A Cashless Society and a Young Man

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My recent history is that I’ve been divorced for five years, and in that time I’ve had four dates, two with the same guy, and I’ve slept with one man who couldn’t ‘get it up.’

I’m 54 years old, blonde, curvy, and definitely not bad looking, and as a teacher I get long summer holidays, and I love my cricket. Cricket lovers know that ‘Test Matches’ can last up to five days, which is why I’d booked into a good hotel in Birmingham for four days, so that I could watch the first ‘Test’ against Australia.

I am a very independent woman, and consider myself ‘savvy’ and can look out for myself. But on the first day of the match last month, I made a big mistake.

Having taken a taxi from the hotel to the ground at Edgbaston, I paid the taxi driver, and stood in the queue to have my bag searched before entering. Eventually through, I found my seat, just below the Aussie dressing room in the South Stand, a perfect view of play.

Sitting next to me, in his England shirt, was a young man of about twenty. Tall, good looking, the sort of guy I would have fallen for years ago, when I was young and single.

We nodded briefly, and said ‘hello’ as the game got underway. Very soon the crowd were chanting as the opening session went England’s way, After about an hour I decided to go and get a drink, and as I got up to pass by the young man, in order to go to the bar, he said to me, “While you’re going, I’ll come too, if you don’t mind.”

I said, “Yes, why not,” and it was fortuitous that I did. I ordered a large glass of wine, and then realised that Edgbaston was ‘cashless,’ and to add to the difficulty I had left my debit and credit cards back in the hotel room. I had a purse full of notes, but no cards.

“I’ll pay, don’t worry,” the boy said, “you can pay me cash or we can sort something out later.”

The wine was six pounds, and I was feeling quite embarrassed. As we went back to our seats he introduced himself as Greg. He was a student at Birmingham Uni.

After a lot of discussion, interspersed with events on the field, we decided that at the close of play I’d pay for a joint taxi back into town, as well as settling up the ‘debts’ I had run up during the day, on his card.

We built up quite a rapport, and learned a lot about each other. He was from Lincoln, studying Biochemistry, he’d stopped on after end of term, as a treat from his dad, to watch the first days’ cricket. A £120 treat.

The day was England’s, and after close of play we queued for our taxi, eventually reaching ‘Brum’ and my hotel.

I’d paid Greg what I owed him in cash, but insisted that I treat him to dinner in my hotel. He was free to do as he wished, being in a hall of residence at uni, and so accepted my invitation.

As Fatih escort the day had gone on, he’d opened up, getting over some shyness, and was starting to pay me compliments which I was flattered to receive. He was a very attractive young man.

We had some drinks in the bar before dinner, and a bottle of wine with our meal, and I was realising that Greg’s familiarity with me was growing. To be flirted with, by him, was making me have thoughts that fifty something women probably shouldn’t.

Our chat went on over coffee, and I suggested we take it into the hotel lounge. As I got up I realised how much I’d drunk. I stumbled a bit, but Greg grabbed my arm, and I felt the strength, and tautness of his well muscled body. I also felt my pussy soften, something that made my mind think certain thoughts.

We both relaxed back into one of those soft, all enveloping sofas. Greg’s knees were half turned, and pressing up against my thighs. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he had become more confident as the evening went by.

It was now about 10.30pm, and we’d finished our coffee, and Greg was fishing with what he said next.

“It’s getting late, I shall have to make a move, it’s been a brilliant day, I’m so glad we met. I never seem to meet girls of my age like you.”

“Like me?” I said coyly. “Now what does that mean,” I said winking at him.

Greg, stuttered slightly, “Well, I daren’t say, you’re just perfect.”

“Oh my god, that’s a first. I might say that if I was much younger, I’d fancy you too…but I’m saying too much…after a date you’re supposed to walk me to my front door.”

I wanted to bite my tongue, I knew what I’d just said was almost an invitation.

Greg must have felt emboldened because his reply was the catalyst for the rest of the evening.

“Ok, then I’ll walk you to your room.”

I looked him directly in the eyes. The chemistry, the desire was there. I stood up, took his hand, and said, “The perfect gentleman,” and I led the way to the lift.

My room was on the eighth floor. I leaned forward, and pressed the button, reaching past Greg. As I stood up we looked at each other, and I kissed him. A brief kiss, on the lips, but one that meant, ‘we are sleeping together tonight.’

Nothing more was said until we were inside my room.

“It’s been a long day, I’m going to take a shower, give me five minutes, and then come and join me.”

With a smile I disappeared into the bathroom and stripped off. The water took away some of the alcoholic haze, and as I soaped myself I pondered on the night ahead.

A little sooner than five minutes, there was a gentle tap on the door.

“Come on in Greg, it’s lovely.”

Greg appeared, Fındıkzade escort bayan and I caught my breath. He was naked of course, but his body was perfection. Muscled, toned, and his cock hung down between his legs with the promise of so much pleasure.

I beckoned him to join me, and straight away I had to touch him. My soapy fingers ran over his chest, his nipples were hard little buds, and as my hands travelled downwards, I took his semi limp cock and felt it grow. It was slightly magical, but by the time I was stroking the rigid shaft, I was becoming a little nervous about its size. It was far bigger and thicker than my ex-husbands, and I was wondering if I would be able to take such a size.

Greg was starting to soap my breasts, my blonde hair was bedraggled over my shoulders, my pussy was alive, but as yet untouched.

“Let’s go to bed, we’ll dry off, and you can make love to me.”

Two fluffy towels later, I lay on the bed, with Greg beside me.

“Greg, I must tell you, it’s been a long time, go slowly, and you’re very big.”

I needn’t have worried. I’m not sure where he learned his art, but she certainly was a lucky girl. My body had been neglected, sensually, for so long. Greg’s tongue must have explored every inch of me, for at least twenty minutes before he finally tasted my pussy. By that time my whole being was pulsating, my skin alive to every move he made. I had never been so ready to give myself completely.

With my thighs spread, his head buried between them, I heard myself groan loudly when the tip of his tongue circled my vagina. He kissed my pussy as though it was my open mouth, exploring my opening, and finally sucking in my clit. In an explosion of sensations, my hips rose up, making him hold on, my shouting must have been heard beyond the four walls of my room, my nails raked down the flesh on his back, and when it all finally subsided, I was gasping for breath.

“Oh god Greg, I just don’t know.” My word weren’t making sense.

He raised himself up on his elbows, pulling his body over me, until his mouth joined mine. The kiss was exquisite and I relaxed into it, only to stifle a cry as I felt his hard cock against the swollen, open labia of my pussy.

“Oh…my…fucking…GOD,” was all I could say as he pushed inside me. He felt enormous, but so nice.

I pushed up against his taut body, I wondered if the length of his cock would hurt me, but he didn’t go deeply into me. He was soon supporting himself on his arms, watching my face as he moved up and down. He angled his thrusting so that his shaft was massaging my clit, and again I could feel the pleasure building.

Greg’s stamina was remarkable, and both of us were moving Escort Gaziosmanpaşa in unison. I could tell from his breathing that Greg was going to cum, and before long he was so, so close. I’d been concentrating on him so much that my own orgasm took me by surprise. As Greg slowed his hips, I heard myself gasp, “Yes, oh yes…oh!…ohhh!”

His last thrust, he held deep inside me, and I could enjoy the sensation of his cock ejaculating his warm spunk into me.

Both of us were spent, and we fell asleep until I awoke when, laying on my side, I felt Greg behind me. His arm was around me, cupping my breast, stroking my nipple, and his cock, hard once again, was pressing against my buttocks. His head was snuggling into my neck, and in the dark he whispered, “Lift your leg.”

As I did so, Greg’s cock was sliding into my pussy. In a very relaxed way we made love. The movement was gentle, slow, and our soft breathing accompanied the noise of the early morning traffic outside.

Greg’s hand moved from my breast, tracing its way downwards, until it found my clit. With finger tips slick from my pussy, the stimulation began to have its effect. I was used to massaging myself at home, but Greg was very clever at it. A combination of being filled with his cock, and his clitoral massage, I shuddered to an orgasm.

I rolled back over towards him, taking the head of his cock into my mouth. Sucking, I used both hands to slide up and down his shaft, and it didn’t take long before he started to fill my mouth with his spunk. I savoured the salty taste as I swallowed it slowly. As we dozed off once again, my thoughts were of how much I’d missed sex.

The sun shining through a gap in the curtains woke me first. I lay there listening to Greg breathing, and looking at his superb naked body. He must have known I was looking at him, because his eyes opened, and the closeness of his lips meant that we kissed naturally, his hands reaching over to pull my body towards him.

I knew that we would only have about another hour or so together before he left. My body physically ached from all of the sex that we’d had. As I moved my limbs my muscles screamed out in places, from the unusual exercise, yet when I felt his cock hardening again I wanted more, just one last time.

“I’d better get going,” Greg said quietly, “it’s been fantastic. Can I see you again?”

“Yes, Greg, it’s been one of the most pleasurable nights of my life. You’re a wonderful boy…man!” adding slowly, “but I don’t think it would be a good idea to meet again. You have your life to lead, and your degree to get on with, and some lucky girl will eventually make you very happy.”

His eyes looked sad, but reconciled to what I’d said, as he entered me once more. The lovemaking was slow, and long lasting, no urgency, just the slow and languid build up to the point where we were both left breathing heavily, with our bodies glowing with perspiration, and my pussy oozing semen once again.

The first days play had been England’s, the night had been mine, and Greg’s.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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