Wife’s Friends Anal Ch. 05

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It’s Saturday morning and my wife asks if I’m ready for tonight? I say what do you mean? You are getting your ass fucked tonight, remember? I chuckle, yeah I’m ready and actually I’ve been pretty horny and looking forward to it, It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been plowed really good. I want to be stretched really big and wide, it’ll feel real good. My wife says well, we need a few things from the store can you run there for me? I say no problem.

I go to the store to pick up some snacks and liqueur. I walk in and grab all of the things I’m supposed to pick up and head to the check out. I walk up to the only open cashier and I’m startled to see Brandi is working as the check out person. She looks at me and smiles, she says to me is this for tonight? I sheepishly glance at her trying to hide my face and say, yes it’s for tonight. Brandi says to me “you know I can’t wait to fuck your ass tonight” it is going to be fun. I’ve never fucked a guy like that before! I’m going to give it to you but good. I look straight at her and ask does your credit card machine take the chip? She says yes, it takes the chip and we finish our business. As I walk away, she says see you tonight.

My wife and I are chilling in the afternoon when she tells me she wants me to answer the door when the girls come. She says you have be totally naked and have a raging hardon as you let them in, even if you have to work it up, make sure it’s hard. I tell her that should be no problem, I’ll have my big butt plug up my ass and that always keeps me hard. I ask, just send them to the living room? Yes she replays, she will have the refreshments and snacks all set out and keep them busy chatting.

One by one each of them ring the door bell. Bree is the first one and as I open the door she just looks me up and down smiles and says nice shave job. Then walks in. I did cleanup any stray hair this morning I thought, glad she noticed I silently said to myself. Amy comes next and when I open the door for her, she looks at me then down at my cock she purrs then whispers I wish I could get my hands on that tonight as she walks by. Brandi and the Halle Barry looking lady whose name is Julie come together as the last visitors. I wonder to myself and try to imagine what they talked about in the car. I open the door for them and they are both startled to see me nude with my dick pointing at them. They both look at each other giggle a little and Julie says this is going to be fun. Brandi says to Julie, have you fucked a guy up the ass before? Julie says no but I’m going to fuck him hard and deep that’s for sure.

These women are gorgeous I think to myself. Each one hotter than the other. I think to myself that I can fuck each and everyone of them, all I would have to do is let them fuck me up the ass with a huge strapon. What a thought as I picture them all with no clothes on in my mind. I grab my dick stroke it. It has grown as large as it possibly can and is leaking precum all of the way down its shaft as it glistens in the lights from our living room. I take the shaft of my dick with my left hand and squeeze what ever precum is in the urethra and force it out the tip. A large drop is worked out and I scoop it up with my finger then stick it in my mouth and suck Maltepe Esmer Escort my finger clean.

We sit for a short while and chat some small talk. Eventually Julie says her husband is not very thoughtful when he wants anal sex He just lubes it up and rather than going slow he just plows it up her ass. It’s quite painful and she never gets a chance to enjoy it. She says she just takes it though because she thinks he likes to feel large in her asshole. Julie says she would definitely rather get a nice slow stroking, that way her ass can get relaxed and grow accustomed to his cock and maybe she will be able to enjoy it. With that my wife says lets get this party started. She goes and gets our toys and the strapon harness. She lays the stuff on the table for all to see as they comment at how large they are. My wife grabs the smaller two and a half inches thick one and puts that and the harness on herself.

Julie says my gosh my husband is small compared to that. That thing would tear me up. He is going to take that? Bree says that is nothing, he takes that other one all the way to the balls. Oh my god is mumbled from one of them. My wife says bend over the coffee table and let me slip this up your butt. I get in position and she grabs my butt plug and slides it out of my butthole. They gasp as she sets it down. It’s two and a quarter inches thick and almost as big as the dong she is going to replace it with. Someone says, he just wears that up his ass all day? I can’t believe he was just sitting there with that up his butt. She couldn’t tell. My wife lines up the strapon and pushes, it slides in and feels great. Inch by inch it goes up my asshole till it is buried completely. My wife strokes me slowly as my asshole relaxes and easily swallows the strapon.

My wife slides it out of my ass and says it’s time for the bigger one. She says I’m going to have to move to the arm of the sofa and bend over it so she has better access to my butt. As I reposition, she switches the one large hunk of rubber for the one that is three inches thick and twelve inches long. She asks Bree to please be a dear and hold my ass cheeks open. Bree says sure and grabs each cheek and spreads them. My wife is swinging the big monster around in small circles as she gets closer and closer. The other girls get in position so they can all get a good look. My wife slides the huge head up against my butt hole. She spreads a little more lube on and pushes it in.

My asshole opens up to accept its girth as the head slides in and closes down around it. She pulls it out again, pauses momentarily then again it marches up my ass. This time the head lodged just inside my spread sphincter and then she pushes deeper. Further and deeper she goes till eight or nine inches are up my ass. She withdraws it till just the head is left in, then she reverses direction and drives it home till all twelve inches are in me. She pauses then withdraws till four inches or so are still inside me and hurries it in my ass again, she continues like that for a few minutes. The girls are encouraging her and saying how well I’m taking the thing up my ass. She stops and asks who is next?

Julie asks, can I be next please? Sure they all say. Julie squeals Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort out I want to fuck him with that big one. She jumps up and grabs it as my wife takes the harness off. She slides it on and feels the weight of it and says it’s not only huge but it’s heavy too. Bree says come on honey line him up and drive it home. She put the head against my asshole and pushes in. She says oh my god, I can’t believe it. I’m fucking a guy up the ass, up his ass! She slides the whole thing in and pulls it back then just strokes me rhythmically . She fucks me for a few minutes when Brandi says it’s my turn I want to be next.

Julie pulls it out of me and takes the harness off. Brandi eagerly put its on her torso and says to me, remember what I told you this afternoon at the store? I tell everyone, yes I remember. Well here it comes she says. Bree slaps my ass cheeks and tells Brandi ye haw girl, give it to him. She slides it in and up my ass with one long stroke. She is buried all the way in, then pulls all the way out again. Bree slaps my ass cheeks again as the sound of her cracks ring out. I’m sure the is a red mark on my butt cheeks from her. Brandi takes aim again and feeds the full length to my hole again. In and out she pumps me with long strokes. A few minutes of that and Amy says okay girls it’s my turn now.

Amy just about tears the harness off of Brandi and looks like a girl possessed. She obviously has done this before because it was on her in a matter of seconds. She grabs the base of the strapon and points it at my asshole with the full twelve inches, looking I have to tell you pretty menacing. Bree spreads my cheeks and all of the girls are huddling in close. The tip of the heads rubs against my asshole and she shoves it in. The whole length is driven up my ass hard and fast. She leaves it buried there and grabs my hips. She withdraws it eight inches or so and drives it as deep as it will go. Her torso bucks up against Bree’s hands with the force of her thrust. She backs out again and pounds it in again and again and again. She rides me hard and wild for twenty strokes or so. She pulls out and says look at his asshole I think I ruined it.

My wife asks me if I want some more. I tell her, yes baby give it to me. She says hang on everyone I got something in the other room for him. My wife comes out of our bedroom with her newest strap on. It is four inches thick and at least eight inches long. All of the ladies gasped when they saw her with that huge hunk of rubber hanging out of her hands. Brandi says you aren’t going to shove that up his ass too are you? My wife says yes, I sure am. Oh my god someone says that isn’t going to fit. Then Amy says shove it in baby, bury it all the way to the balls.

My wife fits that unbelievably huge thing to the harness and puts it on. She has me roll over so that my ass is resting in the arm of the sofa and I’m laying on my back so I can watch her. She lines it up and pushes against my hole. My asshole opens up and it starts to go in but the whole head just won’t go in. She pulls back and lets me relax a second then again knocks at the opening of my butt. She pushes and pushes. It just about makes its way in but no, my asshole just won’t Maltepe Evi Olan Escort accept it. She readjusts her feet and now has a devilishly determined look on her face. Then positions the head at my partially open asshole again. She pushes and really leans into it, when suddenly the head pops in and because of the force she was using a full four inches races up my rectum. I let out a loud primal grunt and must have looked like I was Lamaze breathing because I was letting short bursts of air out of my mouth trying to coax my asshole to relax. Man this thing is huge and stretching my asshole like it’s never been stretched before.

My wife makes small slow movements in and out of my ass. Each stroke she got it deeper and deeper till the whole thing was up me. She let me rest a short while with it fully buried and I ask her to please take it out slowly. The fat part of it’s head is bumping up against my ring when she coaxes it out millimeter by millimeter, it finally starts exiting my ass with the slimmer part of the head, then it pops out. My wife tells me, man your hole is gapped huge. She has never seen it like this before, I can see all of the way up your ass. Some other girl rings out yeah it’s wide open. Go ahead on jack off till you cum honey my wife says, that will make you feel better. I grab my dick and start to stoke it. Amy says to the girls, his asshole is definitely ruined. He won’t be able to sit for a week.

With that I shoot spurt after spurt of cum on my chest and belly. Someone says, Wow look at his asshole! It is spasming open and shut as he shoots his cum. My wife says oh my god. It is, I never would have noticed that. I finish cumming and just lay there in ecstasy and exhausted. My wife looks at me and says I’ll get that sperm for you honey. She licks and sucks up all of my cum into her mouth then stands up walks around to behind me then bends over and lets the sperm drip from her mouth onto and into my stuck open asshole. She uses her fingers and pushes all of my cum up my ass with her finger. She says it’s all gone up your asshole babe. She asks do you still want to eat it? I tell her, yes of course I want it. Well let’s see she says, Bree give me a glass and motions to me and says roll up over here and squat over this so the cum can leak out of your asshole. A good amount of sperm dripped into the glass and my wife hands it to me, saying down the hatch baby. I drink it all down and rest back onto the couch. Once I recovered a little I left the room and headed to the bedroom to let my butt hole ease back into shape.

Julie says to the girls, to tell the truth my husband fucked me before I left to come here tonight. He shot his cum into my pussy and I left it in there. I just put a pair of underwear on and they are now all sperm soaked with my crotch all wet and sticky. Watching him take that up his ass and eating his own cum I wish he would lick my pussy clean.

Amy said she would have loved to grab my balls, squeeze them tight and just wrangle them a little. The eating of the cum that was up his asshole was awesome and something she wouldn’t have thought of. Brandi said she had a lot of fun fucking a guy up the ass. She never would have thought a person let alone a guy could take such a huge toy up their ass, and liking it enough to cum no less. Bree said she really liked holding my butt cheeks open and slapping my ass a little, she wished she could have done more of it. Maybe with a belt or paddle. My wife said easy girls, that is my husband you are talking about not your sex toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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