Thinking with Portals

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It started sometime after gym class as she was changing into her regular clothes. Something firm and wet swiped across the smooth lips of her labia then dove in to suck on her clit. That was the moment when Kristin realized she had accidentally put on the portal panties her boyfriend had purchased for her.

She had been skeptical about how they would work until they tested it at her house. All she had to do was wear the panties while her boyfriend jerked off with the handheld masturbator toy. The masturbator also allowed the user to perform oral on whoever wore the panties. It had been an interesting experience, one that she agreed to repeat- but not like this!

However, when she confronted Matt about it, he assured her that he didn’t have the masturbator; He even showed her his locker and backpack to assure her.

“Babe, I swear, I don’t have it,” he said. “I’m pretty sure I left it at your house. We can look for it after school or something?”

Kristin shook her head. “Maybe it’s a malfunction. I’ll figure it out after school.”

Except it was getting worse.

She had been given a reprieve for about an hour after the initial contact. Lunch was free for the most part until she was putting her tray away and felt a thick finger push inside her. The feeling nearly made her jump, but she managed to keep it together. Then she had to maintain that calm as another finger inserted itself and began to pump deeper inside her.

The fingers toyed with her, stroking and rubbing her clit all through her fifth period. They were slow and relentless, teasing her until she was soaked and trembling. All her nervous energy had to be expended by bouncing her leg. She had to keep herself from gasping, moaning, or reacting in any way even as the fingers pressed into her g-spot.

Kristin struggled to think about who could have found the masturbator? Has someone broken into the house and found it? Could these things be hacked and some pervert in Oregon was messing with her? She bit her lip and lowered her head as the fingers continued their relentless onslaught.

She managed to hide her moan as she came with the bell that dismissed them to the next class. It took her a moment to find the strength to walk. She was sure her face was flushed; Anyone who cared to scrutinize her expression might be able to see what was up.

Like before, whoever was doing this to her allowed her to walk to her next class before continuing their torment. However, this time when she sat, Kristin had to choke down a gasp as the unmistakable feeling of a firm, thick cock buried itself deep inside her. The cock pulsed as it remained still for her to adjust. Much to her horror, she could feel that her partner wasn’t wearing a condom. But her panic was stomped out by the sheer thrill of it. Then she quietly whimpered as the defined head began to sinop escort stroke along her inner walls.

The person filled her with a measured care- pulling almost completely out before pushing back in. Slowly taking her inch by inch each time he entered her. She could feel the curls of his pubic hair brushing at her skin. If she listened carefully she could even hear the slick sounds of it sliding in and out of her. The sound only increased her arousal, even if she had no idea who was doing this to her.

She couldn’t help but open her legs under her desk; Thankful no one was sitting next to her at the back of the classroom. As she opened her legs, the cock began to move faster with more ease, adding force to behind the thrusts. It became a struggle to focus on the teacher as well as control her breathing as the pace picked up.

Her eyes wanted to roll to the back of her head. She wanted to let it all go and enjoy whoever was fucking her in the middle of her English class. It no longer mattered that she didn’t know who it was; He felt amazing and was taking her to the absolute height of pleasure.

He was going faster and deeper now, really pushing himself into her with short, shallow thrusts. Whoever this was, he was screwing her with the intensity of someone who wanted to please his partner- almost like he knew her and wanted to savor the experience.

Her eyes opened wide as it hit her; The only person at home was her dad! He had taken the day off from work- but why would he do this? More importantly, why didn’t it phase her? Why did it only turn her on more that her own father was the one burying himself inside her? The very thought of that hairy, beer-gutted man sitting in her room and having his way with her made her wetter than she thought possible; He could obviously feel it as he started to give deeper strokes that emitted a soft slapping sound.

Shit, this was so hot. She was being fucked by her dad in the middle of class and nobody had any idea. So long as the room didn’t suddenly go quiet. Wetness seeped down her thighs and into her jeans as her arousal grew. She could feel it spread and she had to remove her jacket to cover her lap. Her body jolted as her dad fucked her harder, making her struggle to keep herself still so not to draw attention.

A knot was forming in her belly as her second orgasm began to build. This couldn’t happen here, it was already priming to be more intense than the last. She needed to leave but wasn’t sure she could get out without giving away her situation.

Taking a risk, Kristin raised her hand. “Mrs. Goodall, can I go to the restroom?”

She rushed to tie her jacket around her waist and collect her pass. Mercifully, but also much to her needy dismay, her dad stopped. He must be able to feel her walking.

Making sure she had escort sinop her phone, Kristin hurried to the bathroom- nearly collapsing in the hall when she felt fingers on her clit. Fate seemed to be on her side as the bathroom was blessedly empty. She stumbled into a stall and pulled down her pants. Almost as soon as she stopped walking, the fucking continued with force. She could hear the slick sounds of the hard shaft thrust into her and feel her juices streaming down her legs.

Though she didn’t want to be too loud, Kristin allowed herself to gasp and moan. Reaching under her shirt with one hand, she pinched her nipple. She wished she had a body to touch other than her own. To be able to press her skin to her dad’s while he ravished her. Even when she and Matt had tested the toy he had been next to her and she could hold him. This almost felt like sensory deprivation that only pushed her orgasm to a level she had never experienced before.

With her phone in her other hand, Kristin typed out a quick, ‘Dad…’

The thrusting slowed for a fraction of a second before resuming. Not long after her phone pinged, ‘Yeah baby? :)’

‘You’re such a dick.’

He gave her a firm thrust that forced a yelp from her. She had to cover her mouth, and squeezed her eyes shut as he plowed her with new vigor.

‘That’s not a nice thing to say to your loving father.’

Her hand shook too much for her to reply quickly. She was reduced to whimpers as her legs trembled beneath her.

Another ping, ‘Call me.’

Kristin tapped the dial icon and it took only one ring before her dad answered. She could hear his labored breathing on the other side as well as the wet slapping of the masturbator on his cock.

“I should kick Matt’s ass for buying you this thing,” he growled in her ear. “But you feel so fucking good, Kris.”

“Dad, I almost came in my English class!” She tried to sound irritated but hearing him in her ear only heightened the experience.

He groaned as he felt her grow wetter. “Doesn’t seem to bother you that much. I think you even love it.” She swore at him, feeling herself grow lightheaded. “Tell Matt you had to throw this thing away.”

She panted through the brain fog, “What?”

He slowed his strokes, almost bringing her to tears- she was so close! “Tell Matt you had to throw this away. I don’t want to share this experience with another man.”

“Dad-! Dad, please, I’m so close!”

“Agree to the terms and I’ll let you cum,” he teased her with just the tip of his cock, chuckling as she swore at him. “Such a filthy mouth. Maybe I’ll take care of that when you get home.”

She tried to push into him, but the portal between them wouldn’t allow her to get any closer. Her body trembled with the need to cum. Sweat gathered on her forehead and between her breasts.

Through sinop escort bayan gritted teeth, she swore at him one last time before saying, “Fine! I agree! Now please let me cum!”

She had to keep herself from shouting as he shoved into her. He plowed into her with an intensity she felt only a father could give. The rigid head of his cock rubbed along the sensitive spots of her inner walls, and she could just feel him slapping against her clit sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body.

The sound of her dad grunting and growling in her ear drove her over the edge. With a strangled cry, Kristin’s legs finally gave out and she slid to the floor as she came. At the same time, her dad let out a low groan and she felt his cock spasm before streams of hot cum filled her. It should have concerned her that he had been fucking her bare, but the feeling of her dad’s seed filling her only prolonged her orgasm. The fluid felt so warm as it pooled in her womb.

She quivered as wave after wave of cum shot into her until it spilled into her panties and down her legs. Her dad panted and swore in her ear. Again she wished he was actually with her so she could feel his breath on her skin- to have his lips on hers while he gently humped her.

He took a deep breath then said, “Baby… Kris, that was amazing. Did you enjoy it?”

She tried to respond, then had to swallow and clear her throat. “Yeah. Yeah, that was- Dad that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

“You’re seriously open to doing this again?” His tone was less confident than before. There was a hint of hesitation and concern in his words. “What about your boyfriend?”

Kristin thought about it for a moment then said, “I’ll tell Matt that it broke. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?” She paused, then added, “What about mom?”

“I… I think I’m in the same boat. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” She could feel him softening inside her but gasped as he gave her a couple last caresses with his cock. “I’m going to show you a good time when you get home. For now, I’m going to turn this off so you can get back to class. I love you, baby girl.”

“I love you too, dad.” She felt empty as he pulled out. It was strange to feel his warmth get replaced with cold, cum-soaked silk. The sensation of his seed leaking out of her made her shiver, though she couldn’t help but smile. “I’ll see you when I get home.”

With that, they ended the call and Kristin took a moment to breathe. She had been out of class for a long time. Looking at her phone, she saw that it was almost time to be dismissed for her last class of the day.

While she was cleaning up, she couldn’t help but reach between her legs to catch some of the cum spilling from her. She rubbed the clear, white fluid between her fingers, admiring the slickness of it on her skin. Then, with a devious smile, she took a photo of her licking the cum from her fingers and sent it to her dad. She then finished cleaning up, collected herself, and returned to class with a ready excuse.

The rest of the year was definitely going to be interesting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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