Treating Myself

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Okay, so our sex life hasn’t been that hot as of late. Maybe once a week, more often once a fortnight, or even longer. A month wasn’t unusual. We were in that long-married rut, and there seemed no way out of it…

Until I was reading in a magazine, about a woman who was scared she would die because she had had anal sex.

Up her bum? God, how dirty! That was disgusting. But when I read the response to her letter, I was intrigued. It was another hole, but surely that was dirty. The reply explained all about nerve endings, perineum, different responses, muscles within, and the ability to accommodate. I put the article to one side, and out of my mind — or so I thought.

Over the course of the next few days, images kept popping into my head, and for the first time in a while, I was excited. Alright, alright, wet! Was it really as different — and as good — as the article said?

Okay, so last night I gave Keith a treat. Standing in the bathroom, getting ready for bed, I had washed, and was brushing my teeth, looking at my face in the mirror. Something in my eyes registered in my brain.

“Fuck it, Kastamonu Escort let’s try!” I thought.

I came back from the bathroom, whisked off my nightie and slipped naked into bed. Okay, so this might sound tame and strange to some of you horny youngsters out there, but believe me, the feel of my naked skin against the sheet and the duvet? It was as if my body had suddenly turned back into a young sex machine again after all these years!

Keith had looked shocked and startled when he had registered my state of undress as I turned out the light. I burrowed under the duvet, and undoing the tie on his pyjama bottoms, began to tease his cock. Unshaven and hairy in contrast to some had looked at on the Internet (yes, I admit it, I had looked for sites containing pictures of anal sex!), and I had one of those pictures in my head as I stroked and teased him to hardness.

“Marie!” he had protested at first, till I had the full attention of his cock! It was a weekday night, we both had work in the morning, and usually just pecked each other on the cheek and rolled over to sleep. But not tonight!

I Kastamonu Escort Bayan moved round, so my bare lower regions were within his reach and, right on cue, he began to finger me, playing with my moist lips and (extremely) wet inner folds. I shuddered with delight.

Teasing the tip of his cock with my tongue, I waited until he had made me nice and wet all over down there, with the juices which felt as if they were pouring from my hole. Then I told him to ‘play with my bum’!

Thoughts of the Adam and Susie adventures in “Good Neighbours” filled my mind as he spread my cheeks and began to press. The pressure of his finger across the ridge of skin between my openings was heavenly, and I moaned and groaned on his shaft in my mouth as the feelings washed though my body. Raising my head, I licked his pre-cum — he was obviously turned on by either what he was doing, or my responding body – as his finger invaded me, it felt marvellous, but I had to stop him pushing in too far. I sensed what I was comfortable with, and he didn’t press things to hard, so to speak! It was an odd Escort Kastamonu feeling, not uncomfortable as such, just that I felt so … open!

Wriggling about to take full advantage of his finger, I grasped his cock one-handed and slid my hand up and down. As I succumbed to the waves of pleasure filling me, I felt his cock stiffen and begin to pulse, and a mini orgasm hit me like a rollercoaster ride, I was coming from him playing with my bum.

I made him cum first though, all over his tummy. I made him take his finger out of my pulsing puckered bumhole, and I smeared the sticky cum over his belly before licking it all off! Then with me operating the little vibe we had, over and over, round and under my clit, till I could bear it no more, he fingered my pussy till I came too. As my legs weakened, I sort of semi-collapsed onto his face, smothering him with my fanny.

As I weakly licked and lapped at the last of his spread cum, and the clear drops that appeared every now and then at the end of his cock, he tenderly licked my pussy lips clean, kissing me, cleaning me loving me. I started to drift into a post-orgasmic sort of half-sleep, my lively imagination filling my mind, tormented with visions of him under me, licking me, while something — someone? — else invaded my bum. Little sort of electric-aftershocks kept pulsing through my belly, as I came down from my high. I want to do this again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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