A Guest for Dinner

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Brenda walked upstairs, wondering where Emma and Jim had disappeared to. The three had been sitting around after dinner, drinking wine and telling stories and laughing, one of those rare occasions when everyone was able to forget about work for an evening and just relax. They had all taken off in different directions for a moment… bathroom, more wine and new music, but Emma and Jim hadn’t made it back. Brenda knew they were probably in a clinch someplace and figured she’d search them out and give them a hard time about abandoning a dinner guest.

Sure enough…. she walked down the hall and looked into their bedroom – the door was wide open and the two of them were in a passionate embrace, mouths open and hungrily kissing, bodies pressed impossibly close. She started to say something, to get their attention, but suddenly stopped, surprised by her attraction to seeing the two of them together. She watched as Jim’s wandering hands moved over Emma’s body, and came up to her breasts, touching so gently as the two kissed. His fingers opened the buttons of her shirt, found the front clasp that undid her bra, pulled the cloth away from her and cupped her breasts in his hands. Brenda was familiar with her sister’s body from changing rooms at the beach or the mall, but suddenly it was so much more sexy, seeing Jim’s hands on those large, beautiful breasts, seeing him kiss down Emma’s neck and collar bone, slowly licking and then covering a nipple with his mouth, drawing it in as he sensuously sucked. Brenda looked at her sister… Emma’s eyes were closed, her head back, her fingers tangling through Jim’s dark hair, one leg sliding up his body to wrap around him and pull him close. Brenda had known that Emma and her lover were incredibly hot for each other, but it was suddenly clear that this connection the two shared was more than two people who wanted to fuck mindlessly…. this was the intensely sensual, erotic connection of two people totally in sync.

Brenda’s face flushed and she became aware that her own nipples were achingly hard and her pussy had started to throb from the erotic scene she was witnessing. She turned to slip away quietly, but her movement must have caught the lovers’ attention and they broke their embrace. Everyone’s face was red as they laughed, and Brenda teasingly said, “God, you two. Don’t you get enough of each other without having to get it on when you have guests over?” Emma and Jim looked at each other for a moment and answered at the same time, “No.” The three laughed again, Jim turning Emma to face Brenda, arms wrapped around her from behind, resting his head on the top of hers.

The three looked at each other, smiling, for a long, long contented moment, and Brenda moved, riding the impulse that came out of the moment. She walked over to the lovers and reached out her hand to touch one of Emma’s still-exposed breasts, running her middle finger slowly around and around the large areola, watching the nipple gather and harden. She looked at her sister’s flushed betist giriş face and said, “So pretty.” She sucked first on one nipple, then the other as she stroked and touched and massaged her sister’s breasts. She felt hands in her hair, and realized they were Emma’s and Jim’s. She cupped Emma’s breasts in her hands, pressing the palms against the hard nipples and kissed Emma deeply, the two women’s tongues sensuously dancing.

Jim ran his hands over Emma’s arms as he kissed and nibbled her neck. When the women broke their kiss, he whispered in her ear, “Would you like me to leave you two alone?” Emma turned her head, hand bringing his mouth to hers and kissed him lovingly, “I want you to stay.” She looked at her sister, “Don’t you?” Brenda’s eyes danced as she smiled naughtily, “Oh yes.”

They took their time undressing each other, taking in the sight and feel of each others’ bodies. Emma reveled in the feeling of Jim’s large hands and Brenda’s smaller and softer hands traveling over her flesh as they finished removing her clothes. Jim’s hand slid between her legs from behind and stroked softly as Brenda went back to loving her breasts. Then it was Emma’s turn to lavish attention on her sister’s breasts, smaller than hers, but beautifully shaped with lovely big, dark nipples. She watched as Jim touched Brenda as well, first with his hands and then with his mouth. Emma wondered briefly whether she was going to get jealous, but didn’t feel it. These were the two people she loved most in the world, and who loved her the most. It seemed perfectly right that they become connected in this way as well.

The two women turned to Jim, four soft hands moving over his body as they pulled away his shirt, and then undid his jeans, carefully sliding them past his erection. Emma moved behind him while Brenda stayed in front and together they slid his boxers away as well, Emma kissing softly across his ass and legs as she moved the clothing down. Brenda stayed on her knees and looked up as Emma came around. Her hands were holding Jim’s cock. “God, he’s big,” she said and took his cock in her mouth. Emma watched as Brenda moved her mouth up and down Jim’s cock, listening to her soft moans, seeing the movements of her hands, Jim’s face reflecting the pleasure he was feeling. It was unbearably sensuous. “Brenda, I want to lick you while you do that. Let Jim lay down and I’ll get behind you while you’re sucking his cock.”

They moved onto the bed, Brenda going back to Jim’s cock as he stretched out, Emma moving behind her sister. Brenda’s ass was in the air, and her pussy, shaved from the lips down, tempted Emma’s mouth. Her hands on Brenda’s hips, she explored her sister’s softness, kissing and licking softly, tasting the sweet warm wetness of her pussy. Emma drew her tongue long and slow from the top of Brenda’s lips to her anus, then slid it back and between her lips. Her hands spread her sister open and she licked and sucked her clitoris, sliding her tongue inside betist yeni giriş her and out again, hearing Brenda’s moans mixing with Jim’s. Brenda’s body rocked back and forth as she fucked Jim’s cock with her mouth, pushing back into Emma’s tongue and fingers. Jim’s breathing grew harsher and Emma loved hearing the sounds of his excitement. She got up on her knees and slid two fingers into her sister’s pussy. She fucked Brenda hard, finding the rhythm of Brenda’s mouth moving on Jim’s cock, sliding in a third finger as she felt Brenda’s pussy opening and heard her moans grow wilder. Emma watched her sister’s head bobbing, listened to the slurping sounds of her sucking Jim’s cock, saw his face start to twist as pleasure grew almost unbearable. She reached around with her other hand and stroked firmly across Brenda’s clit, sending her spiraling into orgasm just as Jim started to erupt in Brenda’s mouth. A wild, spinning moment followed, as Emma’s sister gulped and drank the cum shooting into her mouth, her body shaken by spasms. Emma’s touch softened and slowed. She sat back on her heels as Brenda collapsed across Jim’s body, both of them trying to catch their breath. Emma leaned over her as Brenda rolled onto her back and kissed her, long and deep, licking the cum that had escaped from her mouth and trickled down her face and neck. Jim pulled Emma into his arms and they kissed as well, Emma feeling his heart starting to slow. Brenda’s quiet voice was spent as she said, “Wow,” and the lovers smiled at each other.

They lay together for a time, hands moving over each other in a slow, sensual exploration. Emma lay on her side between the other two, Jim behind her, his cock resting between her legs, his hands slowly traveling over her body, Brenda in front, hands going back to the breasts she loved to love, then moving down over Emma’s belly and between her sister’s legs. The women kissed, and Brenda whispered as their mouths came apart, “God, you are so wet.” Nipples rubbed against nipples as the sisters kissed again, and Emma felt her clitoris swell as her sister circled it with her finger. Jim reached around and lifted Emma’s leg, draping it across Brenda, and his fingers joined Brenda’s, sliding through the wet and throbbing folds of Emma’s pussy. The two hands probed and rubbed and teased, and Emma panted, feeling like her body was being carried away on a river of sensation. Brenda’s mouth sucked on her nipples as her fingers pulled on Emma’s clit. She felt Jim’s cock growing harder again, as Brenda would reach her hand back between Emma’s legs and stroke across him. Brenda had his cock in her hand and started rubbing it against Emma’s clit as Jim pulled her wide open, his fingers everywhere, stimulating every nerve.

Suddenly, Brenda leaned up on her elbow. She nudged Emma onto her back, keeping her fingers inside her. Jim did the same, and the two leaned across Emma and kissed, fingers still probing, making her squirm and arch up into their hands. Brenda’s voice betist güvenilirmi was husky as she said, “I want to see you eat my sister’s pussy.” Emma moaned as their fingers stroked rhythmically inside her, and then were removed. Her sister got behind her so that Emma was lying back into her embrace, feeling Brenda’s still-wet pussy against her back. Brenda reached down and pulled Emma’s legs up and open, and then gently spread Emma’s pussy lips open. Emma’s head went back against Brenda’s shoulder convulsively as Jim’s mouth came down on her cunt. The sensation of Brenda’s fingers exposing her to his tonguing and teasing was almost too much and she cried out. Jim loved her as only he could, intimately aware of the rhythms of her body, of how much she could stand before losing control. Brenda moved her hands up Emma’s body and twisted and pulled at her sister’s engorged nipples, making them slick with the wetness from her pussy. Jim moved his own fingers in where Brenda’s had been, one thumb up high next to Emma’s clit, the other low, starting to probe her anus. He pressed, licked her dripping pussy as Brenda pinched her nipples and whispered in her sister’s ear to cum, just cum, cum everywhere, screaming and wild, and Emma lost it, body bucking wildly against her lover’s mouth, scarcely comprehending that it was her voice yelling like that.

They loved each other throughout the night, three people joined by an erotic current. They spooned together again, this time with Emma watching her sister’s face as Jim fucked Brenda from behind, seeing her eyes glaze as he pumped his hard cock inside her, seeing the orgasm come over her as Emma closed a finger and thumb around her clit and around one nipple. At another point, the sisters embraced, kissing and touching as Brenda rode Jim’s mouth and Emma his cock, breasts bouncing, moving in sensual time, the wetness from cock and cunts everywhere on them… thighs, bellies, faces. They showered together, lovingly soaping each other. The warm water inspired them to taste each other again, although each felt too spent to cum again. But they were beyond the need to cum… what they needed was to consume and be consumed, to take everything from each other, to give everything to each other.

As they moved back into the bedroom, still in some wild, out of control place in themselves, Emma made a request and then watched as Brenda got on her hands and knees, and Jim took her in the ass. She felt blown away by the eroticism of it all…. the sheer animalistic need… the looks on their faces, the sound of their voices. She slid under Brenda’s body and started licking her clit again, feeling her sister’s mouth hungrily devour her pussy. She watched Jim’s cock stroking in and out of Brenda’s ass and reached up to squeeze his balls, wanting him to explode inside her sister, wanting to see his cum dripping from her. Each of them came again, shocked by the intense sounds and feelings being pulled from deep inside them.

They woke when Brenda climbed from the bed, saying she needed to go home. She paused in the door on her way out and said, “Um, you guys can have me over to dinner anytime.” Emma and Jim heard the door close downstairs as they curled together under the covers. Sleep overcame them, deep and contented.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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