Three Related Couples Pt. 03

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We slept about five hours, it was now around 6:00AM. It was cloudy but still light out. Jake’s wife Anne got up to use the bathroom which woke us up as well. We all had to pee so we each took turns using the bathroom. She wanted to sneak downstairs to see what was going on, we all quietly took a peek from about halfway down the stairs, we could see our spouses on the sofas, they were all still asleep. My wife Deena in the middle, sprawled out on her back with Jake holding her and Bob with is arm around her waist “look at my sister the slut” Anne whispered “I bet she’s dreaming of cock, that’s why she’s spread out like that.”

We watched for a few minutes and we may have made some noise on the stairs because Deena woke up. She got up slowly, we could see her checking out the guys as she stumbled to the downstairs bathroom. She then put on a bathrobe and went quietly to the deck for a cigarette,

We were getting a thrill out of our voyeurism. After her cigarette Deena walked back in stealthily. We were pretty sure she didn’t know we were watching. She stood in front of the two sleeping men, examining their naked bodies and began rubbing her pussy with her right hand. “horny little old slut” Deena’s sister whispered to me. “mmm yeah, your wife wants some cock” teasingly whispered Bob’s wife Anne. “Don’t worry, you get us both soon.”

The three of us looked on, aroused by the naughtiness of spying on them, curious to see what would happen next. Deena threw off the bathrobe, picked up the stockings from inside the heels that she must have brought down after their shower the night before.

She fluttered one each around the guys faces, waking them up. Deena lifted one leg up on the armrest of the sofa, teasingly pulling on one thigh high, then the other. Commanding their full attention.

My wife sat between them and began stroking their cocks, one in each hand, she spread her legs wide, slinging one shapely leg over each guys lap. This woke them up in more ways than one.

We watched as their husband’s cocks grew for her. Both guys sat up, still groggy, and were groping her tits. Each guy using one hand to fondle her pussy. Deena was definitely getting horny now. We could hear her letting out soft groans, tying to stay quiet. Deena directed the guys to both stand, this was getting us hot. The guys stood in front of Deena, their hungry cocks ready for her, she began licking and sucking each guy, switching back and forth between them as she stroked the other.

Jake and Bob each had one hand on a tit, pinching her nipples, causing them poke out.

Deena stopped for a second and knelt on the couch. Bob took the initiative and got behind her, one leg stretched out, foot on the floor. His giant rigid penis aimed like a cannon between her legs. Jake stood by the edge of the sofa. She tried to keep quiet but when Bob’s cock slid into her, she let out a grunt. Instinctively spreading her legs to accommodate his massive penis. Jake’s cock was very hard, he hovered it over her face inches away as she looked up at him with adulation, devouring his cock eagerly. Our vantage point provided the perfect view of Bob’s penetration, my wife’s pussy lips enveloping his cock as he drove it in and out of her.

His hands grabbing her shoulders for support and her ass arched up.

They carried this on a good ten minutes, after which the guys decided to switch places. Deena was overjoyed, she readily took them both again.

Watching my wife having a threesome was an absolute turn on.

The girls were getting plenty worked up too, they were both rubbing their clits.

We didn’t touch each other though, we wanted to see everything without distraction.

Jake was now giving my wife a good fucking, they didn’t seem anymore to be worried about waking anyone, consumed in a lustful delirium.

Bob’s huge cock was difficult for Deena to take in her mouth, he had girth and length, but she was working it well. From our viewpoint his facial expressions were clearly visible, he was in ecstasy getting blown by my wife.

After another ten minutes or so, Jake couldn’t hold out. Calling out “OH, OH, OHHH’ while banging her hard as he pumped his load into her, reaching his hands around and playing with her tits. Deena was moaning louder now too, even with a big cock filling her mouth she couldn’t contain her euphoria.

The guys switched places again, Jake’s cock was starting to soften but Deena took it all greedily into her mouth, getting the last drops of his sperm.

Bob got right into position again and she opened her legs wide for him, making a clear statement that she wanted that big cock badly.

He rammed his cock into her, Deena let out a yelp, I suspect hurt a bit.

Jake could be heard encouraging Bob. “Fuck her good, she wants it, she wants both our loads in her, fill that pussy” Deena was getting Jake hard again now and he was loving it. “Suck my cock Deena!”

The girls were super horny by now. Deena’s sister Anne making comments to me.

“Wow, ankara moldovyalı escortlar my sister is a total slut, look at her take those guys” “What a whore!”

The other Anne commented “Wow! you’re wife moves like a porn star, She’s done this before”

They knew I was getting off on watching my wife, so they were teasing me.

Bob was fucking her expertly, he would push his cock slowly in and out and then bang her, we could hear the sound of their bodies clapping together. Over and over until he came. Bob seemed to orgasm for a good solid minute straight, both of them grunting over and over. It sounded like Deena came too. Finally Bob stopped and sighed, sweat dripping from his face. Deena turned over and spread her pussy lips open, a stream of white cum flowed out onto the leather sofa, both guys leaned over and French kissed her lustfully, raw and dirty.

Deena got up, sprinting to the bathroom next to the kitchen.

I knew at that moment, she was going to want even more, and I loved it!

The three of us crept back up the stairs to the bedroom and closed the door quietly.

“Oh my God that was so fucking HOT!” Bob’s wife whispered with amazement. “yeah, my sister really is a dirty old whore isn’t she?” Anne quipped.

“OH yeah, big time, she was loving it, there’s no faking that!” “My husband fucked her real good!” “My pussy is so wet now.”

They seemed to enjoy making nasty comments about Deena, some of it for my benefit I’m sure but I sensed some jealousy mixed in. Their husbands were ogling over my wife and I think the women felt they needed to compete somehow. The couples had swapped before a few times but Deena was the “new girl”. The Annes were aroused and pissed off at the same time, or so it seemed to me.

“I stole one of these from my husband” Bob’s Anne said to me while producing a blue pill out of her purse that she had placed on the dresser “You better take it, you’re gonna need it!”

I didn’t tell her I took one before, but the effects of that one had worn off by now anyway.

I went quietly across to the upstairs bathroom, got some water & swallowed it.

When I entered the bedroom again, the girls were lying in the bed, wearing nothing but heels.

“You like heels don’t you sweetie” Bob’s Anne slyly commented. “They all have a fetish of some kind” Jake’s Anne said with a grin. “Yeah, Bob likes stockings and Jake likes panties.”

The two women were teasing me, lifting their legs up and stretching out with their arms the way strippers typically do. “We’re so fucking horny” Bob’s Anne said with a glaring look. I loved the way she talked dirty. “Our husbands don’t appreciate us, but we can see you do, we need your cock now!”

I could feel the pill already going to work, it was giving me a little bit of a headache but nothing I couldn’t shrug off.

“You deserve better than that whore sister of mine” Jake’s wife added “He really pisses me off too, all he talked about for a week was how he couldn’t wait to fuck my sister” ‘Screw him, this is revenge sex for me, I’m gonna fuck you better than you’ve ever been fucked before!”

My cock was getting ultra stiff listening to them, it felt bigger too, although that was probably just in my mind.

“Mmm you look ready” Jake’s wife exclaimed naughtily.

I got into bed between them, Bob’s wife kissed me hard first, plunging her tongue deep, she climbed on top of me and grabbed my cock, rubbing it on her very lubed up pussy before sitting on my cock pulling it in. I could feel her weight on me but it was a turn on being held captive by a luscious BBW. Jake’s wife stood up behind me against the headboard, pulled my head back and squatted down pushing her pussy into my face. “LICK IT!” she commanded.

I love going down on a woman, I had performed oral with my wife but never with her over me and in control. Anne was really into it. I don’t think Jake often did this, or ever. Pleasing her orally was so exciting, she would move her hips as I put my tongue in her, licking her clit, my nose being pushed into her ass just to tease. Bob’s wife was riding me hard, she would stop every few seconds and push herself back and forth on my cock, riding me, she really seemed to like doing that, I could hear her moaning more and more as she increased speed.

After a few minutes of this the women switched places, I loved having Bob’s Anne over me, viewing her perfectly smooth thick shapely legs standing over me was enticing. I reached my hands up, grabbing into her big round ass and licked her as furiously as I could. She was moving around a lot and I could hear her moans of pleasure even though her thighs were over my ears. She pushed herself onto my face squeezing my head with her hands, I knew she was cumming. I never made a woman cum with oral before. Jake’s wife Anne was riding my cock now, pushing her legs together tightly as she rubbed my chest with her hands.

I was lasting through all this to my surprise. Bob’s wife moved over and ankara ukraynalı escortlar Jake’s wife got off me, moving into position for 69. Bob’s Anne got between my legs.

Both women were taking tuns sucking my cock while I was busy with Jake’s wife, licking her clit. I could easily tell which woman was sucking me by their technique. Bob’s wife was especially good at it. I was trying to get Jake’s Anne to cum, I was working my tongue as hard as I could. I reached around and fondled her tits, to my surprise Bob’s wife was already doing the same to her. Jake’s wife began thrusting herself into my face, it was working, I knew she came by the way she was writhing around, and I could hear her heavy breathing.

“Your turn now” she said aloud. They were really working my cock, “We want your cum” Bob’s Anne pleaded. That’s all it took for me to explode, each one licking the sperm off of me. They each continued to take turns still sucking my cock, I could feel shivers going through me every time they went down on it.

“Oh we’re not done yet” Bob’s wife stated. “I gave you that pill for a reason.”

My cock was still hard as could be, I didn’t think that was possible but then again, they were coaxing me along. “You know you want me on my back, these hot legs wrapped around you, filling this wet cunt with that cock I crave” she continued while getting into position, spreading her legs apart, her white strappy heels pointing outward like earlier with Jake. She had me all figured out, she knew all the things to say and do. I leaned over her, the other Anne behind her standing at the foot of the bed, rubbing herself while watching us. Bob’s wife pulled me in by her legs, she placed her hand on my cock, feeling the length of it with her fingers and shifting her body closer, spreading those plump pussy lips with the head of my penis.

She was wet and warm, tingles ran through my whole body as I penetrated her.

We kissed intently, long sensual kissing. It was more (love making) as opposed to before being just raw sex itself. She was giving more of herself to me, as if to prove something.

We went at it for a while, slowing down at times to kiss. Jake’s wife Anne was getting anxious.

“Hey, you need to share him y’know?”

“OK, but I want him again” she reluctantly released her grip on me.

Jake’s wife pulled me off by both arms, flinging me down with impressive force.

she climbed right on top of me grabbing my hands and placing them on her tits, her nipples hard again. “I can fuck you so much better than my slut sister!” she exclaimed, kissing me hard the way she did before. I felt as though my cock grew even more just from her kissing me.

“If he wants her, he can have the bitch!” “I’m sick of his shit, I would be a better wife to you than that dirty old whore!” “I’m gonna fuck you like it’s our wedding night, then you can fuck the slut and tell me who’s a better lover”

She was grinding on me hard, pressing on me to the point of some pain but I didn’t want to stop. She held a bottle of lube and squeezed out a very generous amount on my cock. It was cold and slick. She lowered herself and it slid into her abruptly. We both couldn’t help but gasp out loud at the shock of it. I could feel her thighs against my hips, shuddering.

Anne had complete control of me, she was doing all the work, bouncing herself on me causing the bed to make noise. Anyone awake downstairs would have heard it. Anne rode me hard and fast for a few minutes, then she rolled us over, our bodies still entwined. With me now on top she grabbed my ass and pushed me into her, wrapping her strong legs around me. She knew I was crazy about that. She kissed me again “Make me cum Pauly I’m so close”

I clenched her ass beneath me, lifting her up slightly.

This must have made the angle of my cock reach her spot.

She started huffing in a way I knew she was orgasming.

That was such a turn on I came fast pushing into her and holding it deep until I finished my load

“That was hot” Bob’s wife exclaimed as she looked on feeling herself up.

“I came just watching you two!” She announced.

Jake’s wife slipped over to my left, Bob’s wife on the right.

We held each other a little while and fell asleep again.

When I awoke, the two Annes were sleeping silently. I leaned over to see the time. 9:38 AM. It didn’t take much for me to start feeling horny again, I had two new women lying naked next to me, reminiscent of younger days with new relationships.

The image was alluring, they were by all standards pretty average mature women, but having them so close, with stripes of sunlight creating patterns across their supple flesh, stirred my desire for them both. My wife’s sister, in her slumber appearing remarkably similar to Deena.

I needed the bathroom, as I gently climbed over Jake’s wife, she let out a “mm” groan.

This seemed to wake them both up. I was in the bathroom only long enough to pee when both sincan minyon tipli escortlar women scampered in, having to go too.

We all used some mouthwash as it was morning. Bob’s wife forced another blue pill into my mouth followed by a sip from a bottle of water. “That’s to get you up for the morning!” she said smiling. The women were checking themselves out in the mirror, there seems to be a thing about all women looking at their asses in the mirror.

They fixed their hair up a little, and they were teasing me rubbing up against me.

“Let’s go downstairs” they both let out a little giggle. What were they up to? I wondered.

The two ladies handed me a new bottle of lube that Anne in a drawer and we all creeped downstairs quietly, peeking down at Jake, Bob and Deena all still sleeping on the makeshift sofa bed.

Once again my wife was stretched out between them, with her legs open, still wearing the black thigh highs.

“See, she even sleeps like a fucking whore!” Deena’s sister whispered to us.

“Did she even wash all that cum out of her from earlier? Probably not!”

I loved her comments, it was funny the way she expressed herself. She was so extreme.

“I think you should fuck her” Bob’s Anne said. “I’ll take my asshole husband and you take yours”.

We approached them, The Annes woke their husbands up with a little kiss. I woke Deena up gently, she is jumpy when she’s sleeping and I didn’t want to startle her too much.

I kissed her passionately plunging my tongue in her mouth, it was then I noticed she had removed her top denture, but she didn’t seem to care.

She looked up at me as I pulled her over, I spread a bunch of lube on my cock, she seemed to like this, looking up at me with a devilish smile. “Treat her like the old slut that she is!” her sister announced. “You’re her husband, fuck her like a dirty street whore.”

Deena looked at me and nodded in agreement with her sister’s comments.

I grabbed her by the ankles and put her legs over my shoulders rubbing my cock on her pussy, she was still very wet.

My cock went in easily, she let out a loud moan as I entered her.

Both women were now sitting next to their husbands at each end of one sofa, jerking them off. Deena and I on the other sofa, though they were pushed together.

Everyone had their attention on us. We were both excited performing for an audience, this was a whole new experience.

Deena seemed to really enjoy my cock, the pill must have had some effect.

“Don’t you guys cum yet” her sister said. “Deena gets all the cum, she’s the whore. She loves cum, don’t you Deena?”

“Ohh yes I want all their cum!” Deena replied as she stuck out her tongue reaching to kiss me. We kissed hard, I knew how she was and she was very horny right now. The feel of the stockings against my skin was amazing, the textured herringbone pattern created a friction with every move. Deena had worn thigh highs years before at my request, but not like these.

I could understand Bob’s fixation.

Anne’s comments were making me hornier too.

Deena was really not like that, she was even prudish at times, but this was a new side to her, and it excited me.

“Cum in me baby” Deena cried out loudly “I love being a whore for you!” I took a look over at the other couples, they were watching intently. Both guys were hard and their wives were stroking them. The two Annes signaling for me to invite their husbands to join in.

“Come Join us guys” I said. Deena was so enthralled by my suggestion to have all three of us guys at the same time she couldn’t contain her enthusiasm. “Oh yes, yes, PLEASE JOIN US!”

“Thank you baby, I love you so much!”

The two men got up and stood at the edge of the sofa, Deena pushed up a little, bending her head over the armrest. Jake plopped his cock over her face, she licked it from the balls to the head before taking it in her mouth. The sight of this made me wildly aroused, after a minute, Bob moved in and she did the same. I could compare their sizes better now since they were next to each other, Bob was considerably larger, and it was really a turn on to see my wife take as much as she could of it.

I fucked her a good fifteen minutes, grabbing her ass from beneath until I couldn’t contain it anymore. It was just too much and I declared I was cumming. It was a very strong orgasm, I don’t know if I produced much sperm but it felt absolutely incredible!

Deena moaned lustily as I came, sucking Bob and Jake’s cocks with willful intent.

“Who’s next?” Deena called out. “You’re such a nasty slut!” Her sister proclaimed.

Jake anxiously moved to take my place with her, while I got up and walked over next to Bob.

Jake’s cock penetrated her pussy before I even got next to Bob, she let out a loud moan again, pulling away from Bob’s cock to look at Jake… “FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD” she wailed at him. Jake, kneeling on the sofa had her pulled up on his lap.

This provided me the view of my wife below getting fucked my another man. I could easily see the angle of his cock plunging her pussy. She took me in her mouth now and began sucking hard, the last remaining drops of my cum left for her. Having her blow me with no upper teeth was heavenly, I knew these guys must have relished that!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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