Two Mature Ladies Go Astray Pt. 04

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A series of episodes with quite a few characters, so it may help to read the earlier parts in order to understand relationships.

I’m Sally a divorcee, and I have a daughter Rachel.

Judy, my best friend is married to Derek.

Judy and I have embarked on a series of ‘adventures!’


“Why don’t you let my Derek fuck you?”

Normally this would be an extraordinary question for a wife to ask, but Judy and I were now embarked on a journey of mutual fun, and generally being thoroughly promiscuous.

“God Judy, I never thought I’d hear you say that! He’s actually been flirting with me for ages.”

“We both know that, and he’s been a womanising bastard all our married life.”

She erupted in laughter, almost spilling her coffee, “Bloody hell, who am I to say that now!”

I watched her face as she composed herself.

“What’s brought this on?” I asked, rather intrigued.

“Well whenever the three of us are together, I’m always aware of some tension in the air, sexual tension I guess. It’s either you fending him off, or him trying to touch you up when I’m not looking. Now that we’re being open and honest with each other I thought…well, why not.”

“Jesus Judy, that’s quite a statement, but do you think it will solve anything, I’m not wanting to have an affair, and knowing Derek, once may not be enough!”

Judy went on, “There’s an ulterior motive Sally, I want to book a week away in Devon, and we both thought you could come with us, you need a break, and apart from Derek’s obsession, we all get along fine, also he can go off and fish, and we can do our own thing!”

The idea of a weeks holiday in Devon sounded great, but I was doubtful about the plan with Derek. Not the ‘having sex’ part, but the ongoing relationship with him.

“I’d love to come, yes…I’m not sure about Derek being satisfied with just the once…but to hell with it…we’ll go for it…and you can book the holiday!”

There was much giggling for the rest of the morning and we both hatched a plan to ‘make Derek’s day!’

I got a text later that day from Judy, to say that the holiday was booked for two weeks time, and that Derek would come round that evening to advise me on an idea I had had to build a small extension on my house. Judy had set him up as we’d planned.

Derek duly arrived that evening and I greeted him at the door, “Hi Derek, I’m so grateful for your advice, thanks for coming round.”

The dress I wore ‘suggested’ rather than was obvious. It had the desired effect because his eyes lit up, and as he kissed my cheek, his hand, was as usual, placed briefly on my ass.

“Judy told me about you coming with us to Devon, fantastic, and yes, I’m only too willing to help out with the extension, it must be difficult without a man.”

His gushing attitude was his usual chat up approach, but I genuinely needed the advice he could give.

“Let me show you what I’d like to do,” I said, “come out the back and see what you think.”

He followed me through the kitchen and out of the back door, and then round to the side.

“So, you see the garage, I want to join onto that, and create a utility room, and a small office space, but without it costing too much!”

Derek smiled, and opened the door at the rear of the garage and went in. I followed, and he did some quick measurements with a tape measure.

“I think it could be done fairly economically Sally, it would need some work on the drains, but a competent builder wouldn’t take too long. I know a couple of builders that would give you a quote.”

In the dim light of the garage I was standing near the work bench that Jeff, my ex, used to use. Derek gestured to where he thought extra walls would be built, and then standing next to me, he pointed upwards to how the roof would be modified. As usual, he casually put his arm around my shoulder while he described the way the building work would go.

Normally I would have moved away, or, in fact, not gone alone into the garage with him in the first place, but when I remained listening to his words of advice, I let his hand slide down my back and rest on my backside again.

I still didn’t object, until he began to slide his hand up and down, and even then I just moved away.

“Come on, let’s go indoors now and I’ll make you some coffee Derek,” so I let him usher me through the door with his hand hovering close to my ass.

“You’ve got a lovely place here Sally, do you miss having a man around the place?”

I gestured to Derek to sit on the sofa in the lounge, and brought the coffee through from the kitchen.

“Not really, I’ve got used to living on my own, now that Rachel’s gone to London.”

I sat down beside him on the sofa.

“Well, I’m sure some man will snap you up, you’re quite a catch!”

Derek patted my knee, and I moved, so that my dress rode up slightly.

I saw him glance down and he leaned over, speaking in a quiet, low tone, “You know I’ve always had a soft spot for you.”

As xslot giriş he said that, his hand was back on my knee, but this time on the bare skin.

I said nothing, and Derek’s hand remained there, but I looked at him directly.

“Derek, your hand is still on my knee! I don’t think Judy would approve.”

Flustered slightly, he replied, “No, I’m sure she wouldn’t, sorry Sally.”

I giggled slightly, enjoying Derek’s embarrassment, “But you’ve always been such a flirt, I guess I can’t blame a man for trying!”

It was my turn to place a hand on his thigh reassuringly, which must have surprised him, because he replied, “Sally, I’ve been trying for years with you!”

This time we both giggled.

“Now stop it Derek, we’re both being naughty now, just because Judy’s not here, it doesn’t mean we can take advantage.”

There was enough in that slight innuendo to make Derek turn towards me, and with his nearest hand on my shoulder he put his other hand on my knee again. But this time it slid slowly upwards.

“Derek!” I tried to put on a warning voice, but didn’t stop his hand.

“Yes Sally?” Derek’s voice was questioning, waiting to be knocked back.

“This is not getting my plans discussed.” My voice this time was quiet, and with softness.

Derek’s hand was now stroking my thigh, halfway up, and the decisive moment arrived when I parted my knees just a tiny fraction, but enough for his fingers to find the soft flesh on the inside.

He heard me sigh, and he knew I’d consented.

Our lips met, and his tongue flickered between mine as his fingers found the soft fabric covering my pussy. One of his finger tips pulled the hem aside, and immediately was between my pussy lips, the wetness being all too evident.

I broke away from his lips, “Oh god Derek, you’re terrible, I’ve stopped you so many times, we shouldn’t.”

The words were hollow, but Derek didn’t know that, he just pulled me towards him, and slid round so that he was kneeling on the floor beside the sofa, and I was lying back along its length.

His hand was already pulling my panties down, followed by the sound of him unbuckling his belt and unzipping himself.

This was not going to be a long drawn out episode.

Within moments he was lifting himself onto the sofa and pushing his body between my thighs.

I had made the decision to seduce him, both me and Judy decided we would sanction this, so I had to deal with the manner in which he had sex with me.

I was endeavouring to feign pleasure as he entered me, and when he began thrusting in and out, I tried to make the appropriate sounds.

Thank goodness he came quickly, it was no more than a couple of minutes before he ejaculated inside me. I tried to make a little cry out loud to make him believe it was pleasurable, but as soon as he had cum, he stood up and was fastening his trousers.

Guiltily he said, “Sally that shouldn’t have happened, oh god I’m sorry.”

“Derek, stop it, I let it happen,” and I added after a pause, “but don’t say anything to Judy, it’ll be something just between us!”

He was desperately embarrassed, both by what had happened and I guess his performance. Quickly he’d gathered up his notebook and car keys and was gone, just saying in parting, “I’ll get some ideas to you next week, if that’s ok?”

I just had time to say,” Yes, ok Derek,” and he was gone.

I texted Judy before Derek could possibly be home, ‘The deed was done!’

And swiftly a text came back, ‘Pretty disappointing wasn’t it?’

I sadly replied, ‘That’s harsh Judy…but yes.’

Judy came round the next day and I described exactly what had happened. She owned up then to how having sex with Derek was not the best experience in the world, and how having been fucked by Chris and Leroy it had shown her how fantastic it could be.

“Judy, do you mind? I mean me doing it with your husband?”

She smiled, “We’ve made a pact haven’t we? We are going to have fun, look forward, don’t look back.”

As it turned out I didn’t see Derek, in person, until he and Judy picked me up to go on holiday. He’d given an envelope to Judy to give to me about my extension, and spoken to me briefly on the phone, but no reference was made to our ‘meeting.’

Indeed for the whole journey he was quite quiet, and it was mostly me and Judy who were chatting away.

The place we were staying at I vaguely knew. It was a working dairy farm where the farmer had diversified to help his income. He’d converted various outbuildings and barns to accommodation, and there was an indoor swimming pool, games room, and tv lounge. It also had a small farm shop open to the public.

All the accommodation was spaced around a large courtyard and our ‘barn’ was a three bedroom conversion, although we only needed two bedrooms.

Farmer Jack ran it with his wife Lucy, and his son Joe, and Lucy greeted us with the invitation to a barbecue in the courtyard that evening. It was something xslot they did each week to introduce the ‘holidaymakers’ to each other.

It felt great to be away from town and breathing fresh, country air.

Derek was unloading the car when Judy quietly said to me, “Do you think we will be able to be naughty this week?”

I was giggling straightaway, feeling much more relaxed, “Shhhhhsh! you’re so bad! I must say either farmer Jack, or his son, look like they might be a good roll in the hay!”

“What are you two laughing about?” It was Derek struggling in with two suitcases, “god we’re only here for a week, what the fucks in these two?”

Judy sarcastically replied that he’d only brought a small bag, but a huge amount of fishing gear!

The barbecue turned out to be a hoot, farmer Jack and his son were the perfect hosts, with huge amounts of protein in the form of steaks, burgers, sausages, and chops. There were large flagons of local cider which was stronger than most people would guess. Everyone was in full party mode.

All the accommodation was taken for that week, so there were two separate couples in their forties, an older couple, probably in their sixties, and two young guys, in their twenties, who I suspected were gay.

Quite quickly the cider got everyone mingling and exchanging conversation about where they’d come from, and what they did for a living.

Of course I was quite wrong about the two young guys being gay. Tim and Michael were fellow accountants from the same firm in London, and who shared an interest in surfing. The north coast of Devon had a few beaches that produced good waves.

Later in the evening I shared my thoughts with Judy, about their honed bodies under their shirts and shorts.

But the other men there were equally as interesting.

Joe, farmer Jack’s son had huge forearms, and rough hands that sent a slight shiver up my back, and Rick, one of the husbands of one of the couples had something about him that seemed attractive in the glow of the evening.

That night, feeling euphoric about being on holiday, and slightly inebriated from the cider, I played in bed and had a stifled orgasm with my face pressed into the pillow.

I was up early next day, determined to make the most of every hour of sunshine. I wanted to explore the immediate surroundings of the farm and within minutes I bumped into Joe, dressed in t-shirt, shorts and wellies. He was just returning from the milking parlour and he stopped to chat.

“Hello, you’re up early, I’m Joe, we didn’t speak last night…I’ve just been finishing the milking.”

His blue eyes were piercing and bright, and I could see the hint of perspiration on his neck, and upper arms. There was definitely a fluttering inside me.

“Hello Joe, I’m Sally, nice to meet you, you’ve been working hard already!”

“Yes, it’s a twenty four seven job this,” he replied in his west country drawl. “You can watch the milking if you want one morning, but you’ll have to be up at five thirty?”

“Brilliant, yes, I’d love to, tomorrow?”

“Yes, just meet me up there, you’ll hear all the cows, just shout out, I’m on my own somewhere.”

I went off feeling quite warm inside, with the prospect of getting to know Joe a little more. My hormones were stirring again.

After a short exploratory walk I got back just in time for breakfast. Part of the hospitality was fresh milk, bacon, butter, and bread, and Judy was already making coffee and toast.

Derek was still in the shower so I told her about my chat with Joe.

“Sally! it’s only the first morning and you’re after that young lad, god you’re shameless.”

“You’re only jealous because you didn’t get there first!”

We both burst out laughing and Judy added, “Well, I’ve got my eyes on one of the surfers.”

Both of us shut up immediately as Derek came downstairs, and as we ate breakfast a problem began to emerge about the week ahead. The problem was transport. Derek wanted to go fishing, and we needed to go where we wanted to, and with only one car that was going to be difficult.

After much discussion we all agreed to a timetable for at least the next two days. Judy would drive Derek to his river with all his kit and arrange to meet him, late afternoon, to pick him up. He was quite happy with that for a couple of days.

So straight after breakfast Derek loaded up his kit and Judy drove off to deliver him to the river five miles away.

The day was going to be hot, I sat outside our barn drinking coffee, contemplating what we might, do or where we might go. It was great to be in shorts and a loose top, I didn’t often expose myself in shorts back home.

As I was letting my mind go blank the two surfer guys, Tim and Michael wandered over.

“Hi, it’s Sally isn’t it, wasn’t last night a good way to start the week?”

“Fantastic,” I stood up, “and the cider got rid of any shyness, it’s Tim and Michael, right?”

“Yeah, correct…can we?” Tim motioned as if to ask if they could join me at the table.

“Of course, can I get you coffee?”

“That would be great,” he started, “we’re a bit disappointed actually, the surf’s lousy today, we got a report from a mate, so there’s no point in going down there.”

I sympathised, and just as I was about to get their coffee Judy arrived back in the car.

“You want a coffee too, I’m just gonna make one for Tim and Michael?”

“Please,” she replied, as she slammed the car door, “god, I can’t leave you for five minutes and you’re chatting up young men!”

I grunted an expletive under my breath, and Michael chipped in with, “Well two attractive ladies trumps a day surfing!”

Tim’s response was classic, “Oh my god, Mike, that’s the corniest chat up line I’ve ever heard,” and everyone dissolved in laughter.

The repartee was bouncing back and forth, until eventually Tim said, “Not sure what to do today, I think I fancy going up that hill over there, to those rocks, you must be able to see the coast from there.”

“Sounds cool,” Michael replied, “mind you it’s gonna be hot today.”

“Can we join you?” Judy suddenly said, “I really need the exercise, as long as we’re back before three, to pick my husband up.”

I was slightly taken aback, but as we all seemed to be relaxed and getting on so well, who was I to object to a long walk with a couple of fit young guys.

“Great stuff, yes, come along, it’ll be fun, make sure you’ve got tough shoes, and I’ll take some water…bring some sun cream…ten minutes time out here then?”

Ten minutes later the four of us set off on the path winding from the rear of the farm, up a gentle slope at first, to the steeper part of the hill.

It seemed quite natural that Tim and I walked together, and Michael and Judy were in front leading the way. The conversation was easy, talking about my marriage and divorce, about Rachel, and about his job and ambitions.

There was lots of banter and joking about too, and the others seemed to be getting along fine, even at one point Judy taking Michael’s arm.

When we got to the steeper part of the hill it became quite rocky under foot and I needed Tim to haul me up over some odd shaped mounds.

By the time we were near to the massive outcrop at the summit I was permanently clutching Tim’s hand. Finally we all collapsed in a heap, leaning up against the granite and taking in the view of the coastline in the near distance.

Michael got the water bottles out of his back pack and passed them around. I noticed the body language between Judy and him, and I think she deliberately didn’t make eye contact with me because I would have raised my eyebrows.

I hadn’t realised that Tim and I were slumped up against each other, and probably our body language mirrored theirs. I was exhausted after the final push up the hill, as was Judy.

We were each still holding our own conversations when Judy said loudly, “I want to see the view on the other side of this thing, I reckon we should be able to see the farm from there, you coming with me Michael?”

They quickly disappeared, and Tim said, ” Don’t you want to go with them?”

“Not really, I’m quite happy here with you, I just hope…” My words drifted away a bit, and I cut myself short.

“Judy’s married isn’t she, to Derek?”

“Yes, the fisherman!” I laughed. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I know Michael, he’ll try it on with any woman, married or not!”

I made a sort of doubtful, unintelligible sound, “Hmmmmmm.” and leaning towards Tim I said, “But I’m single!” and we both giggled, and we ended up with a little hug.

We settled back in the warm sun and I was leaning against Tim’s chest, just chatting about this and that. I wasn’t really conscious of him playing with my hair, or just running his fingers over the soft down on my arms.

Losing track of time, Judy and Michael had been gone for ages. Our voices just talking quietly was the only sound apart from the occasional sound of songbirds, until both of us stopped in mid sentence.

Quietly at first, then more loudly we heard, “Oh…oh…oh …oh …oh …ohhhhh…OHHHHH!”

I felt Tim’s body tense, “Bloody Michael, he’s at it!”

“Don’t say it,” I said, “they’re fucking!”

“Yep, he’s an absolute devil.”

I squeezed his arm, “I can imagine worse places to get fucked, we’re much closer to heaven up here!”

“Now you sound a bit of a devil too,” Tim was looking at me, inches from my face, with a seductive smile.

I put a finger to his mouth, across his lips, in a signal of silence. As I kissed him, my hand went straight to his crotch, and I felt him harden.

‘Sally, you sure? he whispered, half surprised.

There was only one reply I could make, “Yes…I am.”

We rolled onto the soft grass around us and Tim’s hand went up under my top and felt for the clasp on my bra. As my breasts fell free his fingers moved around and he was soon stroking my nipples.

I could feel my pussy tingle as I searched between our bodies for Tim’s zip. When I found it and carefully pulled it down, his cock was already stiff and erect. Struggling to pull it out of his shorts, he rolled aside to help me.

“Take your shorts off,” he said.

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