A Good-bye Kiss Turned Into Hello

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Tonight we would meet with our second couple in this life style. The first meeting was un-eventful at a local restaurant to see if there was a four- way chemistry. Both our profile and theirs said that, “we were looking for friendship with benefits and that the women were bi.” On the first meeting we all agreed that this could possibly be everything we were all looking for. They invited us to their home for dinner, under the heading of “lets get to know one another better”.

On entering their home, I knew by the style of furnishings and decorating that this woman and I could possible hit it off. Her taste was similar to mine and she was a girl’s girl. Michael was outside on the deck starting the grill. After our hellos, they gave us a tour of their home. More confirmation, that we had a lot in common. I can always tell a lot about a person’s character and personality by their home.

Dinner was pleasant and the conversation casual. After several hours of exchanging small talk. It looked as if this would also be an un-eventful evening in the sex department. Kevin and I decided that it was getting late and we both had to get up early the next morning. We definitely wanted to pursue the possibilities this couple had to offer, but it seemed it was going to go a little slower than we initially thought.

After making plans to meet again on a future date, we started saying our good-byes. Kevin shook Michaels hand, them moved to Sarah to thank her for dinner and kiss her good-bye. As I moved towards Michael to give him a good-bye kiss. He gently pulled me to him and kissed me, his chest pressed against mine. I felt a sense of comfort and security in his presence. His lips were gentle and his tongue soft and un-intrusive. Tremors ran through me at his kiss. He slowly moved his body and face away from mine. He gazed into my eyes as if he was reading the script written on the inner chambers of my soul. With the same tenderness that he kissed me with, he said “Hello”, as if this was our initial greeting. isveçbahis Was he talking to the “me” I showed to the world or was he actually talking to my spirit. My face felt hot and my sense of self, flustered. Could he really see within the inner chambers of my soul that I guarded so diligently? I quickly looked away as if in search of Kevin. Only to find that he too was engrossed in the passions of Sarah.

I timidly looked back to Michael and smiled as if to say, “Now what”? He put his hand upon my cheek and gently started stroking my face. Soon he assuredly took me by the hand and guided me to the middle of the living room. As we stood there for what seems like hours. His stare through the windows of my soul caressed my entire body. He seemed to expose my inner being. I fought feverishly within my mind to contain the stability of the walls I build around my heart to keep un-welcomed inhabitants and invaders out. If I allowed Michael to see the real “me”, would he hurt me? What was happening? This was supposed to be sex, not a search for a soul mate. But I never have been able to give my sex away without giving a piece of myself. Did I want to give him what he seemed to be evoking out of me. He was sliding his fingertips up and down my arms. I quickly closed me eyes in hope of escaping his gaze. He gently guided my chin upward and told me to look at him. As we gazed into one another eyes, stories were told to one another without a single word being spoken. For some odd reason I felt I could trust him. I wanted to trust him. He possessed a controlled sense of passion that I had only experienced with another woman. Could a man have such a thing? I wanted to find out. So I gave myself a quick pep talk and smashed every bolder to this fortress I had constructed out of fear that others would see the real me and reject me. I let him in. His gaze immediately penetrated every fiber of my existence. I could feel my body heat rising. I could feel my nipples tingle as they pushed against the fabric of my bra. His isveçbahis giriş hand slid over my breast and he squeezed each one gently, instantly making my nipples hard. I moaned out loud as he slide his fingers in between the row of buttons on my blouse to touch my naked skin. He slowly moved closer for what I thought was a kiss, but his lips moved down in a line along my throat to my cleavage. His breath was hot against my skin.

Kevin and Sarah were on the coach and seemed to be enjoying one anothers sweet pleasures as well. Knowing Kevin was happy. I continued to focus on what was turning out to be a life changing experience as well as sexual. Michael slowly unbuttoned each button on my blouse as if to marvel at the unfolding vision before him. His fingers gently traced the edges of my bra. He removed my bra and just looked at me. Repeating over and over, “you are so beautiful”. My nipples aching to be touched, I could feel the heat and wetness growing in between my thighs. With the touch of butterflies fluttering wings he finally touched my nipples. I cried out at the instant wave of pleasure that flared through me. As his touch became firmer, the juices from my pussy flowed like a river out between my thighs. He ran his finger just below my belly button, un-buttoning and removed my pants. Never breaking the gaze that had been held between us for so long. He guided me to the floor. Positioning us sitting, facing one another with my legs over lapping his. He placed the palm of his hand against my lower abdomen in the area of my uterus and began to rock his palm firmly back and forth. He was literally fucking me with the palm of his hand from the outside in. Never had I ever experienced anything like this before. The inner walls of my pussy began contracting in search of a hard cock. I could no longer contain myself. The moans of pure ecstasy seeped out of my mouth. I could hear his words through his endless gaze, “Yes, let it go, cum for me.” As he continued to rock his palm back and forth, isveçbahis yeni giriş never allowing me out of his hypnotizing gaze. I began pumping my hips and thighs with a slow, deep thrusting motion. He was touching me with his hand and his gaze, on the outside in places on the inside, I had never been touched before. I couldn’t stop coming, one wave after another, after another. The juices from my pussy were pouring out as if someone had turned on a water fountain from within me. I had never cum like that before without penetration.

When I realized the puddle that had immerged on the living room rug, I quickly became embarrassed. Never saying a word, I could hear his re-assurance that it was ok. I clasped my tired wet body against his. Looking to return the pleasures, I moved my hand down between his legs. As we kissed I could feel his hard throbbing cock bulging through his pants. For the first time since “Hello” he actually spoke, ” It’s late and you should be going, we will pick this up another time.” In amazement and fear of rejection, I quickly started piling those bolder up on the inside of me again. Reading my concern he said,

” You are beautiful, but we all have to get up in the morning. We will continue this when we can give each other more time.”

Kevin and Sarah were already basking in their own afterglow and seemed to be enjoying watching us. Kevin and I re-assembled ourselves, said our good-byes again and made our way home. While driving home we talked of the experiences we both had shared with Michael and Sarah. We agreed, we wanted more. I also learned a very valuable lesson from that evening. The one thing we all desire more than anything else, is unconditional love and acceptance for who we are. From past hurts and rejections, we build walls that we think are keeping others out from hurting us any farther. But I found that my walls were keeping me a prisoner. From stepping out and allowing others to see me for who I really was. From allowing myself to experience what new plains of ecstasy awaited me. Not only sexually, but in other areas in my life as well.

It has been several years now and Michael and Sarah are still “friends with benefits”.

Thank you Michael, for so much more than just an orgasm.

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