Wrong Number

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Jamal called up his friend; however, when a lady answered, he wasn’t sure if he had the right number so he just asked anyway for his friend.

Jamal: Um, hello is Percy there, please?

Lady: I’m sorry, but there isn’t anyone here by that name. I think you have the wrong number.

Jamal: Sorry…Bye.

They hung up. He tried to call his friend again, this time when the lady answered the phone.

Jamal (laughing after hearing the same lady’s voice): I’m sorry, I must have dialled the wrong number again.

Lady: It’s okay.

After they both hung up again, Jamal wrote down the number he had been dialling because he thought that she had a nice voice, he thought that maybe one day, he would call her back. This time Jamal called his friend again, taking the time to get the number right. He told his friend about the lady on the other number he had been calling.

Jamal: Hey Percy, finally I got you.

Percy: What do you mean?

Jamal: I have been trying to call you, but for some reason, I kept calling the wrong number and got a very nice-sounding lady on the phone.

Percy: You should know my number by now, dude. So what happened with this lady?

Jamal: Nothing, dude, but I wrote down her number; thought I might call it again.

Percy: No, dude, she might think you’re a stalker or something. Leave it be.

Jamal: Maybe you’re right. Later, man.

A few weeks had gone by when Jamal had come across the phone number of the lady he had wrong dialled when he had tried to call his friend. He thought he would call it just to see if he could strike up a conversation with her. Jamal called the number, and when the lady answered, he acted like he was calling for his friend again.

Jamal: Hello, is Percy there?

Lady (laughing): It’s been a while since you have called, I’m sure you know that this isn’t your friend that you are calling.

Jamal (laughing now, too): Can I ask you your name, since I have you on the phone?

Lady: I think it’s best if I don’t tell you and we leave a little bit of mystery there.

Jamal: Okay, I can almanbahis accept that. How are you?

Lady: I’m doing well. How are you?

Jamal: I am great now that I am talking to you. Tell me, what are you wearing right now?

Lady: I’m wearing a towel, you caught me just coming out of the shower when the phone rang.

Jamal: Oh, were you going out tonight?

Lady: No, I was just staying in, going to watch a movie. What’s with all the questions?

Jamal: If I don’t ask the questions, how do I get to know you better?

Lady: So you want to get to know me better, do you?

Jamal: I do, hey, I ask the questions here, you just answer them (starts to laugh.)

Lady: Really? We’ll see about that.

Jamal: What are you doing right now?

Lady: I’m just sitting in my chair talking to you.

Jamal (in a quiet voice): Do you like to play with yourself?

Lady: I do, sometimes when I am feeling horny.

Jamal (smiling): Nice. What would it take to make you horny right now?

Lady: Tell me, if we were to get together right now, and I answered the door to you, in my towel, what would happen?

Jamal: First, I would take you over to your couch, sit you down, and me beside you. I’d start kissing you, letting my hand feel your breasts over the towel before I undo it; opening it up so I can caress your naked breasts, as I continue to kiss your lips, cheek, and neck. I’d slowly work my way down to kissing your breast, sucking on your nipple, then nibbling on it.

Lady: Oh, yes… (finds herself draping her left leg over the arm of the chair; she has undone her towel and is now caressing her breast)…Mmmmmm, sounds good so far. Keep going.

Jamal (feeling confident with where he was going with his talk): Now, I have you lay down on the couch, as I lay down beside you. I slowly move my hand down your silky-smooth body, down to your leg, moving your leg slowly off of the couch a little more. Then, I slide my hand slowly back up your leg to your pussy. I play with your opening, I want to tease you. I slowly start kissing my way down your abdomen almanbahis giriş to your pelvis, where I stop, and look at your pussy. I use my fingers to open your pussy lips. I use my finger to play with your clit, then start fingering your pussy as I use my tongue on your clit.

Lady (with eyes closed, head leaning back on her chair): Yes, play with my pussy. I like that. You’re getting me hot and horny on this end.

Jamal: Good. My cock is hard, too. Now, what was I saying? Right. I am licking your clit with my tongue, sucking, pulling on it with my mouth. Two of my fingers are fucking your pussy; it feels so wet in there. I pull my fingers out of your pussy, sit up a bit, look at you, then look back down at your hot, wet pussy. That’s when I take some of your juices from your pussy with my finger, and lick some off before sticking my finger in your mouth. I watch you suck your own juices, then I take my finger out of your mouth, put it back in your pussy, and play with your g-spot as my thumb rubs on your clit.

Lady: Oh yes, I am playing with my pussy now, you have me so horny. Keep going, let’s see if you can make me cum over the phone.

Jamal: Oh, you will cum. I pull my fingers out of your pussy, take my pants off, and expose my rock-hard cock. I lean toward you, to kiss you, my body onto yours, and place my cock into your, oh so wet, pussy. I feel your hands on my back trying to pull me in more. I refuse; I just keep teasing you with the slow, gentle fucking, until I see on your face that you are getting anxious. I start to ram my hard cock into your wet pussy, listening to the slapping sounds and the little screams that you make every time I ram into you. I just keep ramming my cock hard, deep and steady into you, until you look like you can’t take any more, so I get off of you and–

Lady (interrupts Jamal): Oh my gosh, yes, pound my pussy. Make me cum, don’t stop. Not now, keep going.

Jamal: I grab a hold of you; turn you over on your knees. I pull your ass back toward me, sticking my cock back into your pussy, and continue to pound it. I keep pulling almanbahis yeni giriş you back into me, I can feel you trying to pull away from me, screaming. My cock is deep inside you, thrusting up; I almost have you sitting on me now, holding down your hips as I thrust harder, deeper up into you. You grab at the couch to try to pull away from me, but I won’t let you. Just as you look like you have had enough, I ease up and pull my cock out of your pussy. I use your juices to get your ass wet, you shudder. I slowly push my cock into your wide-open asshole. I hear you screaming into a pillow, saying that it hurts. I tell you to relax, and I just keep going, until it is all the way in.

Lady: I am so horny; I just went to get one of my vibrators to play with now.

Jamal: Oh yeah, now you will cum for me. I continue to fuck your ass; slowly at first until you get used to it, then I start fucking your ass harder, faster. You start pulling away from me, moving toward the couch. The more you pull away, the more I move toward you until you are lying down on the couch with nowhere else to go. It’s easier for me to pound my hard, throbbing cock into your gaping ass when you can’t go anywhere. I make you close your legs as I fuck your ass, and you scream more into the pillow until I am ready to cum. I get up off of you, turn you over, stroke my cock until I shoot my load all over your body.

Lady: I still haven’t cum. I am playing with my vibrator right now, you still need to make me cum. Mmmmm, and can you play with my clit until I am ready to cum?

Jamal: Anything for you. My fingers spread open your lips, as I go down to lick your clit. It is nice and hard. I stick my fingers in your pussy to finger you as my tongue licks away at your clit, circling it, going back and forth over it, just taking my mouth and sucking on it. I can feel your juices flowing over my fingers. I am sucking on your clit, I suck on it more, pulling on it, flicking my tongue over it as fast as I can, I can feel you twitching under me as I do this–

Lady (interrupts Jamal again): Oh yes, I’m cumming, Oh yes. Oh my god, yes, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhh, yes. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. (silence for a moment) Oh, that felt so good, thank you. We should do this again sometime.

Jamal (getting excited): Sure, that would be great. I will be talking to you again. Bye for now.

Lady: Bye.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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