A Hard Day’s Night Pt. 02

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Requested by Lazy276.


Paola chowed on the tip of her pencil as class dragged on, it was a lecture on one of her most beloved subject, cyberfeminism, but she was helpless to ignore the wet T shirt contest outside. Having a body as amazing as Paola’s she couldn’t sit anywhere in the classroom, she had to seat at the back next to the window, most of the time it was a rather great place but today it gave her a front row seat to the contest. As girls walked up and down the stage, revealing their breasts, Paola’s cock protested its oppression, threatening to fulfill her primal needs. “Please,” she whispered, “just a little longer, after this class we go to the gym and then at home you can have your way.” Her cock kept protesting but remained at a manageable size.

After what felt like an eternity class ended and Paola made her way to the gym, her full balls dragging behind her along the paved road. Her path took her right before the stage, she noticed the sign above the stage changed, it now read: “wet bulge contest.” Paola noticed the road before her was crowded with people and decided to watch the competition while waiting for the human traffic to clear her path to the gym so she could get there comfortably.

To her delight it seemed the show was just starting, a line of four girls waited in line next to the stage, she presumed they were the contestants. One woman took the microphone and started the show: “Welcome, welcome! My name is Tara” she yelled, “are you as excited as me? Let’s not waste time and call on our beautiful contestants, come onto the stage girls!” The four girls took to the stage and stood in line, the presenter approached the girl on the right first. She was a slim brunette, her body covered in a white T shirt, her large breasts strained against her shirt, Paola suspected she had dick-nipples. The presenter asked for her name, “I’m Elisa, 20 years old” the girl said and Tara wished her luck before moving on to the next girl, she had jet black short hair and her bulge was the smallest on of the bunch, her cock seemed slightly bigger than Paola’s forearm, “my name is Paige, 19, and I hope I’ll surprise you all.”

“Good luck Paige,” Tara said, “moving on we have the beloved, well known, magical Mona!” it seemed to Paola that Tara knew Mona a little too well, she guessed they were intimate at one point or another. Mona, was a strange sight amongst the other girls, her head covered in a hijab, only her brown eyes showed. She wore a bikini that barely covered her huge breasts and what Paola presumed was a cock as big as hers. Out of all the girls on stage, Mina and the fourth girl where the only ones who’s bulge came close to Paola’s size, she entertained herself with the thought of going on stage herself. Tara went on to the last girl, a blonde with a huge crotch bulge “I’m Ina,” the girl said in a shy voice.

“OK,” Tara shouted into the mic, “part one is a bikini contest, and after that my favorite part, twerking!” the crowd went wild, Tara’s enthusiasm pushing even Paola to cheer as the girls cleared the stage for Elisa. One by one the girls went on stage and revealed their bodies, first was Ina. She leaped onstage and immediately grabbed her green bikini bottom. The crowd roared with excitement, and Paola was no different, “you go, chica!” she encouraged the girl to remove her bikini. As soon as she removed the green cloth the masses started booing her off stage, her bulge turned out to be nothing more than a piece of cloth.

“Turns out we have a faker, what can you do?” Tara regained control of the crowd, “fakers gonna fake, moving on.” and with those words Elisa took her place, without any warning or teasing she remove her top and exposed her breasts. they looked monstrous on her thin frame, even though she only had regular tits with no dick-nipples Paola still enjoyed the massive size, it was a treat but her cock remained obedient and rested as the show went on. “brave move for a woman to compete with futanari, kudos to you Elisa” Tara complimented the huge boobed brunette.

Next came Paige, she didn’t undress and simply danced to the music, Paola thought she might be a grower but as the song ended nothing changed. Seemed that, like Paola, the crowd expected more. Tara came to the stage, “Now the one and only, MINA!” the multitudes went wild, girls took off their tops to tease the hijab wearing girl. She just walked on stage and removed nothing, it seemed her bikini was tailored specifically for her. Paola could tell her cock was not like Mina, the girl used silicone injections to further increase her endowment, something Paola thought about before but feared doing. After dancing to the music and shaking her junk around Mina made a move and thrusted her hips up while at the same time flexing her cock, this caused the beast to leap out of the bikini and fall to the floor. To Paola’s amazement the cock was so large that the tip rested motionless on the stage even as the girl went on dancing, it was a wobbling artificial monster. As the güvenilir bahis song ended and Mina walked off stage, her cock dragging behind her, sending ripples along her length. Paola decided to act, she will beat the silicon pole with her own real, flesh and blood cock.

She made her way through the mass, it was hard as the soil slowed her jiggling balls but finally she arrived at the stage and grabbed Tara for a chat.

“I want to enter the competition,” Paola requested.

“We did lose Ina the faker, so there is an open slot, but are you up to it?” Tara wondered. Paola wasted no time and guided Tara’s hand to her gargantuan nut sack, the girl’s eyes opened wide as she understood how full her balls were, “the ramp is at the back, meat you on stage in five, wait for my mark.” She said as she left and Paola bragged her huge sack to the ramp, her eyes filled with envy for her contestant futanari.

Paola stood at the bottom of the ramp and waited for Tara’s mark, “Ladies and gentleman I am proud to invite a newcomer onto the stage, unlike Ina she has something worthwhile to show us!” this was the mark, Paola dragged herself up the ramp, it took her a moment to build up speed as she had to go uphill but soon enough she was on the stage next to Tara, the crowd was roaring and clearly liked what they were seeing.

“Meet Paola,” Tara welcomed her “how are you doing?” she asked as the crowd went quiet and listened.

“Great,” Paola said as she scanned the sea of people that gathered.

“And how are you doing?” Tara asked her huge nuts as she tapped them, the rippled and wobbled before retorting with the loud sloshing of the cum stored inside them. Tara looked deeply impressed before moving on. “Next, give a loving cheer to the amazing Mina,” the girl walked onstage, her cock tucked back into her straining bikini, the crowd went wild as she walked next to Paola. The girls didn’t even exchange a word but it was clear the real competition here was between these two, the rest was nothing but background noise.

“Elisa!” Tara yelled, the brunette went onstage, her boobs straining her bikini to its very limit. Everyone could see her nipples nearly piercing the cloth. Both Paola’s and Mina’s cocks flexed hard at the sight, signaling their respective owners they desired the huge busted girl. Next Tara invited Paige but to no avail, no one came to the stage. It seemed she understood she was no match for the other girls and left while she was still ahead of the game. “So, give it up for these three lovely ladies please,” Tara stirred the crowd, “now for my favorite part, twerking! DJ, start the music!” she screamed into the mic, enticing the audience as she cleared the stage.

The speakers started playing Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself to Dance,” accompanied by Williams’ smooth vocals, all girls started shaking their hips and danced. Mina made the first move, she took off her top and revealed her breasts, they were bigger than Paola’s but still very small compared to Elisa, no bigger than a C cup. Paola wasted no time and removed her top as well, “no way this bimbo is going to win,” she thought to herself. Elisa seemed to be engaged in a deep trance as she didn’t notice the two futas revealed their upper bodies, instead she turned her back to the crowd and pushed her ass out, shaking it with all she had, her ass chicks rippled in protest and to the audience’s delight her massive jugs also juggled in accordance with her ass. Seeing this Paola decided it was time to step it up and started taking off her pants, exposing her flaccid cock as she kept dancing.

The crowd was singing and cheering for the girls as Mina matched Paola’s bet and undressed as well, her silicone filled junk rippled with each swing she took. Elisa came out of her musical trance and saw the futas’ cocks flailing around as they danced with an extremely sexual demeanor and understood she will have to do her best to win, she undressed and used her hands to play with her breasts, squishing them together tightly, reaching her nipples just barely she gave them a squeeze. All girls did their utmost to shake the wonders Mother Nature (or the plastic surgeon in Mina’s case) gave them. Paola decided it was time to use her “secret weapon”, she didn’t want to do it, but she had to beat Mina and felt like she was losing the battle.

Paola’s balls rested behind her, not moving at all. She swung her body to the left and her cock followed, then she quickly turned to the right and her cock went with her, but this time it had enough moment to whip against her balls, producing a loud clapping sound and huge ripples along her balls. Paola wasted no time and repeated the act, the crowd lost it and started calling her name. Elisa saw the audience’s reaction and understood she lost this contest, she danced her way in front of Paola, who’s cock calmed down, and gave her a sexy smile before wrapping her giant tits around Paola’s pole, “I’ve lost already, might as well enjoy it,” she said and gave the girl a quick boob güvenilir bahis siteleri job.

Mina saw her competitors and decided it was high time to pull her secret weapon out, she took off her hijab, exposing her black hair, framing a pair of jet black eyes and a breath-taking smile, her face was radiant. Elisa decided it was time to move on and released her breast’s padded grip, moving right for Mina and leaving Paola with a rock-hard cock, this meant she could no longer use her secret weapon. Luckily Paola had one more trick up her sleeve (or more correctly up her cock), her cock was leaking precum and as she wiggled her hips the motion was amplified as it made its way to her tip, spraying the precum everywhere. Elisa on her end gave a very sloppy titjob to Mina. Everyone on stage was naked, shaking and dancing, cocks and boobs swinging and colliding in an ecstatic celebration of freedom, precum flying everywhere.

As the song neared its end Paola noticed something was happening between Mina and Elisa. At first, they looked at each other a lot, Paola dismissed it as a coincidence, but it was now clear from the boob job that something was happening between the two. They shared a passion fueled kiss while Mina’s cock was busy covering Elisa’s breasts with an abundant load of cum, as the final note struck the song ended.

Tara came on stage, her ample breasts exposed, Paola noticed quite a few people in the crowd got carried away and lost control. “Wow, what an amazing show girls,” Tara congratulated the girls, “now to pick our winner, make some noise if you think it’s Elisa,” Tara yelled, some boys cheered the cum cover girl, but it was underwhelming. “Was it the amazing Mina?” a lot of people applauded, Paola couldn’t help but think she lost to the silicone beast, “now what about Paola?” the mass of people simply went wild, there was not one person who didn’t cheer, some women undressed and yelled they wanted to have Paola’s babies, “I believe we have a winner!” Tara declared and went to hug Paola and give her a small figuring of a woman.

Paola couldn’t believe what she heard, she, the real flash and blood futa defeated the surgically enhanced Mina. She was so overfilled with joy she didn’t even notice Elisa snuck off with Mina, the girls clearly going somewhere private to release some pent-up stress. Paola jumped with joy but her balls dragged her back to earth with a very loud rumble, as if saying ‘you teased us, stop right now or we’ll unload right here and now.’ Paola got the massage and started dragging them off stage, paying attention not to lose control as her gargantuan testicles cascaded down the ramp.

After taking a few deep breaths Paola examined her reword. It was a gold-plated figurine of a naked woman, her breasts looked massive and she had a tiny penis. Below an inscription was etched into a metal plate: “Winner of the Biggest Bulge contest, 2018.” She was definitely going to put this on her table later, but now it was time for a workout. she started pulling her balls and noticed they were super heavy, she couldn’t recall a time when they felt this massive. No time to think of that, she dismissed the subject, I need to work out.

Today was leg endurance day, Paola’s favorite. She placed her bag in her locker after changing to her sports attire, a dark green jumper. The upside to Paola’s small breasts was she had no need for a sports bra, the down side to Paola’s huge cock was she needed support for the huge beast and after years of trial and error she made sure her jumper had proper metal support for her pole.

She felt no need for warm-up exercises as she perceived the contest and the dance an adequate replacement. She dragged her balls along the mat and parked them in the futa corner. Paola, of course, exercised in a futanari friendly gym, they were super friendly and had everything a futa needs. The “parking space” was a place where futa could rest their balls and work out without having to worry for them, the space was rather large and Paola had the only futa using it.

First, she did a set of 30 squats, she was used to this routine and didn’t even break a sweat. Next, she grabbed a pair of weights and preformed another set of squats. This time it was a bit more challenging, and midway through Paola considered changing the weights but persevered. After that she felt a little dizzy and decided it was time to drink a little water. She went to the cooler and poured herself a cup, she started sipping slowly but knew exactly where the water was going, she drank another glass as her balls started to gargle, they were working overtime turning any drop of water they could get into cum. By the fifth glass a girl came to get a glass.

“Hi,” Paola greeted her, she never saw her in the gym before and couldn’t help but notice her over defined physic pushing against her tight shirt and pants, “I’m Paola, new here?”

“Yes,” the girl said, “name’s Natasha, just arrived here two days ago.”

Paola wanted to impress the girl, she iddaa siteleri leaned against her right testicle and smiled at Natasha, her cock flexed hard under her jumper and she was pretty sure Natasha noticed, “I hope you have a great time here, good luck.” Natasha blushed and thanked Paola before going back to the treadmill. Paola went to her next workout, pulling. It was her least favorite part but she had to stick to it if she wanted to get around without much pain, she walked up to The Wall. It was a regular exercise for futanari with big balls, the device was composed of a door in a spring supported wall, the idea was that the balls can’t pass through the door and the futa will have to pull on them, the springs will resist and a futa could work on her pulling skill.

Paola walked through the door and felt her balls touch the wall, she noticed how big they became, a week ago the wall hid her balls completely but now the edges peaked at the walls edge. She started pulling gently at first, not wanting to hurt herself, she pulled until she felt a tiny sting of stress and then held that position for 10 seconds before coming back, after 25 repetitions she decided it was time for the last part, the treadmill.

This was her favorite part of the workout, she placed her nut sack behind her and boarded the machine. She placed her headphones on, letting the music wash over her, and started jogging, keeping her breath deep and steady. The reason Paola loved this exercise was the freedom it gave her. Most of the time Paola had to work hard dragging her sack around, she loved her body but it was hard sometimes, dealing with such huge orbs, having to manage this immense weight. On the treadmill she was free of her balls, she could run freely, not having to worry about having to calculate every move so her balls won’t hit anything.

After a good 30-minute run Paola went for the cream of the crop, she programed the machine to simulate a steep hill into her run, and the machine started buzzing as it changed its inclination. Running up a sharp slope like this with her balls was impossible but it was no big deal for her right now. Everything was fine and the machine changed again to stimulate a descending the hill when suddenly she misplaced a foot. Paola perceived the world in slow motion as she fell. Hitting the treadmill was painful but what scared her was what came next as the machine tossed her off and onto her resting balls, she landed right on top of them making them jiggle very hard. It didn’t hurt too much and her sack stopped her fall so Paola was unharmed but she felt her balls protest, they were teased and started roaring, as if telling Paola they are going to unload right here and now.

“No, please, I’m sorry, it was an accident,” she pleaded as she wiggled her way off them. Her cock grew rock hard and she knew she was done for the day, she needed to get home and relax, she can’t unload here. Thinking as logically as she could with her jumper straining against a gargantuan cock she knew she had to take a quick shower and then take a taxi home. As she made her way to the showers she felt envies towards people who could just take a regular taxi. Being a futa, Paola was forced to use Futa-Cab, they were not so bad, the trucks where very spacious, but it was rather expensive.

She dragged her sack to the showers, making sure to take deep, long breaths while thinking about the most plain, unexciting things in the world. She knew it was momentary but still gave a sigh of relief as her pole lost its stiffens and shrunk. She crossed the pool on her way, she loved swimming but with her current arousal level she knew she would explode in the pool, still she couldn’t help but sneak a look. It was a huge pool, but Paola noticed only a few girls. She saw a futa who set on the edge while her super thin cock floated on the water’s surface, reaching the other side of the pool. Next to her there was another futa who’s massive cock floated behind her as she swam laps. Lastly, she noticed Mina and Elisa, the girls where at it in the far corner of the pool, kissing and groping and while Elisa’s vast breasts hid most of the action underwater Paola guessed Mina was deep inside her.

Paola had to tear her eyes away, she was on the brink of orgasm and the weight of her balls told her this was going to be a mess,” Please, just a shower and then home, hold on,” she murmured as she entered the showers, lucky for Paola it was empty and she walked in. she loved the showers here, they had futa compartments, big enough for Paola to wash her whole body in one go, she undressed, prepared a towel and new clothes, and made her way into the biggest compartment, usually she needed a large one but in her current state her balls were so big they barely squeezed into the biggest compartment. Just as she found her hands and legs inside the shower someone walked in, it was Natasha.

The girl undressed, taking off her top to reveal a huge pair of breasts, they were not as big as Elisa’s but they stood perfectly, defying gravity. Natasha placed the top in her locker and moved to remove her bottom, she had a huge ass, it too decided to challenge gravity, Natasha looked perfect in Paola’s eyes, even though she understood Natasha was augmented.

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