A Couple’s Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 06

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The following morning Robert and Vanessa arrived at Edward’s and Pamela’s place so the men could edit the video. They got there early, around 9:30am, since it was Vanessa’s sister birthday and they had to be at her place around noon.

They were greeted at the door by Pamela who was only wearing a pair of cut-offs. Pamela kissed Vanessa, brushing her lips briefly and Vanessa felt a shiver go through her body. Pamela turned to Robert and pressed her body to his kissing him on the mouth just long enough for him to feel her hot lips against his. Robert also felt her nipples pressing against his chest and felt his cock stirring.

Edward walked in from the patio, his was still pulling the zipper of his shorts up and Vanessa immediately saw the bulge beneath them.

“Well, it seems that you guys were kind of busy.” Robert commented.

Pamela had remained at his side and had his arm around her waist.

“Oh, just having some morning fun at the backyard.” Edward replied going over to Vanessa, he kissed her on the lips and, holding her waist, he stepped back admiring her.

“Aren’t you dressed to formal for Sunday morning,” he said his gaze going down to her breasts. Vanessa was wearing a long skirt with a nice colored pattern, high heeled shoes and a yellow silk blouse.

Vanessa’s nipples hardened pushing through the blouse material. Robert had asked her not to wear a bra and she had complied with his wishes, what Robert didn’t know was that she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

“Well, as we told you,” Robert said, “We have to be at Karen’s place around noon, it’s her birthday.”

“Well that’s too bad,” Pamela said, “we were just getting in the right mood out there in the backyard and we though you guys might join us for some morning fun before you got to work on the video. Edward even took some pictures of me which we plan to upload in the site later on.”

“Yeah, that’s too bad, but we either go play or we work on the video. I don’t think there’s enough time for both.” Robert told them.

“Well, come on Vanessa,” Pamela said walking over to Vanessa and taking her hand she led her to the backyard. “Let’s let the guys work and we’ll go and find something to do back there.”

Edward and Robert headed for the basement where Edward had fixed a little corner as a studio. He had a desk with his computer on it, several bookcases filled with books and a sofa to the side. Robert had brought görükle escort his laptop with the software he had to edit videos and setting it up on the desk they got to work.

Pat and Vanessa walked out to the backyard where there were a couple of lounge chairs under the shade of a tree. As soon as she stepped on the lawn she undid the buttons of her cutoffs and they slid down her legs to the grass giving Vanessa a nice view of her well rounded and tight ass. She went and sat at one of the lounge chairs.

Vanessa sat on the one next to her, as Pamela said, “We’re still in the shadow here but pretty soon the sun will be right on us.” Then looking at Vanessa, she asked her, “Are you gonna keep your clothes on?

“Well, I dunno.” Vanessa said looking around, “Aren’t you afraid the neighbors will see you?”

“They’re probably still asleep,” Pamela answered, “We heard them coming in late last night. And besides, they probably have seen me a couple of times already. Actually, Ed and I are planning to ask them over one of these days. But if you’re worried about that, don’t be, the way your chair is placed they’ll just get to see the top of your head.”

“Oh, OK, I guess…” Vanessa said unbuttoning her blouse. She felt Pamela eyeing her body as she took of her skirt and shoes and sat down on the chair again.

“I meant what I said last night,” Pamela said, “You really have a gorgeous body, I’d be proud to show it if I was you.” Then looking at Vanessa’s breasts she added as an afterthought. “You know, I just wish my breasts were bigger, not too large, just like yours.”

Vanessa flushed at the remark and then said, “Yours might be smaller but they are really nice, well rounded and firm. Mine are already begging to sag a bit.”

“Oh, but they just look gorgeous.” Pamela told her, “I bet Robert spends lots of time fondling and kissing them. I know Edward would love to do it too.”

Vanessa’s flush deepened, “Oh, you don’t really mean that, do you?”

“Of course I do. Actually he told me so last night. He would really like to have sex with you.” Pamela said, “After you guys left, he put on your pictures again, and you should’ve seen the hard-on he got just looking at them. Mind you, I’m not complaining, he really gave me a great fuck afterwards. But when I asked him, he admitted he had been thinking about you.”

Vanessa didn’t know what to say. So she and Robert weren’t the only bursa sınırsız escort bayan ones fantasizing. But she just couldn’t just come out and say it to Pamela the way she just said it to her, could she? But she didn’t have to say anything since Pamela just went on.

“God, I loved watching you guys last night. For a moment there I could actually picture that Edward was fucking you and Robert was going down on me. That got me so hot.”

Vanessa watched as her friend parted her legs and placed her hand between them. She saw one of her fingers disappear between her thick lips and Pamela moaned softly.

“I hope you don’t mind. I’m just so horny. You know, Edward was licking me and I was about to cum when you guys arrived. I just have to…”

Pamela went on masturbating right in front of Vanessa. Vanessa began feeling a familiar warmth spreading through her body and knew that she was getting wet. She never thought that she could get excited by watching another woman masturbating. But Pamela was so open and carefree doing it in front of her. She was now pulling on her nipples with one hand and she had inserted two fingers into her vagina.

Quite involuntary at first Vanessa began fondling her own breasts and when she lowered her hand to her crotch she marveled at how wet she was. She got even more excited when Pamela opened her eyes and fixed them between her legs. Both women went on masturbating until they came almost at the same time.

“Wow, I needed that.” Pamela said after a few minutes. “Guess you were hot too, eh? Tell me, were you thinking about Edward?”

“Oh, how can you say that?” Vanessa asked.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. Actually I was really fantasizing that Robert was going down on me. So don’t be shy, if you were there’s nothing wrong admitting it.”

“Well, OK then, yes, for a while I did think about Edward.” Vanessa finally blurted.

“So tell me. Really, would you like to fuck Edward? I mean not just fantasize but actually fuck him.”

“Hell no, how could I? He is your husband.” Vanessa answered quickly.

“But what if I told you I don’t mind. What if I told you I would really like you to do it.” Pamela said seriously.

“Well, I don’t know…” Vanessa responded after a while, “I guess so.”

Just then Edward walked out into the backyard, he had gone upstairs to grab a couple of beers bursa otele gelen escort bayan from the fridge and seeing the two women talking naked under the tree he decided to go out and get a close up look at Vanessa.

“Hi there, what are you girls up to?”

Vanessa instinctively covered her breasts with her arm and closed her legs. But then caught herself and felt how ridiculous it must seem to Edward and Pamela. Hadn’t they actually seen her naked and having sex with Robert the day before? Hadn’t she even asked Robert to give them her first nude pictures? So she let her arm drop by her side but she kept her legs closed, she didn’t want Edward to see her all wet down there.

Robert went over and sat by Pamela. She still had her legs parted and now she placed one of her legs above Edward’s thigh. Edward turned and saw the glistening juices covering Pamela’s outer lips. He inserted a finger between her cunt lips gathering the moisture and took his finger to his mouth licking it clean.

“Guess you girls have been doing something more than just talking and taking the sun?” he commented.

Vanessa blushed, but Pamela said quite naturally, “Well, what did you expect? The way you left me? Did you think I wasn’t going to do anything about it?”

Edward just leaned forward and kissed his wife. He got up and said he had to go back downstairs but as he stood up and eyed both women again he said. “That would make a great picture.”

“Why don’t you take a couple of shots more?” Pamela asked him, “and how about a couple with the two of us together? Maybe Vanessa will let me post them too.”

Edward didn’t need to be told twice. He got his camera that was lying on a table nearby and made a few shots of his wife. Then he turned the camera to Vanessa and made a few more shots. Pamela got up and pulled Vanessa to her feet. She led them to the tree and Edward made a few more pictures making sure some of them didn’t show the girls faces. For the last pictures Pamela put her arm around Vanessa’s waist and stood very close to her. Vanessa could feel one of Pamela’s nipples brushing against her arm and she shivered.

“OK, guess that’ll do for now, I really have to go back or Robert is going to kill me for leaving him without a beer for so long.” Edward said.

He went over and gave Pamela a long and loving kiss on the mouth. They he turned to Vanessa and kissed her too. Their lips met and Vanessa instinctively pulled Edward’s lower lip with her teeth and ran her tongue over it. Then she caught herself and pulled back. Pamela noticed this and had also noticed Vanessa shiver when their bodies came in contact. She was sure Vanessa was on her way to conquer her inhibitions but she didn’t want to push her too much.

To be continued.

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