh yes, you feel so good my little Indian slut,” Robert moaned. Her hand was back on his cock and moving more expertly now, smooth strokes coaxing precum from him, which he promptly wiped with a finger and offered her to suck. It did not surprise him anymore that she was willing. Her defenses had crumbled, desire had been let lose, and desire always wins.

Anushka was lost in her haze of lust and passion as well. They had run out of chicken now, and she was not done yet. Taking the bottle of wine on the table, she held it before Robert, suppressing the cries her body was waiting to get out as her breasts screamed for mercy from the nibbling and sucking.

“Thirsty?” she asked, her voice husky.

Robert was still struggling to keep up with the transformation he was witnessing. His shy Indian girl was gone. No, he had destroyed her, seduced her, manipulated her and aroused her. He smiled as he saw the wine inching its way to the opening of the bottle held over her head.

“I need a drink baby. Let me have it,” he grinned.

The wine feel in a graceful stream to her neck, flowing down on and between her breasts, making them glow. Robert moved his mouth under her nipple, catching the wine that flowed off the tips of their erect points. It was the most erotic experience he had shared with a woman, and he knew he was going to blow soon.

“Anu… I need a little help down here baby,” he said, his voice a little strained from the effort of holding on to his impending orgasm.

Anushka Sahni, covered in spicy gravy trails and glistening wine, nodded as she lowered herself off his lap and bent obediently between his legs.

“Mmmmmmm..” was all Robert could muster as her warm lips enticed his cock into her mouth for the second time since they met. Her inviting warmth, the way her tongue licked him, how she gingerly took him in deeper, it was driving him crazy.

“More, Anu.. take it in deeper.”

She stopped, letting her throat get accustomed to him, and then took him deeper. Around eight of his 11 inches were buried in her mouth, he could feel it hit the back of her throat as he lay back and closed his eyes.

Anushka struggled for air, the mammoth cock in her mouth was making her gag. Her reflex kicked in and she withdrew abruptly, coughing and spluttering and leaving thick ropes of saliva on the huge penis, but Robert was close, and he needed more.

“Take it slut. Take it all!”

She felt the veined organ pushed back in as he grabbed her hair roughly and forced güvenilir bahis her to swallow his girth. Tears came to her eyes as she began to suck and bob her head up and down on the long pole, building momentum until his last push had most of his length stuffed way down her throat. She only had a moment to appreciate that she had successfully taken Robert, when he exploded.

What felt like gallons and gallons of warm sticky semen flooded her throat. Her initial response was to choke and pull back, but Robert mercilessly held her in place, giving her no option but to swallow, cum overflowing out her mouth and adding to the juices and spices that already coated her body.

Robert looked at her in satisfaction. The fair, beautiful, elegant young woman he had met at a party a few months ago now kneeled between his legs, covered and coated and looking like a hardcore pornstar. He felt proud.

Anushka slowly withdrew Robert’s cock from her. Horror washed over her as her childhood, her parents and her morals returned to her. Regret began to flood through her belly for a moment, until she saw the barely softening cock in front of her face, so full of life, so hard, that musky smell. She gave Robert a weary smile. The only feeling she needed in her belly now was the hot sticky heat of his sperm. Her face was covered in semen as well, and she hurriedly wiped it off, licking her fingers, unable to get enough of the viscous secretion.

Robert got to his feet with a huge sigh of satisfaction, helping Anushka up as he did. He held her close to him, his hands wrapped around her possessively, with a tenderness that contrasted his animal use of her mouth a few moments before.

“This is your life now baby. I will take care of you, give you everything in the world, but you will always be my slutty Indian whore.”

“That’s all I want Robert. I can’t run from it. I was never going to be satisfied, and i don’t know what would have happened to me if you had not rescued me and made me yours. I’m glad to be yours. I want you to use me baby. I love being your slutty Indian whore,” she said with conviction. A light in her eyes burning bright. A confident young woman who knew what she wanted, to have her wonderful assets and tight holes plundered by big black cock.

He led her to the bedroom then, and splayed out on the enormous bed that dominated his large bedroom, leaving his prize standing.

“It’s time I saw all of you baby. Get rid of that thong, and let’s see those buns I can’t stop myself from groping.”

Anushka shivered. This was it, the final reveal. Once the little bit of lace around her loins was off, she would belong to Robert, and her new life would begin. She dutifully turned, smiling as Robert let out a wolf whistle at the sight of her mostly exposed derriere. The panties had been too small as well, and did not completely cover her buttcrack. She deftly slid two fingers under the hem and bent a little, teasing him.

“Daaamn baby. I’m getting hard again. Keep going.”

Slowly, Anushka slid her panties down, bending further as she went. What she considered her best assets were now revealed to him, and his intake of breath meant he was definitely taking notice. She stepped out of the skimpy negligee and placed her hands on her buttocks, moving them over the smooth skin, arousing him more.

Robert could only take so much. He grabbed Anushka’s naked hips and brought her down onto the bed in an awkward sitting position as he lay under her. Her pussy looked back at him, soft and inviting, its folds waiting for his monstrous manhood. He grabbed her asscheeks and spread them wide, his tongue beginning its exploration again.

Slowly, he parted her already dripping wet pussy lips and let his tongue dart inside quickly, feeling her shiver and hearing a mewling sound high above him as his Indian lover got her first taste of oral sex administered to her. His tongue went along the cleft of her buttocks, finding the small puckered anal ring and caressing it, causing her to clamp her thighs together.

“Oh, Robert… mmmmmmmmmm God!! What are you doing to me!!”

“Shhh baby, you’ll enjoy this more than you can imagine,” he said as he slowly licked her anus, one finger reaching her pussy and rubbing her clitoris. He could not believe her panties had been hiding such exquisite treasures. Her pussy was almost unused, Surinder’s puny cock probably hadn’t made much difference, and her asshole was so tiny and the muscles so tight it was obviously still virgin. The very thought made his tongue and fingers move faster.

“Oh, no…. mmmm baby… I’m cumming… I’M CUMMING!” Anushka screamed as her pussy began to flood with juices. Robert immediately moved his tongue to her sweet young folds, letting it taste the fluids that leaked out. She had gone limp above him, and he held her up by placing his palms on her broad, firm buttocks and supporting her.

She almost blacked out from the waves of heat in her body that were spreading all over her. A dizzying sensation was all she could register as her first real orgasm took over her. She could feel Robert licking her pussy, lapping her juices. But nothing else registered as he lowered her to the bed, the sheets ruined by their sweat and everything else on their bodies. Even the room was beginning to smell of sex.

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