A Brief Interlude

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She gazed at me through an undulating haze of acrid cigarette smoke, considering my proposal. The bartender walked by, eyeing our drinks. I waited until he was a couple strides out of earshot. “Had any better offers lately?” I tried to sound casual but it came out forced. Her eyes stayed locked onto mine as she crossed her legs in a way that only women can do. The hem of her skirt rode up her thigh; she made no effort to pull it down. Bringing the remains of the cigarette to her lips, she took one long drag, filling her lungs and holding onto that breath like it might be worth something. The crow’s feet around her eyes crinkled, forming little valleys. She pursed her lips and blew a bluish cloud of smoke directly into my face. “Lets go,” Her manicured nails flashed a deep red in the dim light as she mashed the cigarette into the overflowing ashtray.

The band finished their last set as I pushed open the door, holding it, allowing her to walk through. The corners of her mouth raised ever so slightly as if to say “Ah, what a gentleman.” Her high heels made a sharp clicking sound as she walked down the concrete ramp. My eyes followed the contour of her hips as she strode ahead of me. Her wiggle made me ache. I couldn’t help but wonder what she would look like, feel like under that skirt.

I guided her through the parking lot to my car, my hand around her waist. The humidity of the July evening quickly closed in around us, my hand hot against the silk of her blouse. As I slipped the key into the lock and opened the door, she hesitated. “What’s your name?” “Dan”, I said. She nodded slightly and was quick to say, “I don’t normally do this, you know. Going off with some guy I barely know. I want you to know that,” The words spilled from her mouth in rapid succession. “”Even if they are cute. And young.” She let her eyes wander up and down my body shamelessly.

She was every bit of 50 but had a body that could have passed for 25. Okay, maybe 35. But in my defense scotch and a hard dick have been known to warp a man’s perception.

I reached out and touched her cheek with the backside of my fingers, stroking her softly, running my hand down and around her neck. Her eyes fluttered closed. Her alabaster skin looked almost ghostly pale in the cool glow of the fluorescent street lamp. She leaned into me and our bodies met. The heat from her breasts scorched me, sucking the air out of my lungs. I buried my nose in her hair, pulling in a deep breath tainted with cigarette smoke and expensive perfume.

Her fingers clawed their way up my shoulders as our lips locked. Her tongue stabbed into my mouth hungrily searching for its mate. I matched her passion and we went at each other like caged animals set loose. sex izle Twisting my hand into her long dark hair I pulled her lips off mine. Our eyes met. The passion of a thousand nights of loneliness burned in her eyes. I kissed her lightly on the lips and whispered in her ear, “suck me.” She didn’t hesitate. Sitting down in the front seat of my car she pulled at my zipper. I propped my arms on the roof of the car and scanned the parking lot.

When her lips closed around me my knees almost buckled. She attacked me like she had something to prove, forcing my dick down her throat till she choked, backing off a bit and resuming her assault. With one hand wrapped firmly around my thickness and the other cupping my sac her head bobbed up and down, soft hair gently slapping my belly. The rhythm was maddening and quickly pushing me to the edge of oblivion. My fingers bit into the unyielding roof as she quickened her pace, sensing I was ready to bust.

Sweat beaded my upper lip as that familiar sensation crawled up the back of my legs, plunged into my ass and exploded out of my cock. I could hear soft sucking sounds and a sweet whimper as I unloaded into her mouth, bucking my hips almost unconsciously as my shaft pulsed with life. The aftershocks rolled sizzled through my muscles as she continued milking me. With my cheek pressed against the cool metal of the car roof I could feel her delicately put me back into my pants and tug the zipper up.

She stood up and kissed me long and hard, her lips slippery with my juice. I could taste the slightly sour flavor of cheap Merlot and come as our tongues met. I kissed her back with a tenderness that surprised me, seemed somehow out of place in the parking lot of a rundown airport bar. “What’s your name?” It seemed a ridiculous thing to say after squirting in her mouth, but I had to know. The neon sign announced in bold lettering BEER, silhouetting her hair against the moonless night, framing her in a soft pink halo. It was the first time I saw her really smile. “Audrey,” she said quietly.

We drove the few blocks to my hotel in silence, lost in our own thoughts and not quite sure what polite conversation should sound like after a quick blowjob.

As I opened the door cool air spilled out, washing over us. She excused herself and stepped into the bathroom. I found my overnight bag and rummaged through it, looking for the condoms and lube. I may be a slut but I’m nothing if not careful.

The etiquette of a one-night stand always seems to elude me. Somebody should write a book. Should I undress or wait for her? Maybe just strip down to my jockeys. Do we talk first, get to know each other (What do you do for a living? That’s sikiş izle nice. I’m in finance. Can I fuck your ass now?) or do we get straight down to business? Stepping out of the bathroom she answered my question for me.

Her breasts were large and swayed slightly, shaped like a teardrop and locked in a losing battle with gravity. Tiny pink nipples stood at attention with just a hint of aureole. Long dark hair fell across her bare shoulders. She had the hips of a woman that had had children, wide and flaring, the hip bones prominent.

I had been mistaken; she didn’t have the body of a 25-year-old. Her flesh was too lush, held too many secrets, told of too many nights of passion. She had a richness about her that could not be had in a mere 25 years.

Her legs crossed one another as she stood in the doorway, framing her rich black pubic hair like a tiny triangular treasure. I approached. Our bodies touched and I pulled her against me. Her breath came quick, as did mine. My clothes felt impossibly confining, restraining my need for her.

Her lips sliced a liquid path down my neck and into the hair of my chest, nimble fingers working efficiently to remove my shirt. My hands joined in the task, ripping open the last few buttons binding the shirt to my body. Audrey dropped to her knees and pressed her lips to the soft skin of my belly as she tugged at my belt. I could feel her nails bite into my flesh as she slid her hands into the waistband of my shorts and exposed me. I stood at attention, hard and inches from her lips.

Wrapping both hands around my rigid shaft she looked up into my eyes. A mischievous grin pulled at the corners of her lips. “Did it feel good when you came in my mouth?” Her voice was buttery smooth and husky with sex. Her grip tightened, she lightly flicked the head of my manhood; my balls tightened. I desperately fought for a sexy reply but all I could muster was a guttural “fuck yeah.” I was seconds away from balling my fists up in her hair and forcing my cock down her throat.

She stood and pulled me to the bed. We collapsed in a heap of intertwining limbs and straining muscles. My lips found her breast. My fingers found her sex. She was wet with need as I slipped two fingers inside her

I rolled on top of her, pushing her legs apart with my knees, opening her up. Following a trail of kisses down her body, I discovered her swollen lips, parting them with my tongue. She ran her fingers through my hair as I explored the folds of her wetness, nibbling here, sucking there. Her grip grew firm against the back of my head, urging me on. My tongue moved faster, sliding up and down the length of her inner lips. I could feel her need as she wrapped türk porno her thighs tightly around my head. I hooked my hands around the tops of her thighs, locking her into position as I devoured her sweetness.

Her cries became needful as she approached the abyss. I wet one finger in our copious juices and pushed it against the tight ring of her ass. She yielded to me and I plunged in to the knuckle. I heard her gasp and felt her ass lock down on the invading finger. My lips and tongue continued their ministrations as I worked the finger in and out of her bottom. The muscles of her thighs hummed like the strings of a violin being played by a master musician. I could feel her going over the edge as her cries merged into one long howl. She rocked her hips against me and I rode her into orgasm.

As the echoes of her ecstasy subsided I lay atop her and we kissed, my lips and chin wet with saliva and her juices. I could feel my hardness pressed against her pussy, the rational part of my brain warning not to go any farther without protection. Bringing her legs up around my waist I could feel her heels dig into my back, urging me into her. I fought the almost overwhelming desire to plunge into her but I felt my willpower collapse as she cried into my ear, “Oh God, fuck me!” Whatever restraint I thought I had was overpowered by primal lust. She yielded easily and I went balls deep, my breath catching in my throat as her heat enveloped me.

We thrashed on the hard hotel mattress, our cries mingling into a steady stream of passionate profanity. FuckyesshitharderGodfuckuhuhuh deepbabyfuckyesshit! My awareness dimmed, nothing existed beyond the confines of that bed. Her breathing became labored, ragged; nails digging into my back. She shrieked into my ear, “I’m gonna come!” I cradled her head in my hands and thrust into her with all the power I could muster. With eyes squeezed shut and lips pulled back in a silent scream she came like a freight train. I held her tight as she twisted and bucked against me, her body writhing like electricity coursed through her veins. Her chest and cheeks flushed pink.

I was impossibly hard, swollen to the point of pain and buried inside her. I withdrew and slid up the bed. She swallowed me whole, pulling me into her. With her soft hair twisted into my grasp I slid my hardness in and out of her mouth. My tempo quickened and my scrotum began to tingle, sensing the impending orgasm. And for the second time that night she swallowed my seed.

I watched the planes touch down through the floor-to-ceiling safety glass windows of the airport. If I listened hard enough I could hear the shriek as the wheels met the tarmac. I shuffled almost continuously in the hard plastic seat of the waiting area, scarcely aware of the commotion of the crowd. My thoughts drifted aimlessly, wandering disconnectedly through the passion of the previous evening, now a thousand years in the past. For a moment I could almost picture her sweet face. And I smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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