Three Sons Ch. 01

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The American President Jack Patrick Ryan Senior (Jack Ryan) first became President of the United States of America at the age of forty two (42) after a terrorist attack assassinated the previous American President in a massive terrorist strike against the U.S. Capitol Building on Capitol Hill in the city of Washington (The District of Columbia) during the previous President’s State of the Union Address to both Houses on Congress. After serving the last two years of his first term of office he ran successfully for the Presidency two (2) more times: twice being re-elected both times (at the age of forty four (44) and at the age of forty eight (48)) and he left the office of the Presidency of the Unites States of America after serving three (3) terms or ten (10) years in office at the age of fifty two (52).

Being the same age (and just a few months younger) Missis Jane Bond had first met President Ryan when he was working for the United States Naval Academy (where Jack became involved in consulting work for the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.)) when they both were in their late twenties (20’s).

Working for British Intelligence as a member of the “Double-00” branch of “MI-6” (since she was twenty (20) years old) Jane Bond even attended the Royal ceremony where Jack Ryan was invested as a Knight Commander of the Victorian Order by the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (after thwarting as assassination attempt on the Prince and Princess of Wales by the republican Ulster Liberation Army (U.L.A.) Irish terrorist organization).

It was through Jack, that Missis Bond met Jack’s wife Caroline (Cathy) Muller Ryan (who was both a doctor and an ophthalmic surgeon) and in a way Jane became a long distance confidant to the future First Lady of the United States.

In this way, Jane became both a distant friend and family acquaintance to the Ryan Family, as she got to know all five (5) of Jack Ryan’s children (two daughters and three boys) Sally, Jack Junior, Patrick, Cyrus-Ryan, and Katie.

Jane had first met the young Ryan boys (Jack Junior, Patrick, and Cyrus-Ryan) when they were just young children and their father was working in the various security and intelligence circles around the city of Washington for the C.I.A. (where Jack eventually became the Deputy Director of Intelligence (D.D.I.)). In this way, Missis Bond became a little like a distant Aunt to the young Ryan children, while Jack was a National Security Advisor to the American President and then later briefly serving as the Vice President of the United States of America (after the resignation of the previous Vice President) after being named to the office by the then President of the United States (and subsequently confirmed by the United States Senate in a majority vote of the American Senators).

This is the trilogy story of those three sons of President Jack Ryan named Jack Junior, Patrick, and Cyrus-Ryan and their very first sexual experiences. All three young men are the sons of the President of the United States of America Jack Ryan Senior and all three young men had their very first sexual experience with an older woman: a Secret Agent Woman, the beautiful Missis Jane Bond.


It was a very warm and pleasant late Spring day in the city of Washington D.C. (the District of Columbia, the United States of America), and Jane Bond (who was agent Double-OO Ten (0010) with British Intelligence) was on a secret mission for the MI-6 agency of Her Majesty’s Secret Service (to secretly solicit some more information about the North American Missile Defense Shield System that was being built around North America).

President Jack Patrick Ryan Senior was out of the country (at the time) on a foreign visit taking part in an official trip to the People’s Republic of China (Communist Red China to discuss the situation of the separatist Republic of China-Taiwan), but one of his three teenage sons, Patrick was still at the White House busying himself with studying for his University entrance examinations, as he was trying to get admitted into Harvard University.

Missis Bond and young Patrick had re-acquainted themselves with one another over two (2) years ago during one of the inaugural balls on a chilly January evening when she was assigned to protect the British Prime Minister as a Double-OO agent with British Intelligence at President Ryan’s second inauguration (to begin his third term of office as President of the United States of America), and both young Patrick (with his virile youthful beauty) and the mature Jane (with the exquisite body of a Roman Goddess) had both felt an immediate attraction to each other (that was at once both physical and sexual). Even though they had known each other for years in a distant way, Patrick, now a very young man seemed to notice Jane as being more than just a distant family friend, but as a very beautiful and sexy older woman with the incredible body of a Roman Goddess.

Jane too noticed a similar change in young Patrick too. xslot Yeni Giriş Like his father, Patrick Ryan was a very handsome young man of eighteen (18) years and his body of six feet and two inches (6’2″) in height (Patrick was in fact one inch taller than his father) was slender and well developed (with some initial definition to his muscles for he was very diligent about proper diet and exercise as he was a graduating student at a nearby military Academy collegiate), and he had very short ash brown hair, green eyes, and white skin (that was slightly tanned). In fact, young Patrick looked at lot like his father did at his age.

His father, Jack’s, public career in American politics (with all of the U.S. Secret Service protection, and all of the traveling and campaigning that it involved) had prevented Patrick from getting a real girlfriend of his own. Yet (due to his strict upbringing under the doting eye of his mother Caroline (Cathy) Muller Ryan) he was always unfailingly polite and well imbued with very meek and mild manners (unlike his father Jack’s rather blunt and straight forward mannerisms) and this had made him somewhat awkward with unease when it came to dealing with women. Needless to say, Patrick was still a virgin at the age of eighteen (18) and he was very embarrassed about his virginity as it made his own developing manhood somewhat less than that of his father’s (who had previously given very highly decorated work for American Intelligence before he had entered into politics and President Ryan was often seen as the very definition of the American hero).

Patrick loved looking at Jane because she always looked to be in great shape. Even at a fabulous fifty (50) years of age she was still the perfect combination of muscles and curves: she had a great pair of long legs, a nice round ass, fabulous big boobs, and a very pretty face. Indeed, Jane was a woman that was very capable of turning the heads of much younger men, as she had to keep herself in top peak physical condition due to her career as a British secret agent. With her good family genetics and strong exercise routine (not to mention her time honored beauty regimen) Jane was a very beautiful woman, as these things helped gave her the incredible body of a Roman Goddess.

Missis Bond really liked Patrick too (as a young man), and she had promised him (during one of their shared slow dances at the second inaugural ball when they both had begun feeling a certain chemistry between each other) that she was going to help him solve his little virginity problem when a free moment presented itself.

Yet, that was almost two and a half years (or thirty (30) months) ago, and her numerous top secret globe-trotting assignments since then had kept her from seeing him at all (as she was no where near the city of Washington), and he had reluctantly written her off as just another missed opportunity in his life.

But, she had not written him off and she had promised that if she was ever able to get a free moment to be alone with him, Jane was resolved that she was going to cure his virginity problem once and for all by picking his cherry. If there was one thing that anyone would ever learn about Jane, then that is Missis Bond was a woman of her word.

On this day, after completing one of her mission’s objectives she had a few hours to herself and Missis Bond was free to enjoy some down time so she decided that she was going to go to the White House and visit young Patrick. Due to the very pleasant Spring air and the fresh smelling flowers that were in full bloom in the city of Washington, Jane was feeling a little horny and sensing the coming Summer breeze (which hardened her big nipples) she wanted to taste young Patrick’s cum.

Jane realized that he had some Secret Service Protection assigned to protect him and so she had to be rather bold by taking the initiative with this encounter. She had promised to help him with his virginity and Jane Bond was a woman of her word. Thus Missis Bond’s intentions were very simple: her plan was simply to go to the White House and suck and fuck young Patrick (with a very fast and very hot suck and fuck) as soon as the opportunity arose.

Jane Bond left the British Embassy and proceeded by bicycle to the White House. Jane was bicycling on an old fashioned dark blue touring “Schwinn” bicycle with it’s large wheels and a soft wide seat for the comfort of her full bottom to ride to young Patrick’s residence. On the way, Jane called Patrick from a local street corner pay phone (so that no one would record or trace her private telephone call) and she told him to be ready to meet her in a few minutes at the White House. Needless to say, Patrick was extremely surprised and very pleased to hear from Jane again and he said that he was looking forward to seeing her (although he didn’t know exactly what they were going to do together). Patrick told her that she would be admitted as his personal guest into the living quarters of the White House.

On that day, Jane wanted her appearance to be both completely disarming and extremely xslot Gir charming (in a sexy way), and hence she chose a more conservative business-casual line of wear (which was another reason, besides the fresh air and exercise, that she chose to ride a bicycle).

She wore a simple (but a very expensive designer) dark blue metallic-bronzed corduroy Ladies business suit jacket, and a simple blue floral pattern Summer dress (that she could easily slip off for a discreet moment) that nicely hugged her lovely mature form.

She had two lovely strong and muscular arms, and on her left arm she wore a standard multi-functional unisex Swiss wrist watch (which was a standard issue for Double-OO agents with the British Secret Service) and a blue lycra spandex left upper armband, and a matching blue lycra spandex armband on her lower right forearm, and for a woman she had large but, soft, and lovely hands with long blue manicured finger nails (and she wore several silver rings on both hands including her gold wedding band on her left hand as she was a happily married woman), and she had large, soft, and lovely feet with long blue pedicured toe nails, and she wore a soft pair of thick soled blue thong sandals.

She had very dark chestnut brown hair (that was soft, silky, shiny, strong, and healthy) and her hairstyle was a very sleek and modern brush cut (much like the hairstyle of the Irish songstress Sinead O’Connor (1967 – )). Jane also had a very beautiful and sensuous round face with high cheek bones, sensuous cheeks, and lovely lips done up with blue lipstick, her royal blue eyes and her long thick eye lashes were perfectly accented with dark blue eye shadow and black mascara giving her beautiful big blue eyes a smokey appearance. Her beautiful head was crowned with a tight fitting wide and thin blue leather headband that was studded with on the front with the written words “Baby” scrawled in with silver half sphere globes.

For a final touch (so that she would look like one of those “Playboy Playmate-Penthouse Pet” starlets of the American pornographic industry) she wore about her neck a man’s blue dinner bow tie (to really get young Patrick aroused).

After arriving at the White House and being subjected to a routine security check, she was escorted (by the Secret Service) up the third floor where the private quarters of the First Family was located (with the exception of her hot mature body she was completely unarmed), and it was there that Jane had met up with Patrick.

They were then left alone. `I’m so glad to see you, Missis Bond!’ Patrick said earnestly, asking `Can I take your coat?’.

“Me too Patrick! And thank you!” she replied as he took her coat jacket and placed it on a nearby chair, although she had noticed a slightly worried look on his face and asked him “What’s wrong sweetie!”

He answered `I’m sorry if I seem a little scared Missis Bond, but I’ve been reading the newspaper today and the news been pretty well brutal. It’s been all negative, with all the terrorism, the talk of war, and such! And I’m worried about my dad being in China and all!’

“I know! It’s terrible how these newspaper headlines play themselves out! Yet I think that President Ryan can handle himself!” she assured him.

`In fact, here’s the newspaper Missis Bond.’ he went over and got the newspaper. `You see what I mean?’ he asked pointing out the headlines as he handed it to her.

Jane took the newspaper and looked at the front page and gave a frown of disdain (at the negative bad news headlines) then looked at young Patrick’s bright and youthful face (and determined to brighten up the situation), smiled, and said “I’ve seen enough celebrations of death in my life, now let’s see if we can have a celebration of life! Besides Patrick, you’ve got yourself a very hot date with your personal Playboy Playmate!” as she put the newspaper aside

`You mean I’m yours, …you’re mine, …and were going to…’ he said with pleasant surprise.

“Uh huh!” she responded with a giggle to which he shouted `Yes!’ in triumph.

“Easy tiger! I may be a Lioness, but we have to curb our excitement!” Jane stated trying to ease his excitement.

She leaned towards him and gave him a little kiss “Where can we fuck sweetheart?” she whispered with a sly and sexy look on her face.

Young Patrick was pleasantly surprised, and a little dazed as he hesitated a moment (and remembering the promise that she gave to him on that January eve almost two and a half years ago), smiled and responded `Oh, sure! Although my dad’s still out of the country right now, there’s still a lot of people around here and I don’t know where we could do it.’ he pointed out with a hesitant look on his face.

“Then why don’t we go do it on the roof?” she asked with a sly and sexy look on her face and she then boldly suggested that they go up to the White House roof (via a secret stairwell) where they could have a little privacy for themselves and find a discreet place to suck and fuck.

`But what are we going to do it on? There’s nothing xslot Sitesi up there.’ he pointed out.

“Why don’t we take one of those nice and comfy lawn chairs that you have on the south side balcony, upstairs with us?” she asked to which he responded `Yeah, you’re right! That’s a great idea!’

The May-December couple then went to the enclosed balcony (on the south side of the White House) and began to look over the many chairs that were there. “We can do it on this!” Jane said with a twinkle in her eye as she selected a large comfortable canvas hammock-lawn chair. It was a large hard wood chair with a good sold oak frame (and it was very heavy), and it had a strong but comfortable white canvas back to support her strong muscular back. Although it looked very old fashioned, it still looked very cozy and comfortable.

“You can fuck me on this sweetheart!” Missis Bond said adding “It looks big enough for the two of us!”.and she gave him a swift soft kiss on the lips.

`Oh, yeah! This will be great!’ Patrick beamed over Jane’s wonderful choice adding `With you anything is great!’ and the two lovers shared a longer more intimate kiss caressing each other’s tongues.

Jane reluctantly broke from their kiss and said “Let’s do it lover-boy!” And with the two lovers smiling they both lifted each end of the rather sturdy and heavy lawn chair and they both proceeded discretely through a secret doorway and up a secret stairwell to the White House roof where they placed the lawn chair in the middle of the of the roof, where there was nothing but a cloudless blue sky above them and a warm late afternoon Sun to witness their hot act of love.

As the two lovers faced each other, Patrick’s penis was as hard as a rock with eagre anticipation. `Can we do it now Missis Bond? You look so hot and I want to make love to you so bad, my penis hurts!’ he pleaded (as he was now rushing to take off his pants), to which she laughed and said “Yes Patrick, you can fuck me now!”

Patrick began to quickly undress and in less than half a minute he was completely nude from head to toe with his erect cock and his hungry eyes waiting for her.

Jane removed her dress and took off her beautiful thong sandals revealing her muscular yet curvaceous build (of 50-24-38 on a five foot ten inch frame of one hundred and fifty pounds (150 lbs)) with large torpedo breasts and a nice round buttocks.. The warm soft Sunlight felt good on her creamy milk white skin (that was remarkably wrinkle free), and she was only dressed in a pair of blue oversized cotton panties (as she had worn no brazier), a wide blue old fashioned lycra spandex garter belt, blue lycra spandex leggings, a Swiss watch, and two lycra spandex armbands, but it was her blue masculine dinner suit bow tie that really got his attention (besides her hot looking body with those 50 Double-DD milk white breasts) when he commented `I really like your tie!’

“I thought you’d like it!” she said adding “Now let’s get rid of that nasty erection of yours so that you can spend a little longer fucking me!” as she sat at the edge of the lawn chair.

Missis Bond decided to give him a real treat. Jane motioned for him to come closer to her and young Patrick obeyed eagerly.

Jane knew Patrick’s young cock pleaded with her cyan sapphire blue lips for entrance. The smell of Patrick’s excited toned young body aroused her in much the same way as her sexy mature body aroused him nearly to the point of frustration. She grinned in anticipation and took his glistening penis into her hand, rolling it around in her fingers before bringing it closer to her mouth and gracing the tip of his mushroom head with the end of her long pink tongue. Patrick jumped with pleasure. The experienced Missis Bond held him firm and still, however, as she traced her tongue all over the underside of his shaft causing shivers of sexual excitement to go up and down young Patrick’s spine.

“Gently, my dear!” Missis Bond prompted him adding “I’ll make you cum in my mouth soon enough!”. Jane placed her hot mouth around the head of his prick. She could feel the ridges on Patrick’s rigid dick with her long pink tongue and blue lips. Almost hesitantly, Patrick began to inch his hips up. Only the head of his cock passed her cyan blue lips. Jane’s tongue lazily caressed Patrick’s oozing slit that penetrated her mouth licking the pre-cum as it leaked out.

“Mmm!” Jane purred with delight enjoying the salty sweet taste.

Young Patrick moved to hold to his cock but Missis Bond pushed his hands away. This pleasure was hers and hers alone.

The experienced Missis Bond made sure that Patrick took his time driving just the head of his dick between her lips. Jane closed her big beautiful eyes as she finally took him into her hot mouth, sucking him more powerfully than a vacuum cleaner. Patrick passionately yelled in delight as she loudly slurped every visible inch of his young cock, then taking time to tenderly nibble and kiss his big balls. Patrick’s hands instinctively gripped the studded leather band crowned brush shaven head of his Matroness, fearing that he would flop around in perfect bliss if he let go. Missis Bond lifted her long pink tongue to his balls. Jane then blew cool air on the wetness she made on his testicles, and she delighted at seeing the goosebumps rise on the insides of his strong thighs.

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