A Family Affair Ch. 02

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The first guests for the twins birthday party have arrived. After our little sexual soirée with the twins, James and Kate (see A Family Affair), we showered, cleaned the rooms for definite further encounters of the erotic kind, had breakfast and prepared the patio pool area for the barbeque with our naked friends. The moment of truth has arrived. We are presenting our sexually primed children to friends for a day they will hopefully remember for the rest of their lives.

Our home is built on the side of a hill a step away from the beach, with strong windows as outside walls. The front door facing the road, is a one way mirror, so we can see who’s outside while they cannot see us. Sometimes we need that extra moment to throw on a t-shirt in case it is friends who are not ready to meet us in our birthday suits. We try to present a little decorum to strangers and friends we haven’t made love to yet.

The first to arrive is my best friend Annette, with her husband Charles and their lovely nineteen year old daughter, Suzanne. We have been poly-lovers for more than ten years. We met at a swingers party and both my husband Paul and I fell in love with Charles and Annette. Their bisexuality fitted in with our lifestyle and we swopped often, Paul with Charles or Annette and I with Annette or Charles. Mostly we make love together. We haven’t seen each other for six months and that is why we invited them to stay with us for the summer. I’m so glad that they’re the first ones to arrive. I want them to be the next to make love to our children, even if it is a quickie. I know that Paul’s cock wants to taste Suzanne’s backdoor. I believe that she has been preparing her arsehole for just this occasion.

Standing naked in front of an equally naked James with Paul behind Kate, I open the door to our equally naked lovers. They must have undress on their way over here. With a delightful squeak Suzanne rushes forward and jumps on Paul, wrapping her naked legs around Paul’s naked waist. They kiss and grope while Charles envelopes the twins in his arms, pressing his erection against their young naked bodies.

I am only peripherally aware bakırköy escort of the scenes around me. My heart is bouncing in my chest and I can feel my nipples hardening as I see the naked Annette. She is as beautiful as ever. Her long flaming red hair, her beautiful face, her full breasts, her flat stomach and her shaved pussy take my breath away. The throbbing in my clit and the awareness of the wetness of my pussy are all for Annette. I slowly take her face in my hands, then run them down her neck, over her beautiful full breasts, caressing them and pinching her nipples on the way down to her buttocks. I pull her towards me and softly kisses her sensual lips. Our mounds are touching and our breasts are squashed as we embrace each other.

“Hello, my love,” I whisper as our kissing takes on a more serious tone. I feel Annette’s hand sliding down my tummy to tickle my clit. Her middle finger opens my pussy lips like Moses parted the Red Sea. But there is no dry land between my lips. If the Hebrews wanted to go through my valley they will all drown. It doesn’t take long before her finger enters my vagina. I gasp as she pushes her tongue into my mouth. How I longed to feel her embrace, to touch her again, to lick her pussy and just to love her. Every touch of her hands, her lips and her body burns into my soul. I want to become one with her, like I am one with Paul, and Charles, and Kate and James. Passions takes over my entire being.

“Linda, you are happy to see me,” exclaims Annette while taking a break from our kissing. We look around and see our husbands and children are already in the den. Suzanne is standing on all fours on one of the couches, while Paul licks her pussy and backdoor. James and Kate are demonstrating to Charles their prowess in the art of giving a blowjob. He looks as if he approves of their abilities as they kneel in front of him. I can see his legs buckling as the twins take turns to suck his cock and play with his balls. I am proud of our children. Hopefully they will understand the concept of passionate love and share that with willing lovers.

I take Annette to one of the beşiktaş escort other couches and lay her on her back, spreading her legs to open her pussy to me. I am shaking with anticipation and excitement. It has been a long time since we made love and since my tongue tasted her nectar. Love seems to change the chemistry of the juices of ones lover. It seems as if I cannot get enough of their taste. I want to drown in my love for them. I haven’t realised this until now. Here I am between a lover’s legs, with my husband making love to Annette’s daughter while the twins are giving a blow job to my lover’s husband. My whole being wants to explode with love, sharing with what I have with everyone else.

I open her pussy with both my hands and see her wet inner sanctum with her inviting clit begging for my tongue. I cannot help myself as I dive between her legs to get to her pussy. Annette’s pussy has a different taste than Kate’s but I love it. I slowly worry her clit with my tongue while I insert my middle finger into her vagina. I feel around for her g-spot and discovering it I quickly slot in another finger and rub her trigger while sucking on her clit. As I pleasure my lover I feel my own orgasm rising. Giving pleasure is as great as receiving it. The more I suck on Annette’s clit the more my own juices flow.

Just as I am about to come I feel a stiff cock penetrating my exposed pussy.

“Look who has joined us,” pants Annette in her throws of another orgasm. Looking around I see James kneeling behind me with his cock deep in me. His face is lit up as if he is in heaven.

“That is it, Baby. Fuck your mother, while she licks my pussy.” Annette is a real cheerleader when it comes to encouraging others to fuck. I don’t mind. I love the enthusiasm when it come to sex. I contract my pussy muscles around James’ dick to increase the friction for both of us.

“My clit, my clit,” I gasp as James pumps inside me. “Use your fingers to stimulate my clit.” He has a lot to learn about women. Most men still believe in old Freud’s lies about vaginal orgasms. Why do women have clits other than stimulation beylikdüzü escort to orgasm? The vagina has its nerves and pleasures, but it is the clit that runs from the knob, through the pussy valley to the entrance of the vagina that is the magic wand for all women. Okay, maybe not for Deep Throat’s Linda Lovelace, but for the rest of us mere mortal women, we need our clits stimulated.

James’ awkward actions with my clit is more distracting that pleasurable. This is another lesson he has to learn before long. Patience is needed with most men when it comes to women’s pleasure. Despite James’ feeble attempts to get me off, his cock fills me enough to bring pleasure to my pussy. I continue to stimulate Annette’s g-spot and before I know it she gushes female liquid into my mouth.

“Quickly, James, look what happens when a woman is in ecstacy.” I move out of the way so that James can see Annette’s pleasure. He pulls out of me and falls in front of her pussy and gulps up her cum.

“Sweet birthday boy,” says the out-of-breath Annette. “You are like a kid in a candy store. What are you waiting for? Come get your gift and fuck me.” James is not someone who needs to be invited twice. He gives me a thank you look and starts fucking my friend.

I look around as see Charles fucking Kate and Paul enjoying Suzanne’s ass from behind. As the hostess I have other duties to perform and as I walk to the kitchen to check up on the food, I bend down to give Suzanne a passionate kiss and giving a high-5 to my husband, Paul.

After a quick shower, I check on the food and get everything ready for the next guests. In the meantime, the others have also stopped their fucking and are cleaning up. Suzanne is the first to enter the kitchen after her shower. She is still naked.

“Thank you, Aunt Linda.”

“What for?”

“For having us and allowing me to make love to your husband.”

“It will be my pleasure if you stop calling Aunt Linda.” I take her face in my hands and give her a kiss on her sweet lips. “We still have unfinished business.” I pull her towards me and push my right leg between hers and she follows my example.

“I always wanted to lick your pussy,” says Suzanne. She gets me on the counter, spreads my legs and slowly makes love to my entire body. She is a master lover, something she picked up from her parents. Just before I can come, there is someone else at the door.

Today is going to bean interesting day.


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