A Gentlemen’s Agreement Ch. 01

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Autumn Falls

This story is a work of fiction. This is my first story upload, and I wanted to submit a story with some substance, and not rush to the sex scenes. Don’t worry there will be plenty of sex!

This story describes gay sex, and teen-aged sexual exploration (all characters are 18 years old). If these topics offend you, this is not the story you are looking for.


“Hey, Carter!” I barely heard my cousin, Wade, yelling at me over the sound of the music in my headphones. I looked up at him from my sketchbook, wondering how long he had been calling to me before I realized it.

He was standing in the doorway that led into the bathroom we shared, naked and toweling off. He must have just stepped out of the shower. Something else I was oblivious to. Seeing him naked was no big surprise. We’ve shared a bathroom for six years, and spent many a summer’s day skinny dipping in the pond, out back behind our grandmother’s house, where we both lived- he because his mother abandoned him when he was an infant, and I because my parents kicked my out when I came out of the closet. We were both so accustomed to seeing each other naked, “letting it all hang out”, that we created a rule that we never invited any of our friends up to our rooms, which were connected by a shared bathroom. They could come by the house, even hang out, but they were not allowed upstairs. I think this was mostly in case I made any gay friends who would undoubtedly drool all over the furniture if they caught sight of Wade naked. Not that there was any chance of that in a hick town like Longleaf, which is little more than a ghost town populated by rednecks and Bible thumpers. As soon as I arrived, I closed the closet door- and locked it.

Wade was around 6’2″ tall, with hair so black it highlighted blue in the sun. He had flawless sun-bronzed skin, and the heavily muscled body you’d expect to find on our school’s former quarterback. The two sexiest things about him was his honest, open smile and the way he had of looking at you that made you want to start taking your clothes off. It wasn’t something he did intentionally, or even realized that he did it, it was just how he wore his face.

By contrast, I stood 5’11”, with dishwater blond hair, relatively fair skin, and a lean body of compact muscle, despite working out with Wade on a regular basis. It didn’t seem to matter how much time I put on the weights we kept out in the old barn, I just couldn’t bulk up like he did, but I was better defined.

The only way in which our bodies were similar was our dick size. Being curious, we boned up one long, boring day and compared them side by side. We were virtually the same, around eight, thick inches, with mine being no more than maybe a half inch longer. Otherwise, they only difference was his pubes were black while mine are brown, as are my eyebrows and lashes.

I pulled my earphones off and raised my eyebrows questioningly at him.

“I’m going out with the guys tonight. Sort of a going away party. You want to tag along?” Wade was going to away to college, which was bitter sweet for me. It meant I’d be without my best friend and the closest thing to a brother I’d ever had, but it also meant not having to share the bathroom with a hot water hog.

“Naw, I’m going to turn in early tonight, what with tomorrow being the first day of school and all.”

“Are you going to finally seal the deal this year?” Wade asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

He was referring to my long time secret love for Tyler Warren, the Pastor’s son. I’ve been hot and bothered by him ever since I moved to our little hick town in the Big Thicket of east Texas. I became a regular church goer after that fateful day. I went to Sunday School, attended the church’s youth group gatherings, and started hanging out with the “Born Agains” after lunch for Bible study. Hell, I even volunteered for Vacation Bible School duty, hoping at a chance to finally find myself alone with him. After all that, he still doesn’t know any more about me than my first name, and I just about creamed my pants when I first heard him say it in his husky voice.

“I’m starting to think I don’t even have a chance with him,” I answered, “The guy’s probably straight.”

“You’re never going to know until you make a move. It’s been three years now, Carter. If you don’t bust your cherry soon, your balls are going to explode. Find a way to get into the guy’s pants, or move on to greener pastures.”

“I know, but-“

“Nope.” Wade cut me off, “No buts, unless you’ve got your dick in one.”

“I know you’re right. I just freeze up when I get too close to him. He’s so fucking beautiful, and that cute little ass of his…”

“Whatever,” Wade commented, ending the discussion by exiting the room. Wade didn’t care if I was gay, which he makes apparent every time he walks into my room naked or pushes in beside me at the toilet when we both wake up in the morning needing to take a piss, but he can’t handle it when I start talking about Tyler kurtköy sınırsız escort and what I’d like to do to him. Of course, I have the same reaction when he starts talking about his latest hetero conquests.

Looking at the time, I pulled off my headphones and put my sketchbook away, then grabbed a pair of clean boxers from the basket of clothes I had yet to put away. Stripping out of my clothes, I headed into the bathroom, where I found Wade shaving, still naked.

“I’m taking a shower,” I announced, draping my boxers over the towel holder and turning on the water.

“Good” Wade responded, “I was going to say something, but I thought it would be rude.”

“Asshole.” I said, slapping his naked butt hard.

“Careful, man!” he exclaimed, checking to see if he’d cut himself, “It’s been a week since I’ve had any. Keep up the foreplay and I might just bend you over the counter and give you a good reason to forget all about Tyler Warren.”

“Fucking tease.” I chastised him playfully before stepping into the shower, allowing the hot water to wash away the mental clutter I’d collected throughout the course of my day before lathering up.

“Hey, don’t spend too much time in there jacking off.” Wade announced, flipping the light off as he left. I rinsed off in the dark and stepped out of the shower to towel off in the soft light cast through the open door leading into my room. I slipped on my boxers before collapsing onto the bed, and slipped into sleep.

I woke up to find Wade sitting on the edge of my bed, slouched over with his face in his hands. He turned to look at me when I stirred. Looking at my clock, I realized it was five in the morning.

“What’s up?” I asked sleepily, “You look like shit, man.”

“I feel like shit,” he said, looking away, “I’ve done a really bad thing.”

“What did you do,” I asked, sitting up in alarm, afraid he tried to drive home drunk and killed somebody.

“You’re going to hate me.”

“Nothing you could do would ever make me hate you,” I consoled him, “You’re my bro. I’d do anything for you.”

“Oh, fuck, you’re making it worse,” he exclaimed, standing up to begin pacing the room, “I really fucked up, Carter. I did you wrong.”

“You’re going to have to tell me what you’re talking about, because you’re not making any sense.”

“Last night, I was out at Cutter’s Mill with the guys. We were drinking and Mark Jacobs shows up with Tyler. Tyler Warren.” He paused for my reaction, to which I had none. So, Tyler was drinking with them. Big deal. I had no illusions that the guy was a saint, just because he was the Pastor’s son. In fact, I hoped he wasn’t. “Tyler… um, well… he sucked my cock last night.”

The rush of emotions that washed through me was hard to explain. Sadness, anger, jealousy, fury. It ebbed and flowed so quickly, it took my breath away. What remained was the anger that masked the pain of realizing my cousin, my closest confidant, just allowed the love of my life to suck him off.

I jumped from the bed and stalked him around the room until he lost his footing and fell backwards across the bed. There, I mounted him, pinning him against the mattress with my knees, and reared back a willing fist. I held it in mid swing, realizing I was about to hit Wade over a blow job. I hit the mattress instead.

“It gets worst,” Wade said, almost whispering, his face filled with fear. I knew that if I hit him now, if I wailed on him, he wouldn’t fight back.

“How could that possibly get worst?” I growled through clenched teeth, sliding my way down his torso to lower my face so we were nearly nose to nose.

“He blew three other guys, and when he was done with them, Mark fucked him in the ass right there in front of everyone.” I sat up and Wade flinched. It was amusing to see the bigger of the two of us flinch. He had to know I wouldn’t hit him out of anger. Especially not over a guy I had no right to feel possessive of. Besides, blood is thicker than semen, isn’t it?

Rolling off him, to lie next to him where we were on the bed, I could feel him relaxing next to me. We stared up at the ceiling for a long, quiet moment.

“I turned him down when he first asked,” Wade began confessing, his voice taking the distant tones of one who was recounting the witness of a murder, “It wasn’t until Mark was fucking him that I realized I had chubbed up. I would have never thought watching a guy fuck another guy would be so fucking hot. He asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to, after Mark was finished with him, rubbing his hand over my crotch… opening my fly. I was drunk- still am- and just went with it, but I shouldn’t have allowed it to happen.” Wade sat up and looked down at me. “Goddamn it, I’m so sorry Carter! I won’t blame you if you never forgive me.”

“We’re okay, bro,” I told him, sitting up to pull him into a hug.

It wasn’t okay, and I didn’t know if I could forgive him for betraying my trust in him, but I realized he was maltepe otele gelen escort about to go to college and I wouldn’t see him for a while. My heart was breaking for a variety of reasons. Maybe the distance and time apart would do us some good.

We held our embrace for a long time while I tried to process my feelings. Wade wandered into his own room to sleep off the alcohol, and I started getting ready for my first day back at school. It was my senior year, and it was already starting out on a wrong foot.

I stewed in my juices until I took a cool shower, which woke me and helped clear my head. As I shaved and brushed my teeth, I began to apply a little logic, and less emotion, to the situation. I was fairly certain I loved Tyler, but that didn’t mean he loved me. He barely knew me, and the truth was I barely knew him either. That was more evident now than ever. On the other hand, now I know I have a shot at getting into his pants. The problem with that was I wanted him all to myself. I’m not willing to share him with Mark Jacobs, Wade, or anyone else. The way Wade described Tyler, he seemed to enjoy being passed around from one guy to another. If I’ve proven anything to myself over the last three years, it’s that I’m a one man sort of man, faithful to a fault and loyal as a dog.

I headed down to the kitchen to sip a cup of coffee while I watched Grandma make breakfast. She was wearing the purple tropical flower house dress I bought her for Christmas last year, her hair worn loose and flowing like a silver waterfall down her back. She gave me an odd look when I entered.

“You’re up early.” She commented, her voice thick with her East Texas accent, “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered, remembering my Ps and Qs, “Wade woke me when he came in this morning.”

“Oh,” she stated flatly, before slipping into a brief moment of thought, “I hope he’s ready for his trip.”

“I helped him pack yesterday.”

“Good. I don’t know what he’s going to do without you. Eggs?”

“Please, and thank you.”

“I’ll make extra and set up a sandwich for your lunch.”

I sipped my coffee and thumbed through a comic book I must have left on the table. I had a number of comics lying around the house. It wasn’t uncommon to read them, then study the art work later. This particular comic showcased Dave Stewart’s style, and I was fast becoming a fan.

After breakfast, I headed out to catch the bus. I normally caught a ride with Wade, but with him leaving for college, the bus was my only option.

I tried my best to avoid Tyler in school, which was no easy task. Not only did we have English Lit and American History together, but for the first time, he was also in my Phys Ed class. The first day was no big deal, since we didn’t suit out, but on the second, Coach Higgins made his annual announcement that showering was mandatory and I realized I was going to have a problem the first time I saw Tyler undress.

If I thought I was in love with his short, flaming red curls and full, pout lips, the sight of his smooth, alabaster skin was almost more than I could take. He wasn’t well developed muscularly, and almost completely hairless. I couldn’t see his pubic region, but took note of the fine, thin hair that occupied his armpits, very unlike the thick patches of my own. Shimmering out of his briefs, he bent over to pull them from around his ankles, revealing his perfect little round ass. I was fully erect and breathless before he walked out of view. It was fortunate that I had Phys Ed before lunch, giving me time to shower after I’d recovered, avoiding the sight of him when he returned.

As I watched Tyler undress and move out of my line of sight, another guy sat on the bench across from me. I glanced at him and he greeted me with a smile.

“You’re Carter, right?” he asked, “Carter Meade, Wade’s cousin?” His voice was deep and full bodied.

“Yeah, that’s right,” I answered, studying his face, but unable to place it.

“Grady Thompson,” he told me, pointing to himself with raised eyebrows.

I was stunned. I knew Grady through Wade. They were in the same class and played football together until he broke his leg in three places last year. The two of them used to cruise for girls together on the weekends. I didn’t know him very well, but I did remember him.

The Grady Thompson I remembered was a wall of a man. Unlike Wade, whose body was lean and muscular, Grady carried some extra weight around his midsection. The Grady sitting across from me that day was trimmer. He still had some muscle on him, but less massive than he once was. His face had thinned, revealing a square jaw and high cheekbones beneath large hazel eyes. His light brown hair was still a little on the curly side, absent the baseball cap he almost always wore.

Oh, yeah!” I exclaimed, extending my hand in greeting, “You look so different from how I remember you.” He took my hand in his, his handshake revealing how kartal rus escort little the loss of mass weakened him.

“Bedridden for nearly a year will do that to you. How’s Wade?’

“He’s off to college now.”

“Wow, I didn’t realize the University of Hard Knocks was considered a college,” he joked, “It’s hard to imagine the Meade boys separated.”

“Try living it. I got up this morning expecting to have to fight him for the shower.”

“You waiting for the showers to thin out?”

“Yeah. You too?” I left out discussing why I was waiting.

“I’m not one to rush to shower with a bunch of guys.” I laughed and nodded in agreement.

Having spent so much time in the presence of Wade’s nudity, seeing other guys naked had very little effect on me. The only exception was Tyler, and that was probably more to do with my maturbatory fantasies of him than his actual nudity.

We got caught up and did a little bullshitting while we waited for the crowd to thin, and Tyler was long gone. Showering with him, I noticed how well hung the guy was. For a moment I was mesmerized by the swing of his long, thick cock. I was rather proud of my size, but felt a little intimidated by Grady’s endowment. That is, until I remembered what Kelton told me about showers and growers, under the impression that my flaccid six inches was a shower (it is not). But even if Grady’s dick didn’t lengthen when erect, he’d still have me beat by a good inch, maybe more. I managed to pull my gaze away from him when I began to feel my dick twitch with the beginnings of arousal.

About two weeks into the school year, Grady sat next to me on the bus, which was odd because he normally sat at the back with the “cool kids”. We didn’t hang out with the same crowd, but we were on a friendly basis. I didn’t think too much about it and returned to reading the book assigned to us in English Lit.

“You into sports?” he asked.

“No, not really,” I answered, looking up from my book.

“I’m surprised. You’re pretty cut, even if you are a little on the skinny side. If you don’t do sports, you don’t get one of these.” He pumped his bicep, and the hill of muscle formed a small mountain of hard flesh above his arm. I smiled and looked away, a little embarrassed by the situation. “You can touch it if you want.”

“That’s not necessary,” I told him.

“Aw, come on,” He insisted. I hesitantly reached over and gave his bicep a quick squeeze. I felt a familiar twinge of excitement race through me as I felt Grady’s hard muscle at my fingertips. Curious about my response, I let them fall around the thick mound, rubbing my hand along the length of his upper arm. Looking up at him, he flashed me a sexy, lopsided smile. It was the first time had seen him smile.

“Impressive,” I cooed mockingly, “but what is this?” I pulled the sleeve of my tee shirt up and flexed. Grady’s eyes opened wide with amazement compact musculature of my arm bulged into a thick round mound of muscle.

“Fuck, man!” Grady exclaimed, “Where did that thing come from?” I laughed and pumped the muscle up and down a few times. Grady’s smile grew as big as his eyes. He touched my relaxed arm and I flexed it again, to his sheer delight. He pulled his hand away, shaking his head in disbelief. My laugh was immediately swallowed up in the noise of the others in their own animated conversations.

“Okay, if you don’t do sports, what are you interested in?” He looked at me sideways, his crooked smile still in place. Instead of answering, I pulled my sketchbook from my backpack and handed it to him. He opened it and began flipping through its nearly full pages. “Okay,” he said, looking up, “This is more impressive. I mean, any guy can build his muscles, but I don’t think just anyone can do this. I sure as hell can’t.” I left him to flip through the pages, studying each of my drawings like an art critic, and returned my attention to my book.

After a few minutes, I looked up when I realized the bus had been stationary for too long. It was my stop, and the driver was waiting for me. I jumped up and shimmied past Grady to get off the bus, my face burning with embarrassment. It wasn’t until the bus had pulled away and I was nearly at the front door that I realized Grady still had my sketchbook. It was no big deal. I could get it the next time I saw him. Besides, I was nearly done with it anyway.

When I saw Grady on the bus the next morning, he admitted to forgetting to pack my sketchbook. I dismissed it and told him I’d started working in a new book. I left it at that, but a few days later, while we were waiting for the showers to clear out, I realized I’d made a mistake in sharing my sketches with him.

“You have a thing for him, don’t you?” Grady asked, pulling my attention from watching Tyler undress, once again sprouting wood at the sight of his lovely ass, but increasingly frustrated that I had yet to catch a glimpse of his dick. He seemed to be careful in hiding it as he undressed, always wrapping a towel around his waist, and always facing the lockers as he quickly shed his clothes and redressed.

“Him? Him who?” I asked, hoping my admiration of Tyler’s assets wasn’t so obvious.

“Tyler Warren, that’s who,” he stated, gesturing in Tyler’s direction with his chin. My face began to burn with embarrassment.

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