A Long Afternoon with Lars

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Ava Addams

Dear Diary,

Today was the monthly get-together at Patty and Kyle Morgan’s house. God—what a house it is, too. Six bedrooms, a cabana, den, giant pool—well, I’ve gone on about that place before, so no point writing about it now.

But I will write about Patty. She was incredibly gorgeous today. She wore the tiniest red thong bikini—I mean tiny! It picked up her red hair perfectly. However, to be honest, had she not worn anything her red pubes could have been her bikini bottom and her red nipples her bikini top. I chose to wear a navy blue bikini to pick up my eyes and contrast with my hair. All the guys wore tight, tiny suits that clearly showed off their hard dicks under them and with us, girls preening the way we were those dicks were hard all during lunch. And I mean hard!

As usual, Patty served up some champagne and strawberries and after we all had a pleasant buzz going, the girls tossed their tops into the beach bag. I was wishing so hard that Lars Olson would wind up with mine and he did! I was so happy. Everyone jokes that if we ever got together it would be kind of depraved because we’re total opposites. I mean, he’s six-two and I’m five-four. He has long blonde hair and I have short black hair. He has blue eyes and I have hazel eyes. He’s slender and I’m slender. Well, okay. In that regard we’re similar. But that’s where any similarities end—I have small tits and he has—o-mi-god—he has a huge cock!

Diary! Listen. I know now why all the girls giggle when they mention his prick. It is twelve inches long if it is an inch. The second we shed our bottoms I just knew I had to taste it. I mean, I actually told him that—I gotta taste that cock.

He laughed and said all the girls say that.

I had him sit on the edge of the bed while I dropped to my knees, determined to take him all the way into my throat. It was like—relax, breathe, relax, breathe and so on. The only thing that made it possible for me to have his balls tickle my chin was the fact that, although his cock is long, it’s slender like he is. If it was thick like my husband’s cock I would never have been able to inhale it—I still struggle with my husband’s cock. I’ve never actually imagined a cock like Lars’s, but I guess there are all kinds of shapes and sizes. Anyway, when his sacks finally brushed my face, I exploded! God—the orgasm I had and it was only the first of many to come. Lars, on the other hand, held off and I was soon—well, after an hour or so—about to find out why.

After I composed myself, we got around to fucking. We started in the Demetevler Escort missionary position, if you can call my legs up in the air and my body bent in two missionary (LOL). Lars was not only able to reach my spot, but go way beyond it as well. So—here’s the bad part—as long as he was, he was so slender that he didn’t create the friction that I need, so I really had to concentrate hard to have an orgasm. It was a lot of fun fucking on my back for twenty minutes, but when I came, it was just okay. Lars, again, held off.

Then we switched to me being on top. That was much better because I could lean backward and slide two fingers up inside me while we screwed—screwed is the right word, too, because I used circular motions like I was twisting a screw deep into a piece of wood. When my back started to hurt, I told Lars to slide his fingers into me so I could use my arms to relieve the pressure on my spine. That created a bit more friction and I was able to come twice in about fifteen minutes. Still, though, my orgasm was just okay. I guess size does matter and I’m not talking just about length. Amazingly, Lars still had not come.

When he rolled me onto my stomach and fucked me from behind, it was much better. I lifted my butt so he could massage my clit and he put his hands into action. Slowly lifting me into doggy position, he massaged my tits and clit with a nice, even, slow speed that he had obviously perfected over many sessions of doggy-style intercourse. He made me crazy, too, by telling me what a great ass I had. I of course, countering his statement about how all the girls want to suck his cock, said yes, I know, all the guys tell me that. A little one-upmanship is always fun.

In order to get his way with me, Lars even went so far to tell me that I had a better ass than his wife’s and she has one phenomenal ass. I know his wife Tatiana has a magnificent bottom because I’ve seen it up close and personal! However, I have to agree that mine is better, though. She’s a bit athletic and although her ass is firm, it is a bit of a bubble butt. Not mine! Mine is as perfect as a butt can be. Anyway, with all the clit rubbing, tit squeezing and ass related talk I finally had a decent orgasm. Still, Lars held off. Jesus, Diary. What’s it take to get that guy to come?

I have to admit that I was pretty sure I knew why he held off and what was coming next. Let’s face it—all the talk about my great butt could only be an insight into what he had on his mind. I expected him to get right to the Otele gelen escort point, but while I was still on my knees, he slid down between my legs and began to lick my butt hole, pushing his tongue in little by little. He was driving me insane and I just wanted to say fuck me already, but I also wanted him to bring up the subject first. I mean, what kind of girl asks a guy to take her in the ass? I’m not like that!

So, after five full maddening minutes of butt and pussy licking, Lars told me (in a hushed, husky voice that gave away his soaring lust) that my ass was so perfect he would consider it an honor to fuck it. I was like—but I can’t. I’m married. I whined the words. You know what I mean. Can’t became caaaaaaaaaan’t. Married became maaaaaaaaarrrrrrried. I was telling him that I really wanted to, but it wouldn’t be right. (HA! Like my husband Mike wouldn’t jump at the chance to take Tatiana’s butt, but I wanted Lars to put a bit more effort into his begging.)

He kissed my neck, whispered in my ear, and gently squeezed my cheeks until I relented. It was then that I realized that size mattered in a different way. First of all, his cock was so slender that it barely created a twinge of pain when he eased it into me. With Mike, I would have been gnashing my teeth, huffing and puffing as he tried to squeeze it in.

Second, I discovered that I have a spot up inside my back door. As big as Mike is, he’s never reached it, but Lars certainly did. I found myself talking like I was acting in a porno movie—oh yeah. That’s it. Oh my God. Yes. Yes.

Third, Lars could actually fuck me. Yes—he could pull out and push in and fuck me hard and fast. If Mike ever tried anything like that, he would tear me apart, but Lars’s slenderness enabled him to move at will. Well, Lars finally came, sending a pool of hot cum into my belly and creating heat that spread through my entire body. My orgasm, you ask? Finally! Finally, I had a decent orgasm. Not great, but decent enough.

I was lying on my tummy with Lars still in me letting the subsiding orgasmic waves ripple through me when he asked. Can you go again?

Of course, I could. I might be a little sore afterward, but not sore enough to make me want to stop.

This is where our little session gets interesting (not that it hasn’t been interesting so far). Lars put his arms around me and began to lift me. I was very disappointed because I don’t like anal that way. I mean, if I’m on the edge of the bed and the guy is standing behind me, Balgat Escort that’s okay, but on my knees? Way too awkward. Well, Lars had a surprise in store for me.

When I got to my knees, he kept on pulling on me! He pulled back until he was sitting on his heels and me—I was sitting straight up with his long bock buried inside me and I mean buried. Sure, he was deep inside me when I was on my stomach, but in this position, it felt like his cock was hitting my ribs!

I was speechless and barely able to breathe. Lars carefully pulled my arms over my head and around the back of his head. Turning my upper torso toward him, he licked my ear, neck, shoulder, collarbone, then took my nipples into his mouth,. The combined sensations of his teeth on my nipple and his cock in my ass sent me over the edge and I had a better-than-average orgasm. Okay, way better than average.

I was thinking how could this get any better when he said give me your hand. Carefully and slowly and I mean carefully, he leaned even further back, driving his prick deeper inside me (as if that was possible) and guided my hand to the base of his cock. There was, at most, a half inch of him that wasn’t inside me, just enough for me to grasp between my thumb and forefinger. He told me to stroke his prick and when I started, he reached around and started to stroke my clit and finger my pussy.

OH—MY—GOD! A minute at the most was all it took and I’m ashamed to say, I started screaming the MF words. Mother fucker! Mother fucker! Mother fucker! Despite the fact that, in the position we were in, we couldn’t possible move, when Lars shot his jizz up inside me I had the most massive orgasm of my life, screaming and cursing at the top of my lungs, lungs that I was certain were hit by his stream of cum. It seemed like my orgasm lasted forever and that I couldn’t possibly have another, but when I collapsed and fell forward, Lars prick popped out of me and shot a stream of cum onto my back. Just that sensation alone sent me over the edge and into another flaming orgasm. I kept coming and coming and coming until I was limp!

Lars wanted to go another round, but I had to leave. OMG how I wanted a repeat of that performance, only this time I would have sat on him and faced him. Oh, well. Patty will have more parties.

But, like I said, I had to pass up the opportunity, but I know if we started, it would have turned into a long session and I was in a bit of a rush. As you know, Mike is coming in tonight on the red eye and I have to pick him up at the airport. Gosh how I miss him and his huge muscular body! I think I miss his hands most of all. They’re so big! I watched him play softball last week and decided that a softball in his hand was like a tennis ball in mine. He can do things with his hands that most guys wish they could do with their cocks.

Okay, Diary. I have to go. I’m going to take a quick shower, then it’s on to the airport.

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