Weekend Sleepover Ch. 4

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If you have not read the “Weekend Sleepover” series, please read them first. This is the conclusion of a fantastic story of voyeurism, exhibitionist, masturbation, loving wives, bi-fem, and incest. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Marie was busy admiring herself in her new swimsuit when she heard the screams from the other room. She rushed to the door of the master bathroom and froze at the sight before her. Behind the glass of the shower door, she could make out the shapes of her two sisters, their bodies entwined together in an erotic embrace. Her first thought was of the incestual taboo; her second thought was of the wrongs of two women; her third thought, however, was of pure lust.

Marie felt her pussy twitch as she watched them pleasure each other. Her hand could not fight the temptation of touching herself and was soon on the edge of her own climax. However, the screams of passion stopped and cheated Marie out of her own pleasure. She quickly ran back to the other bathroom, shut the door and turned on the fan. She had nothing to be ashamed of, yet she felt like hiding. Marie looked in the mirror and saw a huge wet spot in the crotch of her suit. She could not change again and she could not be seen like this. Or could she? After what she had just seen her two sisters do, this was nothing. “What do I do” she asked the reflection in the mirror? “What?”

When Scott arrived at the gym, he found a packed house. It usually is a bit crowded on a Saturday morning, but today it seemed as if every member of the club was present. Normally, he would warm up his body with a few miles on the treadmill, but each was occupied. Every stair climber was in use and the weight room was jammed with muscles. He had one last hope, the basketball court. As he walked near the court entrance, that hope vanished when he saw about 20 guys in shorts and hightops waiting for a chance to play. Disappointed, Scott reversed his steps, got back in his car, and headed home. Nothing what a few beers and a couple hits of his stash couldn’t fix, he thought to himself as he drove.

Jenn, Angie, and Marie all laid side by side in their lounge chairs looking at magazines, sharing what they have read, and listening to the music that filled the backyard. Marie had found a way out of the house by wrapping a towel around her and position herself away from the girls when she sat down. It had worked, but her mind still was a buzz with what she had seen and her sex still wet with excitement. Jenn and Angie acted very nonchalant. In fact there really was no difference, except for one thing. Angie wasn’t trying to start a fight and she readily agreed with everything Jenn said. Usually, they would disagree on something and may even upscale into a nasty argument, but today, nothing.

After thirty minutes or so, Angie decided to change the music. The speakers were outside speakers mounted along the outside of the house, but the stereo controls were in the den. The young teen entered the room through the sliding glass door and began her search for the perfect tunes.

Jenn’s body glowed with a combination of oil and perspiration under the karabük escort hot sun. Inside her body, she also felt a heat. Images of the shower scene replayed in her mind and kept her pussy tingling. She was amazed of how she felt with not only another woman, but with her own teenage sister! She realized that maybe it was because it had been her sister, that was why she felt so comfortable. She loved her sister and “love and sex” had always been the combination that worked. Jenn knew she could fuck anyone, she had to “make love” to them. She glanced over at her other sister, Marie. She was so conservative, so timid. She wondered if she had heard them. Nothing was ever said, it was business as usual. Her thoughts were interupted by a big drop of sweat that rolled down her forehead and into her eye. Time for a dip. “Hey, ready to get in?”

Marie agreed it was time. Jenn was the gradual type, but Marie was a jumper. Marie’s splash sent a ripple down to Jenn who was working hard to get the water past her stomach. Marie popped out of the water a few feet away from her grimacing sister. She motioned to splash and was warned by her older sister of dunking and death. Ignoring her threats, Marie swung her arm wildly and sent a wave of cool water onto Jenn’s steaming body. The fight was on! For the next few minutes, the pool was filled splashing, screaming, name-calling, and idle threats. Marie was quick, but Jenn never gave up. It ended with Jenn pushing her sister underwater and holding her there. When she felt she had had enough Jenn made one last attack. With her skillful hand, she untied the bikini’s top and bottoms and jerked them free. Marie’s head emerged from the water coughing and sputtering. “Not fair” she cried! “Not fair at all.”

“Oh, it’s fair. It is my suit and now I want it back,” Jenn replied. “But, if you say you are sorry, I may let you borrow it again.”

“Forget it, no way I’m sorry.” Marie thought for a second. Her play with her sister was fun and she didn’t want to stop. She watched as Jenn got out of the water and returned to her lounge chair. What to do, what to do. She looked around the yard, she looked back at her sister and then to the house. She could not let her sister win. Not this time. Marie took a deep breath and swam underwater towards the ladder. She felt the water flow over her naked sex and she became daring. She reached the ladder, had second thoughts, and then ignored them. Marie climbed the ladder and stood in front of her sister in triumph. Without a word, she casually took her place next to her sister chair, layed down on her back and shut her eyes.

Jenn was amazed at her sister’s sudden boldness. She was even more amazed at her toned flawless body. Jenn was not the only one in awe of Marie. In the den, Angie had heard them playing in the pool. When the noise stopped she became curious who had won the war and peered through the glass door just as Marie made her exit from the pool. Even though they were sisters and lived under the same roof, she could not remember the last time she had seen her sister completely nude. She could karabük escort bayan take her eyes off the scene. She watched their lips move, but could hear nothing of the conversation. After a couple minutes, Jenn stood and removed her own suit and picked up the bottle of sunblock. She shook the bottle and her breasts shook with it. Slowly, she knelt down and squeezed some of the white cream onto Marie’s milky white breasts. Angie could not believe her eyes as one sister applied the slippery substance to her second sister’s naked body just 20 feet away! Without even a thought, keeping her focus on the action outside, Angie removed her now juicy suit and sank two fingers into her hot hole.

Scott heard the music playing as he reached the front door. He knew that the girls would already be neck deep in gossip, sunblock, and magazines. He went straight to the kitchen, grabbed a beer and headed for the den to grab his stash. He reached the doorway in midswallow and almost choked. Standing with her back to him was his youngest sister-in-law naked, looking outside, and masturbating. He could not see what she was watching, but it had an obvious effect on her and she was having quite an effect on him. Quietly, he moved closer to get her view. All he could see was the grass, whatever she was looking at must be in the pool which was still beyond his angle of sight. He refocused on Angie. Her teen body showed all the hours of running and cheerleading. It was tight and muscular. Her ass did not sag, but stood out and clenched as she neared orgasm. He could only see the side of her breasts as she ran her hands over them and pinched her nipples. This young thing was hot and ready for sex.

Scott slowly removed his throbbing member from his shorts, sat down his beer on the floor, and caressed his manhood as he admired the show. He stepped closer, still trying to see what was so exciting in his backyard. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Finally, Scott stood just two feet away from the naked vixen and saw it. His mouth fell open, but no sound came out. He had no words and his mind raced with a combination of confusion and excitement. Outside, his lovely latin wife had finished applying the lotion and with one thing leading to another, she had found her face buried between her younger sister’s legs. Marie sat up with a look of pure lust on her face, as Jenn tasted her first pussy.

Scott’s erection jumped as he stroked watching the girls in action. Precum flew through the air and landed on Angie’s tensed back. Angie felt the drops hit her skin and quickly turned to find her brother-in-law staring out the window with his hard cock in hand. The point of no return had been long passed. She reached out and touched it’s leaking tip. Scott’s attention was split between the hot action outside and this buxom teen virgin in front of him. After he saw the hunger in Angie’s eyes, he tore off his shirt, shorts and shoes in mere seconds. He stood before her, close. His cock brushed her skin, she moved closer. She grabbed his rod with both hands and squeezed. It was bigger than her fingers, solid, escort karabük warm, and long. His hands slowly approached her. Her breasts were full, soft, topped with half-dollars and eraser nipples. She moaned as he touched them. Movement caught his eye and Scott looked outside. Angie saw his eyes and turned to see the girls standing up changing places. Jenn now took her turn in the chair as Marie began her first oral lesson. Jenn’s arms flew upward and her back arched as Marie licked and invaded her sister’s pussy.

Angie did not want to stop watching, but also wanted the cock she still held in her small hand. Scott moved his body closer against the young girl’s. His arms embraced her, smashing his cock against her ass. Almost as natural as two old lovers, Angie pushed her ass towards him and squeezed his rod with her cheeks. Reaching down with one hand, Scott guided his cock towards her waiting entrance. Her pussy was dripping with her juice and he easily covered with the slick wetness. She felt the time was near, her first real penis. She was prepared, she was ready, and she was loving it. Scott adjusted his hip placement, felt the opening with his tip, and gently pushed her upper body forward. As he slowly entered her tight virgin hole, she gasped for air. He continued, inch by inch, pushing further where no man has gone before. When he had achieved half of his task he stopped and she caught her breath. Angie felt pain and pleasure. Her body trembled and she could not count the numerous orgasms she had felt roll through her body. She reopened her eyes and took in more of the action outside. Angie reached down between her legs and felt the object that invaded her body. She held it and realized it was not all in her. She wanted it all!

Scott felt her hand around his base and then a slight push backward. He knew she wanted more. He was ready too. He again repositioned himself and with one big push, he sank his entire shaft into her body. She gasped, and her body shook as she reached out for something to hold her up. With her hands flat against the glass door, legs spread wide, and back arched, Scott began to slide in and out of her quivering body. It felt like an endless orgasm was sweeping over her body, as the tempo began to increase. He held onto the young ass and pumped his cock into her vise-like cunt. Angie did not know how much more she could take and felt her legs begin to get wobbly. Luckily, Scott was nearing his climax and a brief thought entered his mind. He could not put his seed in this young girl. The pressure built up in his balls and he felt it ready to explode.

With one fluid motion, Scott pulled his rod from her grip, and swung her body around. Angie’s legs finally gave out and she fell to the floor. “Cum on me. I want to see it.” Her request was fulfilled. With a couple of quick strokes, semen flew through the air and covered Angie’s chest, stomach and face. Scott grunted and moaned as he came again and again, sending his seed toward her. Angie watched in awe and began to taste the thick white substance. Angie like what she tasted and pulled his cock to her lips, sucking it clean.

Scott looked down at the beauty before him and then outside to see the girls also bathing in their own sexual adventures. He chuckled as he thought to himself, that just yesterday he hated the idea of his wife’s sisters coming to visit. Now he hoped they would never leave!

– The End –

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