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You and I are together again, enjoying each other on a trip in the tropics. We decide to take a walk on a nude beach you found. The beach was not very big, but we just had to check it out! I was topless, in white thongs. You were naked. It was mid morning on a Friday. Not many people were around. We were enjoying our walk when I spotted a girl, reading a book, laying alone and naked on a towel.

I motioned for you to follow my lead. I lead you past her and set up our blanket about 15 feet from her. We were close enough for her to comfortably overhear us yet far enough away so she did not feel we were intruding on her space.

As I sat down, she looked up and smiled. She was built like me, a little younger, long brunette hair, no make-up and a nice wholesome smile. I smiled back and slowly removed my thongs. She watched me intently, then looked away; back to her book. You were standing next to me, watching every move we both made. An easy smile of realization crossed your face. You came over and laid down next to me. I was on my stomach. We began to talk.

“Honey, this is great! Are you having fun?”

“Oh, ya, Baby! This is great!”

“Good idea you had to check out this beach. I wonder if we’ll find what we’re looking for?”

“Dear,” you said, “If you want to experiment with a woman, you are going to have to be a little more outgoing. If you see one you like, go right up to her and ask. What have you got to lose?”

“Well, the only woman I’ve seen that is sexy and attractive is the girl laying right next to us.”

Now you know she heard every word we exchanged. She looked over at us. I pretended not to notice. You and she made eye contact. She nodded at you and smiled. You smiled to yourself and said, “Why don’t you ask her then?”

I did not know what to do. I wanted to, but was suddenly shy. I snuck a look over at her and she was staring at me. Eye to eye. Then she let her eyes drift lazily down my body. Down and back up to my eyes. When her eyes came back to mine, she slowly rolled over, never breaking eye contact. She had full, ripe, firm breasts. She had a small, trimmed bush of dark hair. Her lower pussy was shaved clean. She was smiling encouragingly.

I smiled and got up. As I walked over to her, she smiled even bigger. She was looking at my body and must have liked what she saw.

“Hi,” I said. “Did you overhear our conversation?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Well, I guess I should tell you about me. I have always been fascinated by women and would like to experiment. I am a virgin in this regard, and, well, would you be interested?” I stammered.

She laughed. A soft, sexy laugh. “I have been with women. I enjoy it. Yes, I would be interested.”

With that, I looked up at you and saw you had made yourself comfortable on the blanket, watching us. I moved over to her and laid down. She reached escort bayan out to me. I moved my hands to her face. Her skin was soft. I traced her smile with my finger. Still keeping deep eye contact, I moved my face to her and kissed her. It was soft. She moved gently with me. I broke away, confident now. I took control.

“I have been thinking of this for a long time. Do you mind if I live out my fantasies?” I asked her. She said No. She told me to go for it! And I did.

First I pulled back a bit and ran my hands lightly over her body. I was intent on watching my hands and so was she. You were watching the both is us and getting harder by the moment.

I brought my hand back to her breasts. I moved toward them, mystified. I cupped them gently. I hefted them. They were big but firm. The nipples were small, but already quite erect. I moved my face down and suckled. I moaned. It felt so good to suckle her! She closed her eyes and moaned, too. I pinched one while suckling the other. Then I switched; nipping the one I had handled and squeezing the one I had suckled. Her hips bucked upward as this turned her on. I knew I was having an effect on her and I was getting very hot myself.

I left her tits and ran my hands down her flat belly. She spread her legs. I moved my hands to her mound and below. She squirmed. I touched her pussy and it was dripping wet! Oh! I wanted to smell and taste her. I moved my head down between her legs. Her toes were right at my crotch. As I moved my face to her pussy, she wiggled her toes until they were right on my mound. She was good! I brought my face deeper into her womanhood. Oh, she was sweet! I moved my face along her opening, starting at my chin, moving my face down, along her, until my nose was in her pussy. Then I brought my head back up and began to slowly lick her. I made circles with my tongue. She moaned and pushed into me. I began to pick up the tempo. She was liking this! I ran my face up and down, up and down, from nose to chin, nose to chin. When my mouth was on her, my tongue would flick inside. She was getting ready to cum! I could not believe it! I pulled back. She was working her toes in me and it felt grand. I began to finger her. She “toed” me while I fingered her. She was very pre-cum and my finger was just making her hotter. I added another finger. She moaned louder. I began to finger fuck her hard and rhythmically. She fucked me with her toe. Harder. Faster. She was on my clit and I was going to cum… She suddenly screamed out and I knew I had her. I rushed my face back to her pussy and shoved my tongue in while giving her pressure with my face. She made one more mighty thrust upward and shot her cum all over my face. Oh! She tasted so sweet and tangy. Mmmmmmm. As she came, her toe hit me hard on the clit and I came, too, seconds behind her.

We came down and looked at each bayan escort other. Her face was flushed and her eyes shiny. Mine looked the same. She suddenly laughed and got my attention. I looked at her questioningly. She pointed over at you. I looked a you and smiled. You were laying back, your spent cock in your hands, cum all over the place, head and eyes thrown back.

We both got up and went to you. We cleaned you up and, much to your surprise and pleasure, we both took turns sitting on your face so you could clean us up.

That done, the three of us lay in a tangle on our blanket.

“My name is Valarie. You guys are great. How long will you be in the area? I’ll be here for the rest of the weekend. We should spend time together.”

She decided to accept our offer of sharing the rest of the day with her. She was a single Mom, on vacation until Sunday. She was alone this trip, figuring on relaxing and reading the days away.

We left the beach and headed back to where we were staying. We arrived to our cottage and you opened a bottle of chilled, blush wine. Valarie and I headed out to the beach. By the time you came out to serve us, we were frolicking in the water. There were other cottages nearby, so this was not a nude beach type setting. You sat back in your chair in the shade and watched us. We were slashing and playing, diving, swimming, just plain having fun.

Then, Valarie reached back and unhooked my top. Sprong! There were my tits, naked, flashing in the sun. I dove underwater. When I came up, Valarie was right on my tail. I turned quickly and unsnapped HER top. Her ample breasts sprang free and she, too, dove under water. We swam and played in the deeper water. You suspected there was some touching going on out there and it was starting to make you hard again.

After a few minutes, we swam back in to shore. We had our tops back on and were breathing hard from our exertions. We were also laughing and holding hands. When we came up to you, we both noticed the condition of your shorts and smiled. I reached down for a feel, dripping water all over you. You screamed and jumped up. We both ran inside, you chasing us.

You finally caught up to us in the bedroom, as I had planned. We were laying on the bed, kissing. I glanced up when you came in and motioned for you to make yourself comfortable on the chair. I ran my hands up her body, from her waist to her breasts. She moved back to give me room. I gently massaged her. She moaned and broke the kiss, moving her head back. I moved away slightly and she settled on her back. I reached behind her and unbuttoned her top. Her head was on the pillow, eyes closed, her mouth slightly opened as she breathed. I removed her top and admired her breasts. They were succulent! I massaged first one, then the other. She moaned and moved under me. I cupped one breast and suckled escort the other. After a moment of that, I reached back and pulled off my bikini bottoms. You had a beautiful view of my ass. You could also see my pussy glistening. This was making me hot!!

I positioned my body lower on hers and removed her bottoms. She thrust her hips upward to assist. You could also see how wet her pussy was. I began to lick and play with her. I was making her very pre-cum. Teasing her, I would bring her right to the brink, then back off. She finally looked over at me, eyes hooded and hot.

“As you gonna let me cum or what?!?” she asked.

“Valarie, when you cum, I want you to cum BIG!”

I reached over to the night stand and brought out Pinkie, my vibrator. When she looked at it, her eyes widened, and she smiled. She laid her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes. I put Pinkie on low and began.

First I let it hum over her now swollen clit. I was pinching one nipple while licking around her pussy. The vibrator was really making her hot. Her pussy was open and eager for more. I slid a finger in and she groaned. I fucked her a bit while Pinkie danced on her clit. Harder and faster I went until she screamed and came all over my hand. I knew this was my chance to show her the depths her orgasms could go to. Just as she came down, I slid Pinkie in. I forced it in hard and fast. I held it deep in her, knowing I was hitting her spot. She gasped and came hard again.

I let her calm down from this orgasm and began to slowing get her going again. I moved back up to her and kissed her. I worked her breasts, her stomach, her pussy, with quick, light touches. She liked it! Then I began to increase the tempo. When I got her back to pre-cum again, Pinkie and I went back to her pussy. I put a pillow under her ass to raise it up to my face. I slowly licked her, but she wanted more. So I ate her out. Hard and fast. Deep with my tongue. Flicking in and out of her. Oh, she liked that and moved her hips in time with my tongue. She came again, suddenly and explosively.

This time I let her cool only for a moment or two. I took some of the ample supply of her pussy juices and smeared it all over her ass. I licked her pussy and eased a finger to her pucker hole. She liked it very much. I was able to slide my finger in. She accepted it and moaned in pleasure. Then, I took Pinkie and began to fuck her. I was fucking her pussy with Pinkie timed with fucking her ass with my finger. I could feel Pinkie with my finger when I was inside her. Oh, this was making me hot, too! Oh! Fucking her, I was humping her leg. Oh! Oh! We were both in perfect rhythm. I was gonna cum! Oh! There! We both came at the same time. Hard.

After our souls came back to earth, we looked at each other.

“You are the best girl I’ve ever had,” she told me.

“I enjoy fucking you so much! You have a beautiful, responsive body” I told her.

Then, we looked over at you. We had forgotten all about you! There you were again, silly grin on your face. A happy, relaxed, satisfied look on your face. And cum all over your hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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