A Hero For Chrissie

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A Hero For Chrissie

One month earlier.

Chrissie’s feelings were wrecking havoc with her menstrual cycle. Her pussy throbbed constantly and she was given to crying fits. Usually she wasn’t a very sentimental person; men came into her life like flowers — annuals that bloomed in their time and then died. She couldn’t explain the bouts of depression, like heavy black clouds but then the sun always came out afterwards.

Chapter 1

When Lenny enlisted in the Marines he was nineteen years old. He lived on the East coast so he was sent to Parris Island for boot camp. He was a thin kid when he enlisted but after twelve weeks he’d put on some weight so by the time he got back home, after gaining 30 pounds, his mother didn’t recognize him. They met him at Logan airport, his mom and dad, and they couldn’t believe the transformation in their son.

His mother, Isabel, was not forty yet and she still had her figure. She was originally from Guatemala. His father was a sales engineer and spent more time travelling that he was at home. Like most neglected wives she was horny all the time but her strict upbringing taught her to deal with it as best she could; when she masturbated, she grit her teeth and did her best to get it over with. She believed a good woman did not masturbate. Funny, Isabel would have taken her son to bed, but she wasn’t that kind of woman.

When Lenny joined the Marines he was a virgin and when he got home from boot camp, he was still a virgin. There was no opportunity to meet girls in boot camp. And he’d never met a female Marine.

Being on liberty he could have worn his uniform but sometimes he wore civvies. When he did wear his uniform he’d have to beat off girls with a stick. He knew it was the uniform because he was still a nineteen year old virgin.

He was sent to Great Lakes Naval Station for electronics school. The closest liberty town was Milwaukee. That’s where the prettiest girls were and when he wore his uniform it was real simple to meet girls.

There were women who worked at the USO club in Milwaukee and these women liked Marines. There were just a few Marines but thousands of sailors. The Marines were always sharp — it was all spit and polish. Sailors wore whites, but were just sailors.

Chrissie worked at the USO club and she was always being asked out by sailors. She told them she was married and they left her alone. Her husband was a dud in bed, and she would have been better off telling people she was a widow. His name was Harry, good old Harry. As reliable as a door knob.

She had a teenage son, Billy, who was nineteen, the same age as Lenny. Her son was a business major at a junior college. The course work could have been handled by a high school student with above average intelligence. Thus, Billy breezed through, and spent most of his time chasing college girls or just plain masturbating.

Sometimes Chrissie wore glasses, appearing to be bookish and that scared guys away who considered education a necessary evil. She really had myopia so needed them for only for distances. But they were a good buffer between gentlemen ‘types’ and gropers.

She was stacked, and she knew it. Working at the USO, and being under forty, she had many opportunities to date. Her breasts were a 38D with curvy hips, long legs and a tight waistline. Her real desire was to date a Marine and the only Marine she would really talk to was Lenny. During Saturday night dances, Lenny was the only Marine who could really dance, and he could dance salsa and samba really well. She would be thrilled if she had the chance to date a Marine. At least she felt more patriotic than being fucked by a middle aged salesman.

Lenny had asked her to dance one Saturday night and she accepted. Usually guys in the service don’t dance but Lenny knew the Latin dances and it was his mother who had taught him. Lenny was on liberty now, back in Boston, and was going to be home for a month. After that he’d go to San Diego to finish electronics school, and then overseas.

After he’d been at home a week he got a phone call from Chrissie. Essentially she asked him to drop by on the way to the west coast and spend some time with her. Of course Lenny said he would and two days later she picked him up at the airport in Milwaukee. There wasn’t much for him to do at home in Boston.

* * *

Chrissie finished straightening the house later than usual. She expected her son, Billy, home after his last class. She quickly showered, washed her hair and dressed since she planned on a few hours in bed with her neighbor’s husband. That was wishful thinking!

She had been sleeping with Herbert for a few months, and it was better than nothing, for a fifty year old guy. He had a good line of bullshit, at least good enough to get her into bed, but after one quick fuck, he’d go to sleep. He wasn’t much at foreplay and never kissed her pussy. Most of her time with Herbert was getting drunk.

Just as she was brushing her hair, and the telephone rang. It was Billy, telling her he kadıköy escort was stuck at school, and not to expect him until dinner.

She was more than disappointed. She was depressed. She had to get laid. And now Billy was disappointing her. It was just too much.

She had her own set of morals and she felt comfortable with them. Fucking Herbert wasn’t a sin. It was keeping Herbert from asking his wife for a divorce. She got fucked once a week from Herbert and she was bored.

She glanced at the clock, smoothed down her skirt and went downstairs for a drink. Her hand shook as she sipped the warm scotch.

I drink too much and don’t fuck enough, she thought bitterly. Refilling her glass and not bothering with ice, she took her drink into the living room and flopped down on the sofa. She was annoyed when she heard the front door open. If that’s Harry, she thought, we’re gonna have a fight.

With an angry scowl, she went to the front hall. “Harry?” she snarled.

“It’s me, Mom,” Billy said, closing the door and placing his school books on the hall table.

“What are you doing home?”

His eyes raked over her body. “My afternoon classes were cancelled. I’m going to work on a paper. Wow, you’re all dressed up!”

The horny mother glanced down at her chest. She was dressed up. Inappropriately so, for she had wanted to surprise Harry by wearing a low necked black dress and high heels. Now she felt foolish as she faced her son.

“I get tired of looking frumpy,” she said.

“You never look frumpy.” He bent down and kissed her cheek. Then he saw the glass she was trying to hide behind her back. “It’s a little early for that, isn’t it?”

“Don’t you start telling me when to start drinking.” She whirled around and returned to the living room.

He followed her. “Mom?”

She didn’t look at him. “What?” She knew her voice was harsh, but she couldn’t help it. “You’re looking real hot!”

“I’m just a boring housewife!”

“You’re just having one of those days. I studied depression in my Psych class and it’s natural for everyone to be depressed once in a while.”

“Everyone in this family has something interesting to fill their time except me.” Tears came to her eyes and she tried hiding them by gulping her scotch.

Billy sat down on a lounge chair and crossed his legs. “Gloria has a stupid job, selling. That’s not so interesting. When I’m through with school and working she’ll quit and be a housewife like you. She’s looking forward to it.” Gloria was married to Herb, and most of what she said to him was ‘when am I gonna see some action’.

Chrissie felt like crying. “I’m dull. At least, it feels dull.” Her tongue felt thick. “No one really talks to me. You never talk to me like you talk to Gloria or to your friends.”

He rose up and very gently took the glass from her hand. His arm brushed her tit. A shiver of excitement passed through her. Just that slight touch made her pussy moisten.

“You’re not dull, Mom. You’re sexy.” He grinned and sat down next to her on the sofa.

“If you were going to have an affair I bet you wouldn’t consider a woman my age!” She felt her face grow warm the moment the words were out.

He didn’t answer for a while. Then he took a deep breath, sipped her drink and cleared his throat. “Who says?”

They turned to face each other simultaneously. His legs were wide-spread and she noticed that his prick was beginning to rise inside his jeans.

“You mean, you would?” she said, smiling despite herself.

He didn’t try hiding the bulge in his crotch. He nodded. “Can’t you tell? Look what you’re doing to me!”

“Oh, my …” Her cunt, which had been pleasantly damp, was now sopping wet. Since she was wearing no panties, she wondered if the wetness was soiling the sofa.

“Is that all you can say?” he grinned.

“At the moment, yes.”

He took her hand, turned it over and kissed the palm. “I sometimes hear you and Dad having sex.”

“You hear us?”

“You make a lot of noise.”

“How embarrassing!”

“How about it, Mom? For an older woman, you’re quite a dish. Let’s have some fun!”

She could feel her heart pounding. “You’re my son!”

He shrugged. “What the hell, it’s all in the family.”

She noticed that he was sweating. His under arms were wet and his forehead was damp. He kissed her fingertips one by one and slowly moved her hand over his crotch.

“It’s all for you, Mom. Just say the word.” She took a deep breath, searched his face and sighed. “I’m saying it,” she whispered.

“Let’s go.”

Licking her lips in anticipation, she took his hand. They moved upstairs and climbed onto the bed. He was all over her in moments, kissing her lips and squeezing her tits and ass. She felt overwhelmed and terribly excited. What she didn’t feel was guilty.

“Let’s get on with it,” she said, dropping her hand to his fly and tugging the zipper down.

“Sounds good üsküdar escort to me!”

She had his cock out in a flash. It looked as good as she’d imagined it all these months.

“So this is the cock that occupies your free time,” she smiled. She held it gingerly in her palm and began to stroke it. She loved his foreskin, sliding it down to uncover his nut and then back up to smear his precum. She loved to watch the juice trickle from his knob.

He pushed his jeans and shorts down. “Go to it, Mom.”

Swooping down, she pressed his cock into her mouth and sucked. Her heart pounded in her chest. How exciting it was! She felt close to her son at this moment. Closer than she had in years.

Words weren’t necessary. Billy stroked her hair and humped his ass as she closed her lips around his cockhead.

“I want to fuck you, so don’t make me come,” he said.

“Don’t you worry. I want this big thing in my pussy too much to bring you off with my mouth.”

“Jesus, your mouth is like a suction cup.”

“I love it.”

“Hey, come here.” Sitting up, he forced her lips away from his cock.

“Why did you do that?”

“Sit on it, Mom.”

When she realized what he wanted, she straddled his thighs. Lifting her skirt and lowering her ass, she squatted over his upthrust prick. Her dark pussy hair made a nice visual.

“Put it in, Mom,” he said.

“Help me.” She wriggled around, trying to wedge his big cock into her cunt. “Easy …”

Between them they managed to stick his cock inside her. He held her ass and she leaned forward as she began moving up and down.

“I guess I’ve wanted this for a long time,” she gasped as his fingers dug into her ass.

“Me, too, Mom. Me too!”

She knew he’d want to go twice, because guys his age don’t turn over and go to sleep. All he had to do was go to class, and being a business major he had time to play tennis, play video games on line, and jerk off twice a day. At least he went to class and she marveled at that. What about people who took courses on line?

Chapter 2

When she brought Lenny home with her for lunch, she was very excited. Lenny was hungry, and she was starved as well. He looked lean and trim in his uniform, and probably could jog 10 miles without taking a breath.

As she fixed a sandwich plate with a big salad, they talked about many things. Lenny spoke of his puritanical mother, who loved him very much. She felt no woman was good enough for her son. She hardly allowed him to date, and oftentimes she told the hapless girl ‘you’re not going to marry my son’! It didn’t dawn on Lenny that his mother wanted him for herself.

Chrissie listened and fully understood the situation. Lenny would never make the first move. He was, as a Marine, trained for combat. Not for the sack. She wore a cashmere sweater and slacks. The sweater emphasized her boobs and the slacks her plump ass. He avoided staring at her body but his dick was growing and there was nothing he could do about it. Even in his tropicals, which Marines wore in the summer, his dick was more obvious.

“Tell me, Lenny, do you have a girlfriend?” she asked.

His eyes told her ‘yes’ but not anymore. Maybe at one time.

“Yeah, I was in love with Marie. I knew she was two-timing me but I didn’t care.” He looked very unhappy thinking about Marie. “She even told me she went out with Robbie because he had a car, and they’d go to a drive-in movie.”

“I take it you didn’t have a car?” Chrissie said.

“Right. I couldn’t afford to buy a car. I was saving for college, but the Marines seemed to be a better option at the time.” He looked away, avoiding her eyes.

“Have you been out with other girls?”

“Mostly girls from church. And they had to pass inspection …”

“Your mother?”

“Right. But girls from church were dull. They were pretty and had nice figures, and liked to kiss, and all …”

“What happened?”

“My mind seemed to be somewhere else. Maybe on getting to work on time. I had a nightshift so had to leave for work at ten o’clock.”

“Ouch. That could have put a damper on things”

“There was one girl, I’ll never forget. She had a beautiful mouth, very soft, and she was stacked. Sort of like you …” and then he blushed. “She was just about to unbutton my pants — when I had to get to work!”

“Too bad!”

“At least the Marines give me a chance to move around …”

“Speaking of moving, let’s go into the living room. Do you drink? I’ll fix you a drink.”

He didn’t know much about the drinking. He wasn’t old enough to go to a bar.

“You can surprise me,” he said. “I’ll have what you’re having.”

She made him a gin and tonic, which is a great drink for the unsophisticated.

After they sat, he asked her. “What about you, Chrissie? It seems you’re the most popular girl at the USO club …”

“Well, I am married, for what that’s worth. My husband is a sales engineer, and seems to spend more time on the road that at tuzla escort home.” She smiled at him. “You can connect the dots, Lenny. I get lonely.”

He didn’t know what to say. To the average male, it was a green light. Make your move. Move closer, maybe take her hand. Say something romantic.

To Lenny, it was a ‘duty calls’ omen. As a Marine, he had to make her feel better. But there was nothing in the Marine Corps manual that covered this situation. The Corps was training killers, not Casanovas.

What made it worse, he was in uniform. He was told never to do anything that would degrade the uniform. As long as he was wearing the uniform he’d be the perfect gentleman. She knew enough about Marines. She had to get him out of uniform.

“Lenny, I need someone to fix our lawnmower. Do you know anything about mowers?”

From working the night shift assembling chain saws, he knew chain saws were something like lawn mowers. They both used gasoline!

“Sure, I’ll take a look at it.”

“You better take your uniform off, so you don’t get grease on it. I have some coveralls you can wear.”

“Great, Chrissie!” Within minutes he was back in the garage, pulling the starter rope on the mower. It sputtered and died. He checked the dipstick and saw the oil level was OK. He unscrewed the gasoline cap, noticed there was gas and asked her, “When did you last put gas in the mower?”

She told him about a year ago and then he knew it was stale gas. He gave her a small tutorial about needing fresh gasoline, and she promised she’d get gas for the mower.

A shower seemed to be a good idea, and that got him back in her bedroom, wearing only his white boxers and a tee shirt. He still had a hard-on and she noticed the size of it. It could have been any size, given the mood she was in, but Lenny sported a seven inch affair. Moreover it was thick.

She did not know he was a virgin and he was too embarrassed to mention it to her. He stood there as she stared it.

“You’re hard, Lenny!” The knob was exposed to her eyes.

“Yeah, it gets that way when I get turned on, you might say. I guess it’s you, Chrissie.”
“How come the Marines don’t wear briefs, Lenny? Only boxers?”

“Standard issue, I guess. I can buy briefs if I want.”

She moved closer to him, and slipped his boxers over his hips. His cock was at attention, solid, and throbbing. Then she wrapped her fist around his flesh and gently jerked him off. He watched her hand with her long fingers and polished nails. She watched the precum bubble out of the slit in his knob. He allowed her to do as she desired, to play with him, to get him hot for her.

Kneeling, she put her mouth over his cock, easily taking in almost all of his seven inches. She had considerable experience sucking cocks.

“I haven’t gotten laid in a car in years,” Chrissie said to the half naked Marine.

Lenny grinned. His voice had deepened and it seemed his dick grew another inch. “How about a drive-in?”

“How clever of you to think of it!” Chrissie said, really excited.

Once they arrived at the drive-in, Lenny hooked up the speaker and the two lovebirds cuddled close together to watch the movie. They had to watch it in case Harry asked her about it. Anyway, there was something exciting about fucking at a drive-in and something exciting about cheating on Harry that Chrissie knew she would miss when Lenny was gone.

Lenny had become more aggressive as he was out of uniform and now he put his hand on Chrissie’s knee and slipped his fingers over her bare thigh. She adjusted the steering column so they would have more room and instinctively opened her legs to accept his hand.

“It’s hard to believe you’ll be going overseas in a month!” she hissed.

“Yeah, Chrissie,” he whispered, his hand slipping up her thigh to her crotch.

She gazed at the screen, but didn’t really see it as his fingers stroked the insides of her thighs. His teasing caress soon had her pussy wet with desire.

“Lenny, you’re driving me crazy!”

“Ssshhh!” he hissed. “Watch the movie.” She giggled as she gazed at his profile. His eyes were on the screen, but she knew he wasn’t really watching the movie. The musky aroma of her cunt juice filled the car and the bulge in his crotch throbbed.

“Shit, Chrissie, I’m gonna miss you,” he said, his fingers planted on the tiny wet crotch of her panties.

She opened her legs as wide as possible and closed her eyes as he stroked and fondled her cunt. “Oh, Lenny, I’m going to come if you keep that up.”

“I want you to,” he said. “I want to make you come a million times tonight.”

“Maybe we should open the window,” she said. “It smells so raunchy in here.”

“I like the smell.”

“Lenny, you’re too much.”

“Take your pants off, Chrissie.”

“Oh, Lenny, I thought you’d never ask.”

She raised her ass up off the seat and peeled her panties down her legs. Her skirt bunched up around the top of her thighs and anyone looking into the car would never know she was half-naked.

She glanced around at the other cars. No one gave a damn what they were doing. They were all fucking up a storm. Spreading her thighs wide, she lifted her skirt to her waist and brought Lenny’s hand against her wet pussy.

“Do me,” she said and the teenager probed his fingers between her cuntlips in search of her clit.

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