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By TotallyNakedTom


Part 2 Dark Nights and Neon Lights



Jason slept late, having gone to bed when the sun was coming up. Waking up he realized he had to pee. Still sort of sleepy, Jason left his room, still completely naked as stipulated by the deal he”d made with the owner of the building, and walked to the bathroom, off the kitchen. He peed and peed, flushed, washed his hands and left the bathroom. Time to make breakfast.

The door to the dining room stood open. One of Jason”s other roommates was sitting there, the remains of lunch on the table and a book open in his hands. Jason hadn”t yet had a chance to talk with this one. This roommate was fully dressed in nice jeans and a button down. He was in his mid to late 30″s with a very angular face and he was looking at Jason like he couldn”t believe his eyes.

“Hi,” said Jason. “I”m Jason.” He entered the dining room, holding out his hand.

His roommate hesitated a second, still taking in the fact that Jason was completely naked. Then he shook his hand. “Arthur.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“You too…you”re naked…”

“Yep,” said Jason. “I”m going to make some breakfast.”

And Jason went about making bacon and eggs. He poured himself some coffee from the pot. It was cold but he warmed it up in the microwave. Arthur stepped into the kitchen. He stared at Jason”s nudity.

“Why are you naked?”

“I like to be naked,” said Jason. He somehow didn”t feel like explaining the whole thing to Arthur, it didn”t seem like he”d understand it so well as Chris did.

“Oh,” said Arthur. “All right then.” Then he seemed to snap awake. “I”m sorry, I”ve been staring at your body, I was just shocked to see you like this.”

“It”s all right, I don”t mind actually.”

“Right,” said Arthur and he returned to the dining room.

Jason finished making breakfast and took his plate into the dining room. He ate his breakfast while Arthur tried to read his book. However, Jason”s nudity, even with his parts blocked by the table proved too irresistible. “Am I distracting you?” Jason asked.

“Yes…I mean, no. You”re just sitting eating quietly.”

“But I”m naked.”

“Yeah. Yeah, you are.”

“What are you up to today?”

“I”m seeing a play actually.” He looked at his watch. “And I need to get going.”

“Well, see you later. It was nice meeting you.” And still looking a little flustered Arthur left. Jason finished breakfast and texted with Conner and Devlin. They were chilling by their pool. Jason returned to his room, grabbed his skimpy rainbow swim suit and a towel and stepped out the front door. There was no one within sight on the street at the moment and Jason quickly threw his suit on. Crossing the street, barefoot, Jason punched in the door code and took the elevator to the roof. He stepped out and towards the pool.

“Hey, guys,” he called as he dived in. He splashed Conner and Devlin and they splashed back.

“What up?” asked Devlin, when they”d calmed down with their water fight.

“Not much, the owner of my building offered me free rent to walk around naked all the time and I”ve met two of my three roomies naked as the day I was born.”

“What?” asked Conner.

“You heard me.”

“This is real?”

“Yeah. I was about to be caught naked by my one roommate, ran upstairs and the owner caught me and told me jack off on his Han Solo table and then he offered me free rent if I stay naked whenever I”m in the building and cum on some of his stuff once a week.”

“That”s really fucking weird,” said Devlin.

“He seems pretty nice though.”

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“What the fuck, if you”re okay with it, we”re okay with it, but it”s fucking weird.”

“You are okay with it,” said Conner, rubbing Jason”s arm.

“Yeah, it”s sort of fun. I mean I”d rather be naked if I can normally.”

“Well, then. Why don”t you give me that suit. You don”t need it.”

The roof was empty except for them. Jason giggled and removed his suit and handed it to Conner. Then he swam through the pool completely naked.

The door to the roof crashed open.

The three boys swung round to look. The middle-aged man from that Monday stepped out, carrying a grocery bag. Grinning, Jason swam so that his butt bobbed above the water. “I was hoping I”d see you three,” he said.

“What”s your name?” Jason asked.


“You two should get naked,” said Jason.

“Here, here,” said Gus.

Devlin shrugged and pulled his suit off and tossed it onto the side of the pool. “He”s already seen everything,” he said and he swam naked with Jason. Conner looked to Gus and then to his naked friends. “All right,” he said, and he too stripped off his swim suit. The three boys swam naked.

Gus went to one of the grills and started cooking some burgers. “You three want some?” he asked.

“Sure,” said Jason.

“Okay great, eat them naked. Meat for meat.”

Jason laughed. Devlin sighed. Conner giggled nervously.

They climbed from the pool and ate Gus” burgers, completely naked. Gus sat and watched as they stood and ate. Conner blushed crimson under Gus” stare. Devlin adopted a whatever attitude. Jason”s little penis grew hard. Conner noticed. “Of course you get a boner,” he laughed.

“Well,” said Jason and he reached out with his free hand and stroked Conner to erection. “You have a boner too.”

“No fair,” said Conner grinning.

“What are your plans for the rest of the day?” Gus asked.

“Well, we have an appointment at 2am but before that…” Conner shrugged.

“I would love to paint the three of you.”

“Paint us?” asked Devlin.

“I”m a painter.”

“Really?” asked Jason excitedly.

“I would love to paint the three of you, just as you are now.”

“Naked?” asked Conner.


“How would it work?” asked Conner.

“I”ll do a preliminary sketch now and take some pictures for reference. I would love to have you come back and be able to paint from life but the pictures would do me if you”re all right with it.”

“Are you going to jack off to the pictures?” Devlin asked.

“I mean, probably at some point,” said Gus. “But I would need them to create the painting.”

They chewed on their burgers and thought it over.

Less than an hour later they stood in Gus” living room, posing naked while he did his sketches. Then he took out a digital camera with a long lens and started taking pictures. “What kind of camera is that?” asked Jason. He and Gus got to talking about it, their preferred lenses, it was very casual considering all three boys were naked. Jason still had a boner.

“I”m including your erection in the finished painting,” Gus told Jason as he got some shots of Jason individually from numerous angles.

“Really? Why?”

“It”s so cute.”

After they posed for Gus Devlin asked, “Well, what should we do?”

“More swimming?” Jason suggested. “We could go to the beach.”

“All right,” said Conner. “Santa Monica is closer, but I know about a beach in Malibu that has a winding mountain path way to get there. You can be naked in the car on the way there.”

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Jason shrugged. “Sure, why not?”

It was a much longer drive from NoHo to Malibu that it is from NoHo to Santa Monica. However, as soon as they were in the car Jason stripped to his skimpy swim trunks. About half way though they got off the high way and took the winding mountain road and Jason lost his swim trunks for that. He spread his legs wide in the back seat. Grinning, Devlin took out his phone and started snapping some pics of naked Jason in the back seat. Jason posed for them as they drove through the mountains.

They turned into the beach. Jason was still naked in the back seat. A young guy took their money for parking. As they drove by he looked in the back seat and saw Jason and his eyes went wide. Jason waved at him.

“Did he see?” Conner asked.

“Yep,” said Jason. And they all laughed.

Jason put on his suit before they got out of the car. The three boys staked out a spot on the beach. It was a windy day and not very warm over here so the beach was mostly empty. There were a couple of guys sitting near them, young, around their age, cute, one was bigger. They were wearing board shorts so it wasn”t clear if they were straight or gay.

The three boys went swimming, jumping up and down in the waves. Since they were mostly alone on the beach, Conner said, “Hey, Jason. Hand me your swim suit.” Jason looked towards the guys in board shorts on the beach. His little dick grew hard.

“Okay,” and he slipped them off underwater and handed them to Conner who immediately headed back towards shore.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“Back to our towels,” said Conner grinning.

Devlin barked with laughter and followed Conner back in. Jason stood there, naked in the water, watching his friends leave with his suit. Fuck he was turned on. Clasping both hands over his cock as it slowly hardened. He took a deep breath and started towards shore. He only took a few steps before he thought, why am I covering up? Walk out of the sea like it”s completely natural. You are completely natural. It”s weird everyone else is wearing suits.

Jason walked out of the ocean completely naked, his boned dick bouncing. He strode past the two guys in board shorts who eyed him grinning. He walked over to Devlin and Conner and sat down. “That was awesome,” said Conner holding out Jason”s suit.

“Keep it for now,” said Jason. “And actually, I”m going to go back in.”

And Jason got back up and ran into the ocean, completely naked. Jason was lost in the waves, jumping up and down to keep his head above the water. He felt free with the water running over him, completely naked in the surf. That was when he felt something down below. He looked down to see one of the board shorts guys, the bigger one, swimming between his legs. The guy”s face caressed Jason”s cock. Jason was surprised and jumped back and the guy surfaced. “Sorry about that,” he said grinning. His eyes were hidden behind dark blue goggle lenses.

“You could have asked if you wanted to get between my legs,” said Jason.

“You could have asked before showing us your cock,” said the guy.

“That”s true,” said Jason.

“Can I touch you some more?”

“Go for it.”

He touched him everywhere, starting with the chest and nipples, moving to the butt and a caress of the butthole and ending with Jason”s rigid cock. The guy stopped for a moment, just looking Jason over through the clear water.

“What”s your name?” Jason asked.


“Well, Nick. Now it”s my turn, get off your trunks and hand them to me.”

Nick”s eyes escort bayan went wide, but Jason say something start to grow in his trunks. Jason held out his hand. Nick untied his trunks and slid them down and off. Naked in the water, Nick handed his trunks to Jason. Jason slid on Nick”s trunks.

“Can I feel you up?”

Nick nodded.

Jason started by giving Nick a back massage, the two standing together in the ocean. When he got Nick moaning from that, Jason reached around and found Nick”s nipples, playing with them. He glanced around Nick”s body, looking down to see Nick”s hard penis in the water. Nick was moaning and Jason reached around and stroked his cock. Nick moaned louder. With his other hand Jason tickled Nick”s butthole and then his finger slid inside and found Nick”s g-spot. Nick stood moaning loudly. Jason glanced towards shore and could see the others, Nick”s friend and Jason”s, were watching what was going on. Might as well give them a better view.

Jason pulled Nick towards shore by the dick. Nick followed obediently. They stepped from the ocean, Jason in Nick”s baggy trunks, Nick naked as the day he was born. With one wet finger slid up Nick”s butt and the other jerking Nick”s dick, Jason brought Nick to orgasm in front of the other three. His cum shot into the sand as Nick moaned again. His legs gave out and Nick collapsed onto his butt, Jason having just pulled his finger out a few seconds before.

Devlin and Conner clapped. Nick”s friend laughed. “That was something to see,” he said, laughing again. Jason was sort of offended Nick”s friend was laughing, like he was making fun of Nick. It was really hot getting to Nick to cum and moan like that. If this guy thought he could just sit back and laugh at his friend getting off he had another thing coming.

Jason said, “hey, what”s your name?”


“Get over here and suck this,” Jason told him, sliding off Nick”s trunks and tossing them to Nick, gesturing to his hardening dick.

Carl looked at Jason”s penis like, `oh, right.” Jason stepped forward so that it was right in Carl”s face. “Suck it,” he said again. And Carl wrapped his lips around Jason”s cock. Suck, suck, suck he went. The other three boys sat watching. Nick had yet to put his swim trunks back on, he sat naked in the sand and Jason saw that he was growing hard again.

Jason fucked Carl”s mouth for another minute or two and then he said, “stand up.”

As if in a trance, Carl stood and Jason bent down and pulled his swim trunks down and motioned for Carl to raise his feet so that Jason could take them all the way off. Once Carl”s trunks were off Jason tossed them away, about twenty feet down the beach. Carl stood naked before the group and Jason asked, “can I suck it?”

“Yeah, do whatever you want to me.”

Jason gobbled on Carl”s dick and Carl closed his eyes. His breathing accelerated. He didn”t out right moan but from the expression on his face you could tell he was enjoying it. Jason slid around in the sand and he pulled Carl”s soft butt cheeks apart. He smiled at Carl”s butthole a minute and then he dived in and started eating it. Carl moaned now, his dick was hard as a rock. Jason ate Carl”s ass while the others watched, Carl, eyes closed tight in pleasure, his dick twitching. Jason”s tongue explored Carl”s ass and it proved too much for Carl. He came, cum spurting from his dick onto the sand. The others cheered. Jason unburied his head from Carl”s ass. He was happy he had made Carl cum, but even more happy that Carl couldn”t make fun of Nick since Carl had had his ass eaten and had cum hands free. Jason stepped away and Carl lowered himself to the sand and lay stretched out, his penis deflating.

“That was incredible,” he whispered.

Naked once more, Jason walked over to their stuff and pulled out a frisbee. “Naked frisbee, anyone?” he asked.

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